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  1. DavieB


    Thanks guys...reading through made me a wee bit teary eyed but in a good way. It all really depends on how I respond to treatment and the dreaded covid but would be good to meet up sometime for a run/beer we will see how it goes. All the best.
  2. DavieB


    HI all, swithered over posting this at fear of being a bit ostentatious but lately find being open and honest having a cathartic effect and don't want to just disappear into the ether. I won't be rejoining or out on club runs anymore as I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Still to start chemo but the future does not look too bright in terms of time left and quality of life and just really hoping for a year covid free in the camper van and have just ordered gravel e-bike so trying to meet it head on. Bit ironic to be hit with this as just really got mentally over having cancer when I was 8 following some counselling early this year - this kind of explains my somewhat distant nature and always being on the periphery of things. As George said recently if you need help get help just talking about things can really help. Anyways enjoy life, free yourself from power meters and just ride your bikes. A final request I have found looking at photos of happier times helps so if anybody has any photos of trips which feature me I would be grateful if you could send to [email protected] as I would like to create some photo books for when I am no longer around.
  3. HI, A long shot perhaps, but wonder if anybody who was on the LBL trip a good few years ago can forward me some photos. I am particularly wanting a group photo from upstairs at the bar after the race. Any help appreciated.
  4. Sounds great Andy but am away this weekend so you at least have some chance of doing it in 4hrs.
  5. Aye will roll along to Dalry.
  6. Greg.. keep it up and we may actually get back to having a normal main bunch weekly ride...however life is too short to put up with crap coffee.
  7. Just getting over a cold but hope to join you for at least some of the way.....
  8. Will aim to meet you at the Pullman.
  9. You should be fine with the main bunch all the way.......you go at a good enough pace and make an effort so the bunch should slow to your pace when/if you start struggling.