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  1. Darryl Gunson

    Super Saturday

    Well done guys. Cedric - those base miles from riding back to France are staying to pay dividends!
  2. Darryl Gunson

    A bolt

    Sounds like you might have to drill it out.
  3. Darryl Gunson

    Etape du Dales 19 May 2019

    Hi Carol That’s great. There’s plenty of time yet, so will be making travel arrangements nearer the time. Myself and 1 other are booked into the Youth Hostel the night before. Might be an idea to think about whether you will be travelling down the same day (early) or staying the Saturday night. Darryl
  4. Darryl Gunson

    New Year, New Bike time - keeping it "real" though!

    Hi Chung yes, the only problem with Campag I ever had was with the shifter springs wearing out. It can be done DIY but I would recommend sending them off to a campag service centre as it is a fiddly job. I have a few bits that you might be interested in. All 10sp Chorus Carbon Compact crank and 48/34 rings. 2x Centaur tear mechs (with the Carbon plate) pair of chorus Carbon shifters - rhs needs new spring 1 set of 32 hole Campagnolo Record silver hubs 1 32 hole chorus front hub 1 36 hole record rear hub. Great looking bike Chung. Should be another stunner when you’ve got it together. Best Darryl
  5. Darryl Gunson

    New Year, New Bike time - keeping it "real" though!

    Hi Chung I used that B.B. (and groupset) for many years. When I finally decided to go Shimano, and swapped the BB out, it was still as smooth as the day it was fitted - 10 years later!
  6. Darryl Gunson

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year people. Can’t make it out today but here’s a shot from 8 years ago.
  7. Darryl Gunson

    New Year, New Bike time - keeping it "real" though!

    Very cool.
  8. Darryl Gunson

    New Year’s Eve

    It is certainly possible Davie, but it’s not my run so I can’t say for definite.
  9. Darryl Gunson

    New Year’s Eve

    There’s a run leaving BoW at 9.30 - Bull’s garage (traffic lights). Approx 3 hours with coffee stop. Mixed group of Wheelers and others.
  10. Darryl Gunson

    Sat 29th Fenfrew Bunch

    Sorry to hear that Charlie. Just feeling better after 10 days ill. The enforced rest will do you good.
  11. Darryl Gunson

    Sat 29th Fenfrew Bunch

    Hoping for a few hours post-illness. See you at Bishopton.
  12. Darryl Gunson

    JWCC Membership, link here for 18-19

  13. Darryl Gunson

    Boxing Day club run

    Unlikely as still loaded with cold
  14. Darryl Gunson

    Festive Cycling

    Had hoped to join you but am laid up with the Christmas lurgy. Be safe and Happy Crimbo to all.
  15. Darryl Gunson

    Boxing Day club run