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  1. Happy to help - just point me to where you need me
  2. Would be interested but a non-bank holiday weekend would work better for me if the dates above clash with confined events.
  3. Keep me posted about LeJog as on the bucket list to be ticked off.
  4. Also, I’ve the same rack as Darryl. I assume you didn’t pick up my message last night as in Kilmacolm now. Will be back home from about 3pm today if you wanted to call by this afternoon/evening. PM via the bunch or FB and we can tie up.
  5. I will be in Kilmacolm at around 9am tomorrow if any good for you to check it out?
  6. Alan, I’ll come down to hold / assist
  7. Cracking day, cracking ride, cracking bunch of lads...
  8. Hopefully out to be taken up the Khyber Pass for a second time...
  9. Hope to be out Charlie and fingers crossed puncture free this week.
  10. Andrew pm me your mobile and I’ll get it across to you
  11. Beautiful day and a beautiful run. Happy ‘Summer Bikes Day 2019’ everyone!