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  1. John Craig had a spill on the bridge, i'll contact him
  2. would love to guys but doubt I'll get away with three day on the trot. Garden centre here we come........
  3. Great run out pal, sorry we never got a chance to chat. Have a good Easter mat


  4. hope all okay, glad i missed you on way out.... Glen hope all okay with the wheels
  5. great to meet up wth the legends.... great wee spin round Arran and then back to Erskine. Days like today make riding a bike a total pleasure
  6. aiming to br on the 09:45 sailing getting in for 10:40, hopefully see you then lads. i'll bring gels......
  7. not much chance of that Andy. May meet you enrolee on Sunday guys, as need to be back for 13:00
  8. Might be out for a spin on Sunday Andy, depends on hard you push me Sat. I need to be back around 13:00. so may need to bale early
  9. Andy if I get to Arran around 11:00, where will you guys be? I fancy doing a lap of the island but probably nit at your pace, so please let me know the plans for Sat?

    cheers pal

    1. Gummers


      We’ll be in and around the terminal. I think our plan was to head up over the Ross to go to velo cafe then see what next.....

    2. Iain67


      cool hope to see you there Andy


    3. Gummers



      sorry mate I had to get on1105 to get home. Couldn’t afford to get the 1350 as it would have wiped out Lee-Anne’s plans. 

      Hope you had a good run out to Lagg with Paul and Iain?


  10. I am looking at getting the 08:44 train from Paisley to connect with 09:45 sailing and will cycle back
  11. that should read cycling tales, really need to wear my glasses more often
  12. might be interested Mull, they looked after my father-in-law when ill. You up for it?
  13. bit too fast and early for me guys, may post up a more sedate run and pace for Saturday. Enjoy and good luck
  14. Good luck to all doing the Amstel Gold this weekend. Well Jell and please send loads of photos and cycling tails. Pictures of climbs, pros, beers and drunkenness, all the usual stuff from a club trip
  15. That's what club cycling is all about guys, no need to burn all your matches on the front and end up spat out the back. Great wee chain gang and the dash for the 30 was magic to watch (just wish i could have competed)