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  1. P McDonald

    Sam Dooley Memorial 25TT Saturday 22/9/18

    Sorry just read this as do not read the TT forum very often or the Charlie posts I can do my usual pusher offer
  2. P McDonald

    Sat 11th

    Just 3 muskateers today for a good hard grind. And it was a really good morning with truly magnificent views of Arran. Enjoy euro's tomorrow if you go Galeb
  3. P McDonald

    Sat 11th

    See u 8.30, sorry for delay in reply, I’m at business do tonight
  4. P McDonald

    Sat 11th

    ok doke I'll give it a couple of hours to see if Galeb or Marc reply
  5. P McDonald

    Sat 11th

    Cheers Darryl. My diary secretary reminded me I need to be home for 1145 latest tomorrow ! Had conveniently forgot that one. So I have 2 options and being as you are first to reply the choice is yours. 1. I will be out from 8am. Happy to meet you at Howwood 9am but will not manage full Galston transmitter route. Sure we can still do a pleasant but truncated route. Or I will turn back a bit earlier. 2. Meet 0830 BOW traffic lights if Galeb and Marc up for it as they usually are, for the Whin - Loch Thom - Largs - W Kilbride.
  6. P McDonald

    Sat 11th

    Anyone up for Galston Transmitter 9am Howwood on Saturday morn. Keep it rolling type pace
  7. P McDonald

    track league survey

  8. P McDonald

    Tuesday Bogs Bunch

    Well the easy start must have worked for Jan who took honours tonight, chapeau that man. I had a great view, Jan went for it, Gregg and Cedric hesitated then went full gas. But too late.
  9. P McDonald

    Tuesday Bogs Bunch

    anyone for Tuesday this week?
  10. P McDonald

    Euro Champs

    Agreed Jan, that has to be the most bling bike paint job in the world, it actually sparkles !
  11. P McDonald

    Euro Champs

    Brilliant day at track today seeing the superstars. Capped off when Matthijs BÜCHLI of the Netherlands, just 1 hour after winning gold in the kilo, asked for a selfie with me and Laura
  12. P McDonald

    Saturday 4th August

    Excellent quartet this morning. Bit unfortunate we got a soaking almost of Thursday night proportions over Loch Thom into Largs. Galeb was not galloping quite as normal today so the mantle passed to the Cedric shafting and the Marc mauling. The 90% outbreak of common sense lasted almost to Kilmacolm then was swiftly binned
  13. P McDonald

    Saturday 4th August

    Talking to Marc and Galeb about a run on Saturday there was an surprise outbreak of common sense and a proposal to ride it at 90% instead of the customary 110%. So proposal is Whin - Loch Thom - Largs - Fairlie 0830 at BOW traffic lights. Who's up for that.
  14. P McDonald

    Euro Champs Free Tickets

    *&^% and I just paid good cash for saturday afternoon. Wouldn't want to go Satyrday morning anyway - better out getting pumped on the Galeb gallop
  15. Shame you cant make it Marc. I am going on Saturday afternoon so already have tickets.