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  1. the Charlie Canter to go with the Galeb Gallop
  2. We never really post the weekly track reports any more so I thought I'd post a random one to encourage anyone sitting on the fence to make a return, Super Saturday B/C group results today showed a good presence of JWCC in the top 5 and the return of Jan McT to the type of form he was on a couple of years ago, Tempo : 1st Jan, me unclassified Points: 3rd Jan, me 4th Scratch: 2nd Me, Jan unclassified Devil : Jan 3rd, me 4th So for those of you who have been there done it (Sam, Stevie, Alan, Alan, Darryl, Charlie, Billy, Richard etc etc) and anyone thinking about it, this is a great way to spend a very grim Saturday afternoon Familiar picture on scoreboard below
  3. Can only be one answer from me, Full Arran - https://www.strava.com/routes/8304084 x 2 😂 I also second three routes mentioned above - Dunoon via Hells Glen, Loop from Dunoon taking in C23 and Tighnabruaich and the Mennock Pass
  4. P McDonald

    Camp Casa XXX 2020

    Happy New Year all, Tommy - any chance you could contact me on [email protected], I am just trying to sort out some transport etc. thanks, Paul
  5. P McDonald

    Camp Casa XXX 2020

    Just to mention, I have booked a 2 bed apartment, sleeps 4 in 4 x single beds same road as XXX's gaff. We have me, Darryl and Tommy booked in so far. So first come first serve for the lucky 4th person who wants to avoid Georges evening patter FYI it cost 300 euros for 5 nights split between however many. Next plan is to suss out a car like an Astra/Focus during Christmas holidays, I got one last year for about £40 for 3 or 4 days, this is good for 2 bodies and 2 bike bags, cheaper than a taxi normally for a short stay. Having been to XXX's you really don't need a car for anything but the option is there to stock up on liquid (milk and lashings of lemonade of course) and such like. Darryl is in this car with me - I will post up once I know price if two others want to do same.
  6. Sorry mate, doing the traditional thing tomorrow, enjoy 🚴‍♂️
  7. Remembered to enter for Wed 4th Dec Anyone else?
  8. Just tried to enter and discovered the deadline is now the Thursday before ! Anyone else entered?
  9. thanks Martin, I've ridden the road into Renfrew the past two Saturday's, might be a rare sensible decision !!
  10. Good luck ! I opted for bogs bunch as weather looks grand for Saturday
  11. Just noticed this Ramsay. I've been to Los Gigantes 3 or 4 times over the years. Once you get off the main drag there is some pretty amazing cycling, however it is very hilly up at Los Gigantes. As in you only need 2 gears, a 34-28 and a 52-12 ! Not really any flat run options except the coast road which is busy. All depends what you are looking for. cheers
  12. Enjoy ! Plan to return some year but not 2020