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  1. Me. Either Thurs/Thurs or Fri/Fri. Preferably flying from Glasgow.
  2. Unlikely I’ll be out as have impromptu day/night out starting at 3pm today. Could someone collate phone numbers & send to Eric?
  3. & please post up if you are coming-even if you are communicating on messenger.
  4. There has been a counter suggestion of Callander. We can decide on day as weather may dictate our plans.
  5. Colin suggested a ride over Glen Fruin on Sunday. 09:30am at club rooms. Bring a mask as cafe may ask you to wear one. Stay away if you have Covid symptoms 👍
  6. If only folk would post up on here. You will have to take phone numbers & pass on to Eric.
  7. Colin, no-one coming so I’m going to earn some brownie points and do stuff at home. Will try again next week but think the club ride has died ☹️
  8. Get a pair of Hunt. I bought a pair for my Ridley. They are disc but also do rim versions. Hubs are good & freehub noise is amazing. They are tubeless compatible. I would highly recommend tubeless-go for continental GP5000 TL. Not had a puncture in 18 months. About £360
  9. so we are now allowed non socially distanced group rides of up to 30 people. You will have to socially distance when not riding though 🤷🏻‍♂️ This means that up to 27 more than last week can attend 👍 I have a ride round Galston-Moscow in mind & will upload it from Strava if I can work out how to do it. It’d be good to get a big group out. I know plenty of people were out last weekend with splinter cells. Your prerogative but why not get value for your £30 membership fee? Unless you have Covid symptoms. If so, stay away 👊
  10. 3 out today and rain come on as we stood, majestically, outside the club rooms. We sacked the leg bender in favour of track to kilbirnie then over to Largs. It hasn’t changed much since last week. Sodden & frozen by time we got there so agreed it’d be a wizard idea to go home the way we came. Home, drookit and straight into my monthly bath. Not many folks turning up for club rides, despite my selfless and Herculean efforts to keep the club alive. Is there anywhere anyone fancies going?
  11. GTR are running a 10 tomorrow evening. 6pm kick off and limited to 50 entrants. Stevie Blom is organiser and you can enter by contacting him on Facebook or via GTR on same.
  12. George


    You need my horsepower on days like this. Give me more notice & I’ll tow you round next time 🐗
  13. Galston Leg Bender. I can’t remember the route so be good if someone that knows it traps. same as this week, groups of no more than 5. Phone numbers to me before we leave. Please stay away if you have symptoms.