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  1. From what I’ve read, some tyres do need extra oomph to seat them. Others don’t. Guess it depends on tyre/rim combo.
  2. Well done, again. Once again we were riding on Arran while you were smashing it!
  3. Super result Cedric. What a great season you’re having.
  4. Mental , but impressive Galeb. So close. You need one other for company and you’ll nail it.
  5. Enjoy chaps. I’ve got a bit of a bug - feeling grotty.
  6. It’s a fantastic route and a great day out. Sorry I can’t join you.
  7. Epic stuff Galeb. We were on Arran later in the day. The tail wind round the back was absolutely howling - you’d have been flying for sure.
  8. Ooh. I’ll take the kisses thanks x pm me to arrange pickup. Monday is good
  9. If Dave’s offer falls through, I’ve also got one you could borrow.
  10. Thanks Jann Either of them would do. What’s best to get it? cheers Darryl