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  1. I asked that people write to me so I could take to committee but am delighted to see it here too. What is hard about looking at the forum, or posting up there? I don't know but lots of people don't do it. Wishing it won't help. They look at stuff sent to them, that's how every ad campaign works. They don't browse forums to find out what to do. I spoke to about twenty people at prize-giving and they all thought the Forum was not the best way of telling people what is going on. I am but a mere servant of the club members and agreed that we need to look at this more closely. My email was not a WhatsApp proposal, it was really a request for ideas to help publicise rides rather than have people look for them. I chose WhatsApp as an example, other media messaging services are available. As Membership Secy I receive lots of requests from new members who cannot work out where the info is on the bunch. For me it is difficult to use from a phone and most importantly the Bunch is passive and does not alert people to rides and events. For instance the Prize-giving was initially buried in Announcements. Confirmed attendance at the prize-giving doubled in 24 hours after we circulated an email to all members. I'll bet this thread is only seen by a few people, most will never look for it because it is an unknown unknown. Please post here, write privately to me or, better, come to committee meeting to discuss if you think there is a problem and, if so, how to fix it. And let me know if you can help. Personal view: If there is no problem then we can continue with a passive Forum based on 15yo tech. I think that's a mistake. I know that many club members are in a lot of other media groups and receive a LOT of ride notifications so I think JWCC should be one of them. Alan Secretary
  2. Splendid farmwatch exploration of the shire with Boyd, Fiona, Karen, Elaine and I. We have been feeding alpacas and herding sheep. And riding bikes.
  3. Hi all We're going to use the BC mailing system for occasional mailshots to all members. I've just circulated info on prize-giving and subs renewal. If you have not received it please check your junk/spam filter. I don't want to add unnecessarily to your email burden and would be grateful for feedback on how well the BC system works and whether you are happy/unhappy to receive occasional emails this way. Either post here or drop me a message/email. Alan Secretary JWCC
  4. Membership runs 1st Nov to 31st Oct, Please renew here, many thanks and have a great season. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/club/subscriptions?club_id=589 The Treasurer might possibly accept cheques/cash but.....really???...
  5. I have a tiny rechargeable Decathlon bike light which is great when I can select the correct mode. I'll try to attach pic. It can show either red or white LED but I don't know how to select the correct mode. Anyone know? At present I randomly press the centre button until it suddenly changes mode. There must be a simple code but I don't know it. Can't post pic. It is about 4 by 2 by 1 cm with micro usb and white and red leds
  6. Hi Ramsay, remember you need 10secs clear at the top of the Bosberg to stay away to the finish. I think I got three secs on you in 2011
  7. Wheelers have proposed and seconded our very own Helen Probart to join SC Board as Director. Link here to the SC public page regarding election of officers https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/scottishcycling/corporate/agm/2019/2019_Election_of_Directors_and_President.pdf SC AGM is on our own agenda and will be discussed at our AGM. I will bring beer to help.
  8. Frank, welcome back. Ignore Mulholland, he's in a home now and gets dates mixed up. AGM on 22ND IN CLUBROOMS. See you there, bring subs and a tenner for curry. Awards night is 29th. Is that your original avatar?
  9. I've put another paper for AGM in Announcements section. It is in relation to Director elections to SC Board.
  10. Hi I have been sent Invitation by Irvine Running Club to their annual Cyclists vs. Harriers race. http://www.irvinerunningclub.co.uk/races-1.html See end of link. There is a FB page too. Looks great. Five miles of soft ground around Irvine. Cyclocross but no riding on tarmac sections! I am hoping to go. Based on current fitness I will need a Landrover to get round.
  11. Gerard, 1900hrs but suggest you arrive early to put in your curry order.
  12. will they deliver to Joansin?