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  1. Maybe, if my legs have recovered by then and I can get out of bed for 8am on Sunday.
  2. Ladies Please please please get your entries in for this unique, women's only, coaching and introduction to Cyclocross race. We currently have 25 and really need to make it to 30 for it to be viable. If you can ride a bike for 30 mins with out stopping you are fit enough to enter. Sunday 26th Jan Linlithgow Leisure Centre 9am for coaching 11:30am for a 30 min race https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/215665/Linlithgow-Cross
  3. I'm going to stay local or just go to Lochwinnoch and back tomorrow. Don't think I've got 55 ish miles in my legs yet.
  4. It's about 32-33 miles. I was just plotting route working bale out options.
  5. Maybe. Still on my to-do list due to number of times the ferry has issues!
  6. Maybe, might need to bale to get back home for 12:30.
  7. Might not have the legs for 50+ miles yet. There's always another 11 to join you on 🚲
  8. Jannza

    Spied a Wheeler

    Spied a wheeler this morming on the way into Greenock about 7.45.
  9. Might join you, still on my to do list. Are you planning a fast non stop ride or a leisurely ride with coffee stop?
  10. Would love to go back to Flanders but I've entered Etape Loch Ness again for April 2020. Don't think I have the legs or budget for both in the same month.
  11. Hope I haven't made the same as you 😁
  12. Think I probably live closer to the ferry than club. Will meet at ferry, possibly jump on train depending on times.
  13. Hope to be there on Sunday.
  14. Jannza


    FYI there is a sportive on Arran on Saturday with around 200 riders. They are going clockwise from Brodick. You will probably be half way round when they start at 9. Might be unusually busy on the ferry.