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  1. George

    Partner for dooleys

    Is this because he has work on Monday & doesn’t want to be late?
  2. I’ve had a seance with everyone & they all want it postponed to a date that suits me.
  3. George

    Dunoon 17/03/19

    126 miles in the bank for moi. Cedric must have done 20 more with all the u turns he did to go back & help us up the hills.... Great day out, weather good apart from it being blustery with hail in Cardross. Going up the rest was a penance, into a block headwind, so Couttie tells me- I was on his wheel the whole way cafe in Strachur then on to Dunoon and ferry. Greg (Monsieur Tourette) and Scott headed home via Greenock and the rest of us went up The Cut. Glenn & Alex turned left at the top to leave Couttie, Cedric, Charlie and I to head home via the Haylie. That must be my slowest effort ever-gubbed. all in all a grand day out
  4. George

    Dunoon 17/03/19

    We aren’t going to Bridge of Weir. Going along Georgetown to Smiddy then over Bridge.
  5. Might be wise, Alan. The stretch between the top of Langbank to the monkeyhouse doesn’t get much sun so could be slippy. Let’s hope the outlook improves though.
  6. George

    Dunoon 17/03/19

    Told you I’d booked better weather. I’ll see what I can do about the wind.
  7. George

    Bike auctions in Dalry

    Wow! I’ve been after some oak boards & Brazilian slate to floor and roof my summer house/Bridge room. What bargains! Any bespoke Tupperware on the go?
  8. Love you too XXX
  9. Dooleys should really move theirs!
  10. Yip. Yip. Pity as would have liked to ride both.
  11. I’d like to ride
  12. George

    Dunoon 17/03/19

    I’ve booked better weather for next week
  13. George

    Dunoon 17/03/19

    Doesn’t look that bad, to be fair....
  14. George

    Dunoon 17/03/19

    What happened? Air Rescue from Erskine Bridge? Struggled to get car up Glennifer Braes in car this morning. Dread to think what Dukes Pass was like?