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  1. Found that very hard tonight, but then putting an effort in for all the sprints/ climbs will do to you. Looking forward to Sunday. Planning to do the Danish Bike riders run first, then join in with 5 minutes recovery.🙄
  2. I've come to this a bit late. I'm using my Garmin power pedals and and ant+ dongle in the pc to connect them up to the app and Zwift companion on my phone in the background to interact (not easy). TBH, the biggest issue I've had was getting an internet connection to my garage, as running it in the house wasn't going to be an option long term. Uploading to strava (and others) is managed through the connections option in the settings of the companion app.
  3. Have to say I enjoyed last weeks run, and this mornings open ride was fabulous. I intend to be there, especially now I've got internet in my garage.
  4. As posted elsewhere in the bunch, all confined events are cancelled until further notice. Our overriding priority is to ensure your health and safety as the nation moves through this difficult time. Stay well, and refer to the Scottish and national government guidelines.
  5. Good to get out and ride in a bunch (of 5) again, after so many solo miles recently. Pretty brutal headwind going out, plus lack of fitness made it tough, but the return leg was much easier. Good call to go with the shorter run to Dalgarven.
  6. Ok, no additional input, therefore the event is OFF this weekend. I will post a reprised date next week.
  7. Down to 2 riders now and a holder/timekeeper. Unless we get more participants in the next hour, (9pm tonight) I propose a postponement. After me prepping my TT bike too.
  8. Brill. Can you timekeep as well? In which case, it's happening. In other news, I rode the route this afternoon, and the road was closed to facilitate tree cutting. This means that as well as standing water, mud and gravel, there will be sawdust on the section between the monkey house and Old Greenock Road.
  9. Do we have anyone prepared to timekeep and hold for Saturday? Right now we have 4 riders and no helpers, so that's not going to work.
  10. This is the first of 2 Langbank Hillys at the beginning of the season, with The final one scheduled near the end. The start is in Langbank, just along from The Wheelhouse restaurant. The course runs up the B789 all the way to the small roundabout in the middle of Houston, where you turn and re-trace most of the way back to Langbank. The end of the course cuts off to the left before the last steep downhill section and finishes at the entrance to Gleddoch Country Club. 09:45 meet, first rider off at 10:00. Here is a link to the route:http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/650383978 An undulating course with a brutal start, reasonably quiet road for those yet to do their first TT, open to those who intend to join the club or are already a member. Jets are also welcome. As usual we need 2 volunteers for pushing off and timekeeping. I intend to ride this one, although possibly not very quickly. I will ride the route this week, and post the risk assessment no later than Friday evening. The forecast is for wet and cold, so layers are good. The Championship will be decided based on the results of all the TTs on the route in the season with 20, 15 & 10 points awarded for each 1st, 2nd & 3rd place achieved. The competitor with the most points will be the winner. Following the race, there will be a short expedition to Bridge of Weir for tea, coffee and scones, although, given the forecast, hot soup might be a better option.
  11. Sunshine, showers and a strong wind today meant times were never going to be fast. 11 hardy riders braving the conditions, 5 of them Jets. Best turn out we've seen for a few years. David Cowan 38:36, paid Fiona Davidson 37:35, paid Kyle Maitland(J) 33:26 Fraser Elsby (J) 36:47 Martin Mulholland 37:22, paid Andy Ross 39:59, paid Ruaridh Mulholland (J) 38:59 James Ross (J), 36:12 Fraser Anderson (J), 42:13 Iain McTavish, 29:43, paid Marc Kelly, 30:58, paid Some great times there in the conditions, and congratulations to Iain McTavish for picking up the first silverware of the season. If someone can let me know the missing jets surnames, I'll update the list. Thanks to all the marshalls, and to my glamorous assistant, Elaine Muirhead at the start/finish line. I have £18 to transfer to the club account.
  12. The race is on. I will bring cable ties to tie off the big rings. Stil looking for a holder as well.
  13. Fair question. Are there many of the Jets coming along? If we're only going to have 2 (maybe) riders, it's not worth doing.