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  1. Iain67


    Hi Davie B, was so sorry to hear this news and always seems to happen to life's goods guys. I have some great memories riding with you pal as you were always one to hang back and offer a word of encouragement when I was dropped by the bunch (A regular event). Have some great memories of Marmotte, Flanders and Liege and all the rides we did in Scotland over the years. Even remember you fixing a broken chain to get me home. God bless pal and hope the treatment goes well. Hope to see you back out on the road and sending you best wishes Iain C
  2. sorry i could not make it. travelling back from liverpool under the cover of darkness
  3. Nice to see the Jets getting some free advertising on British and Scottish Cycling
  4. would love to but no idea how to work Zwift and don't think my turbo is compatible
  5. Hi Billy I'll check if i can get the time off
  6. Weather looking better on Sunday versus Saturday and looking at a run down through Ayrshire to Troon. Clubs rooms at 09:30 AM and should be around 60-70 miles depending on route. If you are attending can you please post up for track and trace info.
  7. Me too Billy 5-7 days depending on the flight times etc
  8. oka Eric i'll try and round up who was all there
  9. Cracking run out today round to Glen Friun, decent bunch and pace made even nicer seeing Scotland at its finest. More next weekend please
  10. Iain67


    would have loved to try this Paul but daughter is moving out saturday and i am designated van driver
  11. sorry to miss it guys, got to the top of the whinn and my brain said carry on but my legs said not a chance. Hope to be out next weekend
  12. Have you been to Wuhan recently?
  13. Iain67

    Hoody Order

    Hi Stuart away next week, will contact you when back weekend 8th-9th Feb to arrange