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  1. Probable...that I miss out the Loch Katrine loop and replace it with an interesting, long and tasty lunch in Callendar, and pick up the bunch later.
  2. Prospective new member Mairi Buchanan will join the ride as far as Langbank on Sunday with first bunch. Could someone please look after her and introduce her to bunch riding for an hour or so? She has a drop handled bike with clipless pedals but has not ridden in a bunch before. The full ride is too far so I've suggested she joins for the first few miles to West Ferry or further if she's ok. I'll be at work and can't join. I've given her general advice on riding. Let me know here or by PM.
  3. Alan McLean

    Renfrew-Shieldhall cycle route consultation

    Renfrew to Glasgow Cycle Route Public Consultation Events.pdf comments section at end.
  4. Dear All Renfrewshire Council are asking for views on new cycle route, letter and details below. PDF of plan attached in next post. Good plan to get cyclists past Hillington and Diageo straight but then stops at Glasgow City boundary. I'll send reply from club. Please send them your individual views: "Good Afternoon Renfrewshire Council is proposing to provide a new high-quality cycle route, segregated from traffic, between Renfrew Town Centre and the Glasgow City Council boundary. The proposed route, which forms part of Renfrewshire Council’s Cycle Strategy, is well-used, but requires dedicated space to provide a safe, convenient and fully segregated route, to encourage people to cycle. A map of the route and further details regarding the scheme can be seen here or on the leaflet attached. Local Transport Projects Ltd, on behalf of Renfrewshire Council, are developing designs for this new cycle route & would like to know the views of those who might use the route, might be affected by the development, or would like to offer any feedback regarding the project. An online consultation is now underway: https://renfrewcycling.commonplace.is/. Please have a look, comment and let us know your views. Please do also share this email to your local networks, to give as many people as possible the chance to have their say. We are also holding two local public consultation events for people to pop along to, view plans, offer feedback and find out more. Full details here or on the leaflet attached. If you would like to receive consultation materials in another language, or in another format, such as Braille, or on audio tape, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or 01482 679911. Local Transport Projects Ltd comply with the Data Protection Act 2018. For more information please see: www.local-transport-projects.co.uk/pages/ltp-data-protection. Many thanks for your time. Kind regards, Clare Shepherd Technical Assistant (Accounts) Local Transport Projects Ltd. Armstrong House, The Flemingate Centre, Armstrong Way, Beverley, HU17 0NW. Å 01482 679911 ü www.local-transport-projects.co.uk LTP provide traffic engineering and transport planning services across the UK, with offices in Beverley and Manchester. Find out more at http://www.local-transport-projects.co.uk/contacts/new cid:[email protected]:[email protected] logo RGB.jpgespo-logo This email is confidential and may also be privileged. The recipient is responsible for virus checking this email and any attachments. If you are not the intended recipient please immediately notify us and delete this email; you must not use, disclose, distribute, copy, print or rely on this email. Local Transport Projects Ltd does not accept any liability for any loss or damage from your receipt or use of this email. Thank you for your co-operation."
  5. Alan McLean

    New Year, New Bike time - keeping it "real" though!

    All very well but did you realise that on Sunday your mini pump was slouched diagonally in your jersey pocket and in doing so it utterly ruined the fit of your Rapha rainjacket? I almost threw up in disgust.
  6. Alan McLean

    Sunday Feb 10th Reliability #2 Moscow Revolution

    Big thanks to Al who did a splendid single speed conversion to allow Mia to complete the ride. Her bike eventually succumbed on Thornhill, perfect timing to freewheel down to miller St and cakes.
  7. Alan McLean


    Club reliability on sunday chaps. Lots of opportunities to smash it if you join the scratch group. If you want mega pain then start a further five minutes later. I will be working.
  8. Alan McLean

    Committee meeting Feb 2019

    I’ve posted minutes in section above. main points are to give thanks to the guys who have volunteered to organise the Sam Dooley TT, (Gerard Deeley), and the Don Smith (Paul, Eric and David). Please support them and the events. we are still looking for an organiser for the Jim Daly RR, date tbc, so please step forward if you’d like to help. There is a huge amount of experience that other club members can share with you. Also thanks to Colin Sales who has kindly volunteered to maintain the main web site and refresh our public image. Our late good friend and riding partner Alex Baird previously looked after the site which is once again in good hands. Alan McLean Secretary, JWCC
  9. Alan McLean

    New Year, New Bike time - keeping it "real" though!

    Campy Campy campy campy campy etc. lovely bike. I may have missed a bit of the thread. Why not go full record hubs etc? Seems a shame not to go full camp-ag-no-lo.
  10. I'll start. Further to conversations today in BB I am sorry to say that American Flyers is not available on netflix or Amazon, what now? I have not seen it. In other news I am delighted that Breaking Away has made a resurgence in the Bunch with much Italiano in evidence. Go watch now. I see that Amazon have an entire series following the Orica-Scott chef, Hannah Grant in the TdF so will check that out and report back. Any other recommendations?
  11. Alan McLean

    Sunday 20th January

    20th of Jan and about 20 in our bunch, 10 in the 30 milers. totally banging.
  12. Alan McLean

    Sunday 20th January

    Hi. Will ambush around port glasgow so please don’t take different route unless essential. I will be tracking bunch cos one of you has set up stalker mode in What’s App, thanks.
  13. Alan McLean

    Sunday 13th Jan : local

    Welcome Linda, see you out there sometime.
  14. Alan McLean

    Super Saturday

    What time will you be there on Saturday? I am working but may come to watch.