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  1. "Gravelistas" ...... have you just coined a new word there, Gerard? :-)
  2. chung

    Drum Up 2021

    There you go Kenny 🙂
  3. Alan …. this one especially for you :-)
  4. Cheers Dave ...... but I would have struggled to do as half as great a job of interviewing as Matt Stephens did ...... I think Matt is fantastic 🙂 Plus ..... I'll probably be just too busy eating my stash of food anyway 😂
  5. Just finished watching the latter part of the video ...... very fascinating, informative & ...... candid interview I think! Cheers
  6. And all the roads & cycle track of our neighbourhood 🙂
  7. This is great ..... thought I'd share it 🙂
  8. Here is a few photos to show some of the extra “details” I treated to my frame before building it …… all good prep. work to help prevent further issues down the line …… given that this frame should have a “hard” life when it gets used 🙂 Ordered some “marine” grade torx bolts to “plug” all the threaded bosses around the frame for mudguards & panniers etc. since these won’t get use (for now anyway) “Chasing & Facing” the bottom bracket thread & shell for a clean & “perfect” fit for the BB cups ….. it’s got to be done 🙂
  9. Thanks Iain & Gerard! Unfortunately, that’s what I’m afraid of now 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Merry Xmas chaps 👍
  10. A few more detail shots 🙂 Just look at the mahoosive cassette at the back 9-42t ........ jesus I hear you scream ...... 40t at the front, that's a much lower gear ratio than even my road 29-34 set up
  11. Finally, finished just in time for Xmas 🙂 Hope you dig it ....... tubeless & hydraulic disc ....... 24 degree "flare" handle bars too ...... so gravel 🙂 By the way, Merry Xmas everyone!
  12. Hello fellow Wheelers, How’s youse all doing! It’s been a while since I made a new build, so I thought it’s about time I make another one just before Xmas 🙂 So far in my life, there’s THREE things I thought I would never do but end up doing it anyway 🙂 1st one was smoking, I hater people who smoked when I was young but ended up taking it up for a number of years, but thankfully I gave it up as soon as we were expecting our child ….. that was more than 20 years ago 🙂 The 2nd thing was drinking alcohol, I don’t “hate” a drink, just never really felt it was for me or the need to, but again I took it up later (be it not excessively) in the form of a few whiskey 🙂 Then there’s “gravel riding”, I mean, what’s all that about? A road bike with mountain bike features? Come on, pick a discipline & stick with it for god sake 🙂 Who needs tubeless & disc brakes on a road bike ……. ……. Well, I have just bought myself one & looking forward to trying it out after a bunch of Wheelers have been going out “gravelling” & it looks so much fun with brilliant scenery and all …. even on not so favourable weathers for road cycling 🙂 Also, I have to admit it as one of the main reason why I want to try it out was because my favourite cycling brand - Campagnolo have brought out a new “gravel” specific groupset call the Ekar ……. 1-by too ….. got to try it 🙂 So, here’s a few snaps of my new frame set with the groupsets sitting on my work bench ready for some wrenching 🙂 The frame set is a Cinelli Zydeco aluminium with Columbus full carbon fork ….. not the lightest but relatively “cheap” compare to the groupset 🙂 Hope youse like it & I’ll get more pictures when it’s finished! I’m coming soon “The Wheeler gravel boys” 🙂 Cheers Chung
  13. Hi All, Should have posted this earlier, but hope it’s not too late! As the title suggest - First ever edition of Women Elite Paris-Roubaix race on TODAY! Yaaaaaaaas! Should be a cracking race! Check it out! Cheers Chung
  14. Fabulous run again today with a perfect cafe stop for us all 🙂 A rather cold start to the morning but it soon warmed up as we toured around the roads of Renfrewshire & beyond! We even manage to bump into an ex-Wheeler - Tony "the farm watch specialist" Carrigan, who rode with us for a wee bit from the Bowfield, looking well & as usual exploring the back roads ...... I think he would have approve todays route indeed! 🙂 Unlike last Sunday, no mechanical or puncture to speak of on todays ride ..... so rather boring on that front 🙂 Thanks again to David for the route .... & everyone for the wheel/company this morning ...... I think there was talk of Arran next Sunday ...... I can already picture Paul McDonald's big grin if/when he hears this 🙂 P.S Great photos by the way folks 🙂 Cheers Chung
  15. Set off nice & early this morning from my house & got to the clubroom 0855 ...... not a soul to be seen except from a few dog walkers .... oops, have I got the time/date wrong? ........ so rode round the Miller Street estate as I didn't fancy standing on my toad ..... luckily by the time I came back, there were 13 fellow club mates had already turned up waiting ...... phew! So, 14 of us - Alan T, Ali M, Andy R & James R (Jets), Anthony, Carol M, Carol & David, Frank, Gary, Graham, Jullie, Mitch & myself set off for sunny Troon! Working well together & setting a nice pace where everyone was comfortable ..... A few stronger riders decided to take longer spells, which was no doubt welcome by some and me especially 🙂 I only manage ONE turn on the front all day ....... riding on the front is so over-rated anyway 🙂 It wasn't as lumpy as last week but still some drags in parts ..... Jullie left us in Kilmeurs, leaving 13 to continue on our way to Troon! The blueberry Cafe is always one of my favourite, great baking & proper china for my tea ..... how posh! Service was great and quick too considering there were 13 hungry cyclist all wanting fed at the same time! By the time we left the place the weather has gone much warmer too, so off comes the layers to enjoy the sun a bit. The return leg just continue on where we left off earlier ...... I think Alan & Graham just sat on the front all the way back to the Bowfield before Ali made an attacked which was followed by young James, everyone then joined in and the descend down the Bowfield (second Sunday running) was fantastic ...... a wee regrouping at the bottom & we rode all the way back to the Johnstone again as we started in the morning! Brilliant run again organised by David & Alan for leading on the return leg 🙂 Thanks to all for the wheels & company today ...... another cracker! Cheers & thanks for reading ..... now for some photies courtesy of Carol & Graham