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  1. Have you been to Wuhan recently?
  2. Iain67

    Hoody Order

    Hi Stuart away next week, will contact you when back weekend 8th-9th Feb to arrange
  3. keep me posted lads, might be up for a late morning spin
  4. Weather not looking good go tomorrow, will asses in the morning
  5. really hard frost over night, is the ride still on?
  6. see you tomorrow, hang on as long as i can after a tough week
  7. Iain67

    Hoody Order

    Hi Stuart, money transferred and thanks again for sorting this out Cheers. Iain
  8. Club - Erskine Bridge - Helensburgh - Arrochar - Rest & be thankful - Hells Glen - Strachur - Loch Eck - Dunoon - Gourock - Clune - Johnstone. not a lot of bail outs Greg I am afraid
  9. lost the wheel coming out Branchtown and did not fancy a solo into a head all the way to Largs. Hopefully get my legs back soon.
  10. Iain67

    Friday 27th Dec

    Heading out for a few hours tomorrow if anyone fancies a run. Will be at Morrisons Johnstone around 10:00. Slow pace as over indulged over Christmas and may do Largs but weather dependant. Company welcome