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  1. Enjoy your travels & riding the AG, Wheelers! Looking forward to seeing some photos & stories when you come back. Good luck :-) Cheers Chung
  2. Let the fun begin ......... :-)
  3. Sorry Greg, you don’t get to chose the team ...... (assuming you want team AG2R) it’s a lucky drip, you draw blind from the hat! You fancy Oliver Naesen then :-) Cheers
  4. P.S - It would be great if folks can post their intentions if they want to play or not as well as ride :-) ......... so we know if youse are keen or not! Mucho appreciated
  5. I'm in! Paul Leavy & myself ran a "sweepstake" for the Flanders race last Sunday while on the Koppenberg, which was enjoyed by all who took part (even the Jets) :-) The eventually winner was Delphine (Phil's Belgium partner) who had the EF Education First team. So, we thought it would be a good idea to do the same for Sunday's Paris-Roubaix race too, which some of us will be watching at the Amaretto after the run! Format is that - £3 buys you a team from the draw of the hat. Whichever rider from the team wins the race wins, easy! There's prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, not just the overall winner, so everyone has a better chance to win some dosh :-) We're planning to get the entry in before the start of the run at the clubroom, so if folks can maybe get there a few minutes earlier, then we can sort it out before the run/race kicks off. Also, it would be great if you could have the right change as well, £3 coins or fivers please, saves us from scrambling for change! The latest teams are as follows: https://www.procyclingstats.com/race/paris-roubaix/2019/startlist/roster 25 teams - 25 punters at £3 each - Winning pot is £75. I think it was £45 for the winner, £20 runner-up & £10 for 3rd. Come on then, let the real fun begins! Cheers Chung
  6. Cracking day out on the bike today! How come Kilcreggan is always sunny! :-) Got home totally goosed, stuffed my face on a plate of fish & chips, shower & then a siesta, got up & had my dinner, now watching high-lights of Gent-Wevelgem. Would have been the perfect way to spend a "Father's Day" .......... even though it's Mother's Day today :-) See youse in a fortnight as heading to Flanders with the Wheelers & Jets this Thursday. Look out for us on the Koppenberg, where we will congregate en mass to shout & wave at the nearest TV camera when the race pass :-) Thanks for the wheel & company, Chapaeu to Gerard for toughing it out on the full route even though he wasn't feeling too great! Cheers Chung
  7. Colin, I’ll get youse at the Bridge, say 9.30-ish! Cheers Chung
  8. Flipping heck, it is possible! https://www.merlincycles.com/campagnolo-centaur-11-speed-rear-derailleur-112283.html?source=PHG https://www.merlincycles.com/campagnolo-potenza-11-speed-chain-93577.html With change left over too, bloody bargain :-)
  9. Billy, Campagnolo 11 speed (Centaur I presume?)rear mech & chain for 90quid??? Is that before VAT? :-) Bargain of the century!
  10. Hi Robbie, with a shorter stem, say a 60/70/80mm, it should be! My boy was 10/11 at the time we bought it for him & I was sure he wasn't even 5 ft yet then. You're welcome to try it first if whoever is interested! P.S Who is it for? Cheers Chung
  11. Need to dust down my carbon steed tonight :-) The sun is meant to make an appearance tomorrow! Cheers
  12. Hi All, I have for sale the following bike that had very limited use so in as new condition. Due to the size, great for the young ones (Jets) or petite ladies/gents. Ideal for a PROPER winter bike too as it has front & rear eyelet for full mudguards! Giant Defy 5 2013 Extra Small size Bought 2013 from Dales £430 Silver/White/Blue colour Aluminium frame & fork Shimano 2300 levers & gears 2 x 8 speed 700c size wheels Compact 50/34 chain-set Cassette - 11-28T Front & rear eyelet for mudguards Everything as stock except for: Up-graded Giant oversize 380mm c-c handle bars Up-graded Tektro F+R Brakes Deda 100mm alloy stem (can swop to a shorter stem easily with no much more cost) Chain catcher fitted No pedals Excellent as new condition (except for a few marks on the saddle), only used a handful of time by my boy when doing the “Pedal for Scotland” back in 2013 & some rides before that, unused since then & stored in warm garage. The rims braking track is like new! Surplus to requirement since he didn’t cycle anymore after that & completely out grown it, also need to clear space. Looking for £200 please Glasgow pick-up