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  2. News reaches me of temporary traffic lights at Georgetown reception centre. They may be there for a few days. I’m still going to go down for a wee practice if it’s dry.
  3. Last week
  4. Hi Darryl, do I get commission on any sale? 😂 Only kidding ........ GLWTS! Cheers Chung
  5. Hi Martin I have a few things that might interest you. 1x campag record rear hub - still attached to rim which needs replacing. 32 hole 1x campag record front wheel on black Mavic open pro - good condition 32 hole 1x Chorus front hub 32 hole. 1x Record rear hub on open pro silver rim 36 hole. various cassette spare cassette bodies for above. I’ve been meaning to put them on eBay. To you, any two hubs/rims for £90 Darryl
  6. Hi Darryl, @chung has alerted me to this thread. You still got those 32 hole record hubs by any chance?
  7. Weather not looking promising so back to zwift Jungle circuit, starts at 6pm sticky draft is on
  8. 2nd in this epic series sees the chrono people hit the Georgetown again. forecast not great next week so just stick to Tuesday for continuity. same as last time, ride the course anytime on Tuesday. I’ll post the results up from Strava. You are all using Strava?
  9. Good effort guys, I am sure a few more Wheelers could pop out for a shot next week.
  10. Not quite. It's complicated a bit as the JWCC course is slightly different to the one used for the CTT and Georgetown cup
  11. Well done on the PB! It might be to do with garmin autostart (if the TT is a new ride with the start of the ride the start of the TT) - when you start rolling it takes a second or two to register so can miss the start of the segment. I just leave my garmin on for the warm up and rolling about and then hit the lap button at the start. (then have a screen on the garmin to show lap power and lap time) Found it quite a tough night, wind made for a slow first leg. The new surface up the hill to the roundabout is an improvement though!
  12. Well done guys! Brilliant times posted! Is that a PB Iain?
  13. Soooo only 3 JWCC rode the course on Strava today: Mr McTavish 15:42 (whit????) Gerrard 18:43 Now for the controversial bit.... I rode the route and Strava has logged me for all the segments within the route but not the route itself. Dunno what’s going on there. I stopped my Garmin at 17:15-after the finish but Strava has a segment that is 0.1 of a mile shorter than the full route which timed me at 17:16. It’s not an official event so no big deal although both times are PB for me so pleased, especially as it’s my first go of the year. maybe members have ridden who don’t use Strava. If so, post your time up if you feel like it. More fun next week. Will play it by either to see what the weather is doing before picking a night edit: I know what happened with strava. My garmin kept displaying the course during my warm up meaning I couldn’t see my mph hr etc so I disabled the segment. Must mean it doesn’t record it 👍
  14. Earlier
  15. Is this all day or between 1800 and 2100?
  16. I have 2 luath 24 islabikes in good condition - great intro to drophandles for my 2 kids at jets, now outgrown. Crosstyres on each and I have 1 set of slicks. Looking for £300 each, Kilmacolm.
  17. Further to this, it turns out that Davie’s kind offer is too good. I Only need a hybrid or mountain bike. Probably an XL. Anyone help me out!
  18. These fine gentlemen.
  19. I would as well, good for building strength.
  20. SC webinar did not guide us on way forward. Keep watching TV news. Committee will let you know as soon as we hear anything useful. Strava TTs and continued Zwift seem like best options meantime.
  21. If I get a 2m rope can you tow me 😂 Will prob take me about 25 mins
  22. The useless and incomprehensible data is my favourite bit of a TT - it's the fat mans consolation - seeing if i did more watts than anyone that beat me 😄
  23. I’ve signed up to Strava with the sole purpose of accessing this today tab you speak of & have found myself trapped in a world of useless & largely incomprehensible data. People pay for this? 😐
  24. My hair is always perfect.
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