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  1. Gerard Deeley

    Langbank Hilly TT #1, Saturday 16th March

    I may be able to ride then.
  2. Gerard Deeley

    Langbank Hilly TT #1, Saturday 16th March

    Unlikely to be there, so have a good ride on the day.
  3. Gerard Deeley

    Club run 26th May

    Clubrooms at 1230, track to Morrison’s then Barrochan Road. Should allow for at least one mechanical on the way.
  4. Gerard Deeley

    Wanted: crampons and ice axe

    Get some nice pictures and enjoy it. One day I may get back out on the big hills.
  5. Gerard Deeley

    Wanted: crampons and ice axe

    I have walking ones too if needed, they have different toe spikes to climbing ones, also a walking axe. I also,have boots that are compatible and comfortable, size 43. What are you planning on, it sounds like a bit of an adventure?
  6. Gerard Deeley

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    Good day out today, hope everyone else enjoyed it too. It turns out the cakes were a thank you to the Jets for pacing me up the Haylie?!
  7. Gerard Deeley

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    I will be there for the middle route. I will bring some baking for afterwards.
  8. Gerard Deeley

    Friday 29/2 - LOCAL HILLS

    Today I will be mostly hungover, I will be in a better state on Sunday.
  9. Gerard Deeley

    DONE! New Year, New Bike time - keeping it "real" though!

    Lovely to see Bike’s first pictures, it has been a long wait since you first announced you were expecting a new arrival. Hope to see you two out and about soon.
  10. Gerard Deeley

    Friday 29/2 - LOCAL HILLS

    What is the plan and route. I could manage a couple of hours before ruining it all on a lunch out.
  11. Gerard Deeley

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    I have had better starts to a ride, not getting onto the bike track proper before puncturing from all the glass shards. That meant a bit of a push on my own to catch up with everyone else, not helped by me not paying attention to the route. There is something quite amazing and heartwarming to see everyone waiting for you, so a big thank you to everyone who was there, a new measure of reliability. Maybe I should also post up recipes for Paul Leavy.
  12. Gerard Deeley

    Monday 25 February

    Meeting up at the ferry in Goirock for a wee run around Ardentinney and Loch Eck if anyone else wants to join us.
  13. Gerard Deeley

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    I plan on bring out for the 0900 group, that is where the cool guys hang out.
  14. Gerard Deeley

    Renfrew-Shieldhall cycle route consultation

    My main issue is that of segregation v integration. For a relatively short section of road the proposal favours removing bikes onto their own dedicated lanes. I strongly feel that this will just move and concentrate issues of road sharing and safety to roads before and after the cycle track. We have all been on bike lanes that abruptly stop before junctions, where they are most needed. I know the section of road and there is ample room for a bike lane on both sides of the road. Make sure it is painted with a solid line so that there can be stricter enforcement. At junctions have the bike box at the front and a dropped kerb onto the pavement, giving cyclists the chioce of staying with traffic or usinf pedestrian signals. This does appear to be very much a box ticking project that has access to funding because of the bike provision and will do little to benefit the local people whilst massively increasing congestion I could go on and on...but I am in favour of safer roads and appropriate good quality provision for cyclists. Yet as we all know it is dangerous, inconsiderate drivers that are at the heart of this issue.
  15. Gerard Deeley

    Winter segment challenge

    I will get round to it next week.