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  2. John Craig had a spill on the bridge, i'll contact him
  3. This time I really am going to bring my new Cervelo P5.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Well done all. I am insanely jealous. SA is usually hard but fun especially in sun. DA on the other hand....
  6. I friend of mine was the consultant who looked over this chap I think as he told me about it, I have mentioned to the bunch every time When crossing the bridge. The majority of these are patched up with visible small squares of tarmac however there are a few still there which may be new ones....please be aware are this look like small tarmac mushroom tops about 15cm in diameter and about 3inches high. Very dangerous!!
  7. Hi all, I received this email today from a bloke who came off his bike on the Erskine Bridge - looking for info from others. Anyone feels they have anything to offer please drop him a line or give him a call. --------------------------------------------- I was involved in an accident near the northern end of the northbound cycle-path/walkway section of the Erskine Bridge at the end of September last year and would like both to warn your members to look out / be careful when cycling over the bridge - in the accident I had, I hit some bumps/lumps that I hadn't seen, which threw me off my bike; I broke some bones, lacerated my kidney and so on - there are still some similar bumps/lumps on both the cycle-path and walkway (I wrote to the maintenance company asking them to fix them, which they almost did, just not all of them or terribly well); however, I'd also like to ask if there is anyone who has had any similar such accidents, or even just noticed any such bumps/lumps at any time over the past year or two - if there are, could you ask them to get in touch (by email: [email protected], or by 'phone 07474 456 333)?Many thanksAdrian Aldsworth
  8. George

    Bar Tape

    I’ve spent between £6 and £30 on bar tape and never noticed any difference. Currently using Deda that cost a tenner and quite happy with it.
  9. I'd like to ride, but...I'll keep an eye on the weather station obs tomorrow afternoon. I'll probably bottle it if the forecast winds come to pass.
  10. Roberto

    Bar Tape

    I use Fizik, great grip https://www.cyclingweekly.com/reviews/handlebar-tape/fizik-superlight-bar-tape
  11. Not used it but heard good things about the decathlon grip one.
  12. stuart10ant

    Bar Tape

    My Lizard Skins bar tape is worn and needing replaced, and as much as I like it, its fairly pricey. Any recommendations for a similar alternative thats a bit better value?
  13. Not able to race but happy to help.
  14. Last week
  15. I happened to be looking at the Hall of Fame, as you do, and noticed that 2015 was a truly vintage year with 7 new entrants to the SA Club. One never to be beaten you might think. I think otherwise..... I reckon 2019 could beat that as we have 3 new entries already in April. So, to all the Officer Candidates out there, don't be shy on the training front, get a few good high tempo 60 milers under your belt and voila! the annual inductee record to the Hall of Fame can be beaten You know you want to. You know it will be the best thing you ever do on a bike. You know this is you purpose in life and you will forever glow in the memory. Your mission on earth will be complete. Next slot probably mid May
  16. Aye no bother, im out tomorrow night but will be home after the TT on Wednesday, probably at 8.30 ish
  17. Owner found Stu. Can I collect from you at some point please?
  18. Thanks Stuart, have shared to the Jets FB page. Hopefully someone will claim. And get shouted at by their parents.
  19. wow, sympathy to Colin and Gary. Glen, If you think rim is simply worn out and you like Zuus then you might as well get another pair. Rim brake wheels are essentially disposable items and will eventually need replaced, you certainly get good use of yours. I'm very slowly moving all my bikes to disc brakes cos I can then buy really nice wheels and not worry about them wearing out. I got my warning on Fairlie Moor too about 5 years ago when a worn alloy rim exploded, made me obsessively check for rim wear and bin when <1mm or wear markers gone.
  20. Holy Shamoly, is that Arran in the background ? You have caught the bug, there is no going back now. DA August 2019
  21. My Garmin registered 1c between BoW & Kilmacolm. No wonder we couldn't feel our hands and arms Then, it registered 29c at Gourock as we got off the ferry, though this is probably because it was sheltered on the ferry with the sun shining directly on it. It soon changed down to 25/24c but it was pleasant enough. Shame about the wind it was horrible on the way back. All in all a great day out. I couldn't muster an extra 6/7 miles to make up the century - Stuart did tho! Kudos!
  22. Excellent stuff, good to join you as far as Spango Valley. At one extreme we had you guys with bare arms, legs and track mitts. At the other extreme we had me in full winter gloves, tights and windproof jacket ( in my defence I took daughter to airport at 5.45 and registered 3c at Lochwinnoch roundabout ! ). It was all good for me until about Largs when I turned into a microwave boil in the bag meal ! Great picture story Stuart
  23. Still looking for a timekeeper/holder for Wednesday
  24. Great effort guys, well done on getting miles in.
  25. Hi Jets I was getting ferry tickets in Dunoon and the lady handed me over a XS jets long sleeve winter jacket, said it was left there a while back. I brought back home with me, does anybody belong to it?
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