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  3. I'm interested Charlie, but will need to reorganize life a bit to fit it in - I'll see what I can do.
  4. Next Wednesday looking good weather wise so thinking of a long run to Inveraray via Portavadie then return via rest and be thankful. Any one else interested.
  5. That fact you thought I got into it at all is amazing! 😂
  6. Richie, you can borrow mine-it’s a new style one.
  7. Six weeks in Spain and your not an extra small, you must have had too many Clara’s
  8. I have a medium you can borrow Richie, send me a message to pick up
  9. Got my first race road race under Johnstone Wheeler's this weekend and need to either buy a top or borrow one. Looking for a medium and would be good if its the new colours. Can anyone sort me out?
  10. Yesterday
  11. i'd have have thought a wee bit of hill climbing training would have been just whats required 😂
  12. No it’s not currently enforced, however the track requires a different set of skills than road riding and I would suggest that you attend a DST or and some drop inns as the track is not very forgiven when we make mistakes
  13. Thanks Gerard and Ian for time keeping and holding up
  14. I was told when I did the accreditation last year you need to be at the track at least every 6 months to keep accredited. Is this rule enforced ? I am approaching 6 months at the moment since I was last up and wondering if I need to book a session sooner rather than later ? Thanks
  15. I really pleasant night for a quick blast down GTR. Well done to our band of riders on some good times all round. James (Jet) 18.47 Scott M 17.29 pd James 16.41 pd PB Stuart 16.09 PB I have £6 to transfer to club funds
  16. Got a dentist appointment at 8:40 in Bishy tomorrow morning but should be home and kitted for 09:30. Or could cycle to the dentist and should be finished for 9. Not sure if I fancy slogging myself up hills but happy to go for a spin and a coffee if the above can fit that in with you plans. If not I suppose I better do some work.
  17. Out tomorrow. Company welcome. Feeling lazy so might only do one circuit and spend more time in finestre coffee shop
  18. I'll tag along since I seem to have some free time today.
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