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  1. See you at the bridge if we are doing Sinclair St. 😂
  2. Hope to be there. Would be good to get back into a routine of all meeting at the club house and heading off as a single bunch.
  3. Out tomorrow afternoon so have time constraints but will try and join you to Drymen and head back from there.
  4. What no Wednesday hills? I was just getting back into them. What’s the plan for next week?
  5. Great run today and good to see a few extra wheels out there.
  6. John C

    Monday 26th

    Meet you at yours
  7. Trying to get out but may need to bail at The Green Kettle and head back via Killcregan ferry. Just haven’t got the miles in the legs this summer. If I’m not at the bridge at 8:30 don’t wait.
  8. Hi Jane, planning to bring along sausage rolls
  9. Got a dentist appointment at 8:40 in Bishy tomorrow morning but should be home and kitted for 09:30. Or could cycle to the dentist and should be finished for 9. Not sure if I fancy slogging myself up hills but happy to go for a spin and a coffee if the above can fit that in with you plans. If not I suppose I better do some work.
  10. Great turn out. The scores on the doors are.... Keir & Sam 17:26 James & Joseph 18:15 Charlie & Alan 17:52 Colin & Tommy 20:14 Stuart & Colin 16:14 Iain & James 16:44 Ian & Iain 16:07 Marc & Galeb DNF (puncture)
  11. Alan, as I won’t be riding tomorrow do you still need a time keeper / holder ’? I have something on but can rearrange if needed.