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  1. The Mennock Pass day was a monster, great fun....
  2. you're determined to get that route done right enough Charlie
  3. Good to get some decent miles in despite the weather 😁
  4. Get youse at the Pullman...
  5. Anyone up for a run tomorrow? I fancy 4 hrs or so from 9am.. Company welcome..
  6. Afraid I only have a very small window, about 2 hrs, so will probs just do something local 9-11, or thereabouts..
  7. Cracking way to end a nice day on the bike...
  8. Planning to leave Bishopton at 9.30 heading round the Cloch, hopefully meeting up at the Whin
  9. I'm up for a run, but haven't managed out much lately and would fancy a few more miles, might head out a bit earlier round the Cloch, up the hill from Inverkip to Loch Thom with the aim of meeting you guys at the bottom of the Whin then on to BOW for a refreshment 🍺