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  1. Sorry guys won’t be out now have a good one ☝️
  2. I will be at club rooms for 9 30 even is Glen is not out !
  3. Unfortunately time constrained now so won’t be out enjoy !
  4. Will b at club rooms and out for a bit anyway
  5. Like Paul's suggestions. The whole idea IMO is for all members of each group to contribute to the pace, regardless of what that pace may be. (with the exception of the Clune). Liked the steady through and off. This provides good training benefit, even if some riders find it easier than others !
  6. Tommy I can ride with you if Gerard not riding
  7. Is it on BC yet can’t seem to find it
  8. Hope to be there did not ride last year but will ride in whatever team
  9. Very impressive Chung. Properly serviced hubs feel great.