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  1. Hi Alan. I am happy to come and help out at the start. See you in the morning.
  2. I’ll be there. Will bring some flapjacks (pretty much the only thing I can make)!!!
  3. I’m in. See you at Ardrossan as will drive down.
  4. Perfect event for those who have never tired cyclocross before. Any ladies interested? I have entered and will be going with my mountain bike. 90 minutes of coaching and a 30 minute beginners race 😀 https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/218780/Kinneil-X-Adults-Come-and-Try-
  5. Great wee ride today with Karen, Fiona, Boyd and Alan. Headed to Bishopton, Port G, Kilmalcolm and home. A few wee extra detours to throw in some extra hills thanks to Alan. We even helped (sort of) the local farmers to move their sheep! Nice to see Iain for coffee in Kilmacolm.
  6. Not sure if there is a 30 milers run planned for tomorrow? Planning a steady 30-40 miles, leaving the clubrooms slightly later than normal at 9:45. Sorry, Dave. Didn’t know where else to post this!
  7. That’s us swapped to the 174km event. Decided against the 4am start and trek to Antwerp!
  8. Hi Gerard, Hope all goes well with the race this weekend. Sorry, but Ramsay and I are both away visiting family. Hope all goes well and look forward to hearing all about it.
  9. Argghhh. Away that weekend ☹️ Hope you get a women’s team together Karen.
  10. Weather looking pretty grim so unlikely to be out tomorrow. Looking at the calendar, I might only be out for the odd Sunday between now and November! Please feel free to post rides and keep the intermediate bunch going.
  11. Great wee run today with Karen, Anthony, Tom and myself. Headed to Port Glasgow then along the coast for a quick coffee in the BB. Up the Hailey Brae and back towards the clubrooms. Hopefully all made it home well before the rain started!
  12. Anyone out this week? Was planning to be up north but weather has scuppered our plans! Meet 9am at the clubrooms for 50-60 miles. Maybe do round the coast or something? Happy for suggestions.
  13. Sorry we weren’t there at 9am Davie. Fiona, Andy, David C, Peter and myself decided on Windlees wind farm today via Stewarton and Fenwick. Coffee in Newton Mearns and home via Neilston and Uplawmoor. There have been some requests for a visit to Dunoon and Peter suggested a ride for a couple of weeks time (28th) via Helensburgh, rest and be thankful, strachur and home. Just short of 100 and only if it’s nice! Thanks for a good day all.
  14. Anyone out this Sunday? How about 60ish miles either Windlees wind farm via Stewarton and Fenwick or the Crow Road? Would a 09:30 start be ok as selfishly I am out on Saturday? 😊