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  1. Loving all of the gracious offers of help, keep them rolling in, everyone is an asset.
  2. I will be there, can time keep if needed.
  3. I thought it was an arm!
  4. Quality timekeeping and holding up tonight, great turnout from the Jets and some fantastic times all round.
  5. We still need a lot more volunteers to join the magnificent ones already in the mix.
  6. Gerard Deeley


    Great day for it, went a little bit faster than last year, so I did not let the side down. The Jets meanwhile just get even more impressive, they are awesome.
  7. A big call out to everyone within the Johnstone Wheelers family. This year I am organising the Sam Dooley TT and in order to make it a massive success for our club we need lots of volunteers. Required for the day will be a signing on crew, timekeepers, marshals placed at important points on the course and general helpers at Bishopton Community Centre. If anyone has previous experience of any of these roles then let me know. Also on the day we will need a generous donation of the usual foodstuffs for all of the riders, helpers and any other cycling groupies. Post up below if you can help out, or PM me if you prefer.
  8. Thank you to all of our helpers tonight, it is always much appreciated. A reasonably calm night, the wind was not really a hinderance. Some great times from the Jets, is it the quality coaching?
  9. Gerard Deeley


    Looking to enter this one, but I have a night out beforehand. Stayed on the the fizzy water before so that bit does not bother me, but it would be nice to know I am doing it to be part of a Johnstone Wheelers contingent the day after. So who else is going?
  10. I will be down for this, if only to admire Alan’s sun kissed complexion.
  11. Really, really miserable conditions tonight which does motivate you to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. But not Stuart’s way, just bad luck there. Thanks to James, Ian and Colin for timekeeping and holding up tonight.
  12. I am up for anything that involves chocolate.