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  1. Just been too busy at work. I will join you guys but just not sure of how long for. May only do Thur to Sun/Mon. I am away on holiday next week and will sort when I am back J
  2. Yes, hope to be out. Time restraints so probably back up HB.
  3. James

    Renfra bunch 1/12

    Paul Get you at Bus stop j
  4. Can't make it as my wife is away this weekend. Enjoy the curry and refreshments
  5. Thanks for timekeeping and holding up Well done to PB ers
  6. Cant make it Sunday. Wife away......looking after kids.
  7. James


    Iain I changed from the Garmin to Wahoo a few months ago. Find it a lot better than the Garmin. It is easy to sink with all your power meters, sensors, heart rate etc. You can also set up the displays on your phone for displays on TT for separate displays. You also do not need to down load maps if you are abroad as it does this automatically. J
  8. Sorry, Cant make it. Doing a wee hilly run in France !!