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  1. PaulL

    Tuesday 7th August, 2up TT

    I will drop down and timekeep/push
  2. PaulL

    Johnstone Jets

    Epic stuff! Come on the Jets
  3. PaulL

    24th July, League òf 10 #7

    Sorry couple of mechanical issues with bike to resolve... next week for me
  4. PaulL

    24th July, League òf 10 #7

    I have dusted of the TT bike would like to ride
  5. PaulL

    Georgetown cup 8th September 2018

    Not much point in riding if we can't win?? doubt anyone will complement my skinsuit on the day either... So its a lose-lose for me but i still intend to ride
  6. PaulL

    Georgetown cup 8th September 2018

    I will hold the Bison's beer
  7. PaulL

    Wednesday 27 th

    Starting a trend Chung! Great day out on the bike
  8. PaulL

    Wednesday 27 th

    Managed to get a sick day for tomorrow due to heat exhaustion, see you there
  9. PaulL

    *Alex Baird* - Sad News

    Will be in attendance, I can ride over with you Robbie if you like
  10. PaulL

    *Alex Baird* - Sad News

    A powerful rider and a great friend, Not sure if he got me in more trouble or out of it but we had some good times. My thoughts are with Anne and the kids
  11. PaulL

    Chaingang - Thursday 7 June 630pm

  12. No longer an independent race... which means a shorter race for some of us \o/ one of the best courses on the calendar, always sunny and a crazy start from the town centre.... great warm up for the APR on the sunday! Round 1 of the Lapierre Scottish Cyclo Cross Series. Bute CX is held in the grounds of King George's Field, Rothesay, Isle of Bute. A technical course of 3.25km with switchbacks and adverse cambers and some wooded area's. Rothesay is easily accessible by a frequent short ferry with a direct train link from Glasgow.The classic https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/177810/SCX-Round-1:-The-Bike-Shed-Bute-CX
  13. PaulL

    Three Peaks cyclocross open for entry

    Not for me this year.... My memories of butt cramp are still too raw
  14. PaulL

    Wednesday club

    Bad luck, glad you're ok
  15. PaulL

    Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    Well done Richard! Legend