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  1. Guys Anyone got a set of 10 or 11 speed shimano shifters in good working order that theyre looking to shift? 105 would be ideal, its just for a hack im building for my son.. Cheers Ian
  2. cheers lads, might just stick it in and get it done ... looks like i'd need to purchase yet more expensive tools to do it myself ...🤑
  3. Is it straightforward to swap out sealed cartridge bearings on wheels, and are all wheels pretty much the same process? Cheers Ian
  4. Guys, Anyone have any experience of either of these turbos.. https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjMx4WvrtbyAhWN7u0KHb-6Bb8YABAEGgJkZw&ae=2&ohost=www.google.co.uk&cid=CAESQOD2Y5sXqn7ARrnpUOW3SRArisBmlstUdWLrCfgQcURfC79fhqsDjl2zym2kdmjCkFKOz4No0UuSGeYk7fQLK0s&sig=AOD64_0-BkTINDymJBjeR056J_Rhuh5jXQ&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwi61v6urtbyAhXFQkEAHU7NBjMQwg96BAgBEDM&dct=1&adurl= https://www.halfords.com/cycling/turbo-trainers/smart-turbo-trainers/elite-zumo-smart-interactive-turbo-trainer-244622.html
  5. Tha Galston Leg bender sounds a bit much for me given my lack of cycling over the past month, so I'm gonna head to Aberfoyle and back with Tom whose in the same boat, 60 miles from the bridge to bridge, relatively tame pace.. Youse are more than welcome to join if you feel like an easier ride... Sorry, not meaning to hijack, just dont think ive got a hard day in my legs..
  6. Just wondering if anyone ever come across anywhere that hires out bike racks that fit to the rear of large Motorhomes? Cheers Ian
  7. Called Willie yesterday Darryl, gonna remove it at the weekend and drop it off to him...
  8. Stripped the thread in the bleed port 😳
  9. Just on the off chance someone may have a SRAM Rival/Force hydraulic brake caliper for sale ?
  10. Really sorry, but not going to make it for timekeeping tonight 😒
  11. I should be okay to timekeep, will confirm nearer the time....
  12. I'll be available to marshall or hawd up ....
  13. ginty001

    SRAM Cassettes

    Guys, All spacers present and correct and cassette securely fitted.. the movement is indeed in a circular motion, clockwise and anti, no movement from in to out ...it is the cassette that came with the gravel bike, and i fitted the Hunt wheels almost immediately, only been riding it since last August so its still pretty new .. I suspect this movement is what has damaged the freehub.. I will reassemble on the new freehub and see how it looks...
  14. ginty001

    SRAM Cassettes

    Billy, the difference between the SRAM cassette and the SHIMANO cassette is vast. For instance when cleaning the SRAM cassette with a brush the sprockets are quite visibly moving backwards and forwards on the hub, that defo ain't right..
  15. ginty001

    SRAM Cassettes

    I know SRAM cassettes fit onto Shimano freehubs, but i noticed on my Rival cassette that although the grooves on the sprockets line up with the splines om the cassette, they are not exactly the same, these onea have sort of a curved profile. Does anyone know if all SRAM cassettes are like this? It means that although they line up there is a bit of play in the fit..