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  1. P McDonald

    track league 20 Feb

    I remembered, looking forward to some sprint fun with Stevie and Sam
  2. P McDonald


    Well done Sam on his first bogs bunch (I think), rolling through no problem on what was a hard grind into Largs with quite a wind. Sam headed up Heely Brae while Ian and I persisted until we got dropped on the dreaded drag. We teamed up for a mellow run back. Doc MacLean joined us for a bit down Greenock way but not much chance to converse as it was pretty relentless.
  3. P McDonald


    Bogs bunch rules amended for this week only - good bikes permitted as its guaranteed dry and eh ... some folks need a shakedown run before going to Spain Remember if you are joining at Bishy hill you really ought to be in the big ring !!
  4. P McDonald

    Track league 6 February

    Most unfortunate night for Sam who cracked front fork pre event, then Stevie discovered at sign on he had not entered. Leaving Cedric in A's, Jan in B's and me in C and millions of jets in various groups. Cedric lighting up the A's as per, winning the elimination, Jan toughing out the B's again and getting in the action in the tempo, I was mediocre all night until the devil where I got a 2nd. When down to last 3 it was inspiring, a boy and girl with combined age of about 30 and me - this cycling can actually keep you young. At least it was a jet who won the race
  5. P McDonald


    Hey Charlie Sorry about your latest and greatest mechanical mishap today - I know I should not jest...its not funny. As you know I had just joined bunch 100m before and was not sure of mood so when I said slow up there was a young man ( not appropriate to name in public) who said crack on its the Renfrew bunch. After some hesitation there was a crack on. Now here's the thing - the same young man punctured in Greenock and had to fall on his sword and get left behind - karma or what Anyway - once you've cooled down - tell the world how you managed to not get on the bunch at top of Bishy hill
  6. P McDonald

    Sunday Feb 10th Reliability #2 Moscow Revolution

    all the best Ian, glad you are in one piece
  7. P McDonald


    PS, soy pura bombeada pensando en la hermosa España en dos semanas
  8. P McDonald


    Yes, Saturday bogs is Sunday bogs again this week. Billy, deja de fingir que puedes hablar español tú burro
  9. P McDonald

    World champs comes to Glasgow!

    This is fantastic. Should definetly finish the RR on the Georgetown
  10. P McDonald

    Track league 6 February

    Great stuff Sam, wish I'd been there to see that
  11. P McDonald

    Track league 6 February

    So in the C group - Very well done to Sam and Stevie who got a 3rd each in the points and scratch. I was there in body but not in health so headed home before the final tempo race. Jan was racing the B's which looked particularly rapid
  12. P McDonald

    Track league 30 January

    Yip, well done Jan. The B group was tough tonight. Decided to enter C next week then back to B for return of regular programme.
  13. P McDonald


    That was some shift from Red Smiddy to Gourock into a 'testing' headwind. When we turned onto the cross tailwind the pace ramped up. Bunch blew apart on Cloch drag leaving about 7 for the Inverkip drag. Exiting Wemyss Bay, the bunch fractured again. I soloed to Largs for a lengthy BB stop with Alan, then Billy then many other JWCC arrived. Excellent wee run back over Heely. 2 days of tank emptied this weekend - I'm sure it will be worth it at some point!
  14. P McDonald

    Track Sat 26th?

    That was excellent, hope to recover enough for a decent bogs bunch tomorrow
  15. P McDonald

    Track Sat 26th?

    Guys, if either of you want to team up for company on drive up let me know, I will be passing Linwood at 12.20 and can pick up at Showcase, plenty room in my car.