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  1. Thats cos I was stuck about 1k behind you for first 5 mins. It was our algorithm overlords who were laughing at you. Mwah ha ha.
  2. Massive lol. My pm failed to register for first two minutes so I probably held you all back with massive elastic band hence early slow speeds. I had to ride mental to catch the bunch. All very good fun and only a computer game. Darryl is defo a man on the edge at mahoosive watts. Ride failed to load. Who cares. See youse Sunday.
  3. Hi George, we passed you stuck in the gutter. See you next time.
  4. I will try family Zwift with Mia. One on TV and one on iPad. See you there.
  5. that was good. Is EL eric in JWCC kit colours?
  6. Will join. Starting to understand the app.
  7. I missed the start. Wow Darryl, that was a good workout. Will see you for next one.
  8. Great, should be up for this. Could you possibly change heading to March?
  9. Lanterne Rouge: second-by-second “nerd in a dungeon” bike race commentary and analysis bigclivedotcom: electronic engineer, sounds Glaswegian, who takes apart stuff and seems to know what he is doing lockpickinglawyer: a lawyer, who picks locks, that’s it. These are undoubtedly the best You Tube channels ever. I was going to pin this and stop any replies but I concede that it is just possible you have found something almost as interesting. If so, post below....
  10. Hi Darryl, I am total newbie but learnt in ten minutes yesterday, still barely understand but will give you newbie perspective. download app to phone or iPad, laptop, pc. open app, you get free 7day/25km trial membership. enter personal details. you could use phone or pc alone but I mirrored phone to tv through Apple TV so entire phone pic is on the tv. (this was expensive but represents family Easter and summer holiday budget) set up smart trainer or rollers with bike. The app asks you to hit “Pair” and luckily it found my power, cadence (from crank-based pm) and HR immediately. No idea what connection it used. start riding. I also loaded the entirely separate Zwift Companion app which connects with friends and allowed me to find Iain’s ride, I have not begun to explore it yet rollers were excellent. Only real problem was difficulties removing clothing when hot and I could not use phone while riding. worst thing was the ride did not save to Strava. I used to think that was important☹️
  11. Paul is right about power meters. I was in a rush today and just threw my road bike with Stages pm on the rollers in front of smart TV. Worked fine. Did not get the resistance feedback on hills but just had to work harder to keep up. Of course I fell off a couple of times trying to "corner" my avatar and I couldn't fiddle with my phone but otherwise great.
  12. I was a few minutes early or late but found a Jet, Sammy Edgar, to join. Worked well, thanks.
  13. I've just ordered Apple TV thing and I'm off to buy a mahoosive telly and fan for the pain cave. What else do I need apart from bike and turbo and account? Also can two people use the same telly for Zwift at the same time?