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  1. Managed to get her a pair. Now to get her to remember she’s locked in before stopping.
  2. Looking to see if anyone has a cheap 2nd hand pair of size 4 Spd compatible shoes for sale. My daughter seems to have caught the cycling bug and we are going to progress to cleats but don’t want to spend a fortune at this stage; I’m sure that will come.
  3. I’ll post a pic of the view from the other direction, if no-one gets it in 24 hours
  4. Ok, here’s the next one, another rest point. Enjoy.
  5. It’s at the top of Netherton Road
  6. Better luck this time. Nice of you to put it at the top of a climb Iain.
  7. Well spotted (again) Graham 👍 Am I warm? 😂
  8. I thought it was here but someone has stolen the bridge...
  9. See you at the bridge if we are doing Sinclair St. 😂
  10. Hope to be there. Would be good to get back into a routine of all meeting at the club house and heading off as a single bunch.
  11. Out tomorrow afternoon so have time constraints but will try and join you to Drymen and head back from there.
  12. What no Wednesday hills? I was just getting back into them. What’s the plan for next week?
  13. Great run today and good to see a few extra wheels out there.