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  1. Which one pays the most, and gives the most lucrative sponsorship opportunity? That one.
  2. Sorry James, not happening tonight.
  3. Anyone else? just one more victi....rider required.
  4. great effort once again. It will happen
  5. Good run out today. The bunch got a bit fractured after Aberfoyle, with Chung and Alex carrying on round Loch Katrine, while the rest of us wimped out after climbing Dukes Pass, then re-traced our route back home. The road back to Alexandria from Croftamie was a bit busy with cars, so we hit the cycle track back to the bridge, as we reckoned - rightly so, as it turned out - that the A82 would be very busy. We met up with Tommy (who had been at the Helensburgh sportive) at Bowling, and had a good run back to Bishopton.
  6. Looks like a stunning day out, and some big miles in there to. Chapeau.
  7. The second of our 25 mile events, 7.00 for 7.15 off at CJS signs near Shilford. I need at least 2 riders for this, preferably 3. I will timekeep/hold, as I'm at the Georgetown League on Wednesday night.
  8. Turns out I've got a pass for this tomorrow. See you at the bridge at 9.
  9. AlanT

    Friday 12th July

    Hi Linda, more than than welcome. 15-20 miles, easy pace since I'll have been at the track in the morning. See you at the bus stop on the Georgetown Road?
  10. AlanT

    Friday 12th July

    Planning a short, easy run on Friday pm, leaving Houston around 13:00, via Georgetown, Bishopton, monkey house, West Glen, Kilmacolm, BoW., possibly amaretto's to finish.
  11. No more takers, so event cancelled.