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  1. Iain67

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    Yes same as above. Thanks Greg to your missus for great soup after a stinking day.
  2. Iain67

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    see you a bridge 09:30
  3. Iain67

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    I am in, see you Sunday
  4. Good wee run out today apart from broken chain and clunky gears. Bike in being repaired so hopefully ready for next Sunday. Enjoyed the coffee and chat as always Darryl. Hope Mia for back okay after her mechanical and thanks to everyone who helped me with my broken chain. Was also nice to see some new female faces in the bunch today
  5. Hope to be out for the 09:30 bunch
  6. Jesus Ginty, hope all okay and I'll give you a bell at weekend
  7. a maybe for me, will update at weeked
  8. Gutted to be missing this, especially after Davy B suggestion
  9. away in Scouse land this weekend
  10. Iain67

    Sunday 27th January

    Chapeau guys. we defo have some hardy souls in the Johnstone. Gutted to have missed it as weather turned out pretty decent. Is there a written rule for being a light weight who likes his bed too much? Liiverpool next weekend but defo back week after
  11. Iain67

    Sunday 27th January

    hipe all okay Geo. Bit too wild mate so decided on gym instead. Oh and never too early for a can of beer, 04:00 Flanders and Belgium beer, oh yes
  12. Iain67

    Sunday 27th January

    horrible weekend Mark not helped by a lone ride to Largs then a kicking to keep up. Need to get out my bed earlier on a Sunday
  13. Iain67

    Sunday 27th January

    hope to be out Geo
  14. Iain67

    Anyone for Flanders?

    cheers Andy, thanks for letting me know
  15. Iain67

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Andrew or James can you add my bother in law, Jon Branson to the room 8 or 9. Already said he was coming Many thanks Iain