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  1. Thanks Graham I'll be in touch.
  2. Cheers Billy I'll have a look at these routes.
  3. Folks, a friend of mine is planning a fundraising cycle from Hampden to Wembley next summer, can anyone give any information on a good route? Cheers
  4. Yeah that was excellent. I was so close to peeling off and doing something easier myself but glad I stuck with the group, cheers for the wheels.
  5. Cheers Darryl, hopefully get yous down at the ferry.
  6. Sorry Paul more likely to be pushing a pram in my JWCC kit than riding my bike these days! violins out!
  7. Is there a level below "tragically unfit".....
  8. 😂forgot about that! Thankfully it saved ride before the battery died around Fenwick, can't imagine how I would of coped if it never!
  9. That was a belter mate! I had to go into work after, was late and my gaffer took 1 look at me then ordered me never to do that again before duty! Could hardly tie my shoe laces.
  10. Magic, see you then. I can bring some caps if anyone wants 1...
  11. Anything happening this Wednesday folks? Hopefully got the morning free.
  12. Was down the bagel during the week, whats happened to the bus stop??! Felt lost with nowhere to lean my bike!! We'll need to start a campaign...