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  1. martin


    Gerard and Sam flying the JWCC flag today, as well as a good bunch of Jets. 1st espoir for Sam in the hill climb, while Louie Dixon won both youth events (and sneaked off with 4th overall prize in the HC as well). Good day out down the water as ever.
  2. What route(s) are you thinking of riding Iain?
  3. Good wee group of 14 and 15 year olds there, riding road, track, cross, mtb as well as the TT. They have a great attitude, train hard and have a laugh.
  4. Nice wee spin today with Dave, Carol, Al, Boyd and Ruairi. Good to bump into Alan McLean and see his holiday photies from the giro over an extended café stop as well.
  5. Someone called Katie asking if the run is on every week...
  6. Smashing start to this series of rides. Wheelers Elaine, Jann, Jane and Karen were joined by 12 other women. More people on Facebook asking if they can join in. Well done for organising this, just cracking. @Codg1e here are a couple more pics if you want to share on Instagram or Twitter.
  7. Calamity. I have to go to a family do in the east on Sunday. No club run for me
  8. I would have needed a taxi home if I had joined you for that!
  9. Jeezo that was hard work: haven't been up the transmitter hill since Greg Balden was a boy (2007 Braveheart run, since you asked). Wasn't meaning to be antisocial missing the cafe stop, just needed to go home for a lie down :-)
  10. martin


    Hi Elaine, will be along to help out before the start.
  11. Will join y'all for whatever happens.
  12. Intermediate bunch is back :-) Elaine and DC of the Amstel (Hamoc) party, Andy Ross and me managed 50 odd miles without any wrong turnings today. Some great views from the top of the Fairlie and then a tailwind up Brisbane Glen and the Whin. Thanks for the route and the company.
  13. I'm up for a run. See you at 9.
  14. martin


    Will advertise to Jets mailing list and through FB as well, see if we can get some more parents to join the senior club.