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  1. I was going to ride tomorrow. It's only just come to my attention, sadly, that I'm not meant to leave Glasgow which is still in Level 3.
  2. Cheers for the photos. The front edge looks like it's worn down to about a third of its original thickness. (I've seen worse on my own shoes, mind!) I think the worn tip is the source of your problems. Stick on a new pair of cleats and see what happens. Good luck.
  3. The plastic Exustar cleats really do wear down quickly, Dave. It's normal to have to replace them. I go through 2-3 pairs a year, which is a pain, but you have to keep on top of it to keep yourself safe. No point saving a fiver then pulling your foot out at 30mph. I'd start by replacing the worn cleats. (Any chance of a photo of them, just to see how much wear and tear there is?)
  4. I'm pretty sure Al Yuille's cycled it. Give him a nudge.
  5. In case you've missed them, there are loads of free-to-watch 'cross races on GCN's racing channel on YouTube. Ideal if you're killing time on the turbo (or just killing time.) Highly recommended: the women's Waaslandcross Sint-Niklaas, and the men's Loenhout round of the DVV Trofee**. ** Watch this one! Watch this one!
  6. Iain MacAulay's daughter Claire riding behind James and Stevie in the last photo?
  7. Sorry. Not going to make it. Work...
  8. Thanks to everybody who helped put on today's hill climb. Much appreciated.
  9. To think there were 24 pieces and I only got two of them... 😭 Cheers, Jane!
  10. I was sitting here with a cuppa just before I read that, reminiscing about the coffee and walnut cake! Good time trial, that. Well done, Gerard! Well done, Wheelers!
  11. Doris Day posted something similar on her club forum.
  12. I can marshal, Gerard. I've been at the dead turn on the last two occasions I've volunteered, but happy to go wherever you need me. Cheers!
  13. No' a bad one to win, that - famous race, cracking course, big miles! Really well done, Cedric. Stellar!
  14. Two riders on the windiest July night I can remember for a Westferry 10: Alan T - 25:53 Scott - 24:47 Well done, guys. Cheers to James for haudin' up. (PS Sorry about the delay in posting. In an effort to get the results up quickly, I took my laptop into the kitchen while I was making dinner and splashed water all over the keyboard. Anyone want to buy a drowned MacBook Pro?)