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Gerard Deeley

Sam Dooley 25m TT 25 August 2019

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I am getting this all together now.  It is so good to see so many people helping out, everyone is needed and important to the day being a success.

I will be at Bishopton Community Hall from 0700h, with me I will have an allocation of signs, zip ties, hi viz jackets and a note of where you are positioning yourself.  The first rider is off at 0801 so please arrive to give yourself plenty of time to get into position.  Please do wear the hi viz while you are marshalling (it is in the risk assessment) your own safety is your first priority on the day.  Just use a bit of common sense when positioning any signs, making it reasonably visible to other road users and please remember to bring them back.  You there on the day as the eyes on the course so we do want any emergency.  I will have my mobile number on the hand out, give me yours and I can text you to say your work is done.

Here is who I have where

Start Line - Scott M

Holding up - Ginty

West Ferry R/about - John C

Langbank R/about - Tommy & Greg B

Woodhall R/about - Ian McTavish, Ian Carvill, Colin Sales

Dead Turn - Karen G & Richard

Newark R/about - Davic C, Paul L, Marc

Exit - Chung

Finish Line - Stuart

I hope everyone is okay with this, please like this post if you are so I know you have seen it. 

Looking forward to a great event for the club.

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14 hours ago, Codg1e said:

Whoever made the coffee & walnut cake is a legend because it was really really good!! :)

I was sitting here with a cuppa just before I read that, reminiscing about the coffee and walnut cake!

Good time trial, that. Well done, Gerard! Well done, Wheelers!

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