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  1. 'Lazy' was a reference to the 09:30 start as well as the much shorter distance. pace should be fast enough to stay warm, but without blowing anyone up.
  2. I think I had something a bit easier in mind for a whole club run.
  3. Actually, Hilly TT #1 since last weeks was postponed due to excess weather. Start at Langbank, up the hill, turn at the Houston roundabout, finish outside Gleddoch. 09:45 meet for 10:00 off. I have sacrificed a small chicken, a chilli pepper and assorted herbs to ensure warmer weather this weekend. I intend to ride, so we will need more riders, a timekeeper and a holder. Post race, there could be a trip to Bridge of Weir for tea, coffee and cake. This is also the weekend of the Dooleys 2 up TT, and I know that there's at least one rider who has indicated that they would like to ride both events. If there are more who would like to ride both, post up, and if there's enough, I'll consider postponing this event into April or May, however, that is going to become increasingly difficult to do the further we move into the season, so no promises.
  4. AlanT

    Dunoon 17/03/19

    Great effort guys. Well done.
  5. Decent size bunch, round the coast to Largs, back up the Haylie, beers to finish, what's not to like
  6. It's thawing out nicely here. 09:30 start confirmed
  7. Looking a bit icy this morning. Push back by half an hour to 10am meet?
  8. Welcome to join in as always. It's more about getting miles in rather than pace.
  9. Easy decision then, event postponed until warmer weather is available. Around July.......
  10. Forecast is starting to look a bit iffy. We only have two confirmed riders, and no timekeepers. Is there anyone else who wants to take part? I'll make a decision at 6pm tomorrow for this to go ahead, and if not, I'll postpone to later in the year.
  11. Isn't there an operation on the NHS for that?
  12. Absolutely. Inevitably, given the scale of the number of events, there will be clashes. That's just the way it is, especially at this time of year when midweek events are restricted by a lack of daylight. Having said that, if there are any club members who are intending to ride the Dooleys 2-up and would like to ride this too, post up and I’ll see if it can be moved. Inote that so far, only George has indicated an intention to ride both. Any more?
  13. 60-70 -ish miles, mostly flat.
  14. I guess it's about making a choice between competing in an open event or a confined event. I know which one I would choose if I was in the position of making a choice, and I wouldn't criticise anyone for making their own choice.