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  1. ginty001

    Garmin query

    Thanks Iain, seems straightforward enough... 🀞
  2. ginty001

    Garmin query

    Does anyone know if you can download pre planned routes from Komoot onto a Garmin 520 or 530 ?
  3. some of that course looks pretty horrific , traffic wise ..
  4. nice one lads, needs to be Saturday for me this week, but look forward to getting back out with the Sunday bunch(es) soon..
  5. Ah well the Mike Ashley effect has kicked in at Evans, the famous Price Match is no longer.. I think they'll live to regret it..
  6. ginty001


    thanks Darryl, thats encouraging... at the moment the option is only available for a 1 x groupset, so the front chainging wouldnt be an issue.. all said, i'd rather have a 2 x groupset, so am gonna email them to see of its possible.... hope your're having a great holiday
  7. ginty001


    Thanks George, it was more around the working of the manual shifters with SRAM double tap, I've heard some folk say they're not too fond of them in the past.
  8. ginty001


    A wee query ... Gonna be buying a gravel bike soon, its available in both Shimano GRX and SRAM Rival or Force.. both the SRAM options are a bit cheaper therefore quite appealing, but i have no experience of SRAM at all. Wondering if anyone out there might have any comments to make ? I know the SRAM shifts differently to Shimano, but that about my lot.. Cheers Ian
  9. Going well George πŸ‘
  10. i'm guessing at Scott McIntosh
  11. unfortunately my wife is having her 50th birthday celebrations this weekend, so i will be mostly drinking beer, wine and other stuff 🍺🍺
  12. Got me worried there Billy... Hopefully still on course to make it tomorrow..
  13. Hoping to catch the 9.30 bunch at Bishy Hill 10'ish, having a wee child free afternoon /evening, so enjoying the local hostelries, but planning to use some willpower at some point 🀭