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  1. Hi Folks There is a JWCC ZWIFT ride tomorrow at 10am. it is 61km around Le Petit Boucle in France. There will be no sticky but the aim is to keep the group together by riding at 2.5 watts/kilo. The last 10km will be a bit faster than that! If you would like to join, and are happy with the speed, but haven’t received an invitation, please follow me - Darryl Gunson - on Zwift and I’ll send you an invitation to join. cheers thanks DG
  2. Fantastic effort by Lusia and colleagues. Quite a few Scots in the team, all doing well!
  3. I haven’t been able to see the members’ only section for ages. I am fully paid up, so would appreciate being able to see it. ta
  4. Hi folks I’ll be out tomorrow at 9.30 starting at the club rooms. If anyone wishes to join me then we could make this an official club run - covid compliant - which means up to 6 people, with details to Eric for track and trace purposes. The good news is that we are not now restricted to Health Board boundaries, so I will be heading for Largs 😅. Let me know if you’re coming. Cheers
  5. Thanks Eric. 6 is a good number😀
  6. Billy- feel free to set up a Discord channel. I can’t quite get the hang of it.
  7. I’ll look into it and report back
  8. Hi folks There will be a JWCC group Zwift ride on Saturday at 9.30. It will last about 2 hours, around the London circuit. The group will stay together and regroup after the hill. No sticky. If you would like to join but have not received an invitation, please follow me - Darryl Gunson - on Zwift, and I’ll add you to the ride. Hope to see you in London!
  9. Glad your ride was good. As for cafe stops, it is now almost impossible to get a cafe stop for a bunch of 9. It is too cold to stand outside and social distancing inside is obviously a problem. Fenwick (and Stewarton) are, alas, currently out of bounds for us, as they are outwith our HealthBoard boundary. Hopefully the rules will be relaxed after November 2nd when the next review is due. all the best D
  10. Hope you had a good ride Mark. We had a good wee group, mostly with mudguards! The rain wasn’t too bad, but it was very windy. Distance of 55 mile or so was just about right. Think we are all getting a bit fed up of Whinn Hill though, so something different next week. See you next week.
  11. Heading for Bishopton Mark. Keeping it in the Health Board boundaries as per latest Covid guidelines.
  12. Good man. I make that me, you, Iain C, Ian McG, certain. Stuart is a maybe. Nice wee group. See you tomorrow.
  13. Probably 3 hours riding for me. Coffee if I find it on top of that. Aiming to be back for about 1.30. So, 50 miles tops.
  14. Heading out at 9.30 for a steady local ride. If anyone wants to join me let me know. Limited to groups of 9, so may have to split the group if the numbers are big.