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  1. Six of us made it out today optimistic that the weather will hold ....... & luckily it did :-) Not quite the intended route, so no Pipe track or Aberfoyle, we did go over the Crow though, 2nd Sunday in a roll, doesn’t make it easier unfortunately! New member - Daniel from Erskine joined us today & his first ride up the Crow ....... hope he enjoyed that :-) Cafe stop in Clachan of Campsie again, then a pub stop in Bishopton after the Bridge for the Southsiders ......... no doubt well deserved :-) Thanks for the wheels & company today, gents! Will be missing next Sunday as I’ll be heading up to Stirling way! Cheers
  2. If I’m not at the clubroom for 9, then I’ll get youse at the Bridge for 9.30am! Currently doing the sun dance to improve tomorrow’s chances :-) Cheers
  3. Massive kudos for taking on the task, Gerard! I’ll be along for marshalling! If it’s ok, I’ll take my usual spot on the A8 on the slip road junction (for the Bishopton roundabout) right before the finish please! Cheers Chung
  4. Iain, Just wondering which direction you were thinking of once pass the Lake of Monteith, do you want to turn off the main road A81 on the first right heading towards Arnprior (this would not take us into Kippen, instead this would lead us straight up to the "Top of the World" junction) or do we stay on the main road, then turn onto the A873 till we get to Thornhill for that right turn towards Kippen, then to the TOTW? Either way, after that would take us down into Frintry & over the Crow. My guess is that the second option would probably add an extra 10-15km ......... taking this "longer route" I reckon would be around 130-ish km (80-ish miles) clubroom to clubroom ......... but then again, I could be completely off :-0 I suppose we can fine tune that on the day ........ and plenty of options for cafe stops(s) ........ Drymen, Aberfoyle, Kippon, Fintry, Lennoxtown etc As long as it's dry I'm no fuss where we go :-) Cheers
  5. 2 groups making it a bunch of 9 set off in search of the promised sun-shine & hills over the Northside! Got the hills but the sun only came out after we got completely soaked from Strathblane & into Killearn ..... boo ......... thankfully dry by the time we got to Fintry & the Crow! Lovely cafe at Clachan of Campsies, then a blast back to the Bridge! First time over the Kyber & the Crow for some, hope it’s not the last :-) Thanks for the wheels & company today people! Cheers
  6. 4 form us lot & how ever many there is from Elaine's bunch :-)
  7. I’m cool with that since I asked for it! Same meeting time at the Bridge, Iain! Cheers
  8. Sounds like a plan ................. not super keen on the loch side road from Luss to Duck Bay, mental traffic .......... but do like the bits before though, so all good! Cheers
  9. Hi All, Planning a run this Sunday, but not sure where to go as Glen requested something "hilly". There'll be a few regular absentees since they're over in Spain the now ............ so not sure who's left to go out, but I'll be in the clubroom for a 9am start for whoever fancy it! Will update a route later on ........ or if anyone have any suggestion, please feel free to post up, I'll go anywhere ....... even Largs :-) Cheers Chung
  10. Have fun chaps ...... don’t get too sun burnt :-) Looking forward to see some photos!
  11. Davie, I'm keen ....... but can only confirm near the time though! Believe it or not, despite my years in the Wheelers, I've NEVER actually cycled on Arran before ......... it would be nice to put a tick next to that! Cheers
  12. Aye for me .......... if it’s not too wet!
  13. Paul, your new bike reminds me of this beauty ............. looks to be & will be FAST