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  1. Rubbish news, Ian. Hope the soreness goes quickly.
  2. Richard

    A bolt

    Or a set of bolt extractors!
  3. Richard

    2019 cycling goals

    Sub-16 on the Georgetown normally translates to 22-something on the Westferry, I think, so if you accomplish number three, number four is already too easy!
  4. Richard

    Track Derny Accreditation

    Saw the thread and booked the 1900 session on a whim. I need time behind a derny like I need a hole in my head! I'll sleep on it. Maybe see you all tomorrow.
  5. Richard

    Track Derny Accreditation

    Are you guys doing the accreditation at 1800, or the session at 1900, or both?
  6. Richard

    Sunday 28th Oct : Kilmaurs

    Put The Wheels Of Chance on your reading list, Dave. Well worth a look!
  7. Richard

    Troon weds 24/10/18

    Well, that's something, I suppose.
  8. Richard

    Troon weds 24/10/18

    On your tod again, Charlie?
  9. The last time I saw a chain ride up behind a fixed sprocket, I also got the chance to watch the owner of said bike bounce along the road. It sounds like Cedric did really well to stay upright. Measure the chainline before you get back on, Cedric!
  10. Richard

    Gonnae let me play with your WHEELS :-)

    That is a bargain.
  11. Richard

    Gonnae let me play with your WHEELS :-)

    Chung, if you buy anything else before the end of the year, I'm going to organise an intervention in the clubrooms. Mind, not even a cone spanner!
  12. Richard

    Gonnae let me play with your WHEELS :-)

    Don't encourage him, Jann. You're facilitating his addiction.
  13. There were signs out this morning for a full road closure between Craighat and Croftamie over the weekend: https://www.tellmescotland.gov.uk/notices/stirling/traffic/00000183189 You'll be able to get round it by nipping onto the A811 near Croftamie.
  14. Richard

    Thus 2nd

    Ivo completely dinghied me on Mill Street yesterday. He went straight to the top of my Wednesday black list of folk who refused to return my greeting, nod or smile: commuters, mountain bikers, joggers, walkers, children in buggies... There was a golden retriever in Bridge of Weir who didn't even look up when I said hello. Yesterday was a bad day.
  15. Richard

    Wednesday 1st August Epic Ride

    A kicking's better than a soaking, Charlie! That's worked out rather well for you. Get well soon, Darryl.