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  1. OK so Glen has called off after a nasty accident with some bottles of wine. Thoughts & prayers with him this morning. As no-one else is coming I will do my own thing so won’t be at clubrooms.
  2. ok Glen. Don’t think we have the bodies for a full Dunoon so meet you 09:30 at club rooms. Can sort a route on the day.
  3. What’s the thinking for Sunday? Forecast looks like maybe a bit damp but mild with light winds. I’ve got a free pass and intend to make the most of it. Anyone fancy a long ride? Maybe Dunoon with lunch at Sheila’s or that extortionate cafe/shop we went to last time? I’m up for anything but would prefer just the one ferry. If it’s hosing it down we can stay closer to home. Thoughts?
  4. Sorry, flying to Spain with Mr XXXX that day.
  5. Nice wee autumnal spin today. Thoroughly enjoyable. Cheers guys!
  6. Hello, I’m hoping to make my long awaited comeback this weekend. Would there be any objection to a lumpy Largs? Fairlie Moor, Largs, Brisbane & Whinn. Thinking that when, rather than if, I get pumped out, I won’t be too far from a train station with a defribulator.
  7. Ian, Glennifer Braes very busy. You should try Auchenlodement Rd. much quieter.
  8. I’m sure mine is from the youth range. Only the sleeves fit.
  9. Richie, you can borrow mine-it’s a new style one.
  10. If you don’t like it ride with your own club. All 2 of you. Does that constitute a chain “gang”?
  11. George

    Arran Challenge

    I agree. Some of his previous Arran excursions have been mired in controversy. Allegations (made by me) of illegal pacing, taxis, e-bikes and bribing cal-mac employees have left him with little credibility (in my eyes) he’s pure shady.
  12. Chung, are you any good with lawn mowers?