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  1. I expect that the majority of JWCC membership will already be fully aware of the latest Scottish Government lockdown guidance and restrictions associated with life at Tier 4. In simple terms - stay at home except for essential purposes, Police Scotland is legally enforcing the measures, for the weeks (months?) ahead. Exercise is permitted in certain circumstances and close to your local area. British Cycling and Scottish Cycling have confirmed their positions on this and I have below lifted extracts from their web pages to assist any of our membership who choose to venture outside on their bikes at this time. It remains the case that it is not possible for JWCC to safely run any events or organise group riding while there are such restrictions in place. Stay local, keep riding, and come back smiling While winter is often a trickier time to stay active due to the cold weather and short days, it’s a vital tool for safeguarding our physical and mental wellbeing during what is set to be another challenging few weeks ahead. Although the restrictions have been tightened, riders are still encouraged to get out and enjoy some fresh air – whether that’s for daily exercise or essential journeys. Mainland Scotland is at Level 4 and will now have to follow enhanced guidance including; Household rules now apply to all activity (no sports bubble at Level 4) i.e. 2 people from a maximum of 2 households only. Sport can continue but it will be for a maximum of 2 people together unless under 12 years as they do not count towards the total (so more can take part). Travel is restricted (as previously) but with ‘stay at home’ the key message and this has been put into law from midnight on 4 January 2020. There are however exemptions for sport, exercise and recreation and participants can still travel up to 5 miles from the boundary of a LA to take part in informal exercise such as walking, running, golf or cycling as long they abide by the rules on meeting other households noted above e.g. 2 adults from maximum of 2 households. Please ensure that you have reviewed the latest Scottish Government guidance if planning to take part in informal rides during this period. Do your bit to minimise the risk of Coronavirus spreading by abiding with this guidance, the restrictions will not last forever. With thanks, Eric (Covid coordinator for JWCC)
  2. EricL


    Hi Davie, thank you for your post and for being so open with us on the significant challenges you're about to face, as well as your cycling plans. It's clear from the above messages and many fantastic photos what a great tourist and adventure seeker you are. Whether its the one day classics, big mountains, Audax or cold and wet Scottish CX you always give it everything...and the same at the after party! We had a great time at Amstel 2019 but sadly I've no photos, maybe Ramsay, Paul or DavidC will do. I hope you get plenty enjoyment with your new bike and continue to explore those infamous quieter roads, no doubt still in search of a decent coffee and beer! Best wishes, Eric
  3. Another update has been published by Scottish Cycling today, well spotted George, I've lifted the extract below directly from the SC website and invite all members and social cycling friends to take the latest information on board. There is also a handy note on what differentiates an informal ride to a formal one. Another update will no doubt be along soon enough! With thanks, Eric. What has changed in the most recent update? The latest update to the Protection Levels Framework was made on Friday 4th December 2020. This update included the following: For informal cycling, at Level 3 and 4, the Travel guidance was updated to: 'travel is permitted up to 5 miles outwith a Level 3/4 area to start your ride, as long as your ride starts and finishes in the same place. At Level 3 and 4 for organised (formal) cycling for Adults (18+), an additional statement was added to the Travel section to provide the following clarity: 'club activity (such as group rides) must remain within the boundaries of the Local Authority'. In the Coaching and Leading section, changes to what is permissible with regards to the delivery of British Cycling Education courses across all Levels. Detail of what is permissible at each level is outlined within the Protection Levels Framework. What is the difference between informal cycling and organised (formal) cycling activity? Informal cycling is defined as cycling where there is NOT a Covid-19 Coordinator involved in the planning or delivery of the ride. Activities falling under this category, must comply with the restrictions which exist within wider society for outdoor socialising. Organised (formal) cycling is defined by the involvement of a Covid-19 Coordinator in the planning or delivery of the ride. Activities falling under this category, are able to take place with bigger group sizes as outlined in the Protection Levels Framework.
  4. Important Within the last hour I have received the following update on travel, i.e. ride, restrictions from Scottish Cycling and SportScotland, the same is posted by Scottish Cycling on their Facebook page. The guidance on travel has now passed into law and will have a significant impact on many potential club rides at all levels. The legislation on travel restrictions also applies to informal social rides (non-club activity) of up to two households. Group sizes remain as before i.e. up to seven on a club organised bunch ride. With thanks, Eric Dear Covid-19 Coordinator, I hope that this email finds you well. I have less positive news today I am afraid. Following the introduction and subsequent passage of the legislation on Travel in the Scottish Parliament, sportscotland has now provided an update to all SGBs on what this legislation means for sport. In essence: For Adults, living in Level 3 or 4 areas, you cannot travel outside of your Local Authority area for club activity. This includes club rides, which must stay within the boundary of the LA. For Children and Young People (U18) at Level 4 areas, you cannot travel outside of your Local Authority area for club activity. The 5 mile rule only now applies to recreational/informal activity which must adhere to the 6 from 2 households rule. Coaches/MTB/Ride Leaders continue to remain exempt from the travel legislation and can move freely across all levels. Full Protection Levels Framework document including these updates can be found here.
  5. Scottish Cycling has issued a note of clarification for the latest guidance outlined above, which also confirms our understanding of matters regarding transit across Local Authority boundaries, as follows; Protection Levels Guidance Update There was some late changes to the travel guidance on Friday after the regulations were laid in Parliament that was disseminated through to sportscotland/SGBs on Friday afternoon. We've now updated the guidance and it can be found at the link below. The important change is this: Participants of all ages (Adults and U18s) living in a Level 4 area can now travel within around 5 miles of their Local Authority area to take part in organised activity. The below point still stands Riding through areas at all levels is permissible and you may travel within 5 miles into a Level 4 Local Authority area to start your ride. In essence, the above allows for rides to transit through all levels as long as they start and finish in the same place https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/Scottish_Cycling_Protection_Levels_v6.
  6. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/Scottish_Cycling_Protection_Levels_v5_-_NEW_VERSION-_FINAL.pdf As things stand with the new societal Tier arrangements coming into force from this evening, Tiers 4 and 3 mostly apply to our area, including Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and NAyrshire. Riding bikes for exercise across Local Authority (LA) boundaries is permitted (driving cars is not). Max group size 6/7. (6 if not a club organised bunch and from no more than 2 households) Up to 7 from the club provided all guidance is followed and Test & Protect register taken. Start and finish your ride from the same place within your own LA. Safe distancing throughout, practice FACTS etc. Suggest any bunch ride to be non-stop apart from mechanicals. Ride leader required for club bunch run to ensure guidance is complied with, as has been the case over the past months. with thanks, Eric
  7. We have now received the latest guidance for cycling activities. There are significant changes, and much to absorb, in the attached documents. The documents contain all of the information relating to the SG publicised Tier Level structure per local authority. For now, we should focus on Tier 3 guidance. One interesting development appears to be the ability to cross local authority boundaries. That said, the restriction for club rides at Tier Level 3 looks like max 6 riders, from unlimited households (up to 6). Social i.e. non-club rides are permitted at up to 6 riders from 2 households. Please click on the links at the foot of this message for full details. Scottish Cycling Following the introduction of Scotland’s Strategic Framework, Scottish Cycling have updated our guidance for cycling activity to reflect the level of activity which can take place within each protection level. Protection levels for local authorities are reviewed on a weekly basis and the level applicable to your local authority can be found here The Scottish Government has recognised the importance of Sport and Physical Activity to supporting the nation’s health, and, while this is extremely welcome, we must all play our part in ensuring that we adhere to the guidance laid out in this document – all of which has been approved by sportscotland, the national agency for sport, on behalf of the Scottish Government. Overview Document https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/Scottish_Cycling_Protection_Levels_.pdf Clubs and Activities https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/SCCANov.pdf
  8. The expected new guidance from SC has not been issued yet, please continue to adhere to the most recently published information until further notice, thank you. Scottish Cycling message - 02/11/2020 Following the update from the First Minister on 29 October 2020 outlining the Scottish Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protection Levels, we are working with sportscotland to produce details of what activities are possible at each protection level. We will publish this guidance as soon as possible. Please continue to follow current guidlines as outlined within The Way Forward and the Supplementary Information which applies to the 5 health boards under additional restriction
  9. Scottish Cycling message - 30/10/2020 Scottish Cycling are in the process of updating our guidance for cycling activity to reflect the level of activity which can take place within each protection level. We are currently awaiting sportscotland's guidance documents to allow us to finalise our updated guidance, so it is unlikely that we will be issuing an update today (Friday 30th October). As current restrictions remain in place until Monday, please continue to follow the current guidance in the meantime. It is our intention to get our guidance finalised over the course of the weekend and published in line with the new restrictions coming into play on Monday 2nd November.
  10. Scottish Cycling message to clubs today - please continue to manage club activities accordingly and notify me of planned rides and named participants - thank you You will likely have heard earlier this week that the Scottish Government has extended the date for which temporary measures are in place for the Central belt, until November 2nd at 06:00. Scottish Cycling, in consultation with sportscotland, has therefore taken the decision to also extend the previously communicated restrictions for cycling activity, until November 2nd at 01:00. The latest Scottish Cycling Covid-19 guidance, including the supplementary information, can be viewed here. You may also be aware that the Scottish Government will be introducing new protection levels, which will involve a 5-level system, from November 2nd. We will further update our guidance once the impact of these new protection levels, upon cycling, is known.
  11. IMPORTANT Scottish Cycling has issued a new update and is further amending the restrictions announced last week. All restrictions will apply until Sunday 25 October 2020, no doubt an updating message will be issued on or before that date. The restrictions apply to the same Health Board areas as outlined last week, including NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and NHS Ayrshire & Arran. This time the restrictions confirm rules for adult 'Social Cycling' i.e. non club organised bunch rides with no Covid officer present. In short, ride within your Health Board area with riders from only two households, up to max 6. Physical distancing etc applies. Club organised bunch rides with Covid officer present with rider registration, ride to remain within Health Board area (riders to remain with HB area in which they reside), group ride numbers reduced from max 30 to maximum of 9. Physical distancing etc applies. You can read the full announcement below, please take time to absorb the latest changes and make the necessary adjustments if you plan on riding out over the next few weeks. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/Supplementary_Information_October_v2.pdf
  12. Following the update from the First Minister on 7 October 2020, Scottish Cycling has published supplementary information for the 5 health board areas with enhanced restrictions. The supplementary information supersedes the guidance within our corresponding documentation. This supplementary information applies to the following five affected health board areas: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde: Glasgow City, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire NHS Lanarkshire: North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire NHS Lothian: City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian NHS Ayrshire and Arran: East Ayrshire, North Ayrshire, South Ayrshire NHS Forth Valley: Falkirk, Stirling, Clackmannanshire All restrictions outlined within our supplementary guidance will apply from 01:00 on Saturday 10 October 2020 until midnight on Sunday 25 October 2020. Full details of this can be found by clicking the link below. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/Supplementary_Information_10_-25_October.pdf In general all group rides and club activities should only take place within one health board area. Activities should not cross into neighbouring health board areas. Participants can only take part in activity within the health board they reside in i.e. do not travel to other health board areas to engage in cycling activity.
  13. Goodness knows where this misinformation came from! The Covid19 Update I published on The Forum (for all to read and take personal responsibility for) is clear that there is currently NO CHANGE to the Scottish Cycling (Scottish Government) guidance and rules on bunch rides, provided they are properly adhered to we will have no issues. There has been some nonsense written on certain WhatsApp groups today, please ignore this. In brief, as things stand, a bunch ride could consist of up to 30 riders. Sensible, low risk riding is generally encouraged, to minimise the likelihood of crashes and so protect NHS resources. Normal social distancing, hand hygiene and self sufficiency i.e. no sharing of food, bike tools and spares. On stopping, before, during and after the ride societal rules apply - face masks on entering premises, 6 persons/2 household rule (i.e. enter and sit in cafes in pairs), abide by and respect requests by local retailers. At least one sensible person per bunch to remind others of these basic requirements and to take names and contact details for the club register for NHS Test & Protect. Ideally this individual will let me know in advance that they will undertake this, probably the ride organiser. Send your list on to me as soon as possible on completion of the activity. All activities posted on The JWCC Forum, JWCC WhatsApp, JWCC FBook etc will qualify as club organised rides and ARE reportable - no exceptions. All riders involved, be they club members or 'guests' to be included (Coronavirus does not discriminate) - no exceptions. No doubt there will be changes to the guidance over time and I will provide any updates as they arise. Please make all our lives easier! With thanks, Eric (Club Covid19 Co-ordinator)
  14. New message from Scottish Cycling 😷 We have now had it confirmed from sportscotland that as a result of yesterdays announcements, there is NO impact on organised sport. The importance of organised sport complying with the SGB guidance has been reinforced, particularly with the regards to the following: Encouraging all club members to download the Protect Scotland app - www.protect.scot Ensure that all clubs have in place at least one Covid-19 Coordinator, a Risk Assessment is in place, and a record of all attendees is kept for at least 21 days after an activity has taken place. Wider societal rules apply outside of the organised activity. Please continue to reinforce to club members the importance of adhering to this, considering the image that we portray if large groups are seen without physical distancing before and after activities Please encourage all club members to ensure they have knowledge of what the guidance is, and ensure that they know who their club Covid-19 Coordinator is for the purposes of Test & Protect. JWCC - Covid19 I'd like to believe that most of you have read my previous Covid19 Updates and know what is expected from each of us, when JWCC is out on the road, pretty well by now. Below is the link to our most up to date Scottish Cycling (SC) guidance, which hasn't changed recently, and would encourage every rider to take a little time to read through this so we can all understand what our personal responsibilities are when riding, congregating, and at café stops. Please plan accordingly for before, during and after each group ride. My thanks go to each of the volunteer bunch ride co-ordinators to date for their part in taking the Test & Protect rider contact details for the club register and promptly sending these on to me. As a reminder, any member intending to organise a JWCC bunch ride then please make sure you have fully read and understood the latest SC guidance document, confirm with all participants of their need to comply with the general societal rules, and forward the rider contact details, time of ride and any café stop locations to me as soon as possible following completion of the ride. Ideally this will happen automatically and I won't have to chase folk up for these lists. Activities, bunch rides and gatherings posted in the name of JWCC on The Forum, club Facebook page and JWCC WhatsApp will qualify for the need to report. Details of all member riders and any guests are to be included - no exceptions. Finally, If you are unsure of any aspect of the Covid guidance then please do ask for clarification rather than 'winging it'..... it is up to all of us to get this right! (and remember - no house parties! 😟) Scottish-Cycling-Coronavirus-COVID19-Guidance-0 With thanks, Eric