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  1. Iain Mcginty or George Donnelly should be able to sort this for you. They miss enough cycling cos they following their team
  2. Myself alan t Martin Mulholland & Young Ruairi departed from Amaretto. Unfortunately Ruari had a mechanical as we started climbing up to Loch Thom so he & Martin had to bail out. I could tell that Martin was very disappointed at missing out on the climb. Alan & myself had a pit stop at Bagel Basket then sauntered up Healy brae and home. Another cracking day on bike
  3. Weather starting wet then getting drier so I will defo b out tomorrow. Please only post if u coming out
  4. Dry sunny forecast for Wednesday so Darryl and myself getting 9.20 am Ferry for a wee saunter on The Cowal Península. Company welcome. Leaving from BOW viaduct at 8.15 am
  5. Lyle Hill Climb is the day before. Plan to make it (someone has to keep those pesky Jets in their place). Don’t worry Ian think dooleys will lend u an e bike for next year well done to all the mountain goats.
  6. Cracking day at Rothesay APR. Only 3 of us in first group which wasn’t great. After about 4 miles we were 2. Was going well with youngfella from Ayr was averaging 165 bpm There were 2 sprint primes at 16 miles and 24 and we took one each. Got caught at 30 mile marker and game over. Limped back to finish. Still got cash for being first ( and only) over 60 to finish and cash for sprint prime paul Ritchie and colin were in group who caught us and they were all looking strong and finished well
  7. Great turnout for last hilly langbank of season. Will resume early Spring next year.
  8. Sounds good. Hope to make it
  9. Departing BOW viaduct 9.30 am. Company welcome
  10. charlie p


    Yip was a smashing run & cheers to Paul for cake & coffee
  11. Sorry George in Edinburgh on Sunday but different reason to Glen. Enjoy.Still hoping to do Arran on Saturday but Arran guru has gone quiet on me.