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  1. I’ll be up for marshalling too Gerard..
  2. just before I mention it to the guy, where is the bike at the moment, Up the Isles or down in Weegieland ?
  3. Hi Kenny, would this suit someone around 5'11'' /6ft ?
  4. ginty001

    Spied a Wheeler

    Colin Sales on Saturday, I think it was on the Lochwinnoch Rd towards Phils Folly and then again on Sunday doing what looked like some TT training in Erskine...
  5. I’ll pop along to hawd up/ timekeep
  6. Brilliant lads, well done all 3 of you... great wee read as well Paul, sounds like you had fun
  7. Thanks for the treat Charlie and all the best when your birthday arrives
  8. this appeals to me, but not sure how much time I would have next year, could possibly do a long weekend ….
  9. terrible news.. very sad
  10. ginty001

    Ayrshire Alps

    Afraid got no access to car on Sat ... will head out somewhere local instead .. enjoy guys
  11. ginty001

    Ayrshire Alps

    what time do you reckon we'd be back home Paul ?
  12. I agree with the guys, this was a very well organised event, in a stunning part of the country on great roads... we stayed in a quaint wee village called Kettlewell in 4 different lodging all within about 100 yrds of each other and had a meal in the local hotel, food was great and for once we went easy on the pints, only 3 or 4 max .. as for the ride itself, no-one has exaggerated how tough this was, easily as tough as anything I've done before including the Fred and the Marmotte Pyrenees, it seemed that every single climb had sections in the high teens or low 20's plus a couple of 25 percents that seemed to go on for ages... as usual the company was great, so despite the pain it was a really enjoyable day in a masochistic kind of way.. Slept like a baby when I got home.. mcginty
  13. Just asking for a friend whose looking for his first road bike... he’s 5’11, so I’m thinking a 56cm would be ideal .. something used but decent, Shimano 105 level kit in good nick, probably alloy frame .. if anyone is looking to sell please let me know . cheers ian
  14. Glorious night for the Frank Lauder, 9 riders and check out the brilliant times all round... all very tight except for the 5 times in a row Champ 1st. and JWCC 10 Mile TT Champion : Richard Montague - 20.50 (pd) 2nd. Stuart Tennant - 23.05 3rd. Colin McPhee - 23.09 (PB) (pd+1) 4th. Gerrard Deeley - 23.16 (PB)(pd) 5th Scott McIntosh - 23.18 (PB) 6th James Snodgrass - 23.28(pd) 7th Colin Sales - 23.34 (PB) 8th Alan Thomson - 23.37 (PB)(pd) 9th Joseph McIntosh - 26.35 (Jet) Well done all the riders... a lot of very good testers this year .. Alan T collected a few quid for the coffers, but I don't know how much.. Cheers McGinty
  15. i'm a possible timekeeper/hawder upper … working in Edinburgh so hopefully be back in time … i'll post up if it looks like i'm going to struggle