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  1. Andrew pm me your mobile and I’ll get it across to you
  2. Beautiful day and a beautiful run. Happy ‘Summer Bikes Day 2019’ everyone!
  3. Could do the 20th but I notice that is Easter weekend so may be a bit busier than normal.
  4. Can't make it this week but hopefully over the coming weeks.
  5. My daughter has a race tomorrow which I'd like to go and watch, starts at about 10:30 at On-X so probably not going to be able to make an AM cycle.
  6. For what should have been a miserable day, ended up being a day full of laughs.
  7. Memories or nightmares? Spied a couple of the Wheelers at the very end (13:47) hanging around waiting for us mere mortals to finish.
  8. Anthony, PM me your mobile no. via the forum and I’ll add you to a text group we have going for sorting out accommodation, bikes, transport to and from airport etc. AndrewD could you do the same.
  9. Charlie,, I’m ready so may as well try it for an hour or so if you are happy staying local so we can bail if too bad?
  10. Glad I checked the forum before I left. A Sunday morning with the family it is then.