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  1. Next Wednesday looking good weather wise so thinking of a long run to Inveraray via Portavadie then return via rest and be thankful. Any one else interested.
  2. Out tomorrow. Company welcome. Feeling lazy so might only do one circuit and spend more time in finestre coffee shop
  3. I left yesterday on a jet plane. When will you be back again
  4. In London but will b another time I hope
  5. 2 groups worked really well. Erskine route a good call. Think should keep time gaps between groups as not APR but training run
  6. Now now Billy it is a hard training run and a lot of fun which is how it should be. I have practised by sitting on AlanThomson’s wheel in 2 ups
  7. Thanks to Scott and John for timekeeping and ta to holder uppers. Tough run to roundabout. Well done to all riders. Great turnout. No more tt for me till next years David Raymond 😀
  8. All good but more importantly scores on the doors for last week. Looks like I qualify for group 1
  9. Where did u guys come from. Thought Still game was a tap in for the win. Going to get Alan McLean to officiate as that will at least get rid of Galeb & Mark as they will miss their start time. Clearly the 2 Iain’s will be distracted by clothing issues.
  10. Smashing run this morning. Ta to Galeb & Paul for the tow
  11. Nice run this morning with Couttie & Eric. No rain and the sun shone
  12. Departing BOW viaduct at 9.00 am for langbank hills followed by coffee in Finestre kilmacolm. Company welcome