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  1. George

    Ayrshire Alps

    I’ve still never done this and afraid I’m TT’ing on Sunday so it’s a no from me.
  2. Just not meant to be. bad accident at St James. 20 mins to get from St Mirren Park to St James roundabout. Got there only for the police to have coned off access to motorway & road to Barnsford. Diverted to Linwood which was also nose to tail. Sacked it and jumped into B&M to buy swedgers. Good luck to all those that make it!
  3. Stuck in traffic at St James. Hope to make ot
  4. I was out for a HIIT session today. Hot sauce burning through my legs, laying down biblical amounts of wattage. One of the locals must have been impressed as he yelled “FTP” at me. How did he know I was doing a functional threshold power session? As I motored through Port Glasgow I noted that Heggies was closed for resurfacing. Dunno if it’ll be finished by tonight. You could always ride the full route via the clune instead....
  5. Hope to make my season debut at this. everyone else rides for 2nd place. Richard will be 1st. I’ll be about 8th.
  6. Remember to wear your reading glasses so you can see the instructions
  7. Can I use a 53 tooth chainring with a 34 inner ring?
  8. Paul, I only room with people who have the common decency to clean the tide mark from the bath after themselves. You need to see someone about this Arranitis thing.
  9. On behalf of your club mates I accept your grovelling apology. yellow card.
  10. Paul, as previously discussed, numerous times, once the club run is posted it’s poor form to post up an alternative. Although you state your intention is not to detract from the club run this is exactly what you are doing.