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  1. AlanT

    Sunday 20th January

    I think I'll struggle to hang on, so I might do the coastal route and see you at the BB.
  2. Family stuff, won't be out.
  3. AlanT

    Sunday 6th Jan

    Not going to make it out. Family stuff.
  4. Fellow members, I have attached the draft confined event calendar for 2019. Please note that all events may be subject to change depending on road conditions and clashes with open events. Please also note that we are still looking for people to be listed as organisers for the Don Smith, Jim Daly and Sam Dooley events. Anyone who would like to hold their hand up for this should pm me PDF 20181227 Provisional 2019 club calendar.pdf
  5. AlanT

    Sunday 6th Jan

    Yes, probably.
  6. Found that really, really hard today, hence drop off after Cardross and re-route via Sinclair Street, rejoining after the cafe stop, and hanging in on the blast back to the bridge. Good day out.
  7. Maybe. If I'm not at the bridge, don't wait.
  8. AlanT

    Boxing Day club run

    Good day out, 14 in the bunch, couple of punctures in Bishopton, but otherwise event free. Beer at Amaretto's was just fine. Good to be out.
  9. AlanT

    Boxing Day club run

    Forecast is back to dry again. Honestly, I wish the BBC would make their minds up.
  10. AlanT

    Boxing Day club run

    Bump. And the forecast is now for wet, so ice shouldn't be a problem......
  11. AlanT

    Boxing Day club run

    I've given amaretto's a heads up that there will be a number of us turning up around 1 looking for refreshments. Sadly, couldn't give them a number, but the more that turn up, the more likely they are to run out of vital supplies.....
  12. Good day out today, short but lumpy. Thanks to all for towing me about. Struggled badly on the climbs today. How glorious was the weather above the clouds though?
  13. Night out on Saturday, maybes aye, maybes naw
  14. AlanT

    Boxing Day club run

    Forecast is for dry but cold, so I'm thinking Georgetown, Erskine, Bishopton, Old Greenock Road, down the Clune, back up the Whin, Torr Road to BoW. Everyone welcome, Jets too.