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  1. Pretty horrible out there today. Just Colin and me, 34 miles and 2800 feet of climbing, headwinds, rain. Called it short at Howwood, and went for beer.
  2. Lighter than carbon, stronger than steel, but you do have to be 'qualified' to use them.
  3. Hi Cedric, I'm looking at going out at about 11, meeting at the bus stop in Houston where the chain gang starts from.
  4. Anyone making it out this morning? I'm looking at the forecast and thinking I might go out a bit later, maybe around 11, if it dries up a bit. Same route, but leaving from the bus stop in Houston.
  5. Planning to ride in the Georgetown league on Wednesday, or I would.
  6. Due to the lighter nights coming in, 7:15 meet for 7:30 off. Usual meeting place on the Westferry. Usual volunteers required for holding and timekeeping please. I can do one of those this week. This will be the last in this block as we'll be returning to the Georgetown Road the week after for some chocolate fun
  7. Planning to join in tonight for as long as I can
  8. Echoing all of that, a hard, hard run out, and coming back was just as hard although faster. Thanks to Richard and Colin for officiating tonight.
  9. Only a 12:30 start if you're heading straight to Houston, and that does have some attractions, but if anyone fancies the lumpy route, it's 9:00 at the clubhouse. Should take about 3.5 hours, no cafe stop, beer to finish because we are athletes.
  10. I need more riders for this event.
  11. It's this weekend. Can I suggest some local miles, Station Road, OGR, down Heggies, the Clune, the wall, phils folly, Elliston Castle, Dalek Hill, and then back to Houston. Less than 50 miles, but lots and lots of up.
  12. Truly outstanding run today. Thanks to Elaine for calling it.
  13. I was looking at the intermediate run to transmitter Hill, but might do this instead. I'll decide in the morning.
  14. No. I got dropped before the end of the Georgetown on the first run this year.
  15. AlanT


    I can come along to help out, but I won't join you for the ride