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    We like this. Lusia Steele: original 2008 Jet, Jet coach and daughter of Wheelr @KennyS off to Bulgaria this week. GB elite sprint squad, Euro champs. Nice.
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    Covid19 update 03/11/2020

    We have now received the latest guidance for cycling activities. There are significant changes, and much to absorb, in the attached documents. The documents contain all of the information relating to the SG publicised Tier Level structure per local authority. For now, we should focus on Tier 3 guidance. One interesting development appears to be the ability to cross local authority boundaries. That said, the restriction for club rides at Tier Level 3 looks like max 6 riders, from unlimited households (up to 6). Social i.e. non-club rides are permitted at up to 6 riders from 2 households. Please click on the links at the foot of this message for full details. Scottish Cycling Following the introduction of Scotland’s Strategic Framework, Scottish Cycling have updated our guidance for cycling activity to reflect the level of activity which can take place within each protection level. Protection levels for local authorities are reviewed on a weekly basis and the level applicable to your local authority can be found here The Scottish Government has recognised the importance of Sport and Physical Activity to supporting the nation’s health, and, while this is extremely welcome, we must all play our part in ensuring that we adhere to the guidance laid out in this document – all of which has been approved by sportscotland, the national agency for sport, on behalf of the Scottish Government. Overview Document https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/Scottish_Cycling_Protection_Levels_.pdf Clubs and Activities https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/SCCANov.pdf
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    Covid Update 20/11/2020 - Bunch runs

    https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/Scottish_Cycling_Protection_Levels_v5_-_NEW_VERSION-_FINAL.pdf As things stand with the new societal Tier arrangements coming into force from this evening, Tiers 4 and 3 mostly apply to our area, including Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and NAyrshire. Riding bikes for exercise across Local Authority (LA) boundaries is permitted (driving cars is not). Max group size 6/7. (6 if not a club organised bunch and from no more than 2 households) Up to 7 from the club provided all guidance is followed and Test & Protect register taken. Start and finish your ride from the same place within your own LA. Safe distancing throughout, practice FACTS etc. Suggest any bunch ride to be non-stop apart from mechanicals. Ride leader required for club bunch run to ensure guidance is complied with, as has been the case over the past months. with thanks, Eric
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    Qualified 2nd fastest
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    Covid19 update 23/10/2020

    Scottish Cycling message - 30/10/2020 Scottish Cycling are in the process of updating our guidance for cycling activity to reflect the level of activity which can take place within each protection level. We are currently awaiting sportscotland's guidance documents to allow us to finalise our updated guidance, so it is unlikely that we will be issuing an update today (Friday 30th October). As current restrictions remain in place until Monday, please continue to follow the current guidance in the meantime. It is our intention to get our guidance finalised over the course of the weekend and published in line with the new restrictions coming into play on Monday 2nd November.
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    Yes indeed. JWCC member Lusia Steele is racing for GB at the Euro champs. Today. Elite women team sprint qualifier this morning, rd 1 on Eurosport at 4.00pm.
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    Well done! Great to see so many Scots starting to make the break through onto the world stage now - perhaps the most impressive thing is it is across various cycling disciplines - track sprinting, track endurance, road racing, TTing, cyclocross, cross country mtb and downhill mtb.
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    Good effort , from a young trio , Future of WTS looks much better than it has been
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    Darryl Gunson

    Covid19 update 03/11/2020

    Thanks Eric. 6 is a good number😀
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    Covid19 update 03/11/2020

    Cheers Eric, looks like level 2 is going to be much better
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    Hi folks There will be a JWCC group Zwift ride on Saturday at 9.30. It will last about 2 hours, around the London circuit. The group will stay together and regroup after the hill. No sticky. If you would like to join but have not received an invitation, please follow me - Darryl Gunson - on Zwift, and I’ll add you to the ride. Hope to see you in London!
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    Saturday 31st Oct Zwift ride

    It follows you everywhere 😂
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    Renfrewshire Lanes

    Jan, Warlock road and Corsliehill Road are both great wee lanes to ride on..the part of Corsliehill Rd to the east of where you've marked it on the map has all been resurfaced and leads into Houston village missing out the main (sort of) road...
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    Renfrewshire Lanes

    A quick gooe revealed a few answers. There were potential sites at back of Langbank and Lochwinnoch, as seen in yellow on the map in this document. But in terms of actual sites, they're in green and yes I believe its Warlock Road which is the other one. Only info I could find which was reasonably useful was here: http://www.wctrs-society.com/wp-content/uploads/abstracts/berkeley/G6/189/Microsoft Word - WTC leisure lanes.pdf
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    Renfrewshire Lanes

    There used to be a leaflet about it - it was a pilot project and IIRC Kilallan, Corsliehill, Warlock and Chapel Road were the ones on it. There were plans for a lot more but that was over 10 years ago and i've not heard anything since.
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    Gerard Deeley


    Thought I would share a few pictures of my overnighter on Islay last week with my boys. Just cycled from Port Ellen to Port Charlotte and camped overnight. Islay is quite stunning and I have never seen such a huge and clear night sky. I may have to work out how to carry a telescope by bike too.
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    P McDonald

    Strava flyby

    Yip, bit of a bummer that one. I plan to re activate so I can watch SA's