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  1. robster82

    Sam Dooley Memorial 25TT Saturday 22/9/18

    Coming off a night shift so unfortunately can't commit to 8am start, but I'll be down asap to lend a hand.
  2. robster82

    Bib shorts

    Paul McDonald selling a pair
  3. robster82

    Sat 14th July

    Sounds good men hopefully make it
  4. robster82

    Sat 14th July

    Might join you Darryl if quiet night, are you heading down the cycle track 2 Dalry?
  5. robster82

    Renfrew summer bunch

    Cheers lads that certainly was a blast!
  6. robster82

    Renfrew summer bunch

    Hoping to mate
  7. robster82

    Wednesday 27 th

    Cheers mate I'll try make it but don't wait on me...
  8. robster82

    Wednesday 27 th

    Darryl, any idea when we'd be home if I managed to escape?
  9. robster82

    *Alex Baird* - Sad News

    Cheers Glen
  10. robster82

    *Alex Baird* - Sad News

    Thanks mate I'll be there, happy to ride out if other's are.
  11. robster82

    *Alex Baird* - Sad News

    Great idea Glen I'll email what pics I have and I'm hoping to make the funeral mate.
  12. robster82

    *Alex Baird* - Sad News

    Gutted! Always hoped the big man would pull through this knowing how determined he was, so sad! Going to cherish our time up North even more now! RIP Bigman
  13. robster82


    Oaft George looks a sore one! Glad your ok though, speedy recovery boss.
  14. robster82

    Commonwealth games

    Missed this mate so cheers
  15. Brilliant Chung keep up the good work, all the best for the weekend mate.