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  1. Inspirational stuff from Aileen who had retired a year before event , some of us older guys remember her early career when Martin Keir was her pilot for a number of years . She was a regular solo rider back in these days which was also a huge achievement given her sight impairment.
  2. Was good to meet some old friends today and put faces to names of some others . Forty plus miles on familiar backroads in great company and a very very rare cafe stop for me . Need to try and do it again before another 2 years pass .
  3. Inner tube too stretchy I will bring a tow rope 🤣
  4. Should to be out for this one, not looking forward to Bowfield start we don't have big hills in Uist . Hoping to have another past president with me on Sunday all going well.
  5. Herdys Hell , now that was a classic gravel race before they were invented
  6. Remember riding this in early 80s Robert Millar won it from Drew Brunton in what would have been a photo finish these days . They escaped at heads of Ayr when a horse unseated its rider and split race apart . I was in the break chasing and when we were coming down the Nick of Balloch John Clanky Clark was descending like a demon we overtook the motorcycle marshals who couldn't keep ahead of us on the bends . Remember a hairpin bend with a bridge and my bars scraping the wall as we came round as my back wheel skidded on loose gravel . Cracking race with some tough climbs . Ivy had Clanky , Ian Thomson , Davie Whitehall and Jim Mcmanus who took it in turns to attack break all the way in from the NIck . Managed to get a 6th place on my first time riding it .
  7. Jannza sorted me out with a cracking plastered called Craig from Inverclyde but I have lost his number , she may still have it
  8. Ramsay I have a Cube SUV with Bosch drive , bought it for my wife but have used it quite a bit this year following my car crash . I use it in Uist on windy days where the electric boost makes riding sustainable . Its heavy but Bosch motor has a fair bit of torque and has range of 80 miles on lowest setting which is strong enough for climbing Glenifer braes ( tried it out up there when we first bought it )and there are 3 more settings to boost power further . The new road and gravel bikes are superb and they are getting lighter all the time . Our Bosch motor has covered 2K miles and is still going as good as when we got it with battery still charging fine as well . James is a mechanic in Dales in Glasgow who sell all types of ebikes and is used to servicing and maintaining them . If in Glasgow pop in to see him I'm sure he would be able to give you some advice on whats best on market at present . They also have demo bikes for trial depending on availability , since lockdown demand is outstripping supply .
  9. Cant recall anyone talking about a hut at Carbeth in club history . Individuals had huts and probably the best person to talk to about this would be JJ Harris ( Clarion who used to run the Trossachs TT) who still has a hut out in that area .
  10. Hi looking for a plumber to disconnect bathroom fittings for tiling ( fitting 5 shut off valves ) then reconnection in Glasgow . Any recommendations please its for my daughter . As a single young female she has been getting silly quotations . thanks Kenny MacD
  11. that would be great Darryl I will let James know and he will be in touch many thanks can you pm me a mob number please
  12. Hi anyone got a cheap pair of shoes and pedals lying about ? My son is looking for a pair to use during lockdown . Anything considered thanks
  13. George the fish man as much part of Dooleys shop as Willie and Sadie LOL