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  1. Mark Cavendish Human Missile good documentary A Sunday in Hell good for a long turbo session Any Flanders or Roubaix replay from the past 20 years That crazy Indian guy Hambini who rips apart brand name designs - I 've watched some after Jan and Darryl mentioned him ABBA The Movie (ok I'm going off piste now)
  2. Exactly what Alan says. Smart phone finds power meter immediately and basically that's it. Single crank 4iiii power meters (the one I use) dropped a lot in price recently to a bit over £200, I think. It has worked very well for me past 3 winters and 2 summers. If you want to use on road you will want a head unit but that is not what you are looking for right now. on subject of head unit …. The one I use, a Lezyne Macro (£80) has a slightly different principle for tracking - it uses your phone for location computing power - ie. you need to have phone with you on the run. That is why the head unit you require can be quite a bit cheaper. I took the view I always have my phone with me anyway so might as well get a cheaper head unit. In answer to next question, on the 8 hour run in Spain it was no concern about phone battery life - it just samples your location then the clever computer fill in the gaps (same as all trackers I imagine).
  3. Darryl I am in no way qualified but just a thought. There is an alternative to a smart trainer and that is using a power meter - of course the resistance won't change with the terrain automatically. I got on zwift today using the zwift phone app which is bluetoothed to my power meter. I then have an apple lightning to hdmi cable and the phone is mirrored on the TV screen. This worked for me as we had an old and large TV in the loft. The advantage of this is that if you invest in the power meter instead then you can use it on the road as well as the turbo. For real flexibility get a transferrable power meter like a crank based one and you can use it on any bike by just swapping the LH crank (or both cranks for a dual crank system). I use my LH crank power meter on my winter and summer bike and on turbo and rollers. So many options ……...
  4. Great work Jan. Would love to join but still not sorted on Zwift and I've got a cold ! (a regular one) Looking forward to doing a ZA at on point
  5. Cancelled due to Corona Virus. Stay safe folks and enjoy your hours of turbo isolation !!
  6. Arran Alert - there is only one weekend left to attempt the latest category in the Arran challenge, the Winter Single Arran (WSA), as the summer timetable starts the following Saturday. Next Saturday weather looks very good, wind maybe not ideal direction but that is what makes the challenge. I am going to have a go at his, could be either 7am or 9.45am ferry over. Only thing with 9.45 if you miss the return at 1355 then next one is 1640, so probably 7am. Plenty notice to taper and have a grand day out next Saturday As a refresher the categories in the Hall of Fame are SA - Single Arran SSA - Solo Single Arran 56+50 - An SA followed by a further SA but cutting out 5 miles and going over the Ross Road climb 56+ 50 S - As above as a solo ride DA - Double Arran and the new boy on the block - WSA - Winter Single Arran - which no one has done yet Hall of Fame attached Arran Challenge 2020.xlsx
  7. Hi Alan, is the meet point the point '7' on the map link above? thanks
  8. Well, stone me. Won't forget that one in a hurry, torrential rain, sleet and hail with gusting winds blowing it through, also some sunshine Echelon up the coast was bonza. Overall it ticked two boxes, Epic and Multi Habble Cheers lads, gonna miss this next weekend in 🌞🌞🌞🌞 Espana
  9. Yes, who is up for a 9.45 group? We need to get at least one in - in 30 years I cant ever remember all 4 reliabilities not happening !
  10. I know I ridiculed Andy's WhatsApp that the weather was looking ok...…..however I'll be at clubrooms 0930 if wind not of near death proportions
  11. P McDonald

    Sat 8th Feb

    Ian - option to join the bogs bunch to Cloch or so? leaving at 9.30 today to get back before storm, mostly JWCC these days anyway !