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  1. Paul My thinking would be to call Celtic park ticket office or corporate office and see what's available. The choice might be limited to the main stand or hospitality seats due to season ticket holdings. If you can wangle a corporate angle and buy these through the business all the better. M
  2. That was an amazing day out on the bike. I recall that I died a 1000 deaths on the Kilberry loop due to lack of food. Luckily we got into the Tarbert cafe stop for some serious re-fueling before a bunch of 5 Ferries peeps arrived. The table napkins were starting the look tasty!! Charlie rattled up the Clune at minus 5mph, talk about pedaling squares. Chapeau M'Lud for not getting off and walking that day - actually thot you were going to cry/die at one point. The Kilberry loop route would easily be 120 miles. Tried to follow the proposed route - Loch Awe / Inveraray / Portavadie and the Rest etc. I drove a similar route the other week there looking at holiday lodges for a client. That's a huge route and not flat. Loch Awe (west side) would be fun. Single track with passing places. Good luck chaps. If it's sunny and you start early I'll wave from the plane en route to Islay. M
  3. Paul, Might be interested in the pedals. Will check piggy bank and get back to you. If you get a buyer before then - fair dos. M
  4. Monument. There are only 5 in any given year and the chances are history will remember those winners. A stage win and a day or so in yellow are imo less prestigious. If it’s a choice between a grand tour and a monument, then the grand tour win for me.
  5. Linda, The Sewing Bee was the under the radar name given to a Tuesday evening ride for non TTers. It was generally considered bad form to post up a ride which clashed with a club confined event, so the ride was publicised as a sewing bee. Very underhand and sneaky, but a lawyer was involved - ‘nuff said! The name kind of stuck, with the route used now going by the same name. Charlie’s suggestion was along the lines of “More ........ hills” but included bad words that I’d never heard before and caused me to blush. In those days I was a good bit fitter on a bike and a smidge lighter than I am currently. Perhaps one evening I’ll get to give M’Lud a doing again. Won’t be this year however.
  6. Might meet y'all en route at Kilmaurs. 10.30ish sound right if you're leaving Miller St st 9.30? If I'm not at the tower when you roll through don't wait.
  7. Darryl, I might have one tucked away somewhere. Not back home until late this evening and not about this weekend. I will check and post up to confirm a 10 spd with a 28 sprocket. M
  8. Oooft! That’s incredibly harsh Mr Yuille, to the point of being slanderous.
  9. Very sketchy Chung and have no wish to be prejudicial. One eye witness report states that the driver was turning left into Nithsdale Road. I also heard the bike was left without a rear wheel. All sounds quite horrible. It's a rubbish wee stretch between the lights at the top of Allison Street/Nithsdale Street and Nithsdale Road where the bus lane disappears and a left hand filter lane appears, added to which there are always parked cars to contend with.
  10. Corporate cycling event in the Lothians with a bunch of lawyers tomorrow, Charlie. Saving the legs. This working malarky sometimes is not too bad a gig. Enjoy.
  11. Brilliant stuff Girls (Elaine in particular; Martin and Alan too). Great initiative and a fab response. There's undoubtedly a latent body of female riders out there looking for some form of structured cycling outlet. The Wednesday evening does clash with our PT sessions, otherwise I'd be sending Heather along to join you all. Chapeau to Katie Archibald for taking a genuine interest in nuts and bolts grassroots cycling - all credit to you Katie.
  12. Got the heads up on this fatality earlier from my bus driver mate, as it is on my commuting route. A Female cyclists died this morning after an incident with a truck. Thoughts go out to her family. Be careful out there boys and girls.
  13. With Heather in the USA I’m on dog sitting duties this week, Greg. Cycling curtailed to local roads for me. Should be out next Tuesday.
  14. Anyone up for this tomorrow? In line with some of the comments on the Chaingang threads, a slightly later depart of 6.20 pm due to traffic out of Glasgow being pretty heavy in previous weeks. Post if you are riding.
  15. Cheers Charlie. Hmmm, that would translate into a 110 mile day for me, assuming I ride in from and back to Carmunnock. Some ways to go yet me thinks.......unless I get to loiter at the back sucking wheels all day. All good. Enjoy Barca. M