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  1. need a gravel bike for that road Ginty, not the best
  2. enjoy, lurgy not lifted
  3. if the weather improves, hope to be out. also if my man flu subsides
  4. Iain67

    Camp Casa XXX 2020

    love to Billy but away on holiday Mid-March and doubt I'll get the time off. Let me know of you're planning anything for later in the year
  5. can't make it this week, doing Glasgow- Edinburgh w
  6. okay thanks guys i'll do a solo to largs
  7. Thinking Largs on Sunday, track to Lochwinnoch, up over golf course road to Kilbirnie the onto Largs to hopefully meet up with Paul McDonald and Charlie. Route back via Ardrossan. 09:00 at club rooms
  8. Iain67

    Sunday 1st Sep

    maybe a bit too fast for me, will post up a club run to Largs for Sunday and meet you in BB. What time you looking to get there? Can then maybe keep the wind off you fast boys on the way back
  9. looks very nice mate, must feel like a new bike
  10. defo Colin cracking day on the bike but my legs were in bits by the time i got home. really enjoyed the ride and company and you can't beat that route on a nice day
  11. don't worry Chung, not done much recently so will be a slower pace