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  1. DavieB

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    Paul, I'm happy enough to ride the medium route on Saturday - I would need some more detail of some parts of the route though, let me know.
  2. DavieB

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    North of the bridge always disappoints....that was grim. Fortunately the weather must have stopped the idiot drivers putting their windows down so it was only Couttie who called me names today. Good to see a big bunch out.
  3. DavieB

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    Should be there for 0930
  4. I will bring some baking along....
  5. Hmmmm...im up and getting ready but there looks to be some weather coming over the hills...will head out but will turn back if it is too dodgy.
  6. DavieB

    Live UCI CX World Championships

    Aye she rode a perfect race and looked very strong even in a drag race with runner up who, pit issue aside, made too many errors throughout, most races she comes from behind and then just rides away but not today.
  7. DavieB

    Live UCI CX World Championships

    Aye ...vey impressive winners but a bit one sided fully expect the same tomorrow with a MvdP masterclass but the women's race was brilliant.
  8. DavieB

    Live UCI CX World Championships

    The women's race is generally the best in terms of action and competitiveness so will likely be the one to watch.
  9. 5. Mass drinking sesh in amaretto....
  10. Weather permitting should be there at 09:28.
  11. DavieB

    Sunday 27th January

    Something horrible happened to my legs going up the Fairlie and didn't really fancy putting myself in a position where I could not get home. Good run and I'm pretty sure a grace period was observed. The route was improved with George MIA, well done all who got round.
  12. DavieB

    Sunday 27th January

    Looks like being a bit windy but should be there.
  13. DavieB

    Sunday 27th January

    Certainly a decent route...hope to be out.
  14. DavieB

    Sunday 20th January

    Sun splitting the sky just as I wheeled the bike into the garage. Never a fan of the road but a good run nonetheless the usual bonkers driving on display the only good thing to say is that they seem not minded to shout abuse at you like their brethren in Dunbartonshire.
  15. DavieB

    Sunday 20th January

    Iain...now can't make it on Saturday have a good one if you make it out. Would agree that routes will be dictated by the weather so will see what Sunday morning brings.