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  1. PaulL


    Davie you never needed an excuse to buy an E-Bike, you might have been able to keep up with me I've sent you an email and more photos, We have had some great times! i'm sure we can squeeze a few more in! Stay strong Paul
  2. Had this issue with Garmins spiking, started using the HRM GEONAUTE DUAL ANT buy here which you can get in Decathlon and I haven't had any spikes at all while watching Netflix!
  3. Hi Scott I still have the chainring if you want it? Cedric sorry for slow reply its still available but your away home
  4. I would recommend dong the 179km route, On the long route the first 50km is riding on cycle tracks(2 abreast with traffic calming)/main roads escorted by police motorbikes in the dark. You have to leave about 4am? to cycle to bus then have 1-2 hours coach to start, done this twice and probably the worse two hours on a bike, followed by 179km of perfection. Skip the bull and enjoy the real route.
  5. Its coming" although it may be a bit tight on me this year 😂
  6. what a man! Hi Paul Ive slotted reserve Alan McLean JWCC into your slot- would you like the 9.00am first man off slot?
  7. You might be getting my slot, just realised I have to drive my Daughter and friends to her birthday party! at 11.45 from bow to johnstone! and my start time is 12.15 man I'm so disorganized. I emailed Geoff to see if I can get a time change, who knows. He must be loving these emails from the JWCC 😂