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  1. Iain67

    Hoody Order

    cheers Stuart, pm me your bank details and the cost and i'll send over
  2. can recommend the digs, great place and defo worth the money. Just don't send big Alex for milk😂
  3. Iain67

    Hoody Order

    Hi Stuart , is it too late to order a large?
  4. sadly in England I am afraid Cedric, good luck to you
  5. Liverpool this weekend, via the erskine bridge 😁
  6. good wee run out today in cold but excellent conditions.
  7. okay guys if you're happy with it, get you at bridge 10:00
  8. Anyone one out tomorrow, thinking either Sinclair Street or Largs? Depending on who's out we'll go with majority. Club rooms 09:30?
  9. sadly not next year Martin, i fly back from holiday same day. Ramsey i have done both routes and the middle route 174kms is my preference. 04:00 start long route versus 08:00 start for the middle route makes a big difference. Sure you and Elaine will have a ball,. One of my favourites days on a bike and the beer at the end also plays a big part whats getting added to the collection this year Mull, full beer pump?😀
  10. hope to be out mate, but suggestion, why don't we meet at bridge.........😂