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  1. We need to take a bit more care before the west ferry. Going through the roundabout and up the on ramp is not the final 300 metres in the Tour de France from Rivoli onto the Champs Elysees. If there is a car on the roundabout then the bunch should be stopping for it not riding through. However only 3 stopped tonight! The speed is such that if guys at the front had slammed on their brakes then others may go into the back of them so I can understand why it was (arguably) the safe choice to make by then but that to me suggests that on the final part of the downhill we should be easing slightly instead of trying to keep as much speed and momentum as possible for going up the drag. Same thing applies on the downhill before the Crosslee roundabout. You cannot see what is coming until it is too late. I'm as guilty as anyone for going fast through that if im on the front but i'm going to try and be more safety conscious from now on. Anyway what was the scores? Kom - i think Sam, Marc, Galeb then who? Sprint - Marc, Sam, Me, Billy, Galeb
  2. Usual time and place Weather forecast isnt looking great unfortunately
  3. Bit of a hard one tonight, a car attempted an overtake before squeezing in to the back of the bunch before Bridge of Weir cutting myself and Andy off and then had to try and chase back. Of course the traffic lights were then green so things didnt ease or stop ! Wouldn't have made it on without Greg doing a good turn towards Houston before his legs went...After that just hanging on. As for results - Bit of controversy and a DQ for the Clune for Ian. I wasn't going to DQ however Richie made a good case and i was persuaded when it was pointed out it would move me up a point in the scores KOM - Richie and Sam - tied - 5 points Me - 4 points Did i miss anyone out? Finish - Cedric - 6 Sam - 4 Richie - 3 Ian - 2 Me - 1
  4. Weather has been so poor i thought it best to restart summer
  5. Hopefully the weather is a bit better this week. Usual meeting place Scores back to zero for the June round of the world champs. Podium for May was Marc on top with 36 points, then Galeb 2nd with 20 and Sam 3rd with 18
  6. Forecast doesnt look great Here are the current standings for May. Marc has already won this month and by a significant margin...but the other 13 on the leaderboard could still make the podium with the right results. (I've not allocated the points for turning up because i'm finding it too difficult to keep track in addition to the top 5 at the climb and finish) Name Week 1 KOM Week 1 Sprint Week 2 KOM Week 2 Sprint Week 3 KOM Week 3 Sprint Week 4 KOM Week 4 Sprint Overall Marc 4 3 5 4 5 6 5 4 36 Sam 3 2 3 4 6 18 Iain Mct 2 4 1 3 3 13 Ian A 5 6 1 1 13 Cedric 4 6 10 Galeb 3 4 2 9 Richie 3 2 5 Paul Mcd 4 4 Jesse 1 2 3 Paul L 3 3 Andy 2 2 Billy 2 2 Stuart 2 2 Charlie 1 1
  7. Lots of attacking tonight with a strong wind. New sprint king in town with Sam being the first to beat Marc in a head to head this year. Admittedly it looked a bit close to call but i figure cant have Marc winning all the points every week Also Richie is now a member and eligible for points! kom Marc - 5 Sam - 4 Richie - 3 Galeb - 2 Ian A - 1 Finish Sam - 6 Marc - 4 Me - 3 Richie - 2 Ian A - 1
  8. yeah pretty sure a cross bike will be fine...i dont know for certain though as ive not ridden the route before. Something along these lines https://www.strava.com/routes/18745158
  9. Usual time and place! It shouldn't need saying but remember that in a chain gang you are supposed to ride through and off....not through and continue to accelerate as you join the other side. By all means attack if you want however try and not surge through if you are only doing your turn in the rotation. Of course all of this may be inevitable due to it being big group with lots of recovery and then a tendency to come through too hard as a result. The solution may be splitting into smaller groups but i'll leave that option for now.
  10. Sorry to hijack this thread Paul and Andy but if a few of the guys who want to do the Ayrshire Alps cant make it this weekend would you be interested in postponing and joining me for a gravel ride in Cowal?
  11. Getting a puncture about a minute before the sprint kicks off is rather frustrating What were the results for the KOM and finish?