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  1. charlie p


    Ah the Scottish weather!! Better luck next time
  2. charlie p


    Good luck Colin
  3. Dear Rider JWCC held a virtual committee meeting last Monday You will not be surprised to know that COVID 19 was the major headline and will dominate decision making for sometime. We recognised that we needed to create a Covid-19 post on the committee and I am pleased to report that last month Eric Lymburn agreed to be co-opted on to the Committee as our Covid-19 representative. He has attended virtual Scottish Cycling meetings on Covid-19, pored over government guidance and was able to provide us with a detailed report last night. Having considered and discussed Covid related matters the Committee are unanimously of the view that for the foreseeable future there can be NO JWCC sanctioned events but we will continue to monitor government and Scottish Cycling guidance. There will be NO sanctioned club runs until further notice. Before these can start we require volunteers to be “ride captains”. These will be responsible for preparing a “Covid register” containing contact details of participants and is responsible for ensuring that all riders comply with the guidelines. If any member wishes to be a ride captain then please contact me and I will facilitate a “ bunch run start up meeting” with Eric as he will oversee all club runs during Covid. The Jets will be meeting in groups under different rules for U17s. These are challenging times but hopefully we will have JWCC club runs soon but meantime please continue to enjoy riding your bike and STAY SAFE. Alan McLean Club Secretary This email has been delivered to you via the British Cyclin
  4. Stuart ta for your help. Matt is sourcing a turbo local to his area so Wheelers a good product there for those who want
  5. Stuart my son Matt is interested but lives in London. Can u pm me your no & I will get him to call you
  6. Back of how wood leading to peesweep road and yes I on the wine
  7. top of stone throw. I know I should go there but on the wine as it’s my birthday. Will have another excuse tomorrow
  8. charlie p


    Yip George pro bono are my middle names
  9. charlie p


    I think the sore point some good bits now cost some money. I went premium shortly after lockdown. Flash Harry always thought the polis got paid too much
  10. charlie p


    Strava now charging to let me see my segments. No thanks
  11. Cheers graham was going go head out early this morning but painting duties got in the way. Good photo Couttie as White House in distance is a strava finish and west Glen is a short little hurter. note to self don’t blurt out answers
  12. Well done guys good initiative. Just a pity I aint on zwift