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  1. Amended timetable on Sat with additional sailings. Does this impact your plan? Saturday 20th April Departing Ardrossan – 0820, 1105, 1350, 1640 & 2200 Departing Brodick – 0700, 0945, 1230, 1515 & 1800
  2. Changing, repairing a chain.
  3. Did you find someone? My friends wee brother is a plasterer.
  4. Seems to be an issue with those 2 GIFs, it's not you
  5. Jannza

    Spied a Wheeler

    Jet + Dad/coach, someone with a Wheelers gilet on at Morrisons lights, met Rita & John in cafe. And Alan McL on track.
  6. Maybe. Not sure if I can do both. What time are the first riders likely to be back - 12:00, 12:30, 13:00 ?
  7. Anyone ridden this one? One of my friends has entered and roped me in
  8. Jannza

    Spied a Wheeler

    Robbie + 2 going through Port Glasgow this morning.
  9. Jannza

    A bolt

    Buy a new bike
  10. Jannza

    Spied a Wheeler

    Paul L twice on the cycle track today
  11. Meeting up with the oldies in the cafe so I can have a lie in. Might see some of you on the way back.
  12. Jannza

    Spied a Wheeler

    Dave & Carol in the cafe, Rita & John on cycle track, Boyd at traffic lights and didn't see who passed me on way into Kilmacolm, Alan?