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  1. Can't ride but don't mind helping or timekeeping .
  2. I will be along hoping to ride but will timekeep if needed ,
  3. Thanks to Martin and Colin .
  4. I will be down along with Joseph and will timekeep if Martin can't make it .
  5. Joseph be will be along too ,
  6. I would like to ride but if no timekeeper happy to timekeep,
  7. Joseph has said he will help with some baking/foodstuff on the day .
  8. Thanks to Alan and Colin for timekeeping and holding up , Well done to all .
  9. Scott M


    Have entered and will be down along with Joseph.
  10. Will be down along with Joseph .
  11. I would like to ride although the forecast is looking pretty grim for tomorrow evening .
  12. Thanks to Alan and Ian , Another tough night with conditions similar to last week.