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  1. Hi All, I'm thinking of selling this beauty of mine, is anyone here or someone you know that might be interested? Drop me a PM or text please & we can talk! Thanks very much Cheers Chung
  2. Chapeau Charlie! Good stuff! 🙂
  3. Cheers Jaki ....... just for clarification, it’s for cleaning my sprockets 😉
  4. Thanks for the company & wheels today, really enjoyed that! Also great to meet David Ferguson, his second Sunday run in succession & catching up with Boyd & Jaki etc! Cheers Chung
  5. Best of luck for tomorrow ............ mon the Joansins! 🙂
  6. Iain, keep an eye out for Mike (Fergusson), he’s riding with some of his friends! Enjoy it on the day! Cheers
  7. Chaps, I might tag along to boost the Bunch’s enthusiasm but lower the average speed 🙂 ...... been off the bike since the Duke’s a couple of weeks ago 😕 If I’m out, I’ll get youse at the Bridge but don’t wait if I’m not present! Hopefully see youse tomorrow then! Cheers
  8. Contrary to my post title - I managed NOT to get a soaking after all 🙂 Being Johnny-no-mates for the day, I opted to start from Glasgow instead of heading for the Bridge. Got to jump on a Bunch of "Lomond Roads" coming into Milngarvie, after introducing myself to them, I slotted into the group seamlessly since our Club colour are pretty much the same ........ very friendly Bunch of cyclist so they are 🙂 Pretty much got dropped off by them at the door step of Aberfoyle where upon it seems every cyclist in the Glasgow area was there, including Iain McTarvish & Jess. Got there so early that we sat OUTSIDE in the sun for more than an hour waiting for the Peloton to arrive - ETA 12.10noon. It was all good weather wise up till that point, but just as we were about to head up the Duke's, the heavens opened but luckily for me, I took shelter underneath a porch & stayed dry, while most must have got drenched up on the climb. Waited for the convoy & then the Race Peloton to pass, everyone (especially the Police Moto riders) look cheering & enjoying themselves, well, apart from the Riders :-) Then back down the climb & a detour with Big Ronnie Chard over the Lake of Monteith & another cafe stop in Kippon, then the Crow & home without getting wet at all. In fact, it was pretty hot later on the day, strange weather indeed! End up being a really nice day on the bike for me, loved it! Cheers
  9. Hi there, Please refer to my other post :-) Cheers Chung
  10. Hi there, Given the weather forecast for tomorrow is kind of "better" than what was envisage a few days ago, so I'm hoping to still head up to Aberfoyle for some road side shouting exercise while the hardcore Women Racers "duke" it out up the Duke's Pass :-) Any (mad) company is most welcome, according to the website, the QoM ETA is 12.10noon, so I reckon meet at the Bridge for 9.30am, so should get to Aberfoyle well before they arrive & I imagine we'll have enough time for a cuppa when we get there too. https://womenstourofscotland.com/route/stage-2/ Given the unpredictable weather, I'll be on my full mudguard winter bike with pannier for extra dry clothes & maybe a "poncho" too :-) ....... in true Tour De France style! Please post up or get in touch if you fancy coming, if there's is no one else, I won't hang about at the Bridge waiting! Cheers Chung
  11. Iain, what do you mean by "......puncture repairs" ................. Tyres that needs repair? .......... "their sell by date"???? If it's bike stuff that is old & tatty but can still be "salvagable" or good for butchering for spare parts, then I usually take them to a local Glasgow base bike Charity: https://www.bikeforgood.org.uk/locations/glasgow-west-community-hub/ As far as I know, our very own Alan Thomson is about to start volunteering work at this place :-) Cheers
  12. Martin, I’ll send you a text! Cheers
  13. Hi Martin, To be honest, I’ve never worked on one before, but I’d imagine it won’t be that different to road wheels???? Would it? Front or rear? What’s wrong with it? Cheers
  14. Didn’t get to ride today, so thought I’ll do some maintenance on my bike! But it seems I’ve ran out of bikes to clean so thought I’d have a go at my new coffee machine instead 🙂 All machine deserves some TLC in my opinion 🙂 I know coffee & road cycling have a real & historic connections, but upon opening up the “grinding mechanism” for some deep cleaning, I was met with what look not unlike a rear wheel free-hub ratchet ........ the similarity is beyond doubt 🙂 Well, the fact that I had to use my Park-Tool 10mm socket to get the nut off & my Pedro long nose pliers felt as if I was working on one of my bikes 🙂 .......... sorry, I think I’ve got too much time on my hand 😕 Cheers