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  1. Mark O

    Spied a Wheeler

    I almost stopped to chat Darryl, but had a 3 hour window to get some miles in before returning to base. Catch up soon.
  2. Mark O

    Spied a Wheeler

    Double spot this morning on only my 4th outside ride of the year! Darryl, in civvies and on an MTB? Just coming off the track at Elderslie. Jann (JWCC Zwift leader) IRL, going through the junction on George Street Paisley.
  3. Zwift query - does the sticky real have such a significant impact on actual output? Take this evening. sticky on and circ 30km/h; sticky off and circ 40km/h for same relative effort on same route. Didn’t really expect that. Just a bit curious as to how the rate of knots is worked out. Slowest rider? Average calculated speed? Something else? Doesn’t matter? as it was billy and I shaved nearly 3 mins off reverse flats time from earlier in session.
  4. OMG George! My guess is inside one of the skips at the community waste facility half way up the Haylie
  5. Mark O

    Luddite Alert!

    G, Apple TV seems to be the way to connect up to a smart tv with Zwift. I use it on my set up. There are some issues regards more than 3 bits of tech running off you phone or iPad. Might cause an issue with HR strap if you have Zwift, your turbo and Apple TV connected to your phone. I did read some work around on the Zwift forum - beyond me. had no issues connecting it all up. Zwift seem to have gotten that spot on. if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick in my understanding I’m sure one of these young people you talk to will take me to task with a suitably acidic public tech-shaming episode. Thank the lord for lock down if that is the case.
  6. Glad to be of service ensuring you are kept in tip top condition George. Had I realised the sticky was genuinely off I might have attempted a wee kick to make the chasers work for another 10 seconds more. Still in the dark over how the individual rider watts work. No way I was doing much over 270 for any length of time on the flatter sections but the respective w/kg figures do seem to even things out. Can’t be down to pure power as suggested on another thread, otherwise I’d get dropped early doors on the flat. just an observation - I do find I filter back through a bunch on descents even with the ergo boost. at the end of the day the break rarely lasts once the peloton sort themselves out and send in the big guns. Good to know everyone else found it a tough work out M
  7. Was going to ask if the sticky was indeed off. Hard chase to catch on during first lap before the ramps - a few matches burnt. Half expected G to come through and drive on the increase the gap on the 2nd. Felt a bit more like racing.
  8. Mark O

    Zwift Etiquette

    Never eat on turbo. May have something an hour beforehand depending on time of day. Usual fluids during and after. Will do 1 bottle per hour. I get slightly bored after 2 hours, so no need for anything during turbo session anyway. ‘ride ons’ never returned during ride - same eyesight issues. Usually give a bunch of these to riders who I follow or who follow me if they are on Zwift whenever I log into Z companion app. Don’t get hung up on this.
  9. Neo T2, Alan. You know it makes sense. 😁
  10. Solid 30 minute climb! What else is one going to do on another lockdown Friday evening before the wine gets opened? Nice.
  11. Mark O

    Zwift - a query

    G, go to settings on Zwift and use the slider to adjust ride effect. This is a Zwift thing not a turbo thing. Iain’s description nutshells it perfectly. as for road feel, you definitely feel the difference between tarmac and anything else such as timber bridges and gravel in the jungle section. Typically for me it will save 1 kph off speed for the same power.
  12. Mark O

    Zwift - a query

    Again, many thanks Iain. Appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge and insight. M
  13. Mark O

    Zwift - a query

    Cheers Iain. The outright power rather than W/kg on the flats comment does help to explain some of what I’m seeing/experiencing on Zwift. There must be some compensating factors for overall mass of a rider. It must take more energy (watts) to propel a 100kg rider at 20mph than it takes to propel a 60kg rider to the same speed. Perhaps I’m getting too hooked into watts rather than the calculated ‘speed’ output. Nevertheless it still doesn’t help with the grim reality of avatars leaving one for dead - clearly these will be pros riding under false names!!!!!