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  1. Post holiday lurgy means no bike riding for me. 🙄
  2. Art'n'salvage in Dalry are holding a cycle jumble sale this Saturday from 10 am. If you're looking for a vintage steel frame or vintage parts, it's definitely worth getting along for a rummage.
  3. Fabulous day out after recovering from my wrecked tyre. Cheers to Greg for towing me round to the 10.30 ferry.
  4. I found this on the CTT Georgetown league fb page. I'm up for it this year, anyone else? This years annual Loch Eck drum up will take place on Sunday ( 20th Oct) and you are all cordially invited. Same format as previous years- meet at MacInroy's Point Ferry terminal Gourock in time for the 10 am ferry. Choice of runs - either do the Ardentinny loop (good practice for the GTR CTT Scotland Super Series event being held here in June 2020!) or if you are feeling like an easy day then just head straight up the Lochside to the drum up where Ian will have a roaring fire waiting for you. You can then either stick to traditional drum up fare of burnt toasted cheese washed down with tea drunk from a questionable billy can - or follow Gerard Deeley's example and really get creative with your outdoors cooking - I think last year it was something involving Venison and truffles. The choice is yours! Regardless of the weather there in no better sight than Argyll in its Autumnal splendour and no better way to spend the day than setting the world to rights round the fire in good company. Drumming up is a cycling tradition in danger of being lost in the mists of time so lets keep it going - even if its only once a year!
  5. Check out art'n'salvage in Dalry. They have a large number of older framesets that might be worth a look.
  6. Entertaining run out today, weather not a factor, hanging on to Charlie's wheel very much so. Not huge miles, but legs thoroughly cooked by the time I got home.
  7. The run is on. 9.00 meet at Amaretto's. Muddies or winter bikes recommended. Rule #5 applies.
  8. There is a yellow warning in place for the area for Sunday all day. I'll make a decision on Sunday no later than 07.45 whether to call this run off.
  9. Anyone else? It's open to the older jets and parents too. I will sacrifice a small chicken along with some herbs and pasta on Saturday night to ensure good weather.
  10. Excellent run out today in cold but dry and clear conditions.
  11. Bit of an early start there. I'll join you if I'm up in time. If I'm not there, don't wait.
  12. Bump. Post up if you're coming.
  13. Well done to everyone who took part. The course doesn't get any easier, and the short course in particular was more challenging this year than in previous years. Some really outstanding times for the winning riders today.