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  1. George

    Spied a Wheeler

    Saw Mike Ferguson today & yesterday. Good to see he’s out and about again 👍
  2. That looks magic, Jan. need to work on your position though....
  3. George

    Arran - Again !

    Either way, once Covid is over a night or two on arran with some cycling & beer would be magic.
  4. George

    Arran - Again !

    Hold my beer! The 4 lap one sounds excellent, no worries about ferries and a few beers afterwards 👌🏼
  5. George


    Hi Davie, so sorry to read of your news. Life can be so unfair. I’ve found a couple of pics that hopefully remind you of better times. I don’t have the IT skills to edit Billy out. Sorry.
  6. Thanks, Eric. What happens to the bikes of those who get huckled in Largs on a Saturday morning? Hell mend them, I say.
  7. Thanks, Eric. I hope the fact they will now be breaking the law resonates with those who until now have chosen not to comply with a reasonable request to tweak their cycling activities.
  8. Post your rides up, Gerrard. Quite a few folk may be up for a midweek spin
  9. For those not on club WhatsApp we are headed to Aberfoyle via Croftamie. Meet at Erskine Bridge 09:30hrs. bring your mask and stay away if you have symptoms