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  1. Well done for organising this tonight Elaine. Lovely route in glorious weather, and great banter in the bunch. Thanks to Alan T and Martin for helping out, and Charlie for the roadside encouragement. Lots of enthusiastic riders tonight-here's to the first of many Wednesday evening rides!
  2. Well done folks. Sounds like you did the Wheelers proud on a tough course
  3. Great route today-thanks Elaine Had one of those days where the will was there but the energy/power wasn't. Thanks to my fellow intermediates for the energy snacks, banter and tow back on.
  4. KarenG


    I should be able to make it along for a ride
  5. Hi guys, heads up-there are traffic lights on Aurs Road (on the hill) at the junction with Springhill Road.
  6. KarenG


    Hi Jann, tried to send you a PM, but it won't go through. Is your inbox full?
  7. Hi Elaine, advertised the rides at spin last night.
  8. There is a British Cycling Women's Track Coaching session on at the velodrome on Sunday 23rd June. I would love to go, but will be away. Hopefully any interested ladies get a session slot. Link is https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/200112/Womens-track-coaching-?fbclid=IwAR0fjC5OnFALTguoOmKP99qNHUAYuXmO70WNHE5_UP3qRr25eaZ7PZnNhEw
  9. KarenG


    Hi Elaine, sounds good! I'm interested in helping out. I was actually gonna post to see if we were going to resume the Wednesday evening rides .
  10. Sounds like a good day. Sorry to have missed it.
  11. Disappointed to be missing this, but the local tractors run smoother than my bike at the moment Hope a good ride is had by all
  12. I can't make Saturday rides now so will have to give the hilly TT series a miss
  13. Won't make it along now. Hope all goes well for those riding and volunteering.
  14. Hoping to enter the middle distance on the day.