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  1. I happened to be looking at the Hall of Fame, as you do, and noticed that 2015 was a truly vintage year with 7 new entrants to the SA Club. One never to be beaten you might think. I think otherwise..... I reckon 2019 could beat that as we have 3 new entries already in April. So, to all the Officer Candidates out there, don't be shy on the training front, get a few good high tempo 60 milers under your belt and voila! the annual inductee record to the Hall of Fame can be beaten You know you want to. You know it will be the best thing you ever do on a bike. You know this is you purpose in life and you will forever glow in the memory. Your mission on earth will be complete. Next slot probably mid May
  2. Holy Shamoly, is that Arran in the background ? You have caught the bug, there is no going back now. DA August 2019
  3. Excellent stuff, good to join you as far as Spango Valley. At one extreme we had you guys with bare arms, legs and track mitts. At the other extreme we had me in full winter gloves, tights and windproof jacket ( in my defence I took daughter to airport at 5.45 and registered 3c at Lochwinnoch roundabout ! ). It was all good for me until about Largs when I turned into a microwave boil in the bag meal ! Great picture story Stuart
  4. Hello folks I am looking for an extra small road bike, brand etc not important, budget for this one up to £250. Thought it sensible to post on here first in case anyone has one to move on before looking at other options. Thanks, email below [email protected]
  5. Lads, are you still passing Kilmacolm at 7.25 to 7.30am, if so I will join you down to Wemmys bay. Will likely turn off at Spango up Loch Thom then Fairlie Moor if anyone else up for an early morning run. Coffee stop optional.
  6. Utterly brilliant day on Arran and 3 new members of the SA Hall of Fame. Fantastic, and many congrats to SA Rookies Sam McGrath, Colin Sales and Alan Hendry, who were joined by seasoned SA vets Jan McTavish, Mark Kelly, Andy Gumley and myself. So 7 started as a team and 7 finished as a team. Also took all the rankings from 2nd to 6th or something on the Strava segment. This was a rarer anti clockwise assault due to the predicted wind, however there was near zero wind all day. Very smooth paceline with much encouragement in evidence. Lots of resurfaced roads helped and I reckon this could be a year for records. Still some pretty grisly bits mind you. Weather was probably the best I have ever seen on Arran and I have been there a lot! Truly heaven on earth. So now you have a taste guys, set your sights on the Grand Daddy of them all - the DA in August. As I may have said somewhere before, this is a monumental and life changing experience that you will regale your grandchildren with, you will have it engraved on your gravestone, you will forever remember the single biggest day of your life. You will feel immortal. To round it all off me and Jan rode over the Ross to meet my two girls at the Velo café, then clung on to their wheels to get back for the 1.55pm ferry as we were both tank empty status. 86 miles and 2,000m of ascent made for a fantastic day out.
  7. Colin - one bottle for me, I carry my tubes and cylinders in my 2nd bottle. On a warm day, and I'll probably take one tomorrow, a small 0.5l shop water bottle in pocket. Just as a heads up lads, I will be arriving mob handed as both daughters decided they want a trip. They plan to go anti clockwise to velo café at Lagg which is about 40 miles. So we have an extra challenge on top of the SA to get to café before them which would be about 70 miles
  8. So lads, looks like we have me, Jan, Andy, Alan, mibeez Colin, mibeez Sam. And Iain on a social ride agenda ? Any others? The April SA is normally a truly magnificent experience. That new guy J Esus who was dressed in black to try and hide his porky outline, well in his previous life before he resurrected as overweight ex cyclist, he even did an April SA !!
  9. Good fun as always I agree Alan that was your most desperate post ever. To answer question Jan, Colin and I just rolled over together probably not realising there was a point up for grabs But I started ahead so fly by would be Colin.
  10. For sure Darryl - I will do some routes and things on mymaps or such like
  11. Have a great time guys, I am not going to make it
  12. Might have to re write the bible with the return of J Esus
  13. Thank Jann. All good, 0700 over and 1105 return, worse case 1230 return but that won't happen !