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  1. Really was a spectacular day... the weather and scenery were incredible, the food, ooft… Fillet steak wraps from Gerrard, Cullen Skink soup from Graham, Haggis n Scallops from Kenny Christie washed down with a lovely Merlot by AlanT and completed by a few pints in the Bishy Inn… 4 months of roon the coast to look forward to now, happy days
  2. Paul, should get public sale tickets for any of those games from the ticket office without any probs I would think..
  3. Iain, meeting Iain, Mary and Kenny Christie in Bishy at 8.30 if you fancy joining us... see youse on the ferry
  4. Not feeling great either, if I’m not there don’t wait for me 🤒
  5. I know, been on it before.... gravel bike is on my radar
  6. What road is this Martin ?
  7. ginty001

    Camp Casa XXX 2020

    unlikely to have the chance of an abroad trip next year, but will decide for definite nearer the time
  8. i'm a maybe, got a night out on Sat night
  9. Won’t be racing due to loaded with cold and gubbed knee, but should be there for post race run and to take some photies
  10. Anyone up for a 50 miler or so after the Hill Climb Champs ?
  11. Brilliant lads, well done 👌