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  1. In our goal to qualify for Paris Brest Paris Myself, Davie B and David C headed down to Galashiels for the 400(420)km out and back to Barnards Castle. We stuck together until the Barnard Castle the half way mark and then Davie B continued at a faster pace with a couple of guys we had met and David C and I started the dusk Wet Climb over some Moss hill. Through the damp night we rode but! it was a balmy 12 degrees so it was not too bad. We did encounter few kms of road with 100s of frogs on it which passed the time trying not to squash any, which we managed! Until I heard David shout! -1 frog bless his soul, a few minutes later a Huge Rat ran into David's wheel but he managed to stay upright, I used to have a Rat her name was "Otago" David loves my patter. It was about then 3am? that Davids Knee started to hurt and our energy levels were very low, luckly we passed through lockerbie and had only 20km to a 24 hour with a service stop, I'm not a big fan of McDonalds but I was tonight. After about 5mins cycling David convinced me that the service station was here?? "Look" he said and pointed towards a BP sign behind some trees, But we stil had had 20km to go? I wasnt going to argue with him or his shiney new Wahoo gps, a few minutes later we got to a Service stop only to find it was the wrong one and nothing was open(Hammock Award Contender), a few swears were jokingly exchange and we rode on to McDonalds. Once we got there David went for a Sleep and I changed out of my wet clothes. I tried to sleep but people were intent on talking to me even though my eyes were closed, but best McDonalds I ever had, I even ate David's leftovers once he fell asleep. Back on the bike and back into the rain, With Davids Knee and my development of what I can only describe as "the worse butt pain in the world ever®" we took a nice steady pace back the last 100km.. the sun came out near the end and we were greeted by fried egg and bacon sandwiches by the organisers. A quick shower and off back up the road, I told David I would stay awake on the journey home as he was driving, I think I lasted abut 5mins. Started at 9:00am finished next day at 10:17am Distance : 419.91km Time pedaling 18:48:33 Elevation 3,922m Avg Speed 22.3km/h Elapsed Time 25:17:05 Anyhow only a 600km to do to qualify, To be honest i thought these would be easier than they are... yes they are physically draining but it really is all in the mind. Thanks for the company Lads
  2. I was third on the sprint! Not one wheel was sucked... Charlie would be proud
  3. Well done Richard! nice times all
  4. Life getting in the way of cycling... will aim for next week and after a perfect month of Tapering
  5. Due a busy UCI race schedule this year for me this will be my first chaingang... I expect the same amount of leniency shown to McCusker when he is having a bad day... Obligatory GIF below
  6. PaulL


    Happy to help, Would be more than willing to do a talk on map reading and route planning
  7. No problem, looks a bit wet but might go out for a bit
  8. No worries Charlie, will just go for a spin
  9. PaulL

    Chainrings Question

    Kind of.. But you may have issues with shifting and chain drop if not set up perfectly. If you want the big ring for sprint/downhill but be able to spin on hills with the compact 34 you might be better doing a Contador. And go 53/39 with a 36-11 cassette.
  10. Hahah, there may be some truth in that! But thats the point of the article(I dont think I made any points)... If using Campagnolo makes you feel good, then you are doing it right... Although the greatest cyclist of our time would disagree...
  11. A good article... https://humancyclist.wordpress.com/2016/02/28/tribes-cycling/ "You need not look far for divisions within the cycling world. Thankfully most are petty, some tongue in cheek, a little just plain old fun. Yet we would all do well to remember that no one voice is louder than another, one truth no more just than another. We are one and the same. Agree to disagree and remember to celebrate the differences between us as much as we treasure our commonalities."
  12. Looking to get out on Tuesday night if anyone is around?
  13. Trip to Kinross canceled so should be good for this