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  1. P McDonald

    Radical Russian Steps

    With it looking like the Severe Weather Protocol will be activated on Saturday, and Sunday may just be plain sh*&e, who would be up for a track blast. The radical bit is the 8am time. Suggest decision Saturday morning latest when the Sunday weather is clearer, I don't think this session will fill up too quickly due to the time!
  2. P McDonald

    Renfra bunch sat 8/12

    Very unusual bogs bunch for me today - had stomach pains on run in to Largs, so much so that I did not even challenge Archibald when he went for the sprint and frankly I'd rather die first !!!! Thought - ok 10 mins rest at bogs and be fine. Nope, riding out of Largs almost had to stop with a stitch type pain. Saw Billy heading up the healy and joined him. Struggled to hold his wheel but he was very generous with his banter which basically kept me going to Kilbirnie and then made it home (and that is a genuine thanks to Billy by the way George, hard to believe I know) Hope the Ultras didn't get too utterly drenched on way home!
  3. P McDonald

    Derny Double Tuesday

    Sound like we have Ian, Jan, me, Billy for this sesh on Tuesday. Marc ? Stevie - were you tempted?
  4. P McDonald

    Renfra bunch sat 8/12

    I will pass Houston 0945 as normal to avoid Charlie
  5. P McDonald

    Track league 5th December

    Good fun tonight with me Stevie and Sam in C and Cedric in A. Stevie 4th and me 5th in scratch, Sam had a touch of the dreaded flesh eating man flu and departed after a couple of races, Stevie and I scored points in points race but not enough to scare leaderboard, then I got 4th in devil which was very frustrating as I made a rookie error and thought there were 3 of us left and we were on the lap before the final sprint with one guy rolling round before pulling off, so cruised over line and got eliminated to end up 4th.
  6. P McDonald

    Track league 5th December

    I have just booked both sessions, 8 spaces left
  7. P McDonald

    Track league 5th December

    Anyone for Derny double session next Tuesday at 6pm?
  8. P McDonald

    Track league 5th December

    Me, next week is pursuits night then no track league till January.
  9. P McDonald

    Calpe, Spain, June 2019

    just sayin like, I somehow thought the definition would include climbing god, sprint king etc, but alas, no... bison. a large, wild animal, similar to a cow but having a larger head and hairy shoulders, found esp. in North America
  10. P McDonald

    Renfra bunch 1/12

    1st time this year we had the full grimness of Scottish weather with wet and cold up the coast. However the 14 strong, fast, disciplined and smooth rolling bunch made you forget the weather. It was a Carlsberg day for lights through Greenock and Gourock and I got my 2nd fastest time from westferry to cloch by just a few seconds and I'm sure the day I got the faster one had a screaming tailwind. After Largs there were 8 and Galeb joined us during the interlude to keep the pace rolling. I maxed out again by Kilbirnie and bought a ticket on the Galeb train back to Lochwinnoch. Hope the many JWCC squadra had a good run back over the Heelie
  11. P McDonald

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Haha belter. I had a splendid lead out from a Flanders fanatic who is heading there for the umpteenth time this year, he is also a big fan of beer and frites. And being as it is a sensitive issue I thought I should clear it up for Billy and George, Ramsay and I can vouch for each other, no feet down on Koppenberg or Paterberg though it was very close having to weave in and out of riders who were grinding to a halt. Still rank this as one of top 10 days on a bike despite the inconvenient bollard that was a good somersault launcher.
  12. P McDonald

    Anyone for Flanders?

    And talking of looking young !!! With Stevie Finnegan, Graeme Herd and Drew Wilson, early 90's I think before Tour of the Kingdom
  13. P McDonald

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Happy days
  14. P McDonald

    Renfra bunch 1/12

    see you en route. I'll be passing Houston 0945
  15. P McDonald


    Jan. I did consider a track session Saturday afternoon but there are none listed on the App. Easy decision then, bogs bunch it is !