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  1. Alan McLean

    Membership link here for 18-19

    Membership runs 1st Nov to 31st Oct, Please renew here, many thanks and have a great season. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/club/subscriptions?club_id=589 The Treasurer might possibly accept cheques/cash but.....really???...
  2. Good call Carol. Bowfield was lethal so we retired to our country club to plan a winter if zwift.
  3. Alan McLean

    Committee Meeting 3/12/18 and gies oor track bikes

    All members welcome to committee meetings held at 7pm on first Monday of month. Next meeting Amaretto 4th Feb 2019. (something happening 1st Monday in Jan) Usually one hour with bruschetta and an americano or a beer. Informal but effective.
  4. Hi all, Please come along on Friday. See details in Members section and let us know for numbers. Our sponsors are Amaretto who are arranging food, how cool is that? It could not be a more convenient or better venue for a bike club a. right beside the track b. brilliant food c. lots of beers d. enthusiastic patron Alan Secy
  5. Minutes in Members Only section. We cannot trace two club track bikes. We have five of these for temporary loans to club members but two are missing on extended sabbaticals. They are a 50 and 56 blue Dolan Track champs. If you have them then please return to let someone else enjoy track riding. You are welcome to PM a committee member and no more will be said.
  6. Alan McLean

    Please renew membership 2018-19

    Hi Delighted you are still here. Thanks to all of those who have already renewed membership. Please renew at. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/club/subscriptions?club_id=589 Membership runs Nov to Oct Please renew by end year to ensure continued Bunch access. Regards Alan Secy
  7. Alan McLean

    Anyone for Flanders?

    really? Ok, go on then if you must. (thought you'd never ask.) Plenty more where they came from. Strange, it's almost as if I paid a large amount of Euros to one of the pro photo shops for a big vanity CD. Knee warmers still going strong.
  8. Alan McLean

    Anyone for Flanders?

    And Tom Hill won the Hamoc for getting lost on a route with 15000 other riders and climbing the Koppenberg twice. He finished in dark as they were packing up.
  9. Alan McLean

    Anyone for Flanders?

  10. Alan McLean

    Anyone for Flanders?

    A wee taster. Bosberg with Ramsay and the Muir. Smashing.
  11. Alan McLean

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Mia and I planning to join Jets for 100 miler.
  12. Alan McLean

    Volunteer needed for Scottish Cycling meeting 3/12/18

    Sorted. Fasted volunteering club in Scotland. Thanks to Iain McTavish for offering. I'm sure a couple of others go and keep Ian company. Let me know.
  13. Hi Scottish Cycling West Region are holding an informal networking meeting for club members next Monday evening 3/12/18 at the Emirates. We don't have an agenda yet. We've been invited to send some reps. It will be good networking especially for those in the race scene. You'll probably get a free coffee and biscuit. It clashes with committee meeting same time so we're looking for a volunteer or two to go and report back to committee. Will post more details as I get them. Let me know if interested. PM me by all means. Regards alan
  14. Alan McLean


    Should add that this will also help the non-competitive members who also need sensible bike fitting advice.
  15. Hi, Honorary Life Member Drew Wilson has great offer for totally pro bike fit and other stuff in Members Only Announcement section. Great winter project to help you burst back into spring and smash the Renfrew Bunch.