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  1. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys! Have a safe journey
  2. i carry one with me at all times!
  3. PaulL

    UCI Cyprus 3 Day Race

    Good luck Couttie!
  4. That was funnish, Couttie trying to kill me! Had to sit in a bit We would have had a better time if I had of went the right way... First time using cyclocross skill in a TT, Oh my
  5. Looks good, Route is never more than 20mins from Amaretto so all club a possibility if shorter versions done?
  6. Sure, if I can fit in my Skinsuit!
  7. Just throwing this out there?? Local hills, all groups out. Paris Roubaix coverage starts at 11am on Eurosport so maybe an earlier start. Maybe the committee could contact our sponsor see about some food? Maybe some deal a drink and pasta for £10 Guaranteed Sun, Beer and big screen on the Patio or my name isnt Roger De Vlaeminck. Route could be the 10 hardest hills in the area... ?? My pick would be Hazelwood Road(Hell)
  8. Ah I can't make it as I have an Audax... this is very unfair as I would like to ride it but am doing something else! Can we please change it for me!
  9. Has to become an annual ride! rude not to
  10. PBP is only 1200km my mistake... see I have already saved you 400km
  11. Yeah I think that's the idea... suppose thats part of the fun, finding out how your body copes without sleep on long rides. I think we may be now doing this 600 instead due to Holidays etc. on the 8th of Jun 6:00 am from North Kessock, Inverness The North Coast Classic 600. I have entered the Ponteland one already but doubt I will ride two 600s in a week
  12. supposedly the 400s are harder than the 600s... not sure how that works???