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  1. George

    Camp Casa XXX 2020

    Don’t let that put you off. He’s a good winch.
  2. George

    Camp Casa XXX 2020

    Yes subject to guarantees over getting a sleep
  3. Well done indeed. Jan, please note that I had already paid my own tribute in the more appropriate road race section-just sayin. Without order there is chaos. I have informed the committee anonymously. As is the new norm.
  4. George

    Chapeau Cedric

    Photo from Sam Robinson Memorial today. Fantastic!
  5. George

    The horror

    I’m sure that’s Mr McCusker. All the style and panache of a jobby that’s been rolled in dog fur and set on fire.
  6. George

    The horror

    1)gringo chain tattoo 2) hairy leg 3) looks suspiciously like a black sock ticks every box for an immediate suspension of membership. Please stop this madness.
  7. George

    The horror

    I feel a bit faint after looking at that. Wholly inappropriate.
  8. Get well soon, John. Beer & pies aid recovery.
  9. Whatever the realized time, a brevet ridden in less than 43h32 will not be homologated (this corresponds to an average speed of 28km/h). All participants who have ridden in compliance with the rules earn a medal engraved with their official time. In case they have been attributed a time penalty, it will be included in the finishing time. The medal has been designed specifically for the 19th P.B.P. Randonneur®. Riders who abandon must show their brevet card to a controller or another member of the organisation, who will sign it and annotate it with «Abandon». The abandoning rider has to remove the frame number and the tracking device, but can keep both items, as well as the brevet card. Article 16 : Medical Test
  10. Charlie, the chain gang isn’t an official club event so there’s nothing stopping anyone from attending that instead. I think Alan would just like club members to support the TT. You being a klassiker roadman aren’t suited to these events that require putting your pug like nose in the wind. I’m sure both events will be well attended- the TT supported by rippling Adonis types, the chain gang with the usual riff-raff, hoi polloi, footpads & cut purses. I’ll be at neither
  11. Charlie provided the puncture. Ramsey fixed it. #teamwork-dreamwork