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  1. Yeah, I use the zwift companion app on my phone to link the turbo to zwift on the laptop. I think the phone uses Bluetooth to talk to the turbo and then it uses the WiFi to link to zwift on the laptop. Usually works smoothly.
  2. Can’t make it on today but enjoyed the first zwift group ride, thanks. Going to try a race tomorrow and hope to make the next Johnstone session!
  3. Looks awesome! Thanks for posting the pics!
  4. Did yous ride? How was it? I was entered but wasn’t able to ride as my father inlaw was unwell. Hoping to ride Bute and Fife College.
  5. Thanks. Had a good ride. Relatives in the Highlands meant we could make a long weekend of it. Enjoyed my ride, and was in a nice battle on the last lap. Although the dry hard packed course was bumpy and really uncomfortable to ride - like cobbles but spaced too far apart! Finished 37th, but in a reduced field it’s hard to tell how I actually did compared to anything else. Didn’t get lapped this time, so that’s progress! Calender Park next 😊
  6. Heading to the Black Isle tomorrow to ride the v40. Anyone else heading up?
  7. Hope to make it if child care goes to plan!
  8. I have a new design small FS260 jersey – does anyone want to buy it, or swap it for a medium? (It’s really small!! I have the same model Endura jersey that’s supposed to be the exact same size so thought this would fit – it does not) Cheers : )
  9. I'm down with a cold this morning, sorry I'll have to give it a miss
  10. I'm up for these hilly TT's. It looks too snowy tomorrow though. Look forward to the next one. Cheers
  11. I did have a blast Davie, thanks! My race report for the v40 is, well, I came last! It was great to be part of the event though. It was a bit different to the SCX races being a full on UCI event. It was cool to rub shoulders with some top riders and chat to people I wouldn’t normal come into contact with in the Scottish series. The full field was gridded at the start. For some reason I got gridded ahead of a few people, so I didn’t feel too out of place at least! With a fully organised grid starting on tarmac, and with a lot of experienced riders, it meant the start was stress free – but really fast. I held on to a larger group at the back for about half a lap and then I was on my own. Lots of shouts for ‘Johnstone’ really helped. I managed to get round, figured out how to ride through the difficult second sand pit, and manage not to throw up once I’d crossed the line. Awesome way to end my cross (very short) season. Well done Cedric , fantastic ride!
  12. Hey Paul that’s a shame man. It's cruel that the cross season happens at the same time as man flu season! Been feeling rough this week too but hoping to make the start line. This will probably be that last cross race of the season for me (due to family commitments) so I’m hoping to make the most of it. If I don’t have a cold now, I’ll probably have one by this time tomorrow!
  13. I'll be there. After a week of man flu it's going to be interesting! Thats my excuse! Is anyone planning to ride the National Trophy? Just noticed my entry has been accepted, yikes!
  14. Hope to make it out, cheers.