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  1. Hi folks. I am not about for the next 3 or 4 Sunday’s. Feel free to post a route for the intermediate group and see you soon.
  2. Really enjoyed our very own Renfrewshire “Springwatch” tonight. Thanks Jane for leading the group. Huge thanks also to Chung and Graham for the post ride maintenance session.
  3. This Week Jane will be leading us on a slightly flatter but slightly longer route. Cycle track to Brookfield, a few country roads around Houston and Bridge of Weir, then back to the clubrooms. Fingers crossed for a dry evening! Meet 6:45 at the clubrooms.
  4. How’s about over the bridge, Milngavie, Crow road, Killearn and back. 65ish miles. 9am at the clubrooms.
  5. Ditto to all of the above. Thanks Jann for a great route. Thank you Charlie & Ramsay for the post ride practical session. Colin. 10 in total which was great, considering the weather. Got some photos coming up the Bowfield. Will email them to you.
  6. Weather forecast is looking good for our third ride of the summer. Meet 6:45pm at the clubrooms for another local ride (approx. 15 miles). This week, Charlie and Ramsay have kindly agreed to come along and give us a lesson on puncture repair after our ride. Tea/coffee and biscuits a plenty of course.
  7. Weather not looking great for tomorrow. What do folks think about either a group turbo session in the clubrooms or a later start to try and miss the worse of it?
  8. Great ride again last night, despite the weather. 7 ladies left the club rooms for a 15 mile ride and returned for a lovely cup of tea and chocolate hobnob......or two! Thanks to Karen for leading last nights route. Thanks to Jane for her support too.
  9. No need to apologise Davie. Sounds great and would love to come. Sadly can’t do the 8th. Next time.
  10. Well done guys. One step closer to PBP. Great read and hope the knees and bums are better!
  11. Karen has very kindly offered to lead the second of our Wednesday Women’s Only Rides. 15 mile ride heading to Lochwinnoch with a loop back to Johnstone. Meet at 6:45 at the clubrooms.
  12. Call me a fairweather cyclist but I’m going to bail out on today. Enjoy!
  13. Alan T has made an excellent suggestion for a club run. Lumpy 50 miles, finishing in Houston at the beer festival. “Can I suggest some local miles, Station Road, OGR, down Heggies, the Clune, the wall, phils folly, Elliston Castle, Dalek Hill, and then back to Houston. Less than 50 miles, but lots and lots of up.” 9 am at the club rooms
  14. Thanks to everyone for tonight. It was a great team effort from all involved. Special thanks to Alan T and Martin for the chat at the beginning and to Charlie for his support on route. Perfectly placed to encourage folk up the hill! Also thanks to my fellow female wheelers. Couldn’t have done it without you. Definitely going to work out a plan so we have a ride next Wednesday to keep the momentum going.