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  1. So only 3 riders on a better than expected evening. Sunny, with a westerly breeze pushing the riders home. David Ferguson 25:50, pb, paid Scott McIntosh 24:32, paid Gerard Deeley 24:02, paid x3 Congrats to David on the pb. I have transferred £15 to the club account.
  2. The closer this event gets, the more I’m thinking that riding it is a really bad idea. Happy to help out with whatever needs done, and I can bring a pop up gazebo if it’s needed.
  3. Subject to the A8 roadworks remaining inactive, the next installment of the league of 10 will take place on 3rd August. &:00 meet for 7:15 off, rear lights are mandatory. I will timekeep, but I need at least three riders for the event to take place. This is your penultimate opportunity to get a practice run in ahead of the club 10 mile championship on 17th August. Finally, can anyone who is in the area check on the Westferry during Tuesday morning to confirm that the roadworks are still inactive and both lanes are open in both directions. Ta.
  4. The much postponed Frank Lauder 10 (the club 10 mile TT championship event) will take place on 17th August provided that the roadworks on the A8 remain inactive. The 2 preceding Tuesdays, 3rd August and 10th August will also be on the Westferry for league of 10 events subject to the same caveat. The 2up TTs will be postponed until 24th August with the David Raymond trophy (2 up TT Championship) being competed for on 7th September.
  5. A cool-ish evening, with a light cross headwind going out, and three riders taking part. David Cowan 21:28 paid Paul Coffey 18:47 PB paid Gerard Deeley. 18:03 Well done to Paul on another PB, to Gerard for fastest on the night, and to Dave for stepping in at the 11th hour to enable the event to take place. I have transferred £6 to the club account
  6. Ok, we’re on. Thanks Dave.
  7. Thanks Dave, but I was not looking to ride tonight. Saving my legs for tomorrow night. Of course, if you want to take part, I’m happy to give you a time. Decision at 17:30.
  8. Anyone else? Forecast is for damp, so could be a quick night. 2 riders is not enough for an event.
  9. Turned out I wasn’t up for that, but glad to get out for the alternative route just the same.
  10. Yet another enforced departure from the published schedule, thanks to transerve for overrunning works on the A8, we come back to the Georgetown road for another in the chocolate series. 7.2 miles of lung bursting, muscle exhausting, heart pounding fun. 7:15 for 7:30 off, post up if you’re coming along. Bring your own performance enhancing additives. I shall timekeep.
  11. 3 riders on a hot summer’s evening, and against all expectations, quite a fast night. Paul Coffey 18:49, PB, paid Dave Ferguson, 18:44, PB, paid Gerard Deeley, 17:48. I have transferred £9 (£3 from a previous event) to the club account. big well done to Dave and Paul on their PBS on a very warm evening, and the post event pint well down very well.
  12. Since the roadworks on the Westferry appear to be lasting until hell freezes over, we might as well get back onto the Georgetown for the next instalment of the chocolate series. 7.15 meet for 7.30 off, I will timekeep this week if we have at least three riders for the event. Post up if you’re coming along.
  13. Sorry Roberto, I didn’t check the time before we rolled off. I guess I just made a poor assumption that everyone had turned up.
  14. AlanT

    Skin suit 2021

    I’m interested in a skin suit. The ordinary club onesie version will do me just fine.