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  1. Ramsay

    Cross/gravel ebikes

    Thanks. All the bikes I’m looking at come with clearance for 40c. Have ridden my crosser with 32c for years and only recently went up to 38c, which was great....although very difficult getting the wheels on/off past the brakes!
  2. Ramsay

    Cross/gravel ebikes

    Hi Chung, ......funny you should mention that. I think I have narrowed it down to the Colnago eGRV or the Wilier Jena Hybrid. The Wilier comes with a few better features, but the the Colnago looks fantastic......and it’s a Colnago. Only slight issue is that as they are gravel bikes, it would need to come with fishing gear and not Campagnolo! 🙄😱🤣 Hope all is well with you. Cheers, R
  3. Ramsay

    Cross/gravel ebikes

    Thanks Jann. I have heard that a few take a bit of getting used to and are not quite “normal”. I’m looking at the Wilier (which is very similar to the Ribble and Orbea) and as you say, doesn’t have the same power as a lot of the bikes, but I’m hoping enough assist when I need and not too much weight when I don’t! Hope all is well with you. R
  4. Ramsay

    Cross/gravel ebikes

    Excellent, thanks Kenny. Much appreciated. I had heard there was a minimum three month waiting list, with everyone suddenly discovering biking again. Hope all is well with you. Cheers, Ramsay
  5. Afternoon all, Has been a while. 👋 Hope everyone is well. After nearly 8 years of knee problems (with multiple re-injure, rehab, recovery......) I have decided it is time to get an ebike to help take the strain out of climbing. I’m looking at crossers (or gravel bikes as they have been re-invented as) and there are quite a few options out there. Does anyone have any experience of any e road/cross/gravel bikes? Particularly in terms of hub drive v mid-drive. Any thoughts would be welcome.....unless they are too cheeky! 😄 Ramsay P.S. - as climbing was what I used to consider my main strength on a bike, the irony of now needing a battery to help is not lost on me!! 🙄🤷‍♂️😂
  6. It appears I found the KapelMuur tough in 2011. 🤣
  7. Alan, I seem to remember this is how it finished at the top!!
  8. Ha ha! Great day out. 6 Wheelers in shot. I think I was wondering how long my domestique could keep going!
  9. Frank. Good to hear you are back. Hopefully catch up with you on the road soon. R
  10. Thanks both. We will start doing a bit more research this weekend and maybe ask a few questions. Cheers, R
  11. Martin, we will probably stay the Sunday night as well....so we can have a beer or two! 🍻
  12. Thanks Iain. We’re going to look into sapping our entry to the 174km. I know the curse has changed, but when I did it back in 2011 the first 50miles were dull and flat!
  13. I was busy doing things, so have been entered for the full distance by Mrs M....although may see if I can amend, as I'm not sure that I can do that much without my knees falling off! Hopefully have a campervan by then, so will be staying in that....somewhere! Where are you guys staying and what distance are you doing?
  14. Anyone got any tips for a good place to be based for a weeks cycling in Tenerife? We’ve never been before, so any advice appreciated. Cheers, R
  15. Elaine & I have entered the Flanders sportive on 4th April 2020. Any other Wheelers going?