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  1. Greg.. keep it up and we may actually get back to having a normal main bunch weekly ride...however life is too short to put up with crap coffee.
  2. Just getting over a cold but hope to join you for at least some of the way.....
  3. Will aim to meet you at the Pullman.
  4. You should be fine with the main bunch all the way.......you go at a good enough pace and make an effort so the bunch should slow to your pace when/if you start struggling.
  5. Will meet you on the road...
  6. No worries chaps...will probably head out on cross bike for a bit of a change, probably go up the slate mine.
  7. Tuesday looks to have good weather ..i plan to be out at "keep warm" pace ...route is not exactly planned but probably include Torranyard at some point. Post if interested and will go for 0930 start.
  8. If you stay on course I will meet you on the Whim...
  9. No problem..looks grim anyway..may go out later.
  10. Anybody out and up for some miles. Say 0930 Largs but not the coast road.