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  1. Hi folks Since no one else has posted a ride, I’ll be at the clubrooms at 9.30 for a local ride. Unless someone wants to propose a route we can decide on the day.
  2. Thanks to all who joined us for the sewing 🐝 .: Karen, Frank, Tommy, Robbie, Kenny, and Iain. Another cracking night with a good pace up the main climb, and up Darlek Hill. Cheers
  3. Could all who attended the ride pm me your phone numbers please, for Covid track and trace purposes. Thanks
  4. Just bumping this up the thread. Hope to see a few of you on Thursday.
  5. A nice bunch of 10 set out from Miller St for approx 30 miles of social riding. Thanks to: Carol (resplendent on her new Orbea), Dave, Alan T, Alan D, Martin, Fraser, Kenny, Andrew, and Gary. I really enjoyed that. Cheers 🍻
  6. Great see you tomorrow Alan. Haven’t received your text though.
  7. Thanks to all who made the sewing 🐝 tonight: Billy, Darryl, Robbie, Frank, Kenny, Davie, Eric, Iain , and Gary, briefly. Very enjoyable, and good to see faces old and new. Let’s keep this going. Cheers
  8. Just bumping this up the feed. Here are the details. Every Thursday (starting this week 10th June) will see the return of our very popular ‘sewing bee’ ride. This is a brisk ride towards Stewarton, returning via Neilston. This is a ‘training ride’ but a bit more sedate than the Thursday Renfrew Bunch. The emphasis will be on travelling efficiently and safely in a bunch. This run is aimed at established club riders and fit new members who would like a good bike workout with like minded folk. Rider safety will be paramount, and no one will be left behind. The depart is 6.30 from the club rooms (6.35 at Morrison’s on the cycle track)
  9. A compact bunch of Kenny, Peter, myself and Robbie had a pleasant spin down to Glengarnock and back. We decided against heading for Barmill as the weather was not ideal.
  10. Sewing bee is on. 6.30 club rooms. I’ll post on WhatsApp. Myself and Robbie will be out.