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  1. Yesterday
  2. Sounds grand Colin, I am away this weekend so no cycling
  3. Great route but will be in Arran this weekend. Enjoy.
  4. Decent night! Ended up my third fastest time on the course. Still 30secs to beat my PB tho lol. Cheers to the officiators and will get the $$ to you next week
  5. Still feel sick, thanks martin and alan for facilitating this torture
  6. Thanks to Martin and Alan for timing and holding up
  7. Have to be back for much time for family duties however could join you to Helensburgh and nip back via Sinclair st
  8. 6 racing tonight. Blustery conditions didn't stop at least a couple of PB's. Iain McT 16:04 Stuart T 16:35 pb Scott Mc 17:37 Colin S 18:00 Joseph Mc (Jet) 19:03 Ruairi M (Jet) 20:33 pb Alan T collected £s from Stuart and Iain. Colin and Scott get their names put in the window till next week.
  9. Hi, I'm thinking as it's the longest day this week, we'd be better taking advantage of the long days and go for a long ride! So I propose heading across the bridge, Helensburgh, Garelochhead, Arrochar & The Rest, Strachur, and choice of two options: home via Loch Eck with cafe at Sheila's Diner, ferry to Gourock and back via West Ferry or Clune, or keep going south from Strachur to Otter Ferry, (cafe at the wee hotel there) then home via C11, Loch Tarsan, Dunoon, and then ferry to Gourock and home via West Ferry/Clune. Going via Otter Ferry adds on extra miles, elevation and time (circa 100 miles via Loch Eck and 120 miles via Otter Ferry). Happy to go with the majority... As it's a long run, are we good for wheels rolling from clubrooms at 8am?
  10. Ah, the day I tried to give us all a trip in an ambulance... :-/ No wonder you haven't been back! It's still a good road. Best climbed from the west side, which is the poorer surface, then you can descend on better tarmac to North Third. There's so little traffic up there, the sheep run away from the roadside as soon as they see you!
  11. Driving like that would put you off wanting to cycle the road!
  12. Anyone else got a 10speed casette with a low gear of 28 or more? Either Campag or shimano will do.
  13. That is a great road with a westerly wind.
  14. wont manage looks a good run though
  15. There is a cracking c road on way to carron bridge. You can see all of central Scotland from top. Mcginty and Montague were with me last time I went up
  16. There are a number of c class roads around the country, but I couldn't find a c1-10 on a quick search. I think the current classification method dates back to the 1930's, which is even before Charlie's and my time. https://www.roads.org.uk/articles/road-numbers/how-it-happened
  17. Unfortunately I think the C classification of roads may be regional as there is a C11 in Angus
  18. Ruairi fancies a go at the GT so we will be along tonight. Will timekeep to allow all you testers to get your PB better.
  19. Good Morniing I got it no Chris Frome on descending and 2 bananas. I may live life on the edge and put full fat irn bru in my bottle. Thank you Ian a great question yes I do wonder too?? ... Ps when is Katie coming out haha..I read her last column about sitting in her pants it was funny ..... ..who does she take that after ? Thanks again for the information I am most grateful and its much appreciated. I should be able to do it. As I said leave me if too slow. See you wed
  20. Last week
  21. Great info Charlie! Never knew what the c11 was. But the 11th c road? Now I want to know the top 10.
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