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  1. Got a dentist appointment at 8:40 in Bishy tomorrow morning but should be home and kitted for 09:30. Or could cycle to the dentist and should be finished for 9. Not sure if I fancy slogging myself up hills but happy to go for a spin and a coffee if the above can fit that in with you plans. If not I suppose I better do some work.
  2. Great turn out. The scores on the doors are.... Keir & Sam 17:26 James & Joseph 18:15 Charlie & Alan 17:52 Colin & Tommy 20:14 Stuart & Colin 16:14 Iain & James 16:44 Ian & Iain 16:07 Marc & Galeb DNF (puncture)
  3. Alan, as I won’t be riding tomorrow do you still need a time keeper / holder ’? I have something on but can rearrange if needed.
  4. What are you thinking return route Chung; Straight back via pipe track and Drymen?
  5. Most likely and will probably be bring another rider along.
  6. John C

    Camp Casa XXX 2020

    Yes from me if given a vote of acceptance. A good reason to train hard over the winter.
  7. Great day for a cycle and great to be back in the saddle but I didn’t half suffer. Thanks to Glen and Charlie for towing me back along the cycle track.
  8. Hoping to be there Glen but may need to peel off at Largs and head back via Haylie Brae.
  9. Following the tumble in Calpe, 12 days on my side wasn’t getting any better so a visit to A&E on Friday just to be safe. As I’d guessed they suspect fractured ribs; so happy no more serious than than that. Nothing I can do about it but another week of painkillers and R&R, fingers crossed will be able to join you next week. Enjoy the great ride.
  10. Happy to help - just point me to where you need me
  11. Would be interested but a non-bank holiday weekend would work better for me if the dates above clash with confined events.
  12. Keep me posted about LeJog as on the bucket list to be ticked off.