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  1. Stuart ta for your help. Matt is sourcing a turbo local to his area so Wheelers a good product there for those who want
  2. Stuart my son Matt is interested but lives in London. Can u pm me your no & I will get him to call you
  3. Back of how wood leading to peesweep road and yes I on the wine
  4. top of stone throw. I know I should go there but on the wine as it’s my birthday. Will have another excuse tomorrow
  5. charlie p


    Yip George pro bono are my middle names
  6. charlie p


    I think the sore point some good bits now cost some money. I went premium shortly after lockdown. Flash Harry always thought the polis got paid too much
  7. charlie p


    Strava now charging to let me see my segments. No thanks
  8. Cheers graham was going go head out early this morning but painting duties got in the way. Good photo Couttie as White House in distance is a strava finish and west Glen is a short little hurter. note to self don’t blurt out answers
  9. Well done guys good initiative. Just a pity I aint on zwift
  10. This was a terrible ride today and I feel I owe it to you all to share my view: 1. Too much focus nuero muscular, VO2 max, and threshold. Too many sweet spots and not enough zone 2. Just maximum rubbish with minimum gain. I was knackered by inverkip 2. Riding in a slow cadence is almost universally accepted now as silly. You want to grow your quads - sprint flat out for 10s. Churning for 3 hours is like going to the gym and squatting the bar for 3 hours . Really!!!. Slow cadence and wheel sucking is my mantra but could the fit dudes please stop increasing the pace. I not getting enough time to get out my banana. 3. This ride was not just time inefficient (we spent half our time free wheeling when we could have been on the sofa practising our duolingo Spanish) but more, now my legs are semi shredded for tomorrow. Think we could have done with a bit more free wheeling. 4. Not even the social benefit of riding in a group. Either semi puffing or waiting for Billy in his big ring. Billy was smart and stuck to turbo on this horrid day. But you right. Only chat I got was from Andy when we got pumped off bunch in to Largs We all have different goals I know. But this ride is ill conceived I appreciate some guys like it. I wondered why Lynsey Curran refused to turn out - I’d told her we were touring round the lanes - now I know. It was a testosterone fix. C’mon guys. We can do better than this. Lynsey Curran Was smart enough to look at forecast to conclude that this was madness My suggestion is to stick to a long zone 2 ride. Throw in a few 10s sprints and if you like, 30mins at sweet spot. if only !!!! I appreciate this will involve reprogramming our very own Duracell toy, Charlie. Never mind reprogramming I need a total reservice I guess the forum is not for this type of comment. Won’t take offence if the moderators take it down. Honest And for those looking to hire a car from Alicante airport try Rentalcars.co. Naw Billy giving me a lift.
  11. Thru bishy as that is route posted
  12. Could have sworn that in past years we actually did go thru Erskine but hey ho