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  1. Change of plan - me and Andy will meet you at ferry 0930
  2. Plan to join at Kilmacolm bridge 0845/0850
  3. Plan to join, health permitting. Andy - will be in touch tomorrow afternoon as might go via Largs if I'm out
  4. I have a compatible SRAM one - but it is 12-25. You can have it if any use.
  5. Just saw this Billy Yes for me, probably 5 days but maybe more Friday to Wednesday seemed to work well, will need to see flight situation nearer the time.
  6. Mark The modern wider rims are way better in my opinion, much more comfortable and stable and work well with bigger tyres of course. Also less susceptible to impact punctures. One word of caution - your frame may not have clearance for wider rims and 25c or 28c tyres if it is a 2012 frame. I have had 2 Scotts which took a max of 23c. That all said I would recommend new wheels and bigger tyres
  7. P McDonald


    Latest news from Arran …. Me, Jan McT and my daughter Emma set out for an SA today on the 7am ferry. Knowing the relative form of the three of us I thought it was pretty much a sure thing. However, every day is a schoolday as they say. The wind was ENE and Jan and I conferred and concluded clockwise was the best option. In all these years neither of us have ever done it with an Easterly or similar wind and we discovered the hard way that it is pretty dang hard. We both produced higher normalised power than 4 weeks ago when we did a pretty comfortable SA and Emma worked with us toe to toe until the final 3 to 4k yet we were about 7 mins slower and were not allowed to embark the ferry as they had just locked the gates ! So it doesn't count I think I speak for Jan as well in that we knew it was a lot harder even before seeing the numbers, with the exception of the south side run it was basically head or cross head all the way and it felt like it. I was gutted for Emma as she really deserved the SA on her first attempt with a really strong ride. There will be plenty more opportunities
  8. P McDonald


    Chapeau and good luck with the SSA 💪
  9. Hi Ian In my experience SRAM front shifting requires more force unless of course you go for etap. I have SRAM double tap on my cross bike and it works absolutely fine, I also had double tap on my road bike for a few years until I did LBL and I was unable to operate the left shifter due to a numb hand - this also happened to me on my winter bike a couple of times - but only on very cold and wet days. That said, this resulted in me changing wholesale back to Shimano. Bottom line - if you are doing pretty extreme cold weather rides then you best think Shimano - if you are doing more regular stuff then SRAM is just fine. You pays your money, you makes your choice
  10. It is from an article in Paisley Express about cycle lanes
  11. Is it you Robbie?
  12. P McDonald


    Excellent research Mark. Meant to say the permitted time is 2h 50 mins - that's about the top end of time to still be able to get on the boat, I usually work with 2h 48 mins max which is exactly 20mph for 56 miles.
  13. P McDonald


    Excellent idea Mark. I'm not up to speed on virtual riding at all so wouldn't know where to start ! The vital statistics, according to Strava, are 1024m of climbing and 89km. I reckon the one thing the virtual world might not replicate too well would be the twisting descents with gravel and pot holes which fairly hit the average speed ! Or can you make a VA route straight from the map? cheers
  14. P McDonald


    So here is the updated Hall of Fame - just waiting for more names to be added to the illustrious list. I'm just thinking - 2021 will be the 10 year anniversary of the first SA - and also the 5 year anniversary of the first DA, so it would be fitting to get a load of new SA inductees next year and maybe even another DA if anyone was looking for a stretch target for next summer #SAforever