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  1. Hi all, Updated guidance from Scottish Cycling on training during the pandemic. In short - no intense efforts, keep it aerobic. We have been copied into guidance issued by SC performance coaches to their athletes advising against intense training and zwift racing. Good to know that we are already on that page in organising no drop zwift rides. Here's what they are saying: PLEASE NOTE NO HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING … no zwift racing right now. We can still do group rides on Zwift right now but keep it steady please … it is clear that you don’t want to be doing so much that is leaves you too tired and weakens your immune system. Scottish Institute of Sport medical advice right now: 1. Athletes with no symptoms should be advised to refrain from maximal sessions and we should be aiming at submaximal training for the next 12 weeks. There is an impact on your immune system if you do high level sessions…that makes you more vulnerable. We need to be protecting our immune systems. 2. If you are symptomatic / diagnosed with COVID-19, you must not do any training for at least 10 days ( possibly 14 days …we are debating the evidence at the moment ) and only then, if symptom free, can you start to do a stepwise increase over 7 days. This is because there is evidence of damage to lungs and heart. As you can imagine this advice is all based around keeping a super healthy immune system so eating and sleeping right will be paramount to that as well. I understand this is all very frustrating but please follow the advice if you can right now.
  2. Hi Iain, would it be ok to extend this to the skinny whippets in the Jets?
  3. Hi all, spotted this on fb today. Our favourite post ride watering hole is closing for the foreseeable. But even if you can't buy their beer you can still order pizze for home delivery. Just ask Alan McLean for recommendations. Have just ordered 4 myself. S
  4. martin

    Coach of the year

    Cheers Billy, appreciated. Was a big surprise tbf but was chuffed to see the nomination came from a bunch of the Jets themselves.
  5. Unfortunately Jets will be away at our spring camp in Berwick on Tweed so won't expect many youths for this one. Fingers crossed the weather picks up.
  6. Fraser Elsby, Kyle Maitland, Fiona Davidson. Thanks for organising Alan. Not done that for a long while, but it didn't take long to remember why I don't like time trials.
  7. 5 jets, 2 or 3 parent JWCC members
  8. martin

    Mont Ventoux

    PS the descent to Bedoin is a cracker. Smooth tar, flowy corners, fast fast fast.
  9. martin

    Mont Ventoux

    Echo what Billy says. The Bedoin route is the classic one, road from Sault is longer and easier, and the road from Maulecene is busy. Some good bars in Bedoin too.
  10. martin

    Mont Ventoux

    Can recommend the local beer
  11. Any tips on where to fly and stay for a road bike holiday? Other than get an ebike....