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  1. Chapeau guys! Did JWCC and yourselves proud!
  2. Is there a women's team category?
  3. Good, fast run yesterday, cheers Elaine, Anthony and Tommy (and thanks waiting for me at the club rooms!) 😁
  4. Working tomorrow unfortunately 😥
  5. Hey Elaine, I'm hoping to make it out on Sunday. Stewarton High Street (part of it) is closed for the next several months, and Aurs Road (joining Barrhead and Netwon Mearns) is closed this month also. Not sure if these are on your route, but heads-up just in case.
  6. Hi Jane, great to hear-welcome to the Wheelers! I'd be up for more Wednesday evening social rides.
  7. Any other week I'd be up for this, but can't next week unfortunately Good TT though! Hope you get enough takers Alan.
  8. Lovely route tonight-thanks Jane! Good numbers again tonight and enthusiasm aplenty Thanks very much to Chung for a really well thought-out talk and advice session, and cheers to Graham for assisting.
  9. I'll be there. Looking forward to it
  10. Can't make it tomorrow Have fun folks!
  11. Well said Jane! Great turnout in what became torrential rain-well done to our brilliant group of ladies!
  12. I should make it along for a turbo session.
  13. I can't make it-working Sounds great, hope you have a good ride.