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  1. Doris Day posted something similar on her club forum.
  2. I can marshal, Gerard. I've been at the dead turn on the last two occasions I've volunteered, but happy to go wherever you need me. Cheers!
  3. No' a bad one to win, that - famous race, cracking course, big miles! Really well done, Cedric. Stellar!
  4. Two riders on the windiest July night I can remember for a Westferry 10: Alan T - 25:53 Scott - 24:47 Well done, guys. Cheers to James for haudin' up. (PS Sorry about the delay in posting. In an effort to get the results up quickly, I took my laptop into the kitchen while I was making dinner and splashed water all over the keyboard. Anyone want to buy a drowned MacBook Pro?)
  5. Ah, the day I tried to give us all a trip in an ambulance... :-/ No wonder you haven't been back! It's still a good road. Best climbed from the west side, which is the poorer surface, then you can descend on better tarmac to North Third. There's so little traffic up there, the sheep run away from the roadside as soon as they see you!
  6. Just wondering if anyone planned on riding this, and if so, might there be car space for a Weegie club-mate and bike? I don't have a.club skinsuit or BC membership, but I'll sort out the latter and chance the former if I know I can definitely get to Cambusbarron on the day. Ta.
  7. Five riders, blue skies, but a wild north-westerly wind. In the order they went off: Tommy - 31:06 (PD) Alan T - 25:14 Scott - 24:50 Gerard - 24:55 (PD) James - 24:46 (PD) Good efforts on a stinker of a night. Cheers to Colin for holding up. £9 collected in cash, which I converted to a trip on the Renfrew ferry and a fish supper on the way home. If we had more riders, I could've had pickled onions. I'll transfer the equivalent dosh to the club account in a minute. Cheers!
  8. I've got stuff to do this afternoon, but I hope to be back early enough to ride over to timekeep. I'll let you know as soon as I do. Sorry I can't be more definite about it.
  9. Cheers, Ian and John. Much appreciated. Good to see a big turnout. Nae luck, George.
  10. I hope to ride, too. This will be the first Frank Lauder for a long, long time without Mike Ferguson on the start sheet.
  11. Fair play to riders and helpers. I always love seeing the results posted up. Did the Renfrew bunch catch anyone during their ride last night? I've been nosying about on Strava and the bunch seem to have reached the Westferry earlier than normal.
  12. I'm not going to make it, I'm afraid. My replacement cleats haven't arrived and the ones I've got on just now don't inspire confidence.
  13. Richard

    Exustar cleats

    Ta, Davie. I'm currently exploring compatibility between the brands. The ones I'm using are indeed Look Keo copies, but while the Exustar cleats will work with Look pedals, I have doubts whether the reverse is true. I'm trying to get up and running so I can ride the club 10 tomorrow. I go through two or three pairs of these things a year and I had loads stashed away in a drawer, but I seem to have run out. It would be on a bank holiday, too, when I can't get next day delivery! Offer and reply much appreciated, though. Cheers!