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  1. Yesterday
  2. Looks awesome! Thanks for posting the pics!
  3. Who is entering and what are we dressing up as
  4. It was very wet and slippy but good fun, Sam beat me by a couple of places.
  5. Did yous ride? How was it? I was entered but wasn’t able to ride as my father inlaw was unwell. Hoping to ride Bute and Fife College.
  6. Five left Miller Street, Boyd, Anthony, ĎaveF, Andy Ross and myself. Boyd pulled off at Kilburnie añd rest carried on to Tournament Cafe. Returned home via Jamestown Moss and Barmill in dry weather. Thanks for the wheels guys. Dave.
  7. Nice run with a big bunch of 2, the JWCC out in force...fresh to start but stayed dry at least, good to get a run in 👍
  8. Morning session is qualifying for Men’s and Women’s Team Pursuit, Men’s and Women’s Team Sprint and the still to be confirmed Para events https://www.trackworldcup.co.uk/schedule-3/
  9. Looks like tickets are actually for day session. Need to see if I can get a day off.
  10. Not feeling great either, if I’m not there don’t wait for me 🤒
  11. Last week
  12. Would love to but working. Got tickets for Sunday afternoon for me and daughter.
  13. Anyone want to go? John A and The Huub guys will hopefully be racing Friday (assuming they make the finals) so would be good to see them
  14. XXX

    Camp Casa XXX 2020

    Only stuck if I give you keys to get in 🖕
  15. Perfect. Will post by 8am if forecast is too iffy for me, but looks like a go-er at the moment
  16. I’ll join you to inverkip and spin back as cycling up to Glasgow green to watch the hockey at 1pm...Colin no rain forecast !!
  17. I’ll join you. Maybe post up before 08:30hrs tomorrow if too wet for you?
  18. Nothing posted up. How about Club rooms, Georgetown Rd, Bishopton, West Ferry and round coast to Largs with option to climb Brisbane Glen via Greenock Cut at Inverkip. Cafe stop BB. Home via Fairlie Moor... but perhaps try and avoid cycle path where possible as it's really slippy with leaves at the mo. Could just do main road back to Lochwinnoch and back road to Howwood and Johnstone for a change. Unless roads are mobbed then just do cycle path. Clubrooms 9am. Who's in? Heads up though if it's raining I'll be giving it a miss.
  19. George

    Camp Casa XXX 2020

    No. I’m suggesting you might not want to stay next to Billy which will leave me stuck with him & Charlie.
  20. Hi SC have free tickets for the Friday night and sent us the following link https://forms.gle/HrPrskTczx83bABo6 I can't make it. Enjoy. Alan
  21. P McDonald

    Camp Casa XXX 2020

    Ah ken where it is G, are you suggesting my memory is failing in old age and I can't remember as far back as Feb this year
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