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  1. EricL

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    an amazing birthday present = New bike!
  2. EricL

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    New JWCC Strava event posted today.
  3. EricL

    Sunday 27th January

    plan to be there.
  4. EricL

    Spied a Wheeler

    It was me, best wishes, E.
  5. Thanks for posting this Bunch run Greg, nice ride today with a good paced group of 12 setting out, conditions were breezy and caught some drizzle. Chapeau to JohnC for successfully making it up the Glen Fruin climb with that gear set up, stuck in the big ring! Also, ColinS completing his festive 500.
  6. Good route Glen, cold start but we found the sun in N Ayrshire after passing through some dodgy fog patches earlier. Shared Dunlop Dairy tearoom with our 30 milers, which was nice. Shame about the punctures otherwise no dramas and the bunch enjoyed a good day on the bike!
  7. Yes..... I will follow U2.
  8. EricL

    Festive Cycling

    Should be able to join you.
  9. EricL

    Winter segment challenge

    Stevie, click on the link Iain gave above for Segment Challenge then click 'Stages' this will provide you with advance notice of the dates which cover each of the five stages. The first stage is now open and also given above.
  10. EricL

    Tuesday 7th August, 2up TT

    Will head over to help timekeeping or push.
  11. Really nice morning for the bunch ride, using many little known single track North Ayrshire roads to arrive in Stewarton for a quality 'pit stop' as can be seen from Darryl's pictures above. Thanks DavieB for the route and the bunch for wheels.
  12. A day of superlatives in so many ways! Great climbs, distance, route (as amended), weather, lunch, bunch and fun along the way...
  13. Great route Charlie, nice and steady, superb day in the sun and fun on the hills, thank you to all.