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  1. ginty001

    Tuesday 14th August,

    can't make it tonight...
  2. ginty001

    Sam Dooley Memorial 25TT Saturday 22/9/18

    I'll be available to help....
  3. anyone paying the extra to book a seat ?
  4. didn't you say there were quite a few bars we had to stop at on the way home Billy ?
  5. do we think we are gonna need any lights on the day ? just wondering about tunnels and also it gets dark a lot quicker over there this time of the year than it does here, and we still got some cycling to do to get back to the digs after the ride and after a few pit stops on the way home...
  6. have just messaged you Iain.... Cheers McGinty
  7. Guys, managed to get the car hire booking changed....we have ditched the 9 seater Minibus and now have 2 x medium sized 5 seater cars.. the overall cost has only risen marginally, but now we have an extra person, so if Iain Couttie and Michael can just pay the same as the rest of us £34, it will leave an excess of £20, which I will stick into the kitty once we get there Billy will be driving the other car..... Cheers McGinty
  8. ginty001

    Euro Champs

    Brilliant, you even managed to get a wee moan in Billy, without even saying anything
  9. hi mate will give you a shout to get the bikes sorted for France. whats you plans this weekend?


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    2. Iain67


      either day mate was thinking Aberfoyle Saturday and maybe a biggy on Sunday if I can swing it

    3. ginty001



      Davie B has posted a run for Sunday which isn’t really a biggie, so I’m really fancying across Argyll on Sat, Aberfoyle doesn’t offer enough miles or climbs.. fancy it ? Ride down to ferry, then down to Strachur, Glendaruel , C11, Tighnabruach and back to Dunoon ? 

    4. Iain67


      aye mate I'll call you when heeding home tomorrow. What time you thinking of heading off?


  10. Lads, let me contact them and see what the options are... will let you know asap
  11. no naming/shaming required for the Minibus... there was originally 12 names in the hat so I divided the cost at the time by 12, but then it emerged that of those 12 only 10 committed, and all those 10 are fully paid... that's Me, Billy, George, Charlie, Dave B, Dave C, James, Darryl, Paul and Iain Carvill, so only the 2 newbies to pay, John and Coutts, and that will be me squared up in total.. I've not heard from Iain Couttie about his son in law, and don't recall seeing anything on the thread about it... there was a mention way back about Iain C's bro in law, in case someone is getting mixed up with that, (that was referring to Iain Carvills bro in law) who was a possibility at the start..
  12. yes, Iain Carvill, you have paid me for minibus John, cost is £34, there was originally 12 names in the hat so I paid £406, and divided by 12 , £34 each... but so far only 10 confirmed and paid, so I'm 2 x £34 down at the minute .. Cheers bud..
  13. can we get confirmed who is all going ? if we need to change car hire we need to do it quickly.... the names I am aware of are :- 1. me 2. billy 3.george 4. darryl 5. davie b 6. davie c 7. iain couttie 8. iain carvill 9. paul l 10. john c 11. james 12. charlie If Iain Coutties son in law is going we defo need to change the car hire, if not we are fine.... Iain ??
  14. Possibly, if so ive completely missed that post.....
  15. at the time we originally booked there were 12, of whom only 10 confirmed and paid, the 2 who didn't were Alex and Iain Carvill's bro in law... in addition to that we have John and Iain Couttie I believe... do we have an up to date list ?