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    Dave C

    Sunday 25th July...Largs

    Trip down the coast this Sunday to Largs. Clubrooms Miller St at 9.15am (not to clash with other groups) cycle track to Kilburnie and Largs Road down Haylie brae to Bagel Basket for coffee and cake. Return via Brisbane Glen or possibly West Kibride. Approx 45miles at sensible pace. Dave
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    Chocolate series 20th July

    3 riders on a hot summer’s evening, and against all expectations, quite a fast night. Paul Coffey 18:49, PB, paid Dave Ferguson, 18:44, PB, paid Gerard Deeley, 17:48. I have transferred £9 (£3 from a previous event) to the club account. big well done to Dave and Paul on their PBS on a very warm evening, and the post event pint well down very well.
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    League of 10 #4, 6th July

    Nice night for a bike ride, only marginally spoiled by the uphill bits. Great run by Scott and well done to David and Paul on their PBs. Many thanks to Gerard for timekeeping. I have transferred £18 to the club account.
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    Gerard Deeley

    League of 10 #4, 6th July

    Lovely evening with four riders showing up to ruin themselves on a challenging lumpy course. David 29.16 PB paid Paul 28.05 PB paid Alan 28.10 “Season’s Best”?! paid Scott 27.11 paid All rounded off with a quick drink in Houston afterwards, lovely stuff.
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    So only 3 riders on a better than expected evening. Sunny, with a westerly breeze pushing the riders home. David Ferguson 25:50, pb, paid Scott McIntosh 24:32, paid Gerard Deeley 24:02, paid x3 Congrats to David on the pb. I have transferred £15 to the club account.
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    Chocolate series 27th July

    A cool-ish evening, with a light cross headwind going out, and three riders taking part. David Cowan 21:28 paid Paul Coffey 18:47 PB paid Gerard Deeley. 18:03 Well done to Paul on another PB, to Gerard for fastest on the night, and to Dave for stepping in at the 11th hour to enable the event to take place. I have transferred £6 to the club account
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    Dave C

    Sam Dooley 25 mile TT Sunday 22nd August

    I'm happy to marshall and Carol is happy to serve the teas and coffees in the kitchen.
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    Gerard Deeley

    League of 10 Westferry, 3rd August

    I have had a trip along the route to check out the roadworks. The cones are all still at the side of the road, the lay by is still closed and there is no sign of any work being done soon. It is clear that there is still some work to be done, so we should check every week we plan on using this course. This should mean we are all good to go for tonight. N.B. There is a temporary 40mph speed limit for part of the route, it shall be at individual rider’s discretion to observe this.
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    Sam Dooley 25 mile TT Sunday 22nd August

    I could be able to help , but will need to be transported , and returned , as unable to drive or ride
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    Sam Dooley 25 mile TT Sunday 22nd August

    The closer this event gets, the more I’m thinking that riding it is a really bad idea. Happy to help out with whatever needs done, and I can bring a pop up gazebo if it’s needed.
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    Be good to meet up with you again Kenny
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    Inner tube too stretchy I will bring a tow rope 🤣
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    Gerard Deeley

    League of 10 Westferry, 3rd August

    I will ride and check the roadworks.
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    The much postponed Frank Lauder 10 (the club 10 mile TT championship event) will take place on 17th August provided that the roadworks on the A8 remain inactive. The 2 preceding Tuesdays, 3rd August and 10th August will also be on the Westferry for league of 10 events subject to the same caveat. The 2up TTs will be postponed until 24th August with the David Raymond trophy (2 up TT Championship) being competed for on 7th September.
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    25/07/21 Galston Leg Bender

    Turned out I wasn’t up for that, but glad to get out for the alternative route just the same.
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    25/07/21 Galston Leg Bender

    I’m up for that George👍🏻
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    25/07/21 Galston Leg Bender

    Tha Galston Leg bender sounds a bit much for me given my lack of cycling over the past month, so I'm gonna head to Aberfoyle and back with Tom whose in the same boat, 60 miles from the bridge to bridge, relatively tame pace.. Youse are more than welcome to join if you feel like an easier ride... Sorry, not meaning to hijack, just dont think ive got a hard day in my legs..
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    Sunday 18th July, Kilcreggan

    Sorry Roberto, I didn’t check the time before we rolled off. I guess I just made a poor assumption that everyone had turned up.
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    Road bike for sale - £600

    Road Bike for Sale - Small - £600 I recently built up a road bike, with a mixture of new and used parts, which has been used once and is now surplus to requirements due to ongoing medical issues which will restrict my cycling for the forseeable future. The build is as follows : Frame Dolan L’Etape – new, carbon, small (52cm) Shifters Shimano 105 – used, 11sp Mechs Shimano 105 – used Brakes Shimano 105 - used Chainset Shimano Tiagra – new, 50/34 Wheels Handbuilt at Q-Bikes : Hubs - Hope RS Mono – used Rims - Mavic Open Pro Tubeless - new Tyres - Conti GP 5000 TL – new, set up tubeless Bars Easton – 38cm, new Stem Deda – new Seatpost Alpina – new Saddle Fabric Scoop – used The bike is available to be seen in Paisley. Contact me to arrange a visit.
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    Darryl Gunson

    Wednesday 14th social ride

    Thanks all for another smashing ride. Good to see some of the regulars, as well as some irregulars and some new faces. Cheers 🍻
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    League of 10 #5 13th July

    Yep, only yourself and Paul have posted up to say you’re coming. Sorry, but running a race for two people is not a good use of anyone’s time or effort.
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    League of 10 #5 13th July

    I’ll check out the Westferry in the morning, but I really need more than 2 riders to make it worthwhile.
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    Sunday 18th July - Kilcreggan

    Hi folks, 9am at clubrooms and 9.40 at the Erskine Bridge (south side) for a jaunt across the water along through Helensburgh and past Faslane to Kilcreggan. We'll join up with 30milers to Helensburgh or Faslane (depending on who from 30milers wants more miles). Suggest we keep the water on the left and we take on the Coulport climb after the cafe in Kilcreggan. Return via Glen Fruin or back the way we came - can discuss at cafe on the day. Circa 80 miles. See you Sunday Colin.
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    Darryl Gunson

    Sunday 4th July

    Good wee group of 30 milers, intermediates and main bunchers set off from Miller St. for a few gentle hours around Barmill, Beith, Lochwinnoch, and Kilmalcolm. Think we delivered on the three C’s- cake, coffee, and chat. We did get a wee bit wet, and I think a few folks turned off early (Frank? David?) but the cafe in Kilmalcolm was super - good shout @Ianarchibald. Had a good chat with the Glasgow United boys, and bumped into JWCC legend Katrina Hair. All in all another good day on the bike. Cheers 🍻