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  1. Hi looking for advice on what's best roof bar fitting to hold a bike upright on car ? needs to be lockable . All advice welcomed , anyone looking to sell one let me know . thanks
  2. From club website under confined events :- Standard Award requirements for Seniors Gold Award 100 miles in under 6 hours 10 miles in under 25 minutes Hillclimb time on new course to be decided Silver Award 100 miles in under 8 hours 10 miles in under 26 minutes Hillclimb time on new course to be decided Bronze Award 100 miles in under 10 hours 10 miles in under 27 minutes Hillclimb time on new course to be decided Junior and youth standards on request from Race Secretary. Not sure what new Hill climb course it referred to but if I recall sen Gold was under 1:40 on existing climb , Silver was 1:50 and bronze over 2 mins
  3. Just throwing in some events ran in past which proved popular I used to run a two day event at Glengarnock circuit it started with a prologue TT 1.6 miles followed by a crit of an hour plus 5 laps in afternoon. Followed up by a RR at Gateside on the Sunday all done with 3 marshalls per day . We ran a series of APRs at various locations a) Peesweep at top of Braes b) Gateside 2 circuits c) Kilmacolm d) RNAD always popular events A hill climb series 4 climbs one after the other starting at Howwood then Club hillclimb then 2 climbs off Beith Road heading to RB at Lochwinnoch Hill climb followed by cyclocross event we ran this for a few years first as a confined then as an open event. Place to place TTs instead of out and back great if you ride with tail winds only or reduced distance one year we were getting great numbers at Georgetown and light was fading so we shortened distance each week down to a final 3 mile event everybody loved it . We rented a field off a farmer near Howwood and had a series of MTB races for different categories on a weekly basis ( riders paid £2 each ) before that we built circuits at Bluebell woods Elderslie , vacant ground opposite clubrooms , quarry near Georgetown road and Gleniffer braes Two ups where teams were chosen from hat on the night so you could have the fastest and slowest rider riding as a team , great for team bonding or not depending on the individual LOL We used to traditionally follow up club hill climb championship with a sports day which had slow cycle ,obstacle race , speed judging , freewheel , plus novelty events ie throwing the welly a sort of shot putt on bikes . WE invited other clubs to event , traditionally Lomond Roads and Regent. We did a couple of cyclist v Harriers events with Kilbarchan Harriers these were popular down south ( a couple took place in Irvine as well) we did try to organise a bike v horses event but failed to find a suitable circuit Sometimes you have to think out the box ie when I started the Millport events again we had a 3 up 10 mile lap of the island . Everybody told me it was too short for a team TT nobody would ride it the first year we had over 120 riders and more the next year . It was only discontinued due to island becoming too busy . The same was true of TTT championship when I reduced it from 100K to 50K everybody said it wouldnt work it went from 6 teams to 24 teams We also held open event series with other clubs ie Early season APRs at RNAD Beith 36 , 45 56 miles an extra lap per week we did that with Inverclyde Velo and Fullarton Wheelers We also ran a summer crit series at Glengarnock with Inverclyde Velo , Fullarton and Inverclyde CRT helping to run the events
  4. Climb up past Gleddoch Hotel on the back road to Port Glasgow
  5. Club run 70s style back road to Port Glasgow from Gunpowder climb Kenny MacD , Paul Mcgrath , Dave Smith , Ian Neilson with international rider Drew Brunton giving a masterclass in puncture repair,
  6. many thanks Chung gutted I missed it , need to make sure I get to it this year . Fine dining at its best .
  7. Any photos of last years big drum up ?
  8. How about a revamp of the old Tourist Trial event ?? a sort of BAR club event A) long ride of 100 miles ie 5 ferries , double Arran or nominated sportive which has to be completed in different times for each standard Gold , Silver , Bronze ( dated events to allow qualification) b) a 10 mile TT ( part of League of 10s) again with standard times c) a Georgetown TT ( Chocolate series) with standard times d) a hill climb with standard times ( 2 events to allow qualification time) possible addition of confined circuit race , APR , cyclo cross or track event Gold , Silver ,Bronze awards with Platimum for riders who qualify and also attend nominated whole club runs Separate category for e bikes as we must embrace that these bikes will become more and more prevalent in the future .
  9. Inspirational stuff from Aileen who had retired a year before event , some of us older guys remember her early career when Martin Keir was her pilot for a number of years . She was a regular solo rider back in these days which was also a huge achievement given her sight impairment.
  10. Was good to meet some old friends today and put faces to names of some others . Forty plus miles on familiar backroads in great company and a very very rare cafe stop for me . Need to try and do it again before another 2 years pass .
  11. Inner tube too stretchy I will bring a tow rope 🤣
  12. Should to be out for this one, not looking forward to Bowfield start we don't have big hills in Uist . Hoping to have another past president with me on Sunday all going well.
  13. Herdys Hell , now that was a classic gravel race before they were invented