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  1. hi Darryl, will let you know after Crimbo
  2. Great day and love a Kilcreggan day out but think we'll need to find a new cafe stop. really enjoyed the day and good to get a solid 70 in the legs
  3. guys I can't commit to after the New Year but go ahead and I'll try update early in 2019, work related......
  4. Kilcreggan is good for me, what time at the bridge?
  5. Martin can I pay this direct to the club or does it need to go through British Cycling? Can't remember my Login  details  

    1. martin


      Hi Iain, no need to use BC. we are happy to take cash payment :-)

  6. Iain67

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Thats me booked for Flanders 2019, trading starts end of Dec
  7. Iain67

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Guys I just don'#t fancy getting at at 04:00 AM to cycle an additional 55kms that I have already previously done. I am going to sign up for the 174kms and yes Paul, I'll see you at the Red Bull Stop to admire the view......
  8. Iain67

    Anyone for Flanders?

    are we applying as a club or as individuals?
  9. Gutted mate think I am on holiday
  10. Iain67

    Anyone for Flanders?

    I'll speak with my brother in law George. The idea of a later start and missing the first 40 or so miles does appeal.....
  11. Iain67

    Anyone for Flanders?

    thanks Chung, will book later today. You doing the full route or middle one? remember last time I did it, first 40 miles were very boring
  12. Iain67

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Does anyone have the link to apply for the race?
  13. Iain67

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Cheers Gen, will confirm travel plans but at moment book me in with you please