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  1. Sorry Iain won't make it either.
  2. Weather was actually not too bad unlike my decision to go down the other side of Brisbane Glen and absolutely cracked on the Whin...limped home. Good to see you got some miles in Iain.
  3. Colin..the coast road is not for me...was thinking more country roads but would be happy enough going over Fairlie moor to Largs via Howwood and back road to Kilbirnie.
  4. Aye 9 am ...que sera sera indeed...route choice may be more John Denver inspired.
  5. The weather will be what it will be ....local quiet roads guaranteed.
  6. 1st & 2nd of Feb ...aye definitely and flights seem a remarkable price at £50.
  7. Ok will roll along track for 0900 meet at Johnstone....07465 206544 if you change your mind. I will post in morning if not going out.
  8. Is anybody even considering going out tomorrow. Weather window looks achievable. Local rural roads with bail outs if anybody is interested.
  9. Aye it was good and dry...good to catch up with Al.
  10. MISSING MOJO.......Has he checked with the cleaner at Lockerbie Truck Stop?
  11. It does seem to be following a familiar pattern of cracking week, not so cracking weekend.
  12. I'll be out which kind of rules out "faster" and I would imagine normal distance so why not tag as a main bunch ride for old times sake. Not over the bridge either. Meet at 09:00hrs - head up Kings Rd, Neilston, Stewarton, Torranyard, Benslie, Largs then decide.