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  1. Was expecting this one, we'll just need to be more inventive with Zwift
  2. Yip, bit of a bummer that one. I plan to re activate so I can watch SA's
  3. Dear all Official club ride mentioned above is cancelled due to the difficulty interpreting the frequent guidance updates from Government. I do not want expose the club to any risk. Paul
  4. From what I can decipher, outdoor non contact sports are still ok, so.....there is a run leaving Houston roundabout 9.30am Saturday round coast to W Kilbride, company welcome, I will take names for track and trace register. Decent tempo, short stop at Largs toilets Post up if you plan to join.
  5. Arran this morning, DA21 starts right here right now 😁
  6. See General Forum under Saturday 3rd October - Jan has got the date right, I quoted Sat 2nd!
  7. Notwithstanding Jan's much more desirable Zwift ride up the Ventoux tomorrow, me (who has just not got sorted on Zwift yet) and Andy G meeting for a short blast to Largs and back over Fairlie at 0900 Saturday morn. Company welcome if anyone prefers the cold and rain !
  8. Change of plan - me and Andy will meet you at ferry 0930
  9. Plan to join at Kilmacolm bridge 0845/0850
  10. Plan to join, health permitting. Andy - will be in touch tomorrow afternoon as might go via Largs if I'm out
  11. I have a compatible SRAM one - but it is 12-25. You can have it if any use.
  12. Just saw this Billy Yes for me, probably 5 days but maybe more Friday to Wednesday seemed to work well, will need to see flight situation nearer the time.
  13. Mark The modern wider rims are way better in my opinion, much more comfortable and stable and work well with bigger tyres of course. Also less susceptible to impact punctures. One word of caution - your frame may not have clearance for wider rims and 25c or 28c tyres if it is a 2012 frame. I have had 2 Scotts which took a max of 23c. That all said I would recommend new wheels and bigger tyres