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  1. Stunning looking bike Chung. Well done.
  2. My hair is always perfect.
  3. The guidance is that ALL sanctioned club activities remain suspended. I interpret that as we can't organise any real events on the roads through the club. Of course, there is no reason why a group of individuals who have a common interest can't organise something amongst themselves, but as a club, we cannot be seen to support that. Yet.
  4. Really good tonight, as Karen says, couldn't perform like that in real life, but even so, Darryl nearly broke me on the last push on the first climb.
  5. The updated guidance fromSC is that club events are still suspended. So, no published programme of events. Yet. Got to say, I'm a wee bit disappointed by that as I thought we could maintain social distancing on a time trial, but, heh ho. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/scotland/article/20200313-Scottish-Cycling-Coronavirus-COVID19-Guidance-0
  6. Hi Chung, you can delete your previous posted images. All you have to is find them........
  7. Got caught up in stuff around the house. Oops.
  8. Aaaaand the good news is that the committee is considering a reduced programme of confined events starting from mid July, subject to guidance from SC/BC. The current view from that level is that club events won't be sanctioned until August. So, we can't say for certain right now when, or even if, a programme will take place, but the general principle will be that we will attempt to run the league of 10, the chocolate series, and the hilly TT series in a reduced format. Turn up, race go home. No holders. Results will be published when the timekeeper uploads them. Further updates to follow when more info becomes available.
  9. Struggled to hold 200w (2.4w/kg), so abandoned very early. Going to take today and maybe tomorrow off to let my legs recover a bit.
  10. Enjoyed that tonight. Didn't realise we were so close to finishing the course when I stopped, or I'd have kept pedalling for another few hundred metres. Hey ho. Heat is going to become an increasing problem over the next few months.
  11. Sensor issues meant I could join, but not pedal again last night. I know what's causing it now, just need to work out a reliable solution.
  12. On the other hand, I get to draft other people in an attempt to keep up before the sticky draft kicks in.
  13. Yip, went all the way up, and burst about 200m from the summit. Good descent for a cool down.