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  1. Don't think I'll make it now mate - hands still sore. Will probably turbo instead cheers
  2. I’m in will rendezvous in Kilmacolm @ 7 30 Colin
  3. Had to depart at Houston due to other ongoing commitments but good to see such a sizeable bunch tonight
  4. Hardly ridden nice safe bike with twist style gripper handlebar gears. Still with manual £ 180. PM if interested. Would suit 7 - 8 year old
  5. Colin McPhee


    Will join at bottom of Clune. Will try to hang on till W Kilbride
  6. By the time we got a tailwind the legs were too shredded to enjoy it ! All that and still only 75 % of the strava 500 !
  7. Yip need to get out a bit more as my legs gave way before lochwinnoch. Great blast though !