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  1. Saw signs on the cycle track today showing a small section of cycle track will be closed from 16th Oct for 12 weeks while work is done on the bridge. It's at Barochan Road which is on the section between Brookfield and Linwood.
  2. Must have been a day for punctures. I only did 20 miles along cycle track and passed 5 different folk fixing punctures.
  3. It was one lane on the approach to Newark roundabout (the turn) when I was on way to work at 11am.
  4. Bring an inner tube and I'll give you a tow up.
  5. Were you lot having a sock competition? 🤣
  6. I should have plotted the route last night. I went on a tour of the shire on some pretty decent tarmac. Cycle track from home to the club, Bowfield, Greenacres, Lugton, Gateside, Barrmill, military road, got to Dalry bypass and couldn't work out which direction to go, jumped onto NCR 7 to Kilwinning. Came back via NCR 7 was tempted to stop at Auchengree, carried on to Lochwinnoch where I stopped for refreshments. Then over the hill from Lochwinnoch to Kilmacolm. 54 miles for me.
  7. I'd be happy to join these again. My only issue at moment is I finish work at either 6pm or 8pm weekdays.
  8. Specialised Allez 52cm. Belongs to a friend of mine, hardly used since he bought it / moved in with his girlfriend 😃
  9. I can't be there on the day. It's the same day as rearranged date for etape Loch Ness.
  10. Sorry cannot timekeep this week or next Tuesday.
  11. Sorry for the delay, dinner was my priority last night when I got home and then I've been travelling today. 1. Sam 22.23 2. David 28.40 3. Alan T 25.34 4. Gerard 25.31 5. Paul 27.05 6. Scott 25.44
  12. Meeting point is the carpark at Westferry. Start is under the railway bridge on the road which goes up to Bishopton.
  13. 26" wheels, bought as spare set of wheels so as I could switch between off-road and slicks. No longer needed as I don't have the bike. Open to offers.
  14. Shimano rear wheel, bought this new, has only ever been used on turbo with turbo tyre. Open to offers, it's just taking up space as I never turbo.