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  1. Utterly bonkers but brilliant. Is there a strict time cut off for PBP proper? If so what is the minimum required km/24hr? Suggest you guys write a little piece on kit/pacing/feeding strategies, or give a winter talk.
  2. Good point re. the big roundabouts. The approach to both have terrified me for years. How would you do it Iain? I think club members would need to have a word with everyone on the Georgetown and through Bishy. I agree with Billy ?no overtaking rule on descent of bishy hill and descent through Houston? But will take nerves of steel to hold back as the little voice inside whispers "don't get dropped, don't get dropped,don't get dropped." I vote Jan/Iain as patron to spread the word.
  3. tumbleweed............... That'll be a no then.
  4. Alan McLean

    Spied a Wheeler

    I went to co-op on Sunday and spied the 30 milers so much that I had coffee with them. The Muls, David, Carol and Boyd plus other flashes of blue and yellow through Kilmacolm about 1100.
  5. Shame, I was looking for you at Bishy. Did you get caught at lh turn onto barnsford Rd? I am guessing that you were absolutely fine in the bunch to end of gtr but a small gap and the tailwind was just too much when the road turned. You are fit and will do fine if you get to head of bunch at the brief pauses at the end of gtr, red smiddy roundabout and bishy lights. I have been caught at all of them with a lack of concentration. If people sprint from the stop and you start at the back they will be gone!
  6. Apologies to Iain and others. I got a bit over- enthusiastic in my Membership Secretary role. Yes you are correct, it's not an official club ride so no obligation on anyone to join. But club members should get credit for posting it up and generally enthusing. Please welcome any potential members anyway if they are interested. I do try but usually unable to speak.
  7. Thanks very much to both. I may have found a closer contact. Will be in touch if I still need you over weekend.
  8. Easterly tailwind, sunny, big bunch. 50kph on the Westferry, Giro on telly=May banger. I did a massive turn to Langbank to nobly drag the bunch past Leavy who was hanging out front. Hard. Tailwind was really interesting and left nowhere to hide.
  9. The lighting board on my new towball mounted bike rack does not work. I don't know if it's the car or rack. Anyone got a car with working 7 or 13 pin connector which I can use to check the rack? I'll bring it round.
  10. Forecast is good, there will be lots of riders. This is a club ride with guests who we make welcome. If you can still speak during the ride then by all means invite guests to join if they are not already in a sister club. There are a lot of non-club riders who need a home and these rides have shown that we're a good bunch to ride with.
  11. Elaine, yes. You will get to end of Georgetown no prob. The challenge is getting over Bishy Hill in contact with the bunch. If you are at the front at Bishy lights you should be fine, if you are at the back at the lights and let the leaders open a gap then it can be very hard to get back on. As I have proven many times. If at the front then I usually ride steady up the hill but someone usually decides to spice it up and split the group.
  12. Dear racers/all Unfortunately the club has not yet found a volunteer to organise a club road race this year. Past races have been great participation events for club members, good publicity for the club and important contributions to national cycling heritage and tradition, as well as being polite in reciprocating our sister clubs' events. Although it is getting late we think there is just enough time to set up a race for late summer. If anyone or, maybe groups of two or three of the regular racers/chaingang members would like to organise a race then please post here or PM me to find out what's involved. The committee appreciates that we all have busy lives and assure any volunteers that they will receive full support of the club but we need someone to come forward first. Regards Alan
  13. Working and it looks a bit cold. Might bring my camera to kilmacolm cross to get some pain shots.
  14. Good grief. Congratulations Cedric! Is it on Strava yet?
  15. Oops sorry chung. I thought a four hour gap was ok. Anyway you should know better than to look at ANY Internet before you watch the race.