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  1. Lovely evening all in for me. Met Elaine Muirhead on the way to the Westferry. Posted a decent time with a really steady effort in great conditions and all the luck with the traffic. Big thank you to Alan for timekeeping tonight too. Nice wee bonus beer afterwards with Alan and the Cowans. I also could not forget our new potential recruit to the Wheelers!?
  2. I have had a trip along the route to check out the roadworks. The cones are all still at the side of the road, the lay by is still closed and there is no sign of any work being done soon. It is clear that there is still some work to be done, so we should check every week we plan on using this course. This should mean we are all good to go for tonight. N.B. There is a temporary 40mph speed limit for part of the route, it shall be at individual rider’s discretion to observe this.
  3. I will ride and check the roadworks.
  4. I will check back after 1800h to check if we are still doing this. If it is on I will be there.
  5. Has anyone got a set of square taper cranks with 110bcd and either 170mm or 172.5mm crank length? Just the cranks, no need for chainrings or bolts. It is for my commuting bike so it does not need to be anything fancy. I will tell the shameful story of what happened another time!
  6. Yes for me. Coffee and sugary snacks for my performance enhancements. Lame excuses at the ready if they do not work.
  7. I will be there, start my post holiday detox and fitness push.
  8. Not for me as I will be away on my holiday.
  9. Lovely evening with four riders showing up to ruin themselves on a challenging lumpy course. David 29.16 PB paid Paul 28.05 PB paid Alan 28.10 “Season’s Best”?! paid Scott 27.11 paid All rounded off with a quick drink in Houston afterwards, lovely stuff.
  10. I will be there and I will time keep unless someone else usurps me.
  11. It felt tough tonight and my lack of energy continued all of the way home. Many thanks to Dave for timekeeping.
  12. I expect to meet up at the clubrooms too.
  13. I will be there. Marshals would be nice, eventually we could build from there to a support car, club bus, physiotherapist, mechanic…the dreams are endless and the reality brief.
  14. I will happily ride whatever course on the night. The straight swap keeps the organising of these events simple too, so I am in favour of that.
  15. Looking forward to it, I really, really am.