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  1. Anyone have a small 50 or 52 frameset for sale? Needs to have mudguard clearance and eyes. Ta.
  2. We were most of the way up the climb anyway - didn't miss much! Roadside repair and then carried on, taking the rough track along by the reservoir for a short cut back to kilma for coffee. Only 40km but a good wee run all the same.
  3. No racing tomorrow sadly. Circuit failed a risk assessment with by commissaire at lunchtime today. Glasgow city council had committed to move barriers back from course but failed to do so. Plus heavy rain meant surface water on course, and we couldn't get a machine to clear it. Disappointing but the only sensible thing to do.
  4. great turn out today, fab to have so many supporting the hill climb. Jets are too light and don't have to work night shift.
  5. Well done that wheeler.
  6. Its a front wheel with a loose hub - I imagine a bearing might be away. Will send you a photo. Would be grateful if you fancy having a wee pop at it, especially as Mr Dooley has just pulled down the shutters for a 2 week holiday.
  7. Can you fix mtb wheels as well?
  8. Met Mike Ferguson on the track after I left Alan. We had a great blether. It is tremendous and truly heartening to see how much progress he is making, now out on the bike 3 times a week.
  9. Hi Gerard, what numbers do you need - how many riders? We have a number of signs, will check how many. Also have hi-viz for marshals.
  10. Forza George, well said. Glad to hear you are on the mend.
  11. Looks great. Did you all do your good Samaritan bit as well?