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  1. Well done all. I am insanely jealous. SA is usually hard but fun especially in sun. DA on the other hand....
  2. wow, sympathy to Colin and Gary. Glen, If you think rim is simply worn out and you like Zuus then you might as well get another pair. Rim brake wheels are essentially disposable items and will eventually need replaced, you certainly get good use of yours. I'm very slowly moving all my bikes to disc brakes cos I can then buy really nice wheels and not worry about them wearing out. I got my warning on Fairlie Moor too about 5 years ago when a worn alloy rim exploded, made me obsessively check for rim wear and bin when <1mm or wear markers gone.
  3. Probably my most desperate post ever but I think I was ahead of Colin and Paul. Can the comms confirm? I was about 10 secs behind januulruch.
  4. Will join around Red Smiddy. Looks like nice night. I have new kit and will look stunning, like the lovechild of Sagan and Gilbert, thanks again to Robbie for kit.
  5. Sorry can't join but will be across later in year for a cheeky single. Louie just got EW string KOM today. Suggest you stick him at the front. All the way.
  6. Is/was there a prime at Houston 30, or were people just getting position for the roundabout?
  7. stevie, welcome back! We'll put you back on forum. Let me know if still probs
  8. All noted Roberto. We know people have lots of other things going on. Hope to see you out on the road sometime.
  9. I am working and can't attend ride but can you confirm that Amaretto will have PR on telly? just like the euro bars? If so then I'll be there. May I bagsy a team for £3 if there are any left in the hat. Anyway I know Kristoff will win cos he is a monster and it's flat.
  10. Hi, we have just received one of the new design woman's jerseys (with the cool yellow hoop), size small, but it is too big for Mia. Still in packet Would anyone like it? We paid £70ish, will sell for £50. Sizing is different to Pactimo. You're welcome to try it on. Pm me if interested.
  11. Thanks. I now see that there is a cryptic clue in the thread title.
  12. Being dropped on cote de bishy is part of the fun. On the club runs and bogs bunches I have been variously dropped at: Inchinninan (puncture) Inchinnan(unfit) Inchinnan (chain drop/unfit) Bishy town (unfit/missed a turn/headwind) Bishy town (lights/unfit) and that's before I even get to the hill and excluding the times I have arrived late. But I think on club runs it would be nice to get everyone over Bishy hill. Hope to be out on Thursday when I will probably ignore my own suggestion and just smash it like everyone else.