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  1. Sounds grand Colin, I am away this weekend so no cycling
  2. Almost I have a shimano 12-23 cassette. You can have it if ratio not too large.
  3. Gerard My apologies, there is a vets race that day which I would like to do. I could help out early morning if that helps up to about 9am
  4. I’m absentee again, abroad with work
  5. Yip, good to see you too Iain and get a chance to catch up on ferry. Ended up a bit of an epic yesterday to make the most of the drier (although it was pretty damp up the Rest) weather. Ended up with 180km. Totally burst - scary bit is that it was a few km short of a DA
  6. Evening all, with the lesser interest in Arran this time we have reverted to plan B. Which is Erskine Bridge 9am for a run to Dunoon via Glen Fruin. 5 signed up so far - pace will be Arran challenge type pace which is 20mph average. Myself, Andy, Richie and a couple of other club's riders are doing this tomorrow anyone welcome
  7. Conditions are perfect for a clockwise Single Arran on Saturday. For those who did an anti clockwise in April then this is further and thorough training for the mythical double in August. Best to know the details both ways. Or put another way - any excuse for an SA. Usual format of riding at pace required to achieve challenge. Anyone up for a cheeky single on Saturday ? If I know early I will also ask some neighbours from the Messenger group bunch.
  8. Very well done guys, pretty amazing performance and stories
  9. 2 x tyres removed from new bike. Unused. 700x28c. Best price I can see is £16 each. Anyone want them for £20 ?
  10. I am selling my Scott Foil Team Issue HMX carbon bike. It is the 2015 model and the range topping frame. Those that know me know I am pretty OCD about keeping bikes in good running order (I actually enjoy stripping and greasing !!) so it is in very good condition. Brief spec is, 52cm (small) Scott Foil HMX 2015 frame. Front fork replaced so the decals are white not red. Ultegra 6870 Di2 groupset. Rear mech upgraded to Ultegra 8050. Zuus 50mm carbon wheels. Rear hub upgraded to Miche Primato (the rear hub supplied just did not meet my OCD criteria). Brand new Michelin Pro 4 tyres. See pictures below Bike as pictured (without pedals and I've removed the bottle cages to another bike) - £1,500. Can be flexible and sell without wheels as would be quite happy to keep the wheels, for £1,250
  11. Yes thanks for the tow and great to see you guys pushing out the watts. For the 2nd week in a row I was hingin. There is no skin left on my nails. Repaired to the BB with my daughter whom I met in Largs then headed over the Fairlie Moor where the wee bit of nail stub that was left disappeared.
  12. Great work - well done Elaine and others who have made it happen
  13. Possibly Jan if early doors Saturday. Would a cross bike fit the bill?