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  1. Can't make this one. Happy riding folks!
  2. It was a bit like a HIIT workout wasn't it! What's the Danish ride like? Do you enjoy it?
  3. Thanks Iain! Course had a wee bit of everything tonight. Agree with the guys-seemed really busy. David and Darryl, you guys were flying tonight! I was on the rivet trying to keep up 👍
  4. Sorry this is a bit off topic, but has anyone got any tips for racing on Zwift? Is it fun? Never tried it before and wondering if I should do an FTP on Zwift 1st, or go with the figure they've given me? Also sounds like sprint carnage for the 1st 10 mins of every race-is that true?
  5. That was fun! Thanks for the company guys, and cheers for the invite Iain!
  6. What sort of mileage were you thinking of Gerard?
  7. Really enjoyed the ride today, in glorious sunshine (except for the brief hail shower!). Lovely route Dave, thanks!
  8. Any idea of the mileage clubrooms to clubrooms Dave?
  9. KarenG

    Sunday 29th Dec.

    Normally yup Alan, but wanna get back in time for an early kick-off 😉. Can you let me know next time you're doing this route, and I'll join you?
  10. Can't-away that day ☹ Have a good one. Merry Christmas everyone!