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  1. I will be utterly dominant.
  2. Looks like it’s to be blowing a gale again but if it’s not too mental I hope to be out. Erskine Bridge could be a laugh in 50mph winds 🙄
  3. & that fish van is almost part of club history too
  4. Was wondering how Andy would have got in a race team 😉
  5. Graeme Reid, Don & Brian Smith, James “Mes” Millar, Scott McWilliam, Andy Lochrie, Dud Campbell and Cormac McGloan among those luminaries 👍
  6. Mine is convincing. Not like his dead ferret effort.
  7. Not for me. Don’t want my new wig being blown off.
  8. Forecast for 50mph winds. If not too bad I will be out.
  9. Looks like a standard club ride then? flawless....
  10. Unlikely to make this now. Greg, what bad weather? 🤷🏻‍♂️