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  1. It appears I found the KapelMuur tough in 2011. 🤣
  2. Alan, I seem to remember this is how it finished at the top!!
  3. Ha ha! Great day out. 6 Wheelers in shot. I think I was wondering how long my domestique could keep going!
  4. Frank. Good to hear you are back. Hopefully catch up with you on the road soon. R
  5. Thanks both. We will start doing a bit more research this weekend and maybe ask a few questions. Cheers, R
  6. Martin, we will probably stay the Sunday night as well....so we can have a beer or two! 🍻
  7. Thanks Iain. We’re going to look into sapping our entry to the 174km. I know the curse has changed, but when I did it back in 2011 the first 50miles were dull and flat!
  8. I was busy doing things, so have been entered for the full distance by Mrs M....although may see if I can amend, as I'm not sure that I can do that much without my knees falling off! Hopefully have a campervan by then, so will be staying in that....somewhere! Where are you guys staying and what distance are you doing?
  9. Anyone got any tips for a good place to be based for a weeks cycling in Tenerife? We’ve never been before, so any advice appreciated. Cheers, R
  10. Elaine & I have entered the Flanders sportive on 4th April 2020. Any other Wheelers going?
  11. Ironically I punctured on the way there.....in the pouring rain!!
  12. Chung, You are a gent. Thank you. I'll whip the lever off and take it with me when I'm in Glasgow on Thursday. Cheers, R
  13. Ta. Wondering if it is maybe time for a new bike!?!? It is 12 years old and was about to buy new forks anyway.....will speak to Mrs M!