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  1. Relatively small group in the B's which was welcome for the first night back. Started off with a scratch and was in a break of 2 with about 6 to go but got caught on the bell. Second scratch race in a break again from about 9 to go and caught with 1.5 to go. Third was the points, hanging a bit here - got a point but never really competitive. Last race was the tempo - race went hard from the gun and then went even harder after the first points lap when Sammy attacked and got pretty big gap. Was a struggle catching but i knew there was noone on my wheel at that point so could commit to the chase. Eventually caught and rolled him on the 3rd sprint and tried to maintain as long as i could which was 4 laps then i think it was James that caught me but i was seeing stars by that point. I think 4 was enough for the win. Good showing from all the Jets tonight. 👍 Now i cant sleep and have a major case of track cough. Good to be back
  2. Thanks Gerard. Hopefully weather plays ball!
  3. Entry for 1st week of racing closes tonight. With covid protocols creating some extra hassle for organisers no late entries will be accepted this year
  4. League is open for entries now at https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/club/profile/7834/scottish-cycling-national-track-league First night of racing on 20th October goes live tomorrow…hopefully see you back racing again soon Billy!
  5. Well done all Is 1.22 still the record? Could be in danger next year - Don't think todays conditions were particularly fast with a pretty strong side/headwind
  6. Great race and what a performance...hands red raw and bleeding by the finish too!
  7. Well done all 👍 Ian and me on full TT setups this year unlike the road bikes of previous. The competition is getting too fast to mess about 🤣 Thanks Dave for the timekeeping!
  8. Good turn out today - not the result we had hoped for with a couple of mishaps along the way like rubbing wheels and snapped stem bolts! The overall time would have been good enough to win some years in the past - but not this year so congrats to VCGS on a well earned victory. Training starts for next year at the 2up on Tuesday Geo hope your new bike is ok - Cav maxed out at a mere 1600w in a sprint so clearly not putting the stem under as much stress as you do! (I've got an extra medal for someone - not sure who is due one after missing presentation?)
  9. Well done all, here are the times Ian A - 23.10 Colin S - 25 Robbie G - 25.02 Iain C - 25.27 Alan T - 26.05 Scott M - 27.02 Scott J - 27.14
  10. Ok to use photo on the club instagram page?
  11. Well done 👏 sorry to hear about the skating mishap Gerard - hope the surgery went well!
  12. Sorry to hear Thanks for putting in all the work up to now
  13. Here is the link for those interested https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/21911 A few of you are in best form for years - time to put it to good use!