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  1. Ok - clearly been in England too long - weather obviously not suitable for a big one tmw. Hopefully see you at the weekend.
  2. Am in Glasgow tmw Charlie - you don’t fancy a crack at the Loch Awe route ?
  3. Amazing memories you young fellas have Mr O’Neil ! https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/2653012198 It is long Charlie - even with 10 miles off for the ferries (and about 10000ft Marco ). You could go straight up the main road to Inveraray but I really wouldn’t recommend it. Get an early ferry and enjoy it ! Or do what Richard of Montague and I did and ride out to Portavadie over the Rest first 😳
  4. Yeah that’s the loop we did a few years ago Charlie ( with Marco and Al Fox ). Would be an impressive day out to do the lot !
  5. Hope you are taking Loch Awe route from Lochgilphead Charlie - do not take the then main road ! Head along the track beside the Crinan canal at Ardrishaig. Keep on canal path to Bellanoch then cross canal on B8025, Go through Kilmartin ( good cafe ) and take a right after Kilmartin heading for Ford. Beautiful quiet road along Scotland’s longest freshwater loch, Follow loch Awe and head for Inveraray. Stunning route and plenty of history - look out for Dunnadd ( ancient capital of Dalriada) and the burial mounds at Kilmartin - would love to join you.
  6. All is forgiven Andy. - “How can I leave you again?”
  7. Yeah, well done us - always better to just get out. Nice route Davie and glad Chung made the effort to meet up in Stewarton. Will catch up with the rain dodgers another time !
  8. There seems to be a typo as it says Charlie will be repairing a puncture , or is he bringing Chung?
  9. Chung and I are meeting at Eastwood Toll at 9. We are planning a day out heading Eaglesham , Strathaven and on into Ayrshire. Welcome to join us for part route.