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  1. John C

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    Wasn’t feeling great but so glad I came out. So impressed with the Jets; their fitness, road craft, discipline and kindness waiting at the top of Sinclair St. for us oldies.
  2. Got family visiting next weekend so will be a no show unfortunately.
  3. John C

    Sunday 27th January

    Tough windy day but got a little glow of satisfaction now that I’m sitting in front of the fire with a beer. Thanks to Charlie, with his vast experinace in mechanicals (and impatience) took over to change my tube tout suite. Only to nip the new tube so end up with 2 punctures but the bunch had already disappeared up the road before I’d set off. Cut to me with a 2nd puncture doing a Fromey’ running up Fairly Moor as they disappeared over the hill. I was actually running and pushing the bike faster than we had been cycling it! And then you couldn’t make it up as one of Charlie’s ‘customers’ drove by and said “do you know Charlie McCusker he’s a Johnstone Wheeler?” and then kindly sped off to flag him down. McC turned back and gave me a 2nd tube, which again he speedly swapped, to perfection, saved the day and all was ok with the World. The thing I took from this is what I love about the bunch. When things aren’t going well and you are in the proverbial it’s good to know that there are people there that you can fall back on to dig you out of it when needed. Cheers lads.
  4. John C

    Sunday 27th January

    Aim to be there. Disappointed to have had to miss today as sounded like a good size squad out.
  5. John C

    Sunday 20th January

    What time are you heading out George as I may stay out if it's later and join you as I could do with getting some extra miles and climbing?
  6. John C

    Sunday 20th January

    Iain, see you at the Bishy co-op at 09:30.
  7. John C

    Thursday 17th Jan.

  8. John not sure of weekend plans yet, will let you know if heading out Sat


  9. John C

    Winter segment challenge

    I hadn’t joined the league until I saw on this post I rode one of the segments by pure chance. Joined now so better go and do an effort.
  10. John C

    Sunday 20th January

    Can’t make this Sunday either. Iain, up for a Saturday cycle.
  11. John C

    Thursday 10th Jan

    TBH haven’t got a route in mind. Could meet you at the Monkey Hiuse at 09:20 at then pop to Bishy and take it from there. Ginty may join us.
  12. John C

    Thursday 10th Jan

    Hi Robbie, slight change of plan. Meeting Scott at 09:30 at Bishopton Co-op to do some locals hills (Langbank, Gledoch, Clube etc.) for 2 - 3 hours or so but open to suggestions as long as back for 12:30
  13. John C

    Thursday 10th Jan

    Was aiming to go out at about 9am for 60 miles or so. Company would be welcome.