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    Tonights results - Jamie with the win and i think also PBs for this TT series for Eric and big Al. Well done! Jamie - 9:20.5 Me - 9:25.1 Richie - 9:52.4 Eric - 10:17.4 Alan T - 10:33.0 Alan C - 10:41.0
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    Spied a Wheeler

    Gerard and Graham heading to Dunlop, in brilliant sunshine.
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    Gerard Deeley

    Spied a Wheeler

    Thanks to lockdown I can descend a lot faster. It has something to do with physics, mass and gravity, I will know more about after the topic comes up in home schooling. If you were wearing visible club kit I would have stopped to say hello, I miss club runs and everyone I would see there.
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    Virtual Reliability Ride #2 - 14th Feb

    The second reliability run on 14th Feb will be hosted by RCCK, and it's 76 km round the Big Foot Hills route in Watopia. Follow D.Hodders (RCCK) to receive an invitation if you haven't already got one.
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    This weeks results for anyone not on the whatsapp group Me - 9.26.4 Jamie - 9.26.7 Stuart - 9.46.8 Richie - 9.47.1 Eric - 10.18.6 Al - 10.46.6
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    Short 20km meetup on Wednesday. Select TT bikes for this one so no drafting. Course is Tempus Fugit and we roll out easy for the first half until we go round the big roundabout - the start of Fuego Flats reverse segment is shortly after this then it is approx 7km and flat to the end of the segment. Results based on the time on the segment leaderboard. After this a couple of km still to go to cool down. If using a road bike to try to gain advantage by drafting then you get a 2 minute penalty!
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    Spied a Wheeler

    Nah, you didn't-was driving ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you had a good ride ๐Ÿ‘
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    Arran - Again !

    Yep, cracking facility in Lamlash. We got mates rates for the jets, let me know if you want me to make enquiries. https://m.facebook.com/arranoutdoor/
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    Arran - Again !

    Speak to Mul re accommodation. We have a former Jets dad who runs an outdoor centre that the Jets used for an MTB cam a couple of years back
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    Arran - Again !

    Wonder if the electric heater that we bought is still there?๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Virtual reliability run #4 28th Feb

    The fourth and final virtual reliability run will take place on Zwift next Sunday, rolling out at 09.15. Follow me (A.Thomson (JWCC) ) in Zwift companion to get an invitation.
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    Virtual Reliability Ride #1 - 7th Feb

    I've created the first of the experimental reliability rides for Sunday 7th Feb. It's 65 km, roughly the same distance as the normal reliability ride #1 Tour of Renfrewshire, but without the snow, ice and wind. The idea is for three groups of riders, cruising at 2, 2.5 and 3 W/KG respectively (maybe a bit higher on the uphill bits), leaving 15 minutes apart (09:15. 09:30 and 09:45), and finishing together. This is an experimental format, so I will probably have to tweak it for the following week. I've invited every club member who's following me on Zwift (and a couple of special guests), so if you want to take part, and you're not following me, you need to do that so that I can extend the invitation. Please post up to indicate which group you intend to ride with. If there's no-one from one of the groups, we'll skip that slot. I intend to ride with the middle group at 2.5 W/KG, rolling out at 09:30. I have no idea how this is going to work, so think of the fun we can have, finding out together.
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    Confined Events 2021

    You can find the reliability routes on the club rides section. Saw your run today on strava. So I guess youโ€™ve found those already. The TT courses, youโ€™re already familiar with.
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    That looks magic, Jan. need to work on your position though....
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    Gerard Deeley

    Spied a Wheeler

    I missed you, many apologies.
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    Virtual Reliability rides

    There is a discord chat you could join. I'm sure someone could livestream the ride too - i think @Colin McPhee has mentioned in the past that he knows how to do that.
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    Spied a Wheeler

    Gerard D going fast down Main Road (B789) hill in Langbank today as I was huffing and puffing my way up it in the pishing rain ๐Ÿ˜“ lol
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    Time for a new Garmin

    Just recently got a 530 Colin, and its seems great so far....
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    Arran - Again !

    Great idea, we could all book into the Bunkhouse in Lamlash an old JWCC favourite