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  1. Darryl Gunson


    Hi Ramsay i used Speedplay for years. Very easy to clip in and out. The new walkable cleat covers are a nice improvement. I changed because they were quite high maintenance, and expensive. You might consider Time Espresso. V light; good value, v easy to clip in and out. Or, you might try SPDs - maybe go high end such as XTR. By far the easiest pedal to use, and very robust. Higher end versions are also very light.
  2. Thanks Kenny. Send details please and I’ll have a think. Ideally I just need a frame as his current bike (which is also a triton) is kitted out with nice stuff, which I intended to swap over.
  3. Hi folks I need a new (2nd hand) frame for my son, Robbie. Carbon or alloy, as long as it’s not too heavy and race type geometry. He’s about 5’10 so I’m thinking a medium or 54-55 top tube. Im not looking for high end expensive stuff though. Just a decent 2nd hand race frame for a still growing lad. Let me know if you’ve something that fits the bill that you’re willing to part with. Cheers Darryl
  4. Enjoyed that. Thanks for organising, Alan.
  5. Nice one Alan. I’ll join the 9.45 group.
  6. Had the 830 since September. Excellent but of kit. Highly recommended. Great battery life and all the data you could wish for. Plus it lets you see who is calling or texting you. The map is great too. Easy to see and operate.
  7. I know what you mean. Feb/March was a good motivator. Hopefully we’ll be able to get outside properly before then - make some plans to keep in shape for.
  8. Shame about the RGT subscription. Is the free version any good, a decent change from Zwift maybe? As for the ultra, I’ll keep an eye out for developments 😅
  9. I’d be interested Billy. Seems a long way off at the moment though.
  10. Sounds good Alan. Thanks 🙏
  11. Hi Paul No direct experience yet, but I have been looking at it. You need to download 2 apps and there is a free version with reduced functionality. Arran and other classic routes would be good to do on this. Either as a group or solo. Cheers