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  1. Ramsay I have a Cube SUV with Bosch drive , bought it for my wife but have used it quite a bit this year following my car crash . I use it in Uist on windy days where the electric boost makes riding sustainable . Its heavy but Bosch motor has a fair bit of torque and has range of 80 miles on lowest setting which is strong enough for climbing Glenifer braes ( tried it out up there when we first bought it )and there are 3 more settings to boost power further . The new road and gravel bikes are superb and they are getting lighter all the time . Our Bosch motor has covered 2K miles and is still going as good as when we got it with battery still charging fine as well . James is a mechanic in Dales in Glasgow who sell all types of ebikes and is used to servicing and maintaining them . If in Glasgow pop in to see him I'm sure he would be able to give you some advice on whats best on market at present . They also have demo bikes for trial depending on availability , since lockdown demand is outstripping supply .
  2. Cant recall anyone talking about a hut at Carbeth in club history . Individuals had huts and probably the best person to talk to about this would be JJ Harris ( Clarion who used to run the Trossachs TT) who still has a hut out in that area .
  3. Hi looking for a plumber to disconnect bathroom fittings for tiling ( fitting 5 shut off valves ) then reconnection in Glasgow . Any recommendations please its for my daughter . As a single young female she has been getting silly quotations . thanks Kenny MacD
  4. that would be great Darryl I will let James know and he will be in touch many thanks can you pm me a mob number please
  5. Hi anyone got a cheap pair of shoes and pedals lying about ? My son is looking for a pair to use during lockdown . Anything considered thanks
  6. George the fish man as much part of Dooleys shop as Willie and Sadie LOL
  7. don't think its Andy Lochrie looks like Black Boab quality race team in its day
  8. I have posted some images from these events run by JWCC on all bikes Scotland and History of Scottish cycling a few club riders taking part and some well kent faces amongst the riders
  9. Stuart Fiona MacVicar is my offshore account (Uist )LOL its my order Kenny MacD
  10. John Anderson ? from Barrhead area then Greg middle is Davie Raymond sadly missed then myself and son James MacDonald at one of our infamous Easter training camps in Skye
  11. Having worked in Western Isles promoting electric cars and E bikes I thought I would flag up the current 4 year interest free loans available for E bikes . although applications can be for non E bike on a case by case situation ie commuting to place of work . The new E bikes are stunning and the range is getting longer and longer , they are excellent for older riders and casual cyclists . They are coming more and more popular and appearing in lots of sportives nowadays https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/grants-loans/ebike-loan?dm_i=2PT0,YY7M,68M6U9,3O5EN,1
  12. Deffo Kenny Christie , Tony and Kevin will await Doc Mclean confirming any idea of timekeeper ?
  13. Early season 2 up April 2008 Frank Kennedy Stuart Tennant Greg Balden Colin Howard Iain Cowden Donald and Leslie Scally Stevie Blom James MacDonald Mike Ferguson a few names missing anyone fill the gaps ?
  14. Ian Winton a club legend who held place to place records to Girvan and back amongst others has sadly passed away . Ian was a tough rider who excelled in time trials and was a legendary figure in the Paisley area , He was also an accomplished golfer playing off scratch . Ian was one of life's characters and once turned up for a Sunday run in winter wearing wellies . A few guys who had never met him thought he was a gringo on his dated bike with strange footwear and laughed at him before they left the clubrooms . Ian proceeded to ride every one of them off his wheel during the ride proving that he may have been in his sixties but had not lost any of the power he possessed when younger . Many others will remember him from the back shop at Dooley's where he was a regular visitor . His funeral will take place at Woodside Crematorium in Paisley at 1:00pm on Monday 23rd of December