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  1. martin

    Mont Ventoux

    PS the descent to Bedoin is a cracker. Smooth tar, flowy corners, fast fast fast.
  2. martin

    Mont Ventoux

    Echo what Billy says. The Bedoin route is the classic one, road from Sault is longer and easier, and the road from Maulecene is busy. Some good bars in Bedoin too.
  3. martin

    Mont Ventoux

    Can recommend the local beer
  4. Any tips on where to fly and stay for a road bike holiday? Other than get an ebike....
  5. Will be out as well. Thanks for organising Dave.
  6. https://road.cc/content/news/269517-complaints-upheld-after-police-failed-act-against-driver-who-left-cyclist-spinal Shocking article about (ex?) member Campbell Hutcheson. I knew he'd been involved in an incident but never knew the circumstances. Pretty sure I saw him on a bike last week though, if you're reading this Campbell hope all is well. M
  7. Hi Linda, we have a Whatsapp group from last year which I've just renamed to flanders 20. If you, George and Tommy want to message me your mobile numbers I'll add you in.
  8. Hi George, good timing with the question. Got a reply from our landlord today to confirm the hostel is available and now has our name on it. We have two weeks to pay a deposit to secure fully. It's all below: base price for three nights is 1750Eu, plus 150EU cleaning, 60EU gas and electricity 80 - 100EU. So just over 2000Euro, and currently we have 13 (maybe 15) Jets and 3 wheelers (you, Linda, Tommy) = 160Eu a head. If we add more people the price per head comes down. Alan T, Dave and Carol are all candidates. Am also toying with inviting some of our friends at Hetton Hawks youth cycling club - the place can take up to 32 I think. There's a link to the property in his email. The pics don't really do it justice, as any of the crew from last year will tell you. It's just a k from the Haaghoek too, for cobble practice. ================== Hello Martin, Iā€™d be delighted to welcome you and the Johnstone Jets and Wheelers cycling club again next year! The weekend of April 3rd to 6th 2020 is available. Conditions are the same. The rent of the house for a long weekend (3 nights) is 1.750 EUR. If you want to reserve, your reservation is complete and definitive from the moment the advance is paid. If requested, I can give you an option on this weekend for a period of 2 weeks. If there would be an other request for booking this weekend, you have the first chance to make your booking complete by paying the advance. The advance (875 EUR) has to be paid on bank account IBAN BE35 7363 0102 7137 BIC KREDBEBB (see details below). The second part of the rent (875 EUR) together with the warranty (500 EUR) and the cleaning cost (150 EUR) has to be paid 1 week before your weekend. The warranty is paid back 1 to 2 weeks after your stay with deduction of electricity, gas and eventual damage. The cost of gas is fixed (60 EUR), cost of electricity is according to consumption (0,50 EUR/kWh, normally around 80 to 100 EUR a weekend). When leaving the accommodation, tables must be clean, chairs must be put on the tables, the diches has to be done and the kitchen must be cleaned up. The rest is done by a cleaning company. For your information, you have to bring your own bed sheets and duvet or sleeping bags (pillows are provided). You also have bring your own towels. The kitchen is fully equipped, sauna is available. There is a storage room for the bicycles. Smoking in the accommodation is forbidden. Outside you can smoke. Animals are not allowed. You can also have a look at our website (unfortunately only in Dutch) www.buikberg.com.
  9. Did Dave and Carol talk you into it? šŸ˜‰
  10. A bargain right enough Frank. If no wheelers take it I could share with the Jets - I'm sure one of them might be interested.
  11. Enjoyed the gentle run this morning with Dave C and Ruairi Mul. We met Fiona D in Stewarton who didn't need much persuasion to join us for coffee. (Hope the car was where you left it in Irvine šŸ˜³) 63km door to door in the sunshine.
  12. Me and the youngest will join you. No 30 sign sprints.
  13. Our jets bunch fell foul of ice on the track this morning - only one spot, just before you enter kilbirnie, but best avoided. Run off water which had frozen into a metre wide strip. 4 riders down but no one hurt though