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  1. I am in Kilmacolm any chance if meeting at Pullman. Time?
  2. Hi I am a new member and would be up for an early run. Tommy
  3. Hi Fiona, i will be up for this tommy
  4. Not able to race but happy to help.
  5. I should be ok for this. Think the road will be closed next weekend to continue with the resurfacing.
  6. All good now thanks. Not linked to yesterday
  7. Sorry not going to make now. In A & E
  8. Tommy

    Friday 5th April

    Yes it was a good day and thanks for the wheel. Once my fitness improves I will try and be at the front more. Thanks T
  9. Tommy

    Friday 5th April

    Ok if I tag along ?
  10. I will try to be there. Hopefully finish work on time.