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  1. Joseph and I would like to ride .
  2. Brutal wind on the way out , Thanks to Richard and Colin .
  3. Good night , Thanks to Ian and John .
  4. Thanks to Alan and Stuart As Alan said a better night than expected.
  5. I will be along with Joseph.
  6. A good turnout on a nice night . Well done to all , I didn't take any money if Alan can advise on same, Let me know if any Pbs and I will amend the post. Joseph M - 25.27 Tommy D - 29.29 Alan T - 25.01 Stuart T - 23.02 Pb Ian A - 21.36 Pb Richard M - 21.27 Colin S - 25.10 Richie Provan - 22.49 Matt Hennon - 21.52 David Griffiths - 20.05
  7. Me and Joseph will be down to ride , If no timekeepers I will timekeep instead.
  8. A bit windy on the way back , Thanks to Jan and Tommy,
  9. Me and Joseph would like to ride .
  10. Not sure if your going the main rd or aware already but the A78 is closed at Skelmorlie this weekend and next . Loch Thom rd restricted to local access only .