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  1. charlie p

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    Long route for me.
  2. charlie p


    Daughters 30 th birthday this w/e so no show from me. U will have to wait a wee while longer for my next catastrophe
  3. charlie p


    Surpassed myself today. Rode out to bishy hill. Met Paul on the way. Then Billy joined us. Nice wee chat. Rode about for a bit waiting for the bunch. Was at summit of hill already to go when noticed I in smAll chain. Tried to put in big ring but wouldn’t go in so got off bike and tried to do it manually. Chain dropped as Bunch past me. Took a wee while to sort then tried to chase down The Renfra bunch. Ridiculous idea. More chance of getting a date with Julia Roberts than catching them. My very good pal Billy MAC dropped off for me and the two of us did a 60 mile + 2 up. We were not that far behind them as they all still in Largs when we rode in. I showed my annoyance by ignoring them all and comforted myself with a bagel basket coffee. Must say though Billy & I give it. Fair lick & think I worked a lot harder as a 2 up. Billy did reminisce about our previous road races when the 2 of us would be with the bunch for a few minutes get spat out then do a 2 up. Ah memories!!! ps as non Jwcc event does not qualify as early contender for hamoc
  4. charlie p

    Sunday Feb 10th Reliability #2 Moscow Revolution

    Yip too icy for me so decided to do coast run with bogs bunch. Was with them for 1 second but that is another story
  5. charlie p

    Sunday Feb 10th Reliability #2 Moscow Revolution

    Ginty aargh!!!!! wishing u a speedy recovery
  6. charlie p

    Sunday Feb 10th Reliability #2 Moscow Revolution

    9.30 bunch for me for swift trip to Moscow & back. A good working bunch will stay ahead of the boy racers
  7. Week before don smith so week after o ly optionforme
  8. That’s my wedding anniversary so no chance of a pass could do week before or after though
  9. George That will b 9 am then
  10. charlie p

    Sunday 27th January

    Meant to say Davie that was a cracking road you took us on in to Dalry
  11. charlie p

    Sunday 27th January

    Ginty when r u going to learn that the BBC always get it wrong. Was breezy but turned out to be a cracking day. John Clark got 2 punctures on Fairlie Moor hill climb and for first puncture he gave a master class on how not to change a tube. Gutsy performance from Greg I hate hills Balden.George we did give you grace and rolled out after 9.32. 30 milers where still there when we left. Sorry to hear about your mishaps today. Always next week
  12. charlie p

    Sunday 20th January

    Darryl great minds think alike see u at club rooms 9.30 am
  13. charlie p

    Sunday 20th January

    Can I suggest club rooms Georgetown bishy then coastal route to Largs then can decide return route
  14. charlie p

    Sunday 20th January

    Look forward to seeing both George & Davy B on Sunday. Make sure u both bring the tenner u still owe me for France car hire