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  1. i'd have have thought a wee bit of hill climbing training would have been just whats required 😂
  2. if Rossco doesn't take up the offer Iain, I could use it …..
  3. John C and myself were hoping to defend our title, but unfortunately not going to be able to make it on Tuesday...
  4. i'll give it a go, might as well enter at least 1 race this year
  5. ginty001

    Club apparel

    The hoodies were great quality
  6. Very brave and open George, much respect and very glad you're you're on the mend. Enjoy riding your bike, hopefully we'll see you a bit more out on a Sunday 🚲
  7. Bonkers, complete bonkers... bur really does appeal to me, but not next year due to other commitments ....
  8. Not sure where dipple Rd is Davie , but will be coming into Kilbirnie from the wee back lumpy R.D. from Lochwinoch golf club
  9. Won’t be at Miller st, will be meeting up at BOW VIADUCT 9.10
  10. Just noticed Jan's intention to post a Dukes Pass run for this weekend... happy to go with that or whatever else is planned …..
  11. Suggesting 9am at Clubrooms > track to B.O.W > Phils Folly to Lochwinnoch > Golf course road to Kilbirnie > Hayley Brae > Bagel Basket > Brisbane Glen > Whin > Amoretto any takers ?
  12. Anyone else doing the Inverclyde Velo 200k Audax in glorious Argyll on Sat ? I’m doing it with a mate, company welcome