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  1. Just saw this, great memories, also made me think just how many decades I have been habbling down the Westferry 😁
  2. P McDonald


    Hello Ramsay, hope all good with you both I have used Espresso's for a few years now, would recommend them, they are very good. I reckon go for the first one in the range which has the metal wear plate - last time I bought a pair it was the Espresso 4. Only small downside is cleats wear out a bit quicker than others. cheers
  3. Would be heading to Calpe in summer Billy as I have a villa booking transferred from July 20 to July 21. The thought of the silky smooth mountain roads and sunshine is what is keeping me going. And trying to beat my PB on the Col de Rates 🌞
  4. Update on this thread and the banter on the WhatsApp thread, Been time limited this week but investigating RGT it looks like you need to subscribe in order to upload a route. I thought I would suss out the free version first to see how it works. On the subject of a UA, basically the established 20mph challenge for the SA and DA is the exact same for a TA or QA, ie you need to average 20mph from when you get off the boat to get back on. I reckon 2 challenges might qualify for a UA, 1) Just doing 4 laps in a day regardless of time, you would need to stay overnight as if you don't average 20mph for the 224 miles then you can't do the ferry thing in a day. 2) Perhaps a better one would be a 50TA, this would be 3 laps of 50 miles over the Ross so 150 miles and the target speed to catch the ferry would be 18mph. I reckon this would work out harder than a DA. So there you go George, if you are looking for an Ultra Arran the scene is set ….
  5. Of course, I really hope to get a trip in the summer as well
  6. Guys Just wondered if anyone has any experience of RGT platform which is a competitor to Zwift. Reason for asking is I read that you can upload a route and by 'chance' I thought of Arran and we could add a new category to the Hall of Fame - the VA Virtual Arran - time limit would be about 2h45m Just as a reminder of better times and challenges to come the current categories are, SA - Single Arran SSA - Solo Single Arran WA - Winter Arran 56+50 - Double Arran with 'minor' shortcut over the Ross The mythical DA - Double Arran cheers
  7. P McDonald


    Here's some more Davie
  8. P McDonald


    Hey Davie I think its great that you did post this message especially if it helps you come to terms with your reality. Please do fight it head on and make the very most of whatever time you have which may be longer than you think. Seeing the pictures from our Roubaix trip ( with the other crazy Paul! ) really brought it all back. Seem to remember going to bar for a 'coffee' late morning beside the velodrome and ending up spending the whole day watching the big screen - I'll see if I have some other pictures. Also remember getting up about 3am to ride 1 hour to the bus down to the start ?! Perhaps you can be the Derny pacer for a cyclo cross / gravel ride when you get the new steed, All the best
  9. Would anyone have a Di2 rear mech I could borrow to use on my Zwift bike for a few weeks until I get a warranty replacement, the one I have has broke at a very awkward time ! Realistically it could be late January before I get the replacement with holidays etc cheers Paul
  10. Was expecting this one, we'll just need to be more inventive with Zwift
  11. Yip, bit of a bummer that one. I plan to re activate so I can watch SA's
  12. Dear all Official club ride mentioned above is cancelled due to the difficulty interpreting the frequent guidance updates from Government. I do not want expose the club to any risk. Paul
  13. From what I can decipher, outdoor non contact sports are still ok, so.....there is a run leaving Houston roundabout 9.30am Saturday round coast to W Kilbride, company welcome, I will take names for track and trace register. Decent tempo, short stop at Largs toilets Post up if you plan to join.