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  1. It would be rude not to. Just need a magical tailwind that changes direction at the roundabout, it would go nicely with some unicorn horn aero bars.
  2. Very sad news, our thoughts are for her family.
  3. Tonight really was the hateful 10. The wind managed to find it’s way to hold you back as much as possible, quite the spiteful bit of weather. Many thanks to Richard and Colin for officiating tonight. Will try harder next week.
  4. Great stuff from Darryl, an epic Wheelers day out in some stunning scenery. Very glad of my decision take each hill as steady as possible for such a long route with a couple of steep climbs. I am a rubbish climber but based on how I fine feel today it has paid off. Many thanks to everyone there, it was a memorable weekend. When do start planning the next one...?
  5. I will be down, I will bring my bike but I will timekeep if required.
  6. Congratulations to Richard, the club must be saving a fortune on engraving by now. Big thank you to Ian and John for officiating. Absolutely fantastic night to be out of breath with burning legs, sore lungs and flopping nasal excretions about yourself. Love it.
  7. Linda is most welcome, I just needed it to come from you so there was no confusion.
  8. Just a quick update as what my plans are. Sadly Carol has decided not to do the Etape because of a nasty bug she has endured for a few weeks, you will be missed at the weekend. I will be in the Amaretto car park at 1330h on the Saturday to pick up bikes and people. Except Chung, it makes more sense to pick you up from Newton Mearns, to guide me there I believe there is something like the Bat Signal, but with a Campagnolo logo. From there it is down to Kettlewell where I have a table booked for 1900h for eight of us. Post up if this fits in with you.
  9. Meeting at the small roundabout in Houston for 0930 for a steady paced ride up and down the local hills. Anyone welcome, it is the JWCC way.
  10. I will ride, but I will not be in contention. Can someone arrange for the weather to be warmer?
  11. First TT in a long time for me and I felt it all of the way. Good to see everyone else tonight, we should start to see some warmer nights though.
  12. Did someone mention Tuesday! I will be there to show everyone else how not to do it.