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  1. Mark O

    Renfrew-Shieldhall cycle route consultation

    Money would be better spent on education of all road users. Cyclist ARE traffic and should treated as such both in terms of their ability/entitlement to use public roads and their responsibilities in using said roads. Dedicated cycle lanes just muddy the waters as to the comprehension of 'rights' and responsibilities of road users when the dedicated lane ends. Cyclists as a road user group should not be cowed onto cycle lanes until there is equal provision of road space if that is the line this debate is going down. There are sufficient rules in place to protect all road users, they just need a rise in awareness and greater application thereof, allied with actual imposition of penalties when broken. Same education process and threat of prosecution as deployed in making seatbelts compulsory. Behaviour has changed and wearing one is now the norm.
  2. Mark O

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    It was a bit wet during the middle part of the ride but we set out dry which is always a good thing and returned with skies brightening. Even my flat 2 miles from Miller Street didn't dampened my enjoyment of the ride. Soup was excellent. Cheers Greg and Mrs Greg
  3. Ginty, Like Charlie said AARGH (again). Hope you're on the mend. On the up side, that'll be another new bike from the compy. I'm sure there's a good lawyer that'll argue you a decent case. Take it easy M
  4. Mark O

    Saturday 9th Feb Moscow+ route

    I can't make it on Sunday for Reliability #2 - social stuff happening. Intending to head out to do something not too dissimilar on Saturday am. Steady pace, 50ish miles. If icy will stick to the lower, main roads If interested post up? Can meet at Miller St or Paisley or where ever. Cheers M
  5. I think we should leave matters as posted. If necessary amend the route as required, avoiding higher roads. People will know if the weather closes in and get sketchy to head home or back to Miller Street I’ll be out for the 09.30 group. Will bring intel from higher parts with me.
  6. Aiming to be out with the 09.30 group. Won't be a race Karen. Hopefully the group will stick together, even on the ascents and ensure no one limps back to Miller Street on their own. Fully expect the 09.45 group to make the catch somewhere between Kilmalcolm and Lochwinnoch.
  7. Mark O

    Sunday 27th January

    I arrived a 09.31 to see main bunch depart up Miller Street. Advised the remaining Joansin of erratic heavy breathing behind me on the track. We departed quickly thereafter. Nice we run over to Stewarton on pretty icy roads at times. Cross winds made for interesting handling. 20mph up hill on the way home at one point......bonkers. All told a reasonable morning out.
  8. Mark O

    Sunday 27th January

    Pre ride mechanical spotted as I was getting bike out the garage. Will need to attend to this. Won’t make Miller st for 09.30. Will do own thing this morning. Maybe next week for part two of the return M
  9. Mark O

    Sunday 27th January

    Will probably tag along for a bit, at least until Stewarton then bale for Luggie and home. I hope its better (warmer) weather than yesterday. Cold is not good, sleet is just horrible. Binned my ride after 2 hours due to iced up digits. M
  10. Mark O

    Sunday 20th January

    G, Long before before Rule 5 there was Lao Tzu - insightful individual. A full length bunch run will happen soon enough. M
  11. Mark O

    Sunday 20th January

    A lumpy Largs is probably a hill too far for me at the moment and I don't fancy the long slog home a broken man just yet. I'll either do something on Saturday (Friday evening libations dependent) or think of something more modest for Sunday. 50-60 miles but with less altitude
  12. Mark O

    Sunday 6th Jan

    Cheers Iain. A nice wee run to break my 2019 duck. Good to catch up with some familiar faces and meet new ones. Tired legs by the time I got the last drag home. See y’all in 2 weeks.
  13. Mark O

    Sunday 6th Jan

    Will pootle out to Miller St seeing as you’re heading up the Bowfield. Will be interesting to see how long the legs last. M
  14. Mark O

    Sunday 6th Jan

    I might turn out for this one or at least part of it - may bale at Stewarton and head for Eaglesham Moor. Are stabilisers still allowed in the main bunch for returnees???? Could someone post up some sense of the what the route is as I might meet you on the road rather than trek into Miller Street.
  15. Disgusting bike pornography. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh.