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  1. Anyone have a pair of size 7 spd compatible shoes they want to move on - for daughter and she's - not too fussed about aesthetics, just wants a functional pair of shoes
  2. patters brilliant on here! Given Davies love for farm roads - Thank God he's a Country Boy Anyways, if you should be down round the Cloch about 10am you might see the odd sight of me doing a TT as part of a sprint triathlon team, if you do please give a shout
  3. Galeb, you should be very worried, you are indeed straying close to Charlie territory, 2 mechanicals before you got out the door ๐Ÿ™„There is a critical difference though that gets you off the hook - you managed to fix them and get back mobile โ€ฆ. Otherwise excellent, after BB, Emma and I did W Kilbride with a thumping tailwind back from Dalry.
  4. Galeb, I will gallop as far as Largs if that ok, I will then dodge into BB for a leisurely coffee stop and to meet my daughter for a run back over Loch Thom or Fairlie moor.
  5. Thought that was a gid grind last night Group 2 were 5% faster (35 secs) on the clear run on the 8km of Westferry to bottom of Clune. (And slower from Red Smiddy to Clune due to 3 traffic light stops). I have 3 suggestions based on feedback and making the assumption that we want to try again with smooth rolling hard working groups which include more people working and with a bit of the fun of the APR chase. 1) Go through Erskine, one set of lights much better than 3, allows smoother rolling (gap setting impossible otherwise) 2) 1.1/2 min gap at Houston and bunches should combine about bottom of Clune with good chase on Westferry. 3) Both groups regroup at top of Clune (they both fall to pieces anyway on Clune) and 1 min gap after which should have both combining at end of Georgetown but will be subject to BOW lights which cannot be avoided and Alan McLean will love the uncontrolled variable What you reckon ?
  6. This is not too controversial On Tuesday night the bogs bunch took the Cloak Road, it worked a lot better than dodging up the roadworks and round the scheme. Also Main Road to Bishopton is open again, albeit with one set of traffic lights.
  7. Ok guys, fess up, youse are just envious that I am one of only two people on the Planet to have done the DA๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  8. After speaking to some worthies (Charlie and Jan!) I thought I would take the initiative to post up a code of conduct for the JWCC Thursday night run. If those of us on the forum commit to this then it will happen. I would also propose to do a brief at start next week so our guests will understand if they are dangling out front alone for a bit ! This was written before Jan's post to try more than one group so it not quite as relevant now but principles still apply. My view is that it is maybe time to try more than one group โ€“ my personal view would be to try two groups first. Going to keep it simple , 1) We ride tempo on Bishy hill โ€“ not slow โ€“ but we donโ€™t increase the power output 2) At the approach to roundabouts we have a 10 second period before and after when the outside line does not ride through and off. Ie. two parallel lines going at same speed as slower line. Purpose is to roll into and roll out of roundabout. Once 10 seconds out, the front guy on the outside line rolls through again and folks can put the hammer down as normal. This applies at Westferry on ramp (which is technically a roundabout anyway), Langbank, Woodhall and Houston roundabouts. 3) If bunch gets split at any roundabout or traffic light, the front group rides below tempo until regroup happens. If anyone has a constructive feedback then please post up, or post up to support this initiative to keep it safe but hard.
  9. YOLO Yes indeed what is an SA ! It is a Single Arran, what it means is doing the 56 mile loop between the 0700 ferry and the 1105 return, which means an average of 20mph after the ferry arrives for 2h45m on the rolling roads and taking into account the embarking time for the ferry. hope that helps
  10. Next Saturday 17th August I was planning to do an SA and wondered if anyone else who is either already in the Hall of Fame or would like to get into the Hall of Fame might be up for it. I have a special reason in that my daughter is visiting for the weekend and is keen to be the first Female into the Hall (unless other females join next week!), she is similar or stronger than me for up to one hour but not really trained for 2h 40 min type efforts, also there is a descending challenge due to inexperience on bike so it will be a challenge to make up the time but that is what it is all about. I reckon I am borderline fitness for a solo single so could probably get her round but any other riders would be very welcome !
  11. Same crazy question as last week - anyone fancy an 8am, 1 hour, eyeballs out session on Sunday morning, I reckon if there was a few then I posted on Facebook there would be few more ?
  12. Excellent. Me and Charlie bought a ticket on the Galeb Express, we decided to alight at Largs and repair to the BB for a coffee which extended to a second coffee, needed time to let the stars stop spinning
  13. - feels painful already - note to self - be careful what you wish for