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  1. Looking out for all of the magnificent Wheelers to join the Intermediate group. 0930 at the clubrooms, track down to Kilbirnie, Auchengree road, Dalry and onto the cafe at Eglington Country Park. A straightforward return with a tailwind along Lochlibo to Lugton and on to Howwood. Around 45 miles, plus your commute to the clubrooms at a pace to suit everyone.
  2. I have become inexplicably excited.
  3. It was a lovely ride, just the right thing for the day. Hope to be out more in the new year.
  4. I will be there, boasting about how my hangover is worse than everyone else’s, that way I do not need to try too hard on the hills.
  5. May I order a size large please.
  6. Meeting at the clubrooms at 0930 for a ride to somewhere or other and back round with a stop for cake (other food groups available).
  7. This is interesting reading, very much on the pulse. We are a great club with lots going on and this needs to be communicated, it is why we are members. We all love cycling and we are busy people (so many Strava segments) and this will always have people collectively seeking convenience. Right now I use a WhatsApp group to organise my Tuesday runs, it works well. But I have become aware that it is not in the spirit of the club so I will be posting my runs back on the Bunch as well, where all club members can view and participate. I am open to progress in the future, if needed, so let’s have the discussion to find out what people feel they need to get the most from the club.
  8. Amaretto, 0945 for an undulating cycle out to Lochwinnoch and the roads around Barcraigs reservoir to Howwood and back to BoW. I have no plans to be lairy after falling on Friday.
  9. Greenock Road from the Red Smiddy has been closed today, that may affect your plans.
  10. I have the evening off and hope to attend. What time does this start?
  11. Great weather for it today, and a nice sociable bunch. Nice to meet new Dave, Cptn. Dave and Martin, holding back to let his fitness peak for Flanders.
  12. I will pop along for this, the weather is nice tomorrow and it will be a pleasant day.
  13. Glorious autumnal sunshine in stunning Argyll scenery with a campfire, food, drink and the company of your cycling friends. There really is nothing better.
  14. Menu sorted for tomorrow, baking done, bike packed. I will have enough to share. Bring your own coffee cup.
  15. I feel somewhat under pressure. I should be there.