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  1. PaulL

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    Anyone free over this weekend to check the short and medium routes for hazards/diversions/other for the risk assessments? I will be checking the long route on Saturday. We will also need a couple of volunteers to drive the short and medium route the day before the ride 02/03/2019 to check for hazards/diversions/other. Cheers
  2. PaulL

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    9pm bunch about 20?? 7 Jets giving a lesson on how to ride your bike... Golfers/Runners take notes. Never saw the 9.30 bunch until soup time which was Delicious thanks Sarah and Greg! Rumors were the 9.45 were masquerading as the 9.30s as some 9.30s hide in the 9.00??? next week im in the 9.15 group;) Great ride today
  3. PaulL

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    Elaine, looking at the weather I imagine there will be a good few at 9am? but alot of people dont post if they are coming. But I will join you at 9am
  4. Speedy recovery Ian glad its not serious
  5. It was fine... almost warm
  6. Still going; no ice on my road; which is always icy.... so wet and cold ride.... then Amarretto for the CX Worlds
  7. PaulL

    Live UCI CX World Championships

    Women's race was superb! Guy in pits is gonna to get a right ****ing but I think the result would still have been the same
  8. PaulL

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    Can one of the Wheelers Facebook admins set this up as an Event hosted by the Wheelers Facebook? and Strava Club as well? Cheers
  9. I will be there and bring some healthy cakes...
  10. PaulL

    Endless film and TV bike criticism thread

    American Flyers is the greatest movie ever made! 2 seconds another classic, this ones for you Chung lots of bikey mechanicy talk(but might be a bit Artsey for you West of Scotland folks) Not one for the Vegans, 6 part documentary Slaying the Badger but what a story(although Lemond is full of ****) and lastly probably the most realistic cycling movie ever!
  11. Hi All The Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live on BC Sunday (3rd of March) sees the annual Don Smith Memorial Ride based at Lochbarr Services in Lochwinnoch You will be able to enter via the British Cycling website HERE Please let me know ASAP if planning to enter as require to let caterers know numbers attending For those who are new to the event, there are three rides available to participate in: Short Route - http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/368004877 Medium Route - http://www.mapmyride.com/gb/lochwinnoch-sct/jwcc-don-smith-45mile-ride-2012-route-72414462 Long Route - http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/1002950791 Entry fee is £10 for Adults and £7 for U16s Event HQ, Lochbarr Services, Newton Of Barr, Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, PA12 4JB Are you able to assist? Route checking - Each of the routes requires to be checked against the Risk Assessment (which has been done) prior to the event, This would either be Friday, Saturday or early Sunday morning. Note that this can be broken into segments and spread around a number of volunteers rather than one person checking the whole route(s). We're generally looking for roadworks / closures / really obvious issues with quality of roads as riders are expected to follow the rules of the road and any official diversions in the case of roadworks, etc... Sign On Desk - Smiling and taking people's money as they register for the event. Required from 8:30am until latest 10:30am (Note that this would not preclude your from riding). We just need a few club members willing to help before everyone sets off. As ever looking for volunteers. If you can help post up or pm us... Cheers Paul, David and Eric
  12. PaulL

    Vittoria Corsa Evo CX Tubs

    Picture says 21mm?...
  13. PaulL

    Events organiser

    Yeah I have set up the event on BC(draft) would be good if we could get last years risk assessment and other materials if available? Are prices staying the same? and can we get the Lochbarr Services place booked again please, I could do it but not sure if we have a contact there. The date is March 3rd @100%? Cheers