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  1. Thanks Chung. Enjoy the ride down Davie. Eric and co.....see you on the boat.
  2. Hi all. Looking forward to next weekend. Just watching the highlights of Paris-Roubaix! We are heading across on the overnight ferry on Thursday. Will head down to Valkenburg and hopefully get a wee spin Friday afternoon. Just wondering what everyone else’s plans are?
  3. After all that, change of plans for me today. Hopefully see you all next week. Have a good ride.
  4. Hi guys. I am keen for a longer run tomorrow. Just a little nervous that I wont stand the pace. Ramsay keeps telling me to rule #5 it!! Anyway, plan to join you at the club house and and see how long I can last. As always, happy to let you guys go if I’m holding you back.
  5. I will be out on Sunday. 9am group and full route. I will bring some cake/tray bake along for after.
  6. Anyone else for 9am? If not, I may head out later in the day as I am out tonight!!
  7. I plan to be out on Sunday. 9am group.
  8. Glad you are ok Iain. Hopefully back on the bike soon I am out this weekend. Plan on the 9am bunch. Mr M planning to come to the club rooms with cake after the ride.
  9. Sorry all, change of plans for me. Retreating to the turbo.
  10. I’m planning to be out. See you at the club rooms.
  11. I’m planning to be out this Sunday. See you at the club rooms.
  12. Happy new year! I will be out tomorrow. See you at 09:30
  13. I’m up for it as long as the weather is not too horrendous!
  14. Have fun guys. Sorry, life been a bit hectic over the last few weeks. Hope to see you all before Christmas!!