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  1. Now posted (correctly) in Committee Feedback section. Apologies, I have been posting in wrong section for last few months. Feedback here on PM me, thanks.
  2. Minutes now posted in Committee Minutes section, Members Only. We did not hold a meeting in Aug 21 due to holidays.
  3. Alan McLean

    Club kit.

    Frank, we just saw this, message coming.
  4. Anyone know the provenance of OA cutting gear in the container? PM me if you prefer.
  5. Excellent day oot. Late summer sun. For the covid record attendees were: Alan McLean, Darryl Gunson, Alistair Creighton, Gary Dunn, Alan Thomson, Iain Carvill, Iain McTavish, Matt Evans and I've missed a couple, who?
  6. See Members Only section. We've only met three times this year for obvious reasons but now expecting to resume monthly meetings.
  7. PS I could probably get more by breaking it up but don't have the heart so £250 is fixed price, no pun intended.
  8. Hi I am selling my Dooley's framed fixie. probably 54cm frame. I am 5'10" and it is fine for me. I built it with proper sugino cranks, 1/8 chain, goldtec hubs (Allen bolts), Mavic rims, sell italia saddle and posh seat post, proper brakes and mudguards. Excellent condition. Perfect for the cycle track or ripping your thighs on West Glen Road. £250. Need space for more bikes PM if interested. Alan IMG_3968.HEIC
  9. Excellent day with coffee in sun at Kilcreggan and post-ride beers in sun at Amaretto. And frites. Argyll and Clyde coast were stunning as ever. Carman Road out of Cardross and the little steep ramp over the railway at Old Kilpatrick (which I see now is named Thistleneck) provided some late hill action. My first real bunch ride since Feb 20.
  10. Hi all, Feb minutes have been uploaded to Committee Feedback/Members Only section for info.
  11. Hi Iain/all, BC are processing our reaaffiliation so link is down, I presume they will sort out. Please retry in a few days.
  12. thanks to everyone for commitment to the club. Keep them coming. It may take a couple of days to process your subs cos we have to individually approve all renewals in case they are Russian spambots.
  13. Details of zoom login etc. now in Members Only section under Announcements. See youse all there.
  14. Membership runs 1st Nov to 31st Oct, Please renew here, many thanks and have a great season. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/club/subscriptions?club_id=589 The Treasurer might possibly accept cheques/cash but.....really???...