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  1. My time on the night…18m32s. Not the worst and I am not disappointed with it for a season’s opener, but lots of room for improvement. There were a couple more Wheelers/Jets so do post up here with your times.
  2. The Georgetown League is now open for entries online, check out the Facebook page for every detail you need. This year we are trying out using members times from the Georgetown League towards our own Chocolate series to hopefully have more people to include. I am aware that this does conflict with the Wednesday night social runs, but that means there is now no reason not to get out on your bike. Once you have done your run please remember to post up your time here on the Bunch, there will be a new thread for each week which should make finding the times easier. Please not that rear lights are compulsory for this event. https://www.facebook.com/GeorgetownLeague/
  3. This was a great event on it’s first try. Good luck on Saturday to all, unlikely to make it though.
  4. A bit last minute, but I fancy getting a few kilometres in tomorrow. Any takers?
  5. Our second hilly TT of the season sees a return to the Langbank/Houston/Gleddoch course. Arrive in good time for the first rider off at 1000h when the weather will be perfect for some great times. I will be there to ride, but I will timekeep if nobody else does. After this event the calendar will get yet another rejig and hopefully will be more settled into the summertime as we will piggyback onto the Georgetown League and introduce some APR fun.
  6. Looking at getting out tomorrow for a bit, nothing too crazy, but enough to justify eating some cake somewhere. Likely meeting point is the small roundabout in Houston at 0930, but details can be changed based on who is coming.
  7. We continue on with our events with the first of our TTs on the surprisingly straightforward 10 mile Langbank-Houston-Gleddoch route. For anyone who has not done this before there is a choice of hurting yourself on the initial climb and suffer for the rest of the course or take it steady and get a rather decent time in the bag. Meeting at Langbank from 0945 with the first rider off at 1000. A volunteer will be needed for a timekeeper. Being a Saturday I will be working so have a good time.
  8. Yesterday’s event was a non starter. We can reschedule for either this coming Saturday or for another date later on in the year, what would people want? Otherwise we keep on going with the Hilly TT at Langbank next Saturday.
  9. The first of our club TTs this season and the weather is to be an absolute belter. Two laps of the Gateside circuit and all in your little ring! This makes it an excellent chance to try out a time trial because you can only go so fast. Meeting at the duck pond at 1000 for two laps of the circuit, we already have a volunteer timekeeper who will keep everything on track. Sadly I will be working and missing out on the fun, so do post up if you intend being there.
  10. A big thank you to everyone who made it along to our reliability runs, our willingness to postpone twice has allowed all of the runs to take place with a decent turnout all round. Although this has required a bit of reworking of the calendar, it looks like the way to make that part of the diary suit more of us. We now move onto the more technical events over the next three weeks with the Restricted Gear and two Hilly TTs. For those of you who shy away from any mention of a TT I would encourage you to give these ones a shot as you may surprise yourself as to how well you do. Included here is the updated calendar for all to see. We are currently missing the first Chocolate TT as a result of our dates moving about. Once the second Hilly TT is in the bag my attention will turn to updating the calendar again as we are looking to use Geoff Smith's Georgetown League for our Chocolate series this year. What we do need are dates to try something on a gravel route, one or two dates will be fine. Midweek evening or weekend daytime, what would be peoples' preference here? Currently the idea of any racing on gravel is not popular, so that is not the focus. Let us keep the gravel thing a social event for us to get together with our muddy bikes. 2022 Confined Events #1 16 March.ods
  11. Any other options for a 10 mile TT? The traffic on the Westferry seems to be the main issue there.
  12. New dates on their way. It seems that being flexible with the dates and waiting for decent weather has worked.
  13. Taking on board the comments and views of other club members the idea of a competitive gravel ride does not appeal. However one or two summer’s evening club gravel rides with a beer stop somewhere to finish may be more fitting. As I need to get version 2.0 of the diary sorted it would be great to hear what others think about this so dates can be allocated.
  14. Many thanks to everyone who has ridden in the Reliability Series so far, here is hoping Sunday is a great day down to West Kilbride to finish off with. As we are looking for ways to increase participation in our club’s confined events it is clear that this year’s diary will be in a state of flux. The next three events are a little bit more competitive but still fun and will be the immediate focus for a revised diary.
  15. We continue with our series of Reliability Runs with the 46mile sortie into Ayrshire. http://www.mapmyride.com/gb/elderslie-sct/reliability-no-2-moscow-route-1787383 We will be keeping the usual starting times of 0900 for the slower bunch, 0930 for a faster paced bunch and at 0945 for those who like to hurt themselves a little bit. All groups will be leaving from the club rooms on Miller Street. Please do post up which group you intend joining. Can we have a key holder for he day to open up the club rooms. If I am not working I will be down for the 0900 bunch. Remember there are bail out route options should the distance be too far.