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  1. Leaving BOW viaduct @ 8.05am for 9.10 ferry to Dunoon. Going to head over c11 then to Kames cafe for a bite then return via Tighnabruich. Company most welcome
  2. Billy think either you or james due points for KOM. Hope to make Clune next week specially if we are neutralising till West Ferry as I spend a lot of matches going up that ramp
  3. I’ve told u before no sprint points for u. I as usual was at back but trying to come thru for sprint point only for Galeb who by now had sat up to come in front of me to help me over the line. Only problem there was he got last point
  4. Could someone else please attend chaingang tonight. I am still suffering from trauma of hanging on to Galebs wheel last Sunday and if mark kelly posts that he is coming I am staying indoors
  5. Couttie also joining us so more wheels means faster
  6. Nope dry all day though 15 degrees might be a tad cold for u but positively balmy for the rest of us.
  7. Non club run so can bore us with your spanish trip tales and dazzle us with your tan
  8. Cheers Galeb. If I had gone up Bishy hill you would have had a coronary to deal with. Will try and hang on a bit longer next time
  9. Yip I will join you though bring your lights
  10. That was a cracking kicking. Having missed the last 4 chaingangs was a bit off the pace Hung on till Heggies turn off then hung on to BOW. Decided had had enough and strolled up to me hoose but must say despite lack of points thoroughly enjoyed that and will be back next week for more.
  11. George see u recovered from your Lurgy