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  1. I got lucky in Dooley’s earlier this month; bike arrived on Friday for general sale, Carol Murray sent a picture and mentioned I could be interested in buying it and I got it home by Wednesday. I do however am keeping an eye out for getting a few other bits and bobs that do not seem to be immediately available.
  2. I contacted Geoff about the Drum Up and his expectation is to do it on the 7 November, but that is not certain at the moment, the weather may decide otherwise.
  3. It is due to be a lovely sunny day tomorrow. Meeting up behind Amaretto on the track and heading out to Stewarton and back via the dams. Post up if joining us.
  4. What was looking online like a nice tidy bunch of about six quickly developed into a multitude of wheelers. After a couple of mechanicals very early on we were finally a complete bunch after the Bowfield climb. Steady progress down the Eglington Country Park. At the park a nameless and shameless member brought the club into disrepute with his handling of a standard puncture on a, frankly, filthy bike. Our return was at a nice pace with scones for fuel and a bit of a tailwind.
  5. Meeting up at the clubrooms at 0930 for a wee jaunt through Howwood, Gateside and Blair Road to Kilwinning. Options from there are to head to either the country park cafe or to Troon for a caffeine hit, let us decide on the day. Post up if you are joining us.
  6. I do not think this is happening tonight so I shall be making other plans. They will still involve bikes though.
  7. I plan to be there, hopefully it is dry, wet kit adds weight, not good.
  8. I am leaving work now so I will meet you there, depending on traffic I may even get to cycle out.
  9. I will be there if it is going ahead, surely a couple more have what it takes to ride up a short hill.
  10. I think it will be around 50p a minute for me when I have my go.
  11. Phenomenal times tonight in ideal conditions. Well done to all.
  12. We have quite a lot of Wheelers entered into the Georgetown Cup this year and the start sheet is now online. I plan on being there by about 1030. Let us all get together for a team photo.
  13. I will be there, dishing out some more hurt to Mr T, unless he brings an extra helping of his own for me to try.