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  1. I was riding to your graduation
  2. I had those skewers on my Colnago Super. Also had the C Record Delta brakes. Absolute class. The detail & finish on the skewers is stunning. have never forgiven myself for punting it. what wheels you going for?
  3. George

    Sunday 20th January

    have you forgotten Rule 5? There’s also a good train service from Largs....
  4. George

    Sunday 20th January

    I was just going to head through Houston but that’s fine by me. I can manage a few hours on Saturday but would have to be home by 12:30pm. Could meet early?
  5. George

    Aerocoach Super Series

    Just do the first 7.2 miles!
  6. Getting closer to Flanders so thinking we should be upping the mileage a bit. (Says me who has been AWOL since August) Anyway, I’m back now so everyone rides for 2nd place! If I can find my bike, hows about lumpy Largs? From memory, the route is Old Greenock Road from club rooms, coming out halfway up clune then over the wall & down Whinn. Up over Loch Thom. Refuel in Bagel Basket (other cafes are available) then back via Fairlie Moor and Dalry. Can extend or bail out, as required.
  7. My forefathers fought for my right to moan. they also fought for my right to lie in my kip. Enjoy.
  8. George

    Vittoria Corsa Evo CX Tubs

    Hi Paul, what width are these?
  9. George

    CTT Events

    & Royal Albert are running a 10 in Irvine? Methinks someone at CTT HQ has been on the gin....
  10. George

    Sunday 6th Jan

    Heading out with Billy tomorrow.
  11. George

    Sunday 6th Jan

    I’ll forgive Mr B for lashing out at me on a public forum. He’s a massive pie and can’t help himself. Anyway, I’m a maybe. Depends how much/little I do on Saturday.For those who don’t know Mr B, his definition of rural is muddy and pothole strewn-on the bits where there are actually stretches of tarmac.
  12. The older Campag groupsets are truly beautiful-that seatpin is a Work of art. Enjoy!
  13. George

    Spied a Wheeler

    Bumped into Stephen Lambie, my old mate from the fabled Erskine CC, today. Had a wee spin over Lochwinnoch Moor. Also has someone shout my name as I came into Kilmalcolm but couldn’t see who it was as Sun was behind them and I was obviously motoring.