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  1. Hi all, I received this email today from a bloke who came off his bike on the Erskine Bridge - looking for info from others. Anyone feels they have anything to offer please drop him a line or give him a call. --------------------------------------------- I was involved in an accident near the northern end of the northbound cycle-path/walkway section of the Erskine Bridge at the end of September last year and would like both to warn your members to look out / be careful when cycling over the bridge - in the accident I had, I hit some bumps/lumps that I hadn't seen, which threw me off my bike; I broke some bones, lacerated my kidney and so on - there are still some similar bumps/lumps on both the cycle-path and walkway (I wrote to the maintenance company asking them to fix them, which they almost did, just not all of them or terribly well); however, I'd also like to ask if there is anyone who has had any similar such accidents, or even just noticed any such bumps/lumps at any time over the past year or two - if there are, could you ask them to get in touch (by email: [email protected], or by 'phone 07474 456 333)?Many thanksAdrian Aldsworth
  2. Owner found Stu. Can I collect from you at some point please?
  3. Thanks Stuart, have shared to the Jets FB page. Hopefully someone will claim. And get shouted at by their parents.
  4. martin

    Arran Challenge

    He's away at a real race
  5. Hi all, received info on a charity ride you may be interested in. Hi Martin, I have been passed over your details to let you know about a cycling event that St. Vincent’s Hospice is part of that you might be interested in… The Scotland’s Hospices Together Sportive is designed to provide an open road, cycle sportive across three courses (100 miles, 100 km and 40 miles) situated mainly in Lanarkshire. The sportive will start at Broadwood Stadium. 100 Mile route https://www.strava.com/routes/6599723 100 KM route https://www.strava.com/routes/6599427 40 Mile route https://www.strava.com/routes/10164897 Reigstration fee: £25 To take part in this fantastic event please register following the link below and make sure you select ‘St. Vincent’s Hospice’ from the drop down. https://www.st-andrews-hospice.com/event/scotlands-hospices-together-sportive-9-june-2019/ The St. Vincnet’s Hospice Facebook event page is https://www.facebook.com/events/641664542932865/ If you would like any further information, or a poster to share, please let me know. Thanks, Laura McDade Fundraiser www.svh.co.uk p: 01505 705 635 m: 07552 127 109 St Vincent's Hospice Ltd is a company limited by guarantee.Registered in Scotland No. 150148 at: Midton Road, Howwood, PA9 1AF Scottish Charity No. SC006888
  6. Hi all, received this from Bill McMillan at CTT Dear Johnstone Wheelers Hi All Can you please make anyone in your club who is organising an Open event under CTT that only competitors whose names appear on the official start sheet are allowed to ride. Regulation 27(h) says: h) Start (i) Provide a Signing-on Sheet (and in Type A events a Signing-Out Sheet) for all riders to sign, at the point designated on the start sheet, and issue, if necessary any further safety instructions to riders. (ii) Competitors shall be started at intervals of not less than one minute and having once started shall not be allowed a second start. (iii) At the start a rider may be held by an official or, if preferred, remain stationary at the start point with one foot on the ground. Under no circumstances shall a "flying start" be allowed. (iv) Competitors must not start earlier than their allotted time. If a competitor fails to start at his allotted time and subsequently reports to the starting timekeeper as being ready, his lateness in reporting shall constitute his penalty. He may then be started at the timekeeper's discretion but in no case less than one minute before or one minute after another competitor. Only riders listed on the start sheet shall be allowed to compete. Save as otherwise provided, the Event Secretary shall have discretion to arrange the starting order as they wish bearing in mind the characteristics of their event and the need to avoid company riding as far as possible. It is not permissible to interpose in the starting order competitors in any other event except as provided for in the Regulation governing tandems. Once the satart sheet has been published no other riders are allowed to start. eg where a rider who is on the start sheet does not turn up and another rider wishes to start in their place. Please make your club organiser aware of this regulation. Best regards Bill McMillan Scotland District Secretary
  7. Arran Jet not joining you as he is away racing on Sat.
  8. Yip. Phil Malcolm and his partner Delphine will also be in attendance. And I can't imagine Paul not being there.
  9. Will have only 4 jets tomorrow as many are away at an SC RACE coaching session tomorrow. However 2 are Flandrians so we can put them on the front. All welcome to join us for a nice and steady run via the track to the Port and then Brisbane Glen.
  10. Dies Paul get to carry the 75 quid round the coast? And does the winner just put their winnings on the bar at Amaretto? :-)
  11. I'm in but don't think I have any of those.
  12. Thanks Alan, Will be happy to lead a steady bunch Inc Jets heading out via bike path to the Port. All welcome to join us. Does anyone know yet whether the coast road will be open on Sunday?
  13. martin

    Arran Challenge

    He's on the reserve list for a race on 20th. Will know on Monday. I see he took another KoM today out of Lagg so is on form to help you make the boat.