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  1. Hi could I have the shifters Tommy
  2. Sorry can’t do this Tuesday.. should be okay for next Tuesday. I will be out on Thursday-and Friday if anybody fancies it 50 miles easygoing
  3. Tommy

    Arran Challenge

    Driving to ferry. 8:20 or 9:40 ferry last boarding in ten minutes before departure tommy
  4. Tommy

    Arran Challenge

    Morning I would up for both Thursday and Saturday tommy
  5. Gerard, I am not the fastest as only getting back into it. My best on the West Ferry is 27 minutes. However I have upped my training so hopefully faster.
  6. Gerard hope your ok. Thanks for letting me know. Maybe next time e
  7. Thanks that’s great. This is my first year at the club.
  8. Will ride but need a team member
  9. Good run today, missed heavy rain!! Look forward to the next midweek run.
  10. Hi Charlie, just to confirm I will meet you at the Pullman tommy
  11. Hi, do they have tyres and are they tubeless tommy
  12. Tommy

    Friday 12th July

    Hi Alan, I will be working am and should be finished in time to ta along. Tommy
  13. Will tag along. Where is the meeting point tommy
  14. Tommy

    Arran Challenge

    Would like to do this what’s the times