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  1. I have a pair of Oakley Crosslink Zero, designed to take prescription lenses. Look as new as hardly worn due to being a bit big for me. £40 if anyone is interested before I pop then on eBay.
  2. Jannza

    Cross/gravel ebikes

    I'm following another thread on another forum where a similar discussion is ongoing. I tried at least 4 eBikes before I bought mine, front hub drive, rear, Shimano steps with electronic shifting crank drive and Bosch crank drive. I bought the one which made me grin the most (Bosch) which feels the closest to riding a "normal" bike. I also have an ongoing knee issue. Mine is a marketed as a city bike, plenty torque and now have a 400wh and 500wh battery. The Ribble, Orbea, Boardman road/cross bikes all have less oomph than my commuter.
  3. Yes, at moment due to restrictions on numbers you need to book.
  4. Alarm was set for 7am, set off at 8am. I was booked on the 09:40 ferry. Joined by another 9 or maybe 11 people and bikes. Didn't have any breakfast, thought I would get a bacon roll and a coffee to take away in the wee cafe just beside the ferry in Brodick, it was shut! Got off the ferry in Brodick at 10:50 and headed south. Lovely smooth tarmac in Brodick. Carried on to next place, cafe shut! There was one opened in Whiting Bay but it was busy and couldn't be bothered waiting in the queue. It was Lochranza? (Wee ferry) before there was anywhere open that sold hot food. Quite enjoyed the big long climb and then the totally awesome decent after this 😁 Rolled along into Brodick for 4pm in time to catch the 16:45 ferry back FYI you need to wear face covering in the ticket office and on ferry (in case anyone forgets) There is quite a lot of very rough tarmac, particularly going through towns/villages. There are no food or drinks available on ferry.
  5. Glad I took your advice and headed south first. Tired legs by the time I got to Machrie.
  6. Update to follow later 🚴
  7. Ta, booked tickets for tomorrow. Forecast currently wind coming from West.
  8. Looking at the ferry times for tomorrow and Friday and trying to work out of I can get round in-between. Clockwise or anticlockwise?
  9. Jannza


    There is space again on Saturday going over on the 7am but not coming back on the 12:30. I've been watching availability as looking at possibly going over on Friday or Saturday.
  10. If I get a 2m rope can you tow me 😂 Will prob take me about 25 mins
  11. I might have a go just for fun next week. I'm working 12-8 so I can only ride morning's next week.
  12. Think you should be able to upload photos now 😁
  13. I've removed some of the older photos from 2016. Can you try it now? Click the 3 lines, account and my attachments if you want to see the others.
  14. I thought it looked like the Cart.