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  1. That fact you thought I got into it at all is amazing! 😂
  2. I have a medium you can borrow Richie, send me a message to pick up
  3. Large PlanetX EXO3 TT/Triathlon Upgraded to Sram Red Etape Electronic/Carbon Wheel set. Used only a couple of times and in excellent condition Not wanting to split £2500 If interested please PM me
  4. SOLD Vittoria competition corsa Tyres - Graphene - 700x25 £40 CX tyres practically new(used a few times before taken of new bike) - Continental CycloX-King tyr 32mm £25 Fizik R1 Uomo Cycling Shoes - Carbon size 45(11) - great condition couple of scuffs £70 - However rubber heel on one shoe is loose but have spare heel and screws. .Cassette Shimano ultegra CS-6700 10 speed 11-28T - new £35 SOLD Bepro/FAVERO power meter pedals- Dual pedals(power/cadence on both) - £150 SOLD Set of Shinamo Ultegra 11 speed shifters - £80 Miche ingranaggio 52 pista advanced 52 track chainring new £20(New) Shimano ultegra 52-36 11speed chainring - brand new £50 Schwalbe One V-Guard Folding Road 700x25 Tyre new £40 for both Dura Ace 10 speed chain - £20 brand new - still in box Blackburn frame bag Large - £30
  5. Trying to remove some old images so I can post more, but in attachments sections on my profile no option to delete. Any ideas?
  6. Looking at going to the Cyclocross World champs next year Feb 2020(im not riding unfortunately). I was looking at flights from Edinburgh to Basel and only £50 return at the moment. Post if interested. Should be a great weekend!
  7. Great to see you got the help you needed George, Powerful message that needs to be shared. Chapeau
  8. I've taken up a new sport, one that suits my Talents!
  9. I did it too, it wasnt so bad... Well done Galeb! Top stuff
  10. The cut off times are 90hrs, 84hrs or 80hrs depending on which time/group you start with. This equates to about 14 kmph(this will include time not moving). Not sure a talk on our strategies and planning would be helpful for members, but might get a few laughs
  11. David B, David C and myself returned to Galashiels for another Audax, this one was the last one we needed to qualify for PBP. David B had decided not to go to Paris and was just doing this for the craic. Davie Borland was planning on riding straigh through the night so he could meet his wife for stake and chips about 1pm the next day, the pace he set of at it seemed he would! he was flying and lead the field throughout the day, as this was 3 out and back legs we got to wave a couple of times. He sensible decided to stop after the second leg rest up and meet the wife. David C and my self had a more relaxed plan and after the first leg 230km we were feeling good, We then headed of into the night for the second leg towards Gretna and rode with a Friend of Campbells called Neil. He was stopping at lockerbie at the first passing, but we decided to continue on hoping to complete the 2nd leg without stopping, but our pace had dropped in the darkness and as we hit Gretna it was fairly cold. When we got back to lockerbie about 380km in we were very tired and the usual pains we each had were back. We decided to stop at lockerbie truck stop(from and Irvine Welsh novel) and sleep for 3 hours and head back over the climbs in daylight. When we woke we both agreed to head back to Galahsiels and call it, it was a tough call but by this stage we had difficult sitting down and our pace was abysmal. I suppose training for these events are a good thing! and the qualifiers did there job, and weeded out the chancers trying to do the bare minimum to get to Paris! any way we got back to Galashiels after 460Km and plenty of time to do the 140km left, but of to McDonalds and home we went! Thanks to David C and Davie B for the company on this adventure! one my buttocks will never forget! Salut!