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  1. Like it says in the title. Planning an effort, but if others are there, happy to play.
  2. Bit of a recovery run on Friday afternoon, meeting at the bus stop on the Georgetown Road around 13:30, 20-ish easy miles to recover from my track session in the morning. Route is likely to be Georgetown, Bishopton, Old Greenock Road, Kilmacolm, Bridge of Weir, but there may be variations on that.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, the final confined event of the season, the Joe Brunetti Hill Climb championship. This is a whole club event, with the Elliston Castle Road being closed for the duration of the event, so a good turnout is appreciated. In recent years the main club has gone off first, then stayed around afterwards to cheer on the Jets, and this year should be no exception. Following the event, riders can go off on runs to suit their ability and leg conditions. First rider off at 10:30, registration from 10:00. Once you have registered, you need to wait around to get your start time, generally around 5 minutes before the first rider goes off. I can confirm that I have a copy of the Road Closure notice, which I will be putting up on site on Friday 20th. Some volunteers are required to assist with putting out signs, timekeeping and holding, and then recovering the signs and moving the barriers aside once the event is complete.
  4. Going out, but a bit earlier, around 09:30.
  5. Slightly later than planned, the last opportunity for a whole club run this summer. Meeting at Amaretto's at 9:00, rolling out around 09:15, to Largs. The favoured route is Georgetown, Bishopton, Westferry, Port Glasgow, and round the coast to Largs. Options for those feeling a bit more energetic are via Loch Thom. Options for those feeling less energetic is a short cut via the cycle track direct to Port Glasgow. The intention is for bunches of mixed abilities, with stronger riders sitting on the front for longer spells After the café stop, it is suggested that the groups break up into their natural ability groups and there are a variety of routes home. (Brisbane Glen, Healy Brae, West Kilbride). Post up if you're coming so that I can give the Bagel Basket a heads up on numbers.
  6. 9:30 at the clubhouse for some easy paced miles. I'm thinking Bowfield, Dunlop, Stewarton, Neilston and back to Johnstone from there. Post if you're interested.
  7. The final opportunity to practice the hill club championship route ahead of the actual event on 29th Sept. We need a holder and 2 timekeepers, and a minimum of three riders to hold this event. Like it says, 18:00 for 18:15 off, lights are essential if you're cycling home afterwards. I will not be able to ride again this week.
  8. Family stuff has come up. Won't be out this morning.
  9. AlanT

    Friday 13th pm run

    Stuff I had to do this morning is pretty much done now, so heading out around 1. Same meeting place.
  10. Thinking of heading out about 2-ish for some local, lumpy miles. Monkey House, Station Road, OGR, Clune, the Wall, then decide en route to Kilmacolm if Johns Hill is feasible. 2 at the roundabout in Houston village. Post up if there's any interest.