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  1. Great turnout today from the senior club and the Jets. Mud, gravel, punctures, coffee and cake, and a nice social pace was the order of the day. Just as Davie would have liked it
  2. Thank you Gerard. Personally I think this is a good idea. No need for three groups.
  3. That’s very interesting Kenny. I didn’t know about this at all.
  4. Sunday 16th: planning on a wee spin along the back roads in memory of our dear friend Davie Borland. Davie was a big fan of ‘farm watch’ rides so we’ll be seeking out some of the worst roads in the area 😅 All welcome to join me - including gravellers 😀 9.30 Miller Street. PM me if you know of any bad roads Davie would have liked (or did indeed like) and we’ll try and incorporate them!
  5. Aiming to be out on Sunday for a few hours. 9.30 at Miller Street.
  6. Running 10 mins late. Will still drop by club just in case.
  7. There will be a run from Miller Street on Sunday at the later time of 10am for 40 miles of easy pedalling around the shire.
  8. Hi folks At the AGM it was agreed to form a short-life working group with the task of reviewing our confined events calendar for 2022 and beyond. Over the last few years, numbers participating in confined events have dropped significantly with the current levels of participation now making some of the events unviable. The feeling is that there is a need to explore how we can make the confined offering more attractive to club members. With this is in mind we’d like to invite interested members to be part of the working group. Joining this group will not commit you to anything more than looking at ways we can enhance the confined events. The aim is to put together a proposal that we can share with the wider club. I know from discussing this informally with many of you that there is interest in a revamped calendar, and that there are some good ideas out there. So, please contact Darryl or Gerard in a pm via the WhatsApp group or The Bunch, and we will get this started asap. Thanks Gerard and Darryl
  9. A few of us did the coast today. The Sunday club rooms are suffering a bit during this period with folk doing other things. Normally I’d be out both days but not this week. Some footage of the run today: https://youtu.be/stCV0o4gjB0 https://youtu.be/V5j9Wgt7Wcg https://youtu.be/PRIPu5i5SYA https://youtu.be/kEf_TdBwDcM https://youtu.be/nhcwdFBrbk4
  10. Nice to see you at the end, albeit briefly. Lovely day for it.
  11. Just want echo Paul’s post and to encourage anyone who quite fancies it but maybe isn’t sure, or perhaps doesn’t know everyone. We first went just before the first lockdown and it was great. We stay in a quiet area with great cycling and accommodation. Basically, because the weather is so nice, we are out on our bikes all day. In the evening we have some nice food and a couple of light ales, and repeat the next day. It’s a great mini- break. As Paul says, get in touch if you fancy it. Cheers
  12. Great write up Colin. Many thanks for taking the lead here, I’m not sure we’d have managed without your steady hand guiding us through it all. Already looking forwards to the next race series in January. Have to say it has been an absolute blast. Anyone who fancies racing for their club should give it a go. It’s online so of course it’s not like irl. But, it’s safe, inclusive, a good workout, and the weather can be as warm or cool as you wish. I think we are recruiting for more team members to compete, so don’t be shy, drop me or Colin a line and hopefully we’ll be able to field stronger teams with a full complement of riders for the next series of races in January. Darryl
  13. Sunday Ride. Will be at the clubrooms at 9.30 for a relaxed tour of the shire with coffee stop in Kilmalcolm. No more than 50 miles.