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  1. Since we’re unlikely to get out for the February reliability runs, even if the weather is ok, I’ve put a bit of thought into how we could do these on Zwift. I’m thinking 4 runs on successive Sundays in February, 65, 80, 95 and 110km, 3 groups, cruising at 2, 2.5 and 3 W/kg, setting off 15 minutes apart. No cafe stops, bring your own post run refreshments. Happy to take on board adjustments to the format. Anyone interested?
  2. AlanT


    So sad to hear Davie. Like Darryl says, you never know what to say at times like this. You have been a stalwart in the cyclocross competitions for the club over the last few years, but I guess competing is going to be less of an issue now. Enjoy riding your ebike.
  3. I’ll have a think about it during January
  4. We did a few years ago, when you took it on, and it was very successful in terms of numbers. This year, I have no confidence that the events will be permitted, even in July, plus we kind of missed the boat in getting on the CTT calendar. Maybe for 2022, when things will be more like normal.
  5. After the disaster for club events that was 2020, I have uploaded the provisional calendar for 2021. There are a couple of caveats though. 1. All club events remain suspended until further notice. In practice, this means that I fully expect that none of the scheduled events will actually take place until after Easter at the earliest. There is at best a 50% chance that the schedule will run normally after July. 2. Just because an event is on the calendar, do not assume that it will take place unless a thread is opened specifically for it. 3. Events that do not take place will not be rescheduled. 4. Events that do take place will be run in accordance with the most up to date SC/CTT guidance. Where there is conflict between the two bodies, we will always support the stricter regime to ensure your safety. I hope everyone has a great season, when it eventually gets going. pdf 20291213 Provisional 2021 club calendar.pdf
  6. Ok, ride created, Dust in the Wind. Moderately lumpy, but a flat, fast finish for those that want it. I’ve added all the club members in my following (and a couple of non members), but if I’ve missed anyone out that you know of, get them to follow me on Zwift and I’ll add them. And of course, BYOB.
  7. So, any interest in a Boxing Day day virtual run on Zwift? I’m thinking 50-60km, 2-2.5 W/kg starting kind of 1 pm-ish. Nothing set up on Zwift yet, but as a social run, there will be refreshments en route, you’ll have to bring your own. No one gets dropped, maybe the odd sprint. post up if there’s interest and I’ll set one up.
  8. Great result, good to see people we’ve actually raced against competing at that level.
  9. If you’re doing a bit of walking in your bike shoes (cafe stops, etc,), it’s worth investing in a set of cleat covers. These are plastic covers that protect your cleats when you’re off the bike and can extend the working life of your cleats by a considerable amount. I’ve used them for years, and I change cleats about every 18 months.
  10. A rebuild for £450 is awfully expensive, especially if you’ve already got the hubs. I would expect you’d get a decent pair of new wheels for that.
  11. SC issued new guidance on 19th August to the effect that club confined events can take place again from 5th September. Gee, ta. Realistically, that gives us 3 weeks to run events midweek before light stops play. Even using Saturdays leaves us extremely limited, so I propose to the membership that we run no confined events this year. At this stage, the whole club run on Boxing Day is doubtful, but who knows?
  12. AlanT


    Good effort again. Bonkers, but good effort.
  13. Well done George, for taking this on. Personally, I don’t fancy taking part in bunch rides at all right now, but I totally understand the desire for others. Stick to the rules, stay safe, stay well, stick to FACTS.
  14. AlanT


    Great effort once again, and congrats to Laura. No bad for a rower. 😀 You’re still all mad though.