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  1. hi Gerard I'll be around to help on Sunday and will ask the missus if she can help with some baking. What time do you need me there?
  2. well three met at the clubs rooms this morning, myself, Davie B and Ian Coutie. After a hard ride into a head wind to Kilbirnie I headed back via Lochwinnoch. Fair play to davy and Ian who decided they would head over Fairly Moor and round to Largs. Hop you both had the wind at your back on the way home guys and hope the weathers better next week
  3. Great news Chung, do you do puncture repairs? Seriously I may have some wheels by their sell by dates....
  4. Flanders but a Pyrenees or Alps stage just as good
  5. see what the weather is doing this weekend Davie before I commit
  6. see you at bridge 09:00, what time do yu recon we'll be back?
  7. I am in Ginty, text me and let me know the route and meet up time Sunday morning
  8. good Luck Galeb, hope you make the double