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  1. dont be daft, i'll pop over to you and i'll give it a hose down....PM me your adddress mate and i'll pop over later...
  2. i could use this Gerard, the handle on mine broke recently..... 🙂
  3. Just recently got a 530 Colin, and its seems great so far....
  4. 100% 🍺🍺 but defo not the Bunkhouse in Lamlash
  5. After 4 laps of Arran it would be a hospital I'd need rather than a hotel 🤕
  6. Only a certain few will appreciate my last comment 🤮
  7. Great idea, we could all book into the Bunkhouse in Lamlash an old JWCC favourite
  8. ginty001


    Hi Davie, really sorry to be reading this news, like most of the guys have said, your passion for all things bike is incredible and i know personally you have helped me many times with little tips and advice re all things techy/mechy which i really appreciate .. i admire your bravery in posting this up here, and really hope you continue to fight with such a positive spirit, and that your treatment gives you everything you're hoping for...Once you get out on the Gravel e-Bike, give me a shout, i'm loving the gravel bike and will be up for any time out in the lanes, trails, etc.. All the best Davie.. Ian
  9. Jan, Warlock road and Corsliehill Road are both great wee lanes to ride on..the part of Corsliehill Rd to the east of where you've marked it on the map has all been resurfaced and leads into Houston village missing out the main (sort of) road...
  10. Nice run today folks.. Good company to take the mind off the weather 😜
  11. ginty001

    Garmin query

    Thanks Iain, seems straightforward enough... 🤞
  12. ginty001

    Garmin query

    Does anyone know if you can download pre planned routes from Komoot onto a Garmin 520 or 530 ?