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  1. KennyS

    Jets roller sessions start this week

    It really is a shame to see a grown man reduced to trolling positive threads on club forums Okay, I’ll bite. Billy, gonna just give it a rest. It’s been tiresome for some time
  2. KennyS

    Sam Dooley Memorial 25TT Saturday 22/9/18

    Barrhead - Irvine Road?
  3. Thank you for all of the messages. It certainly was a big week. Two Stripey jumpers and a silver. Miss Steele leaves for Manchester on Wednesday for a holding camp before flying out to Aigle for the Junior World Champs which start on the 15th August Me? Well, I’ve just opened another bottle of red :-)
  4. KennyS

    Temporary bike insurance for europe

    www.holidaysafe.co.uk offer activity packages based on what you’re going to be doing
  5. KennyS

    CTT National 25, 27th May

    I fully agree with you
  6. KennyS

    CTT National 25, 27th May

    George, The roundabout is arguably the one blind spot (at speed) on the whole course, and although there should be at least one Marshall at the bottom of the slip road, it is the rider’s responsibility to slow down and check the junction before proceeding onto the junction. The revised course was proposed to me about a year ago, with the explanation of ease of finishing rider identification for the timekeepers (and also shelter) but I decided to keep the Sam a Dooley on the traditional finish as the BC risk assessment had been written, the course measured and it was what I felt comfortable with. I’m sure the revised finish will have been fully assessed by those using it as well Kenny
  7. KennyS

    CTT National 25, 27th May

    Because it’s starting lower down the hill and you have to negotiate the roundabout for a second time before the slight rise to the bridge? Marginal, but harder :-)
  8. KennyS

    CTT National 25, 27th May

    Alan, if it’s the Westferry course then the revision is to assist the timekeepers as it’s difficult on the existing course to determine which riders are finishing and which are coming through for the first time Kenny
  9. KennyS

    Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    Well done Richard
  10. Purchased new from Dooley's Cycles, Paisley in the Spring of 2016 (receipt available) this wheel set was used for one season by my daughter before the rear wheel was serviced, new bearings fitted and re-calibrated by Paligap UK in the summer of 2017. Has been unused since (Daughter moved to track sprint) Wheelset includes inner tubes and Michelin Pro 2 Race 23mm tyres. Pictured cassette is not included 10 / 11 speed Shimano hub £300
  11. Asking for a friend who is currently looking for a loan of a couple of hard shell bike boxes and wheel boxes for an Antipidean adventure In April / May Can anyone assist?
  12. Hi All Can you inform any aspiring Riders who ride CTT Time Trials that CTT have a Young Riders funding scheme where riders under 25 can apply for funding help from CTT. If your club has a young rider who has shown potential and could benefit from financial support they can apply to CTT by writing to Willie Cosh CTT Scotland Chairman for details of the process. ([email protected]) CTT will be introducing a "Ranking" system for riders based on their best 12 performances throughout the year. In rder for this to be effective each rider must ensure that their rider profile on the CTT on line system is kept up to date. Can you please ask your club members to ensure that their profiles are up to date on the system. Best regards Bill McMillan Secretary CTT Scotland
  13. CTT Scotland are proposing to have a Season long Sporting Courses Series for 2019 and are inviting clubs to have their event included in the series. We currently have four events in 2018 that could form a basis of the series ie Carrick CC Hilly TT , The Ballachulish TT , Tour of Loch Ken and the Tour of the Trossachs which gives a spread from April to October. These events will appeal to the "purists" and the "roadies" and will give a season long objective for all. If you would like to have your event included in the series for 2019 please get in touch. Any suggestions on format or overall awards would be welcomed and considered by the committee. Best regards Bill McMillan Secretary CTT Scotland
  14. Rolf Prima Track Disc Bought new in June 2016, this track disc is in excellent condition and has only been used on indoor tracks by my daughter. Never been crashed Comes complete with a glued on Vittoria Pista Evo CL 22mm tubular tyre which is also in excellent condition Available to collect from Erskine or SCHV Price £550.00