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  1. I fancy the idea of going over the Crow so I will be at the bridge for 0930 if anyone wants to join in. I will be keeping a watch on the weather as the last time I wanted to do the Crow it was really misty.
  2. I am watching this and I will turn up to make up numbers, but only if others post up up for coming too.
  3. The hill climbs are clearly not attractive to many. We should carefully consider any alternative arrangements that would encourage wider participation. I do like the confined events and I try to get to as many as I can. We could make changes to try out different options and see what works. Meanwhile Robbie will be living on a diet of air and nothingness to be ready to take the title agin this year.
  4. Just me so far! I will check again at 1700h for at least another two riders to make it worthwhile.
  5. There does not seem to be the appetite for this tonight. Try again next week.
  6. Should be out for a bit, if the weather is decent enough then over the Crow to Fintry, starting at the bridge at 0930. If the weather is awful then plans may change.
  7. A nice night to be out, not unhappy with my time but a great PB from James and Tommy is finding some form. I have now have £18 to transfer to club funds, that includes last weeks money, I have been busy.
  8. 1000h it is, see you there.
  9. Clubrooms for 0930, but I would prefer Brisbane to my only hill for today. Let me know if you are going to be there.
  10. That is a nice route, but a bit too much after my summer hiatus. I really just feel too shattered after today to decide properly. I will go out somewhere tomorrow. Are planning on being at the BB in Largs and what time?
  11. What are your plans, Largs would be nice, just wondering if I have the legs for it.