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  1. unfortunately my wife is having her 50th birthday celebrations this weekend, so i will be mostly drinking beer, wine and other stuff 🍺🍺
  2. Got me worried there Billy... Hopefully still on course to make it tomorrow..
  3. Hoping to catch the 9.30 bunch at Bishy Hill 10'ish, having a wee child free afternoon /evening, so enjoying the local hostelries, but planning to use some willpower at some point 🀭
  4. Hopefully 🀞🀞🀞
  5. ginty001

    Mont Ventoux

    Cheers Martin.. ☺️
  6. Will see how things are in the morning, if OK I'll be at Bridge for 10..this mornings forecast wasn't as bad, but the reality was pretty sh*te to be honest..
  7. ginty001

    Mont Ventoux

    folks, one of my mates is planning to go to Mont Ventoux in Aug/Sept, and was wondering if i had any pointers. i haven't done it, so was wondering if any of you guys had any tips ? Places to stay, which side is best to climb from, or anything else that might be useful.. cheers ian
  8. Any advice on crash diets would be very welcome 🀐
  9. ginty001

    Sat 8th Feb

    Ah, never seen this till now..managed to get out for a bit ..
  10. ginty001

    Sat 8th Feb

    My only opportunity this weekend is tomorrow 9-12, planning a wee tour of the shire, company welcome Cheers Ian
  11. Will leave Bishy at 11 and head up Georgetown, catch youse on the road...
  12. If forecast pans out would anyone fancy a 2/3 hours tour of the shire from 12'ish onwards?