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  1. I’d be up for a few loops. Say three circuits and then back to the cafe before the rain starts - now forecast for 12.
  2. Will be at the club rooms for 9.30 but I won’t be going across the bridge. Will probably do a tour of the shire, staying fairly local.
  3. Weather looks a bit better. Dry but windy. If it stays like that I hope to join for a bit. Will probably get you to Erskine.
  4. I’ll be at the club for the 9.30 start. Looking forwards to a right good soaking 😁
  5. Pleasant tour of the shire today with Ian and Alan. Coffee at Kilmacolm and then home. Not bad considering the rain earlier.
  6. Well it’s stopped raining here and forecast looks ok ish. I plan to head out at 11. Could meet at bustop at Top of Georgetown Road at 11.15 for 2 to 3 hours steady pedalling and maybe a quick coffee in Kilmalcolm?
  7. I would. Forecast is to be dry at 11. I’ll post up at 10.30 to let you know what I’m doing.
  8. agree with Davie. The coffee in the BB is very poor. I’ll be trying the bean scene place in future (next to the loos). Or possibly Nardini’s on the quay.