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  1. you've just increased the suspense …. you're such a tease
  2. P McDonald


    🤥Thanks George, appreciate your comforting words, I feel like I've lost a limb. However, I'm sure we will be back horsing it round the Thursday night route and Arran in the Autumn
  3. Eh Alan, the idea is that you need to win the previous round to post the photo for the next round Nice photos though
  4. Iain I am going to fess up. I rode by this spot last night with the intention of taking a photo as I had a good idea where it was. However just before I got there I met Jamie Thompson and we were blethering, from different sides of the road of course, and we passed to spot. Long story short, I stuck bike in car last night and took this picture on my way to work this morning. So I would be happy for you to take the glory and post the next picture !
  5. Nice one, pretty sure I know but I am not going to get out tonight (said that last night too)
  6. So here is the next one - a bit trickier perhaps but I reckon a good few will know it, as for Alan and his cryptic 395573 number - is this an OS map reference or the cost of his Zwift set up ?
  7. Thanks Jan, you inspired me to go out tonight for an unplanned ride
  8. I think I know where it is - but won't get out on bike till at least tomorrow night...….