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  1. Long shot but don't suppose the ultegra chainring is still for sale ?
  2. Weather forecast not looking to great at the minute, I will timekeep or hold up if this is on , Any more riders ?
  3. Some good times well done to all , James Ross 18.58 (jets) Tommy 19.33 (pb) Gerard 17.27 James 16.26 (pb) Gerard has collected the money .
  4. I will be along and will timekeep , Joseph is riding .
  5. I was told when I did the accreditation last year you need to be at the track at least every 6 months to keep accredited. Is this rule enforced ? I am approaching 6 months at the moment since I was last up and wondering if I need to book a session sooner rather than later ? Thanks
  6. I would like to ride but no partner , Although quite happy to timekeep if needed .
  7. Joseph McIntosh and James Ross (Jets ) are planning to ride .
  8. I will timekeep , weather forecast is currently looking pretty grim though .
  9. A warm humid night with heavy showers coming on during the race . Joseph and James 18.13 (Jets ) Alan and Charlie 17.20 Well done to both teams .