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  1. Hi Martin Since it’s you, £50 and they’re yours 😀
  2. Hi Martin I have a few things that might interest you. 1x campag record rear hub - still attached to rim which needs replacing. 32 hole 1x campag record front wheel on black Mavic open pro - good condition 32 hole 1x Chorus front hub 32 hole. 1x Record rear hub on open pro silver rim 36 hole. various cassette spare cassette bodies for above. I’ve been meaning to put them on eBay. To you, any two hubs/rims for £90 Darryl
  3. Further to this, it turns out that Davie’s kind offer is too good. I Only need a hybrid or mountain bike. Probably an XL. Anyone help me out!
  4. Hi Folks Do any of you have a bike suitable for a 6 ‘3 guy that I could get a loan of for a week, please? I need it from 10th July. Anything will do: mountain, cross, winter hack, hybrid. But not your race bike! Payment in wine, beer or kind. Tia Darryl
  5. I really enjoyed the ride this week. Everyone seemed good, specially Karen. Shame I couldn’t stay for the ride to the top.
  6. Ha ha, so it was you Mark. Just been following my son on his run. Went out in full battle dress later on!
  7. Ha ha. I was just heading there as I passed you this afternoon!
  8. Darryl Gunson


    Don’t think it will make much difference to me as I never bothered with segments. It’s a good way of logging miles and seeing what yer pals have been up to, but that’s about it for me.
  9. Fantastic Karen. What an achievement.!
  10. Got a pair of good condition Carnacs and a pair of Time espressos with cleats. Free. Need to be collected though.
  11. Discord was working fine. Ride was good until the game stopped on my laptop. Continued a bit using the App, but in the end had to reboot and ride elsewhere. cheers