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  1. That’s a work of art Chung Have you got the trainers to match?
  2. Looking to borrow a weightlifting bar and ideally up to 120kg of weights if anyone has anything lying at the back of the garage i can collect KennyS
  3. Pretty sure that’s George Cowan of the Road Club doing the time keeping
  4. Morning session is qualifying for Men’s and Women’s Team Pursuit, Men’s and Women’s Team Sprint and the still to be confirmed Para events https://www.trackworldcup.co.uk/schedule-3/
  5. Reading some of the feedback, and interest from others looking to join the ride, it looks as though you have no option other than make this a regular feature :-) Well done to all on organising this KennyS
  6. I have the testing gizmo if you want to borrow that
  7. That Tempo Thingy Race? Does anyone actually enjoy it? :-)
  8. Paul, Geoff Smith is your man if you’re looking for some design work Kennu
  9. It really is a shame to see a grown man reduced to trolling positive threads on club forums Okay, I’ll bite. Billy, gonna just give it a rest. It’s been tiresome for some time
  10. Thank you for all of the messages. It certainly was a big week. Two Stripey jumpers and a silver. Miss Steele leaves for Manchester on Wednesday for a holding camp before flying out to Aigle for the Junior World Champs which start on the 15th August Me? Well, I’ve just opened another bottle of red :-)
  11. www.holidaysafe.co.uk offer activity packages based on what you’re going to be doing
  12. George, The roundabout is arguably the one blind spot (at speed) on the whole course, and although there should be at least one Marshall at the bottom of the slip road, it is the rider’s responsibility to slow down and check the junction before proceeding onto the junction. The revised course was proposed to me about a year ago, with the explanation of ease of finishing rider identification for the timekeepers (and also shelter) but I decided to keep the Sam a Dooley on the traditional finish as the BC risk assessment had been written, the course measured and it was what I felt comfortable with. I’m sure the revised finish will have been fully assessed by those using it as well Kenny