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    14 riders entered the event on a cool, blustery morning. Results as follows. Andy Ross 00:02:34 Colin Edgar 00:02:25 Diane Gray 00:02:48 Chris Marsh 00:01:54 Ritchie Provan 00:01:53 Rob Gunson 00:01:34 2 James Ross (J) 00:01:53 Murray Gray (J) 00:01:56 Evan Marsh (J) 00:01:58 Fraser Anderson (J) 00:02:18 Ruari Mulholland (J) 00:02:18 Sam Edgar (J) 00:01:43 3 Jamie Thomson (J) 00:01:27 1 Jann Lapsley (Ebike) 00:01:45 Congratulations to Jamie on retaining his title from last year, and to Jann as the first ebike entry to take part. Maybe next year, we can have a few more ebikes taking part. Well done to all the riders, this really is a brutal little climb. Big thanks also to our Marshalls and timekeepers on the day, and to the support.
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    TL is Coming

    Relatively small group in the B's which was welcome for the first night back. Started off with a scratch and was in a break of 2 with about 6 to go but got caught on the bell. Second scratch race in a break again from about 9 to go and caught with 1.5 to go. Third was the points, hanging a bit here - got a point but never really competitive. Last race was the tempo - race went hard from the gun and then went even harder after the first points lap when Sammy attacked and got pretty big gap. Was a struggle catching but i knew there was noone on my wheel at that point so could commit to the chase. Eventually caught and rolled him on the 3rd sprint and tried to maintain as long as i could which was 4 laps then i think it was James that caught me but i was seeing stars by that point. I think 4 was enough for the win. Good showing from all the Jets tonight. 👍 Now i cant sleep and have a major case of track cough. Good to be back
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    Hi All, Should have posted this earlier, but hope it’s not too late! As the title suggest - First ever edition of Women Elite Paris-Roubaix race on TODAY! Yaaaaaaaas! Should be a cracking race! Check it out! Cheers Chung
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    Gerard Deeley

    Sunday 10 October

    What was looking online like a nice tidy bunch of about six quickly developed into a multitude of wheelers. After a couple of mechanicals very early on we were finally a complete bunch after the Bowfield climb. Steady progress down the Eglington Country Park. At the park a nameless and shameless member brought the club into disrepute with his handling of a standard puncture on a, frankly, filthy bike. Our return was at a nice pace with scones for fuel and a bit of a tailwind.
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    Great race and what a performance...hands red raw and bleeding by the finish too!
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    JWCC Night out

    Hopefully now that we are over the worst of the Pandemic, have booked a night out at Amaretto BOW for 19:30 Friday 19th November. All JWCC members and friends welcome where I am sure there will be tall tales of cycling glories during 2020-21. Pizza and food available to order on the night and for all you athletes, liquids only 😆 Hope to see as many JWCC members as possible and if you can post up and let me know if you intend to join, I can let Amaretto know numbers. See you all on the 19th Nov
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    Gerard Deeley

    Drum Up 2021

    I contacted Geoff about the Drum Up and his expectation is to do it on the 7 November, but that is not certain at the moment, the weather may decide otherwise.
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    Any more takers for this , February in Spain is better than February here 😜 Casa MacD is full but plenty of cheap flats to rent
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    eeeeeeeeyyyyy Macarena
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    ¡El del monte dice que sí!
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    TL is Coming

    League is open for entries now at https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/club/profile/7834/scottish-cycling-national-track-league First night of racing on 20th October goes live tomorrow…hopefully see you back racing again soon Billy!