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  1. News reaches me of temporary traffic lights at Georgetown reception centre. They may be there for a few days. I’m still going to go down for a wee practice if it’s dry.
  2. 2nd in this epic series sees the chrono people hit the Georgetown again. forecast not great next week so just stick to Tuesday for continuity. same as last time, ride the course anytime on Tuesday. I’ll post the results up from Strava. You are all using Strava?
  3. Soooo only 3 JWCC rode the course on Strava today: Mr McTavish 15:42 (whit????) Gerrard 18:43 Now for the controversial bit.... I rode the route and Strava has logged me for all the segments within the route but not the route itself. Dunno what’s going on there. I stopped my Garmin at 17:15-after the finish but Strava has a segment that is 0.1 of a mile shorter than the full route which timed me at 17:16. It’s not an official event so no big deal although both times are PB for me so pleased, especially as it’s my first go of the year. maybe members have ridden who don’t use Strava. If so, post your time up if you feel like it. More fun next week. Will play it by either to see what the weather is doing before picking a night edit: I know what happened with strava. My garmin kept displaying the course during my warm up meaning I couldn’t see my mph hr etc so I disabled the segment. Must mean it doesn’t record it 👍
  4. I’ve signed up to Strava with the sole purpose of accessing this today tab you speak of & have found myself trapped in a world of useless & largely incomprehensible data. People pay for this? 😐
  5. Hi all, following on from Mr Maclean’s post, I’ll take this on for next couple of weeks or until racing starts back. First event, next Tuesday. Alan has suggested a 3 hour window. So let’s go for 6pm to 9pm? Or do you want an all day event? For those that don’t know, the course starts just after house on left hand side at start of Georgetown Rd & continues to roundabout at Crosslee. Back in to finish a few yards before the start. You will be riding by yourself with no timekeeper or pusher off. Please ride responsibly and if you bump into a club member please stay socially distant. If a rider catches you please don’t sit on their wheel. As for collating results? Follow me on Strava & I’ll follow you back. Also, post your times here. I may change the night, week to week, depending on weather. No fun in riding in rain & wind. open to constructive suggestions 🤔
  6. Alan, I can do this.
  7. It looks like outdoor organised sports can start 13th July, a week after beer gardens open. You can all have your hair done by then too. Hopefully we can get some racing in July and a wee visit to the Amaretto beer garden afterwards.
  8. Any plans you had for early retirement are now dust....
  9. Huzzar!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗
  10. George


    Thoughts & prayers with for Paul McD
  11. Important thing is we all got a ride. Rest assured no-one would be left behind on a real club ride.
  12. I know exactly where this is p.s. My photo is Blair Road in Kilwinning
  13. As above, 172.5mm Carbon cranks. 52/36 chainrings. Hardly used and in VGC Comes with what I’m told is a ceramic bb but I cannot verify this. BB bearings are a wee bit rough but usable or you can buy a new one for money. It’s BBright but you could swap it for a BB to fit your bicycle. I would like £80 for this.