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  1. Hi Elaine, I am going on the Wednesday ferry and riding down to Gulpen over the Thursday and Friday, would imagine I will hit Gulpen late afternoon and hopefully get Air BnB sorted out without any hassles.
  2. Buy decent tools ..something like Bahco Allen keys and Torx heads. Do not buy a set of torx keys, buy the one or two sizes you need in the form of torx screwdrivers they ensure you apply a direct torque force to prevent rounding off the bolt. Cheap tools are false economy. Remove all dome headed allen bolts and consign them to the bin, replace with decent bolts, they are far less likely to end up stuck in your £1000 frame.
  3. A tenner...its like the Pinkertons are on the case, it's yours ...If the coffee does not get me first ..
  4. P.S can we try another coffee shop in Largs, one that can actually make coffee and doesn't stink of stale chip fat. Just saying....
  5. Aye thought that ......I was really worried, as opposed to just worried, when the additional 400 was added on.
  6. After last years 300 I was so wired I barely slept so I would say the 400 should be an achievable day in the saddle followed by a wee night cap before I shut my eyes. You've already signed up to do a 2 x 600 plus a 400 in 90hrs........ ...but then again so have I... Aye.....
  7. You're actually taking lights...impressed.
  8. Aye Greg that's exactly what the main bunch should be, best discipline I've seen for years.
  9. Aye good day to be out. Would agree with Colin that the bunch riding of the 930 was real smooth. Jumped ship to get the 900 bunch up the haylie and that also functioned as a good unit. Was planning to cut off at kilbirnie but was lured back to try Gerards cakes and have to say they were brillant as were the energy bars. Sorry Alan, still can't stand parsnips. Worked off some of the calories by returning on the back roads to kilbirnie in spring like conditions ..fab day.
  10. Paul, I'm happy enough to ride the medium route on Saturday - I would need some more detail of some parts of the route though, let me know.
  11. North of the bridge always disappoints....that was grim. Fortunately the weather must have stopped the idiot drivers putting their windows down so it was only Couttie who called me names today. Good to see a big bunch out.
  12. Hmmmm...im up and getting ready but there looks to be some weather coming over the hills...will head out but will turn back if it is too dodgy.