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  1. Similar, it's Zwift's 'Tour of Innsbruck' kit.
  2. A761 Closed Iain, You will have noticed the temp lights and works in Kilmacolm. Scottish Water will be closing the road completely for 2 weeks starting next week. Just thought you should know for both Renfrew and JWCC chain gangs to modify routes. https://www.scottishwater.co.uk/en/In-Your-Area/Investments-in-Your-Area/Kilmacolm-Sewer-Upgrade/Kilmacolm-Phase-2?fbclid=IwAR1e1WAwET_8zpi_4zm-oMswNFX52zkZH8P430jbYRerm_6J9_8rZazKii4 cheers, Eric
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqeDDuhtLwQ Wait for it.................there he is (at 1.22) !!! This also reminds me of a great day spent on The Cauberg at Amstel 2019.
  4. Great bunch ride to get back into the swing of things. Weather, coffee stop, hills and pace all spot on. Hope my BB didn’t spoil the day for anyone!
  5. Billy, I found the top cap and bolt, will get these to you.
  6. Very similar Elaine, hopefully meet you on the ferry from Newcastle, will be with DavidC and Paul... we are meeting DavieB in Valkenburg.
  7. Sale posted on behalf of George Boyd (contact: 07975 593209). Son has outgrown this bike, may suit 10-12 year old. Bike located in Houston, please contact George directly on the above number for details. Thanks
  8. Tractor tyres and a big engine, blowing the bunch apart into the headwind from Dalry to Kilbirnie, impressive! It was a good but tough day, just what I needed.
  9. EricL

    UCI Cyprus 3 Day Race

    Go well Iain, one peely wally Scotsman taking on the world!
  10. A good day out for all, a broad range of abilities with routes (and amendments) to suit how people felt on the day....lots of smiles, the way it should be! Nice for everyone to have Brian Smith along to see us off following words of welcome from El Pres Martin. Thanks to all our helpers...and apart from being a bit windy the weather conditions were not bad for early March.
  11. I'll join you for a sociable 'short route' if you feel up to it!