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  1. People, Has anyone got a LH Shimano (11spd) shifter for sale? Cheers Robbie
  2. robster82

    Guy Fawkes

    Eventually got some free time so heading out tomorrow morning for a couple of hours if anyone wants to join me. Cheers Robbie
  3. Great time for the win! Well done Jamie T. Thanks to Alan and Martin for organising the brilliant event.
  4. Alan, I'm nightshift on Saturday finishing at 10am on the Sunday, if I can get away early I'll be there to defend the trophy!
  5. Afraid not Gerard. Been on the takeaways and bevvy since moving into new home, just feels right 😁 Its the year for a fattie to take the title...
  6. Great day for the race Gerard! Sorry I can't help out today, on duty until 10am. Hope all goes well. Robbie
  7. Has anyone seen Paul Leavy recently....
  8. Glad you're on the mend George! Hopefully see you on the road soon.
  9. Brilliant effort mate very impressive!
  10. Great day on the bike matey, good luck on Arran.
  11. Thats perfect. Just for info, I have hairy legs and a wee belly. See you tomorrow.
  12. Folks, what time do you think we'd be back in BoW for?