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  1. Just in case anyone was thinking of turning out, I'm not going to make it this evening - too much to get through at work the week before hols. M
  2. Run as per last week. 18.15 depart (5 mins grace for traffic). Lights are advisable.
  3. Sewing Bee #1 - completed. Seemed like a good idea at the time - a bit of sunshine, clear skies, even the roads were a bit quieter than usual...... and then someone added the wind. Horrible return from Stewarton all the way to Carmunnock and no wheels to sit on. Still, was good to get it done. Might take a bit longer than your 4 week estimate Charlie, just saying like. Will post for next week M
  4. Billy, could you tell me what was your intended outcome or sought response from making the statement - "Not the Wednesday he’s consistently riding his bike , and training no big secret".
  5. Well that was interesting. Charlie McCusker has stolen my climbing legs - looking good you auld dog. The Wednesday morning sessions clearly doing you some good. Cheers to all who drafted me up the ramps. Horrible head wind back to Carmunnock. Legs spent after 60 miles. Hope to be out next week - aiming for 65. M
  6. Headsets, hubs and bike building/restoration in 6 easy technicolour installments by Chung - 'nuff said. In all seriousness, you could start at the front end and simply work your way along the bike covering all elements as you go, from setting up bars and stems, right down to the likes of replacing brake pads, cable routing and redoing bar tape. I think it would be fair to assume that for some this might seem unnecessary but to others it might be a case of answering questions they are too afraid to ask or in some cases don't even know to ask. As a suggestion, a donor bike could be used and completely stripped and rebuilt. I have a 'retired' manky steel frame (quill stem for the purists) with some parts still attached which I'd be happy to donate as a start. There might even be obsolete bikes in the container that could be used to let people get hands on with the freedom of getting it wrong. Monkey see/monkey do style seminars with plenty of practice and tips along the way perhaps?
  7. No probs re finish Charlie. I'd have thought the slightly revised route more direct into Barrhead, Paisley and beyond. If Neilston is preferable then all fine with me, we can leave as was.
  8. I've promised to get myself sorted out bike wise this year, so (and beating Charlie to the punch) I'm suggesting the year's initial sewing bee run on Tuesday next week - 9th April. Previous meeting time has been 6.00pm, but getting out from town is proving slow recently, therefore 6.15pm meet at Morrisons. For those not familiar with the sewing bee route, we roll out along the cycle path to the the big bike exit, on to the road and turn back towards Howwood, up the Bowfield and then onto Lugton, Dunlop and Stewarton. The 30 sign has been moved out towards Dunlop be a couple of 100 yards - not sure if that impacts a wee sprint or not. Left turn at the crossroad up Old Glasgow/Dodside Road and over the hill past the reservoirs before dropping down back towards Barrhead/Mearns. One small alteration to the route is the finish. I'm proposing a finish and final regroup at the junction of Aurs Road and Stewarton Road, opposite Whitecraigs Rugby club. (Google Maps) While this is a training ride on a rolling course, the aim is not to ride anyone into the ground, at least not until the latter sections of the climb over from Stewarton. It was always intended to allow riders to improve themselves without watching the bunch disappear up the road in the first 2 minutes. The pace should be solid but not full gas - see the Chaingang for full gas stuff. If you're feeling strong, ride longer at the front was the way this ride started, with a degree of diplomacy on the uphill drags, again at least until the road out of Stewarton. That said, if you do get dropped after Stewarton then you get dropped. There is a bit of a regroup after any sprint at the lights at Stewarton and a full regroup at the turn for Barrhead. Might be worth having lights on for the ride home at this time of year. If you're likely to turn out post up. Charlie - this is your time to stick it to me given my lack of road miles - I will be in need of a wheel to hang onto. M
  9. Is this for real, committee? Chapeau to the hardy few who braved the elements.
  10. Absolutely howling here chaps and skies out to the south west look rubbish. I realise I posted the ride but I’m not up for a wind swept soaking if I’m honest. Going to dip this one.
  11. As Alan says - Bowfield, Lugton, Dunlop, Stewarton. Then onto Kilmaurs, Knockintiber, Crosshouse, Gatehouse, Dundonald, Barassie Troon (cafe of choice). Return via Loans and the reverse of the outward route to Kilmaurs then a sortie out towards Fenwick (I'll bale out here) and then onto Stewarton, Dunlop, Luggie and Bowfield. A variant would be to head for Stewarton then take a right at the cross, up Glasgow Road/Dubbs Road and follow the sewing bee route back. I'm guessing 65 miles. Turns will no doubt be shouted out as we get to them.
  12. Morning M'Lud I hope all is well with you Still in March - muddies still on and the not so Skinny One out of hibernation early. Me thinks main bunch pace as far as a definition can be pinned onto that moving target. Not bogs bunch pace but neither intermediate pace - same pace as Sunday last, I guess if that was main bunch pace. I'll hang in until I go pop, then scuttle home. I think you can read 'lazy' as being 'not as long a distance as the Flanders bound chaps'. I'll be looking for a wheel to drag me around the Sewing Bee from next month, how's your diary looking? Got a stone to lose and 2 mph to find. Just think, you'll be able to give me a kicking all the way up the Bowfield and from Stewarton to the turn for home. What's not to like.
  13. I'm guessing the Flanders bound chaps will be doing another monster route at the weekend. For those not heading for the Classics I'm going to propose a jaunt down to Troon. Usual route and cafe stops and an 09.30 start. Post up if you fancy it.