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  1. Was in Dooley’s on Saturday. Empty bike boxes piling out towards the back door and as many bikes on display as I think I’ve ever seen in there Feast or famine comes to mind
  2. Hi, Folks Here's the information for tonight's session. To keep everyone safe we’re being very Covid-19 aware. By signing up for this session you are confirming: - You have not been in known contact with someone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days - You have not returned from a country that is not on the exemption list in the last 14 days - You are not displaying any of the 3 main symptoms of Covid-19 - You are not currently self-isolating as part of the Test & Protect programme Before you come to the session - Check your bike to make sure it’s in good running order - check your helmet to make sure it fits and has no cracks or dents (we won’t be able to help you the way we used to) - There are no changing facilities available. Please arrive ready for your session Arriving for your session Arrive 15mins before you session is due to start - tell us again that you meet the ‘Covid-19 free’ conditions above - Use the provided hand sanitiser and sign in - Parents drop riders off at front door. Parents are not allowed inside the building - 2m social distancing must be adopted as soon as inside the building, unless otherwise advised by Glasgow Life coaches - Riders will be chaperoned from Building entrance to track centre in groups sizes of no more than 3 by Jets coaches Follow the arrows. - Left hand pass gate is pre-opened for passing through reception area - Keep to the left when heading for the stairs to the Track - Check in and sanitise, etc at bottom of stairs before entering double doors to track - Use left hand double doors to enter track area. - Keep left and enter track centre the long way round via ramp. Do not use stairs Riders will be allocated a pen in track centre. Your Pen number is your Rider ID number etc by Glasgow Life Coaches. Please listen out for your number Pen 1 James Ross Pen 2 Jamie Thomson Pen 3 Sam Edgar Pen 4 Conal Davidson Pen 5 Iain McTavish Pen 6 Ian Archibald Wearing of face masks - Masks must be worn until the rider has reached their allocated pen in Track Centre - No need to wear mask when called from pen to track but otherwise wear mask when circulating to bin, toilet or hand sanitising station Leaving your session - Leave / collect at 9:15pm sharp - Chaperoned out in groups of 3 - Exit via stairs from track centre - Exit via left hand double door - Exit via 5-a-side pitch exit at - Parents should wait and collect riders at bike shelters on plaza area outside of the building (adjacent to 5-a-side pitches) Other info - You will be under the instruction of GL coaches in track centre and on the track - Hand sanitising available in track centre. Riders may also wish to bring their own small bottle to avoid unneccesary circulation in track centre - No water machines / vending machines. Please bring your own water / drinks for session - Rollers are allowed but only in your Pen and you need to be able to carry all your kit yourself - There will be access to cages but no mechanical work on thoroughfare. This should be carried out in Pens only but please note that there will be limited time - Parents observe social distancing from the coaching group, and from each other when dropping off / collecting riders - Parents to remain contactable (we have your emergency contact number) Looking forward to seeing you all on the track again Any questions please ask Duncan and I will both be in attendance, assisted by Jamie T Kenny
  3. Short update I have a meeting on Monday morning at the velodrome to confirm details for Monday evening but here’s some basic info - please arrive at velodrome for 19:45 - parents will not be allowed into the building. - I will meet you at the front door - make sure that you bring all of your kit. You will not be able to hire /borrow - please pay your £10 fee into the Jets account and confirm below when paid Sort Code 83-23-16 Account 00619188 Thanks, Kenny
  4. Explicit instruction not to bring your ‘good wheels’ 😂
  5. This session now full with the following James Ross Jamie Thomson Sam Edgar Keir Gaffney JanUllrichDietPlan Ian Archibald 1st reserve Conal please list below for reserve places and interest in further dates. Also looking at Club Coached Session for revalidated riders
  6. Got you in Ian. will be in touch with details
  7. Got you in Jan. will be in touch with details
  8. An update Glasgow Life will be making an announcement and going live tomorrow for track bookings through their systems. In the first instance, all fully accredited riders will need to go through a 1hr revalidation session under Glasgow Life coaches. This will be a refresh of accred 1-4 skills Once riders have been revalidated they’ll be able to book onto Coach-led sessions run by Glasgow Life (being announced tomorrow) and they’ll also be able to attend Club Coached Sessions. Separately, I have secured 2hrs on the 14th June for rider revalidation (19:00-21:00). The first hour is for u16’s. The second hour is for 16yrs + and is limited to 6 places. There are a few places available for JWCC members. Cost is £10. Must have own bike and kit and already have full accreditation First come first served Kenny
  9. Looks like this’ll be stalled for a few weeks but could also do with a few more bodies
  10. What size of frame are you riding Stuart?
  11. Any interest in COVID compliant track sessions at SCHV? I’ve been in discussions with Glasgow Life and they will be re-validating, rather than re-accrediting, fully accredited riders. The first session will be this revalidation. The following sessions will be run as Club sessions Fully accredited riders with own bikes / kit only as Hire Station will not be open Sessions will likely be Monday 7pm-9pm Please confirm interest below before Saturday 15th May
  12. Darryl I have a Ridley Triton (full bike) that I’m looking to move on. I can take some pics & sizes and send them on to you tomorrow Kenny
  13. KennyS

    Arran - Again !

    Speak to Mul re accommodation. We have a former Jets dad who runs an outdoor centre that the Jets used for an MTB cam a couple of years back
  14. KennyS

    Arran - Again !

    Wonder if the electric heater that we bought is still there?😂
  15. KennyS


    @Mark O @P McDonald Have you looked at RGT? Seemingly like with Zwift but without the power ups. You can upload your own routes, courses, circuits. Never trieD it but I was asked to provide the Paisley Crit course to a group at the start of lockdown