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  1. Is there a level below "tragically unfit".....
  2. 😂forgot about that! Thankfully it saved ride before the battery died around Fenwick, can't imagine how I would of coped if it never!
  3. That was a belter mate! I had to go into work after, was late and my gaffer took 1 look at me then ordered me never to do that again before duty! Could hardly tie my shoe laces.
  4. Magic, see you then. I can bring some caps if anyone wants 1...
  5. Anything happening this Wednesday folks? Hopefully got the morning free.
  6. Was down the bagel during the week, whats happened to the bus stop??! Felt lost with nowhere to lean my bike!! We'll need to start a campaign...
  7. Sounds great Couttie but I've only got the morning free unfortunately. Where and when are you setting off, could get you down to the boat?
  8. Hoping to get out tomorrow morning for a spin, feel free to join me. Robbie
  9. People, Has anyone got a LH Shimano (11spd) shifter for sale? Cheers Robbie
  10. robster82

    Guy Fawkes

    Eventually got some free time so heading out tomorrow morning for a couple of hours if anyone wants to join me. Cheers Robbie
  11. Great time for the win! Well done Jamie T. Thanks to Alan and Martin for organising the brilliant event.
  12. Alan, I'm nightshift on Saturday finishing at 10am on the Sunday, if I can get away early I'll be there to defend the trophy!