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  1. Myself and possibly big Jim Killoran are heading out tomorrow. Going to ride down to catch the 9.16am wee ferry over to Kilcreggan, take a left and head for Coulport, Military Rd, Arrochar, the Rest, Strachur (maybe via Hellls Glen) , Dunoon and ferry back to Gourock… company welcome.. weather should be great.. Pace will not be tough, as i'm in start-up mode at the moment... McGinty
  2. Not gonna make it along I’m afraid
  3. Will be at club rooms at 9, to join youse for a bit , need to be home by 11.30 tomorrow, so will peel off at some point ..
  4. Won’t be out the whole route , will be turning at some point to be home for 12
  5. Good luck Couttie
  6. next year might be a non-starter for me for any trip, as its the wife's 50th , and I think she's planning a pile of stuff that might use up all the funds for that kind of stuff...
  7. loved it, think I will do it again .. probably some of the best scenery I've ever seen...
  8. where's the quickest way to see results of races these days, given that the Braveheart site seems to be pretty rarely used these days
  9. Been up through the night with a dodgy stomach , might do my own thing later if I feel any better.. enjoy folks
  10. Would love to but I’ll be on a flight to New York at that point
  11. a cold blustery day for the Hilly TT... Scores on the doors.. Some fine times, well done to all the riders on a tough day, especially new guy Tommy who went off first and immediately suffered a snapped chain, a quick fix of the chain and then went back off at the end with his chain jumping all over the place for the whole ride Tommy (new guy) - 36.43 PB Alan T - 29.26 Stuart - 27.44 Mark K - 26.20 Iain McT - 25.58 Think the monies were collected by Alan... forgot to ask if any PB's , please post up if there is. I know Tommy's will be as it's his first TT in 30 yrs. Not sure what the points allocation is, please post this up Alan...
  12. Start line is just along from the Coast restaurant on the bottom road in Langbank just before the climb. If coming off the west ferry roundabout, turn left then it’s about a 100 yrs up the road
  13. like the JWCC colour co-ordinated sun loungers