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  1. Looks like the all club ride is cancelled (See Alan T’s earlier posts). Anyone coming out to play on Sunday morning? Rob and me will be at the club rooms at 9.30. Probably go to Largs via Fairlie and return via Brisbane Glen. Post up here or on WhatsApp if you are coming so we know to wait if you’re a bit late.
  2. Robbie did an effort on the climb tonight. It’s on Strava!
  3. Sorry racing on zwift tonight and Robbie is doing his own thing. Cheers
  4. Robbie plans to make an effort up the hill today, so we will be there anyway.
  5. Me and Rob will be there. Happy to time keep if needed.
  6. Another nice ride through the lanes. This will be the last organised Wednesday run, but so good to see a big bunch out. Here’s some footage of tonight’s fun. https://youtu.be/xNktt8ERB_A https://youtu.be/dvJlOz_KuwU https://youtu.be/JtI5WUnPo1E https://youtu.be/fGxYKA97ALg https://youtu.be/wQx47EUfr5k
  7. Well done all, and thanks to David for timekeeping. Congratulations to Iain and Ian, closely followed by Sam and James.
  8. One last hurrah tomorrow night. Last Wednesday evening social ride of the season. 6pm at Miller Street (clubrooms).
  9. Some footage from today’s ride. https://youtu.be/8qDrXjU229M https://youtu.be/_IwCB19v8QQ https://youtu.be/anKjplYmk0E https://youtu.be/xRFA6l86PP8
  10. A few clips of last night’s ride - for your amusement https://youtu.be/nsTud5q726Q https://youtu.be/Id99VIaTJwE https://youtu.be/5QNOUgU1_gI
  11. Robbie and me will be out for a social ride tomorrow. Early start to ensure it’s not too dark when we finish. 6pm at club rooms. Probably best to bring lights.