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  1. ginty001

    Sunday Feb 10th Reliability #2 Moscow Revolution

    Had a wee run in with a car on my commute home from work yesterday, spent most of last night in the hospital getting checked out, X-rays show no broken bones, so no lasting damage, just pretty sore, mainly my back, with a few other minor injuries, so won’t make it out this weekend ..
  2. ginty001

    Sunday Feb 10th Reliability #2 Moscow Revolution

    9.30 bunch , hopefully ....
  3. Planning to leave Bishopton at around 10.15 to head down the west ferry and see how things are, maybe get to Largs or even just round the Cloch .... company welcome
  4. ginty001

    Etape du Dales 19 May 2019

    that's me entered too and got Lychgate House B&B booked in Kettlewell for the Sat night ..... any car spaces on the go ??
  5. Got a night out Sat, but will try to be good.... I might end up a meeting bunch coming through Bishopton, probably bunch 2 ...
  6. ginty001

    Sunday 27th January

    Ano Charlie, but my bed was so toasty and I had a wee bit of a hangover and the BBC weather forecast was all the encouragement I needed ... I obviously totally regretted it 2 hours later
  7. ginty001

    Sunday 27th January

    Ano murder, BBC still saying 40mph, might head out now for a bit to burn off ma full Scottish brekkie
  8. ginty001

    Sunday 27th January

    Weather now showing 45mph winds all morning, think I’ll give it a miss
  9. ginty001

    Sunday 27th January

    hoping to be there
  10. ginty001

    Sunday 20th January

    See youse in Bishy
  11. ginty001

    Spied a Wheeler

    Not sure if he’s still a wheeler but think I passed Ross Toole on way to clubrooms
  12. ginty001

    Sunday 6th Jan

    Good fun today, cafe stop was really cool, was a tough decision whether to order a bottle of wine and phone the missus to pick me up or get back on the bike for another soaking
  13. ginty001

    JWCC Membership, link here for 18-19

  14. ginty001

    Sunday 6th Jan

    hoping to be out, although feeling a bit of the Lurgy at the minute
  15. ginty001

    Sunday 30th Dec - Glen fruin

    Yip, get youse at bridge