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  1. I used to just have bike envy. Now I have workshop envy too 😍. And everything is so shiny and clean 😎
  2. Hi Guys, I've got far too many bikes (according to the wife) so I've decided to get rid of some, starting with this. It's a men's Trek, 52 frame, with 10 speed Tiagra gears and shifters, FSA chainset and unbranded brakes. It's in good condition, with only the odd mark or scuff. It would make a good winter bike as its got eyes for mudguards and a rack. Here's a pic of the actual bike. I would keep it but it's too small for me. 150 quid for the full bike. Gotta be a bargain. Bike now sold - many thanks to all who expressed an interest. Cheers, Frank
  3. Hi Alan, I can't make it along on the 22nd unfortunately as I've got something else on. Gutted. Yep, that's my original avatar. Hasn't scaled up well, me thinks. Bit like myself. Cheers, Frank
  4. Martin - many thanks for the advice. I'd love to attend the AGM and curry. It'll be a good opportunity to catch up with old faces and meet some new ones. Chung, Iain and Darryl - thanks for the good wishes guys. Hopefully meet up on some bunch rides when I'm up to it. Charlie - I'm definitely up for the Wednesday rides but I need to get fitter first. Been a few years since I've done any serious miles and I don't want to hold you back!
  5. Hi Guys, Having spent the last few years working abroad, I've now retired and returned home. Not wanting to turn into a full-blown couch potato, I'd like to re-join the mighty Wheelers. Assuming you may actually let me back in, can someone advise on how best to go about this please? Cheers, Frank
  6. Guys, Apologies for the delay in replying but I've now finally sent responses to all those who expressed an interest. Frank
  7. Guys, Thanks for the enquiries. I'll try to get back to you all over the next day or so. Frank PS: Richard, you've always had impeccable taste!
  8. Guys, It looks like I will be out here a wee while longer so it's probably time to accept that I won't be using most of my carbon goodies. So, I'm thinking of putting them up for sale if there's any interest. List includes: 1. Felt B2 TT bike with (mostly) campag record groupset, FSA carbon chainset with 54 carbon ring, planet x carbon bars and extensions. Brakes are frame specific I think - they came with it anyway. Hed 3 trispokes for tubs. I'm 5'11" and that's probably the limit in terms of the bigger riders but plenty of adjustment down. 2. Zipp disc. Dimpled model, campag hub but easily changed. 3. Look 585 bike. 54 medium in white. Campag record 10 groupset, FSA carbon bars, Fizik saddle, Mavic SSC wheels. 4. Zipp disc - older style. Fixed axle or screw-on block. 5. Bontrager Aeolus 65 carbon clincher wheelset. Campag hub but I think I have shimano one too in the garage. I won't be home until nearer xmas unfortuntely but that gives you all time to save up . Sorry I don't have any pics here to post but there should be lots of you who know the bikes and how little they've been used! Let me know if there's any interest and I'll have a think about prices. Frank
  9. Congratulations guys. Fantastic result and suitable reward for some superb times. The Joansin TT boys have gone from strength to strength since I left. Wonder if there's a connection? Fantastic season all round. Frank
  10. Frank

    Training Group

    Hi guys, I'd be interested in joining in - remotely of course! I need a program and some motivation to get back to fitness. Would it be possible to post the planned sessions in advance? Frank
  11. I'll probably head out a wee bit earlier and take roughly the same route. I expect to be slowish so give me a wave as you pass by! Frank
  12. Hi Ian, I just got back home today and will probably try and get a few miles in tomorrow. I wouldn't mind tagging along but don't want to hold you up. Where you headed? Cheers, Frank
  13. Frank

    Jim Daly

    Like everyone else who's posted here, I can't quite take this in. Jim was one of the first guys in the club to help me along when I joined. He had a huge appetite for cycling and put everything he had into it. He was always at the front of the bunch and put in more than his fare share of spells. In truth, he was so much stronger than most of us. Always a gentleman, he will be sorely missed by all of us lucky enough to have shared his company over the years. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this dreadful time. Frank
  14. Hi guys, I will be back home for the weekend and would like to tag along for the run - as long as it's an easy pace - if that's okay. Frank