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  1. Hi Scott, We've specified our bikes as part of our household contents cover, it's much less expensive than specific policies or BC membership. The contents insurance also covers 3rd party liability for any incidents that might arise outside competitions. Contents policies vary - I've read the small print of several before choosing one, I think the current one is with the Halifax.
  2. Robbie, we've done pretty much the reverse of this route by tandem in 2018. Lots of learning we're happy to share, but too much to put in a message, happy to have a call about. G & J
  3. Well done Gerard, your turn to post a photo now....
  4. So for anyone wondering where Iain's photo was, it's Corsliehill Road: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@55.8903064,-4.5710686,128m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en&authuser=0 And here's a new one:
  5. Well done Iain, It's you to post now, but I'm wondering where George's picture is.
  6. Here's a new one that may be more obscure:
  7. Lots of people seem to know where this is but have yet to get there.
  8. Gerard that may be easy to identify but if I'm right it's hard work to get there!
  9. Well done Paul. Stuart the coordinates are 55.823631,-4.585264 according to Google Maps between BoW, Howood and Kilbarchan.
  10. Here's a new one that Charlie might get!
  11. I've just reread the rules: 'whoever posts the photo first wins' so a race is on to post the photo!
  12. I know that one, but I'll not be out for a while.
  13. I don't recognize the gate, can we know where it is?