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    Great news for club organised riding from TOMORROW Scottish Cycling has updated our Level 3 Guidance which comes into effect from Monday 26 April. Adults (18+) and Under 18s may travel locally or to another Level 3 area to take part in organised sport. Transiting through multiple Level 3 areas on a ride is permissible. Scottish Cycling strongly recommends a maximum group ride size of 9 for organised club group rides from unlimited households based on the retention of the physical distancing requirements from Level 4. Events for Adults in a Time Trial format may take place, with physical distancing before, during and after competition. It is currently anticipated that the whole of Scotland will move to Level 2 on Monday 17th May. At this time, it is expected that we will see the requirement for Adults to maintain physical distancing during sport to be removed, and expect to see further changes regarding group sizes for Events. Further information to follow in the coming weeks. The revised guidance document to follow is here 👇 https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/SC_Guidance_L3_A4_23.04.21.pdf The Covid-19 Resource Hub is here to support ride organisers and leaders.
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    Darryl Gunson

    JWCC chaingang!

    Throwback Sunday 😅 The original Thursday night chainy. See if you’re there or recognise anyone😅 https://youtu.be/2ioI9aSDhEE
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    Trek Domane 5.2 for sale

    Trek Domane 5.2 for sale. Few Scratches to the frame but generally in good condition. Full service last week, cables, brake pads, rear wheel bearing all replaced and new bar tape. Shimano Ultegra with 11-32 cassette. PM if interested
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    I am pleased to advise that the first of the 2021 confined events will take place on Tuesday 11th May, first rider off at 7:00pm. The event is a 10 mile time trial, officially #2 in the league of 10, but actually the first to be held. There are some changes to the format from previous seasons, due to coronavirus restrictions. Riders will turn up, give their details and money to the timekeeper, ride the event and then go home. There will be no holders. Times will be posted on the bunch in due course. For the purpose of covid restrictions, the timekeeper will be the designated ride leader and will forward the track and trace info to Eric. It's been a long time waiting folks, so good luck to everyone who chooses to ride. I need a volunteer to timekeep. I'll be looking for a sub 30 minute ride.....
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    More than ok to do it on a road bike It's roughly this course https://www.strava.com/segments/1287678
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    I'm keen to try my first TT this year. I've only got my normal road bike and kit, so it'll need to be that. Assuming that's okay, could someone post a link to the course and meeting point please? Ta
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    Darryl Gunson

    Sunday 2nd May

    Hi folks JWCC club rides are back on! Starting this Sunday. Each ride will have a leader who deals with the track and trace information, and we may face to split into 2 groups if we get very large numbers. Social distancing still in place of course. 9am at Miller Street for a ride around the coast. Bail out options at Greenock, Gourock and Largs. Hope to see some of you then. Cheers Darryl
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    Sunday 2nd May

    Yeah good ride thanks for organising
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    I’ve managed to destroy the front brake on my TT bike. Waiting on Giant sending me a new one. Will ride if it turns up.
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    I will turn up, but be prepared to wait for me to finish. Willing to time-keep if needed.
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    Hey Alan is this a Westferry? In any case, I know a Jet who will be over the moon about this. c
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    Sunday 2nd May

    See you Sunday!
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    Mark O

    JWCC chaingang!

    Must have been one of the sunniest April evenings EVER! I see I was still rocking the winter bike at that time of the year......and doesn't my bum look big in the twilight 🤣
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    Darryl Gunson

    JWCC chaingang!

    Proto-type SRAM 12 sp. Bison ahead of the times.
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    Darryl Gunson

    JWCC chaingang!

    Sub 7 now Jan, surely.
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    JWCC chaingang!

    7 years ago...time flies! Bit scary how i can recall details of a ride from that far ago - i remember being pleased to break 8 minutes for the first time up the Clune that night
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    Would love to, but, COVID aside, it will be dependent on work commitments, which are still being drawn up. Will keep a close eye on this. thanks for posting.
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    Covid19 Update - 5 April 2021

    No change for JWCC The Scottish Government (SG) moved mainland Scotland from Level 4 - Stay at Home to Level 4 - Stay Local. Guidance notes are attached below, please follow these instructions based on the type of ride being undertaken. However, no club bunch rides are realistically possible under this guidance. There is some scope for a modest level of 'social' cycling activity, separate from the club. The Government undertakes 3 weekly reviews of its rules and guidance and there is a general expectation of a slight relaxation to lockdown and entry back to the previous Levels System, next review date is 26 April. This could mean reintroduction of small group rides with Covid-compliant Risk Assessments applying. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/SC_Guidance_Tier_4-_Stay_Local.pdf
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    British cycling membership

    Hi Scott, We've specified our bikes as part of our household contents cover, it's much less expensive than specific policies or BC membership. The contents insurance also covers 3rd party liability for any incidents that might arise outside competitions. Contents policies vary - I've read the small print of several before choosing one, I think the current one is with the Halifax.