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  1. Hi could I have the shifters Tommy
  2. Sorry can’t do this Tuesday.. should be okay for next Tuesday. I will be out on Thursday-and Friday if anybody fancies it 50 miles easygoing
  3. Tommy

    Arran Challenge

    Driving to ferry. 8:20 or 9:40 ferry last boarding in ten minutes before departure tommy
  4. Tommy

    Arran Challenge

    Morning I would up for both Thursday and Saturday tommy
  5. Gerard, I am not the fastest as only getting back into it. My best on the West Ferry is 27 minutes. However I have upped my training so hopefully faster.
  6. Gerard hope your ok. Thanks for letting me know. Maybe next time e
  7. Thanks that’s great. This is my first year at the club.
  8. Will ride but need a team member
  9. Good run today, missed heavy rain!! Look forward to the next midweek run.