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  1. Did like the route today, made the best use of our fresh legs at the start and let us have an easier time on the way back. Need to get fitter though.
  2. Should we now encourage others to take one for the team!
  3. Now I have to spend additional time with my family, there are good reasons for cycling.
  4. I can push off if no one else can, we can finish a good 20minutes earlier if I do.
  5. Good to have our life choices confirmed as better for us. I have had a couple of A&E visits after commuting in so does this mean I will be okay for a few more years?
  6. A wet start to the day, but it is expected to brighten later. Meeting at the club rooms at 1000 to get the better weather for a magical mystery tour. Starting out by heading up Auchenlodment Road, take things from there based who turns up. No crazy speeds or mega miles, good for those wanting to be out again and a gentle run for those who have been getting out.
  7. I hope to be there, I will make everyone else feel fit and fast.
  8. Payment sent, spent over an hour at the bank while I was gently guided through setting up the banking app so I could pay. Leg me know when I can collect.
  9. Sunday 26 January Forecast to be milder than the weekend past so looking for a good show. 0930 at the clubrooms and stick with the main bunch along the Georgetown Road. Up the drag into Erskine and we can allow the groups to splinter off. After that head across the bridge and head for Khyber pass behind Mugdock and drop down into Strathblane. Take the left back over the hill to Carbeth and on to Croftamie and the back roads over to Jamestown. A choice of cafe stops open up and can be decided on the day. Thereafter the usual route back over the bridge. Roughly 50ish miles. I know I will be working so a ride captain will be needed, mainly for knowing the route.
  10. Meeting 0930 at the clubrooms for a wee ride down to Eglington CP. This time it will not be dicey icey, but nicey. About 45 miles at a pace to suit all.
  11. Looking out for all of the magnificent Wheelers to join the Intermediate group. 0930 at the clubrooms, track down to Kilbirnie, Auchengree road, Dalry and onto the cafe at Eglington Country Park. A straightforward return with a tailwind along Lochlibo to Lugton and on to Howwood. Around 45 miles, plus your commute to the clubrooms at a pace to suit everyone.
  12. I have become inexplicably excited.
  13. It was a lovely ride, just the right thing for the day. Hope to be out more in the new year.
  14. I will be there, boasting about how my hangover is worse than everyone else’s, that way I do not need to try too hard on the hills.
  15. May I order a size large please.