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  1. Hi Alan Apologies for the misunderstanding about WhatsApp. It did sound like you and the people you spoke to were advocating this. If new members are having trouble finding information then of course we should address this. I’m not sure how, but as I said above, most existing members don’t have a problem accessing the bunch - even from phones (I’m writing this on my phone). It’s true that people use social media. I do myself. It’s primarily for those impromptu rides that are out with the club structure. Perhaps an alert service for new members until they realise the structure of the cycling week - rides on Sundays with mid week events - might be a good idea. cheers Darryl
  2. I’m in agreement with the above comments. Specifically: 1. I don’t personally have a problem with ‘The Bunch’. It works fine. The pre-2.0 version was a bit poor, but the newer 2.0 version is fine. I have the shortcut on my phone screen and it is very easy to connect . It is not great for fancy stuff such as sharing files, but that has improved as well, but for messages it is great. 2. Not everyone has FB and not everyone uses WhatsApp, either.3. I personally would rather not have stuff pushed to my phone from FB or WA. What is hard about looking at the forum, or posting up there?4. Having said all that, I am not ‘opposed’ to change, it is just that I don’t think there is a problem.
  3. Not for me today- just as cold as yesterday but misty as well.
  4. May join you for a bit. Don’t wait if I’m not there though.
  5. I’ll be taking a jam piece just in case the consensus is for a brief stop. But, let’s get to Largs first and see what’s what then.
  6. A group will be out tomorrow. It is not a club ride, so there will, hopefully, also be a few non-JWCC riders along. Pace will be ‘business like’ 😁 I will be leaving Elderslie at 9.30. Heading down the track for Crosslees and down GTR. Hopefully picking up riders in Bishopton at 10. Thereafter the route will be round the coast to Largs. Brief stop and then onto West Kilbride. Home via Dalry, Barmill and Howood.
  7. I’m right there on Ramsey’s wheel. You put your nose into the wind too early, Alan.
  8. OK Glen. Possibly meeting Paul McD as well. Nothing too hard - easy peddling. See you tomorrow.
  9. Will be out for a couple of hours. Local run for me with a coffee stop In Kilmacolm. Will be at Morrisons at 9.30.