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    Some of those options dont look too promising! I realise it's a selfish view but a huge part of the attraction of Cowal for cycling is precisely because it is a bit inconvenient to get to by car despite being close to the central belt. The A82 up Loch Lomond and over the Rest (or the A81 to Aberfoyle) are spectacular roads in terms of scenery but they can be horrible to cycle on because of how busy they are...would hate to see C11 or the Whistlefield and the other roads over there become like that!
  2. https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2020/05/garmin-launches-strava-komoot-route-sync-works-on-devices-a-decade-old.html Should work, although i've not tried it with komoot. There is also a manual way to do it too - download the gpx file, connect garmin to computer then drag and drop the file into a folder called 'new files'. Disconnect garmin then next time you turn it on the route should appear under courses.
  3. Cracking advert from the Italian TV channel Rai for the upcoming Giro
  4. Yeah good ride, thanks for getting the club rides rolling again 👍
  5. Just to let you know the track league is being postponed to January 2021 and the season is now going to be the calendar year rather than the winter with a short break over Christmas/ New Year. There will be a longer break in the summer, so in effect the actual months being raced will be the same as before the difference will be in the league table. 4 months to get fit!
  6. I know the route - could tweak it a bit and head to the cafe that Mark recommended a couple of weeks back? (by tweak could potentially miss out the whole transmitter climb )
  7. Yeah a real tough day - hardest SA attempt i've been involved in. Great ride by Emma - better conditions and we would have completed comfortably inside the time limit. Got lots of power data over the years to back that up! Also the boat took a long time docking due to the wind direction so without that delay it might have made the difference too. But if it was easy to achieve then it wouldn't be the legendary Arran challenge!
  8. Apparently the biggest bunch they've had in decades - crazy at times like this.
  9. Don't think i can make Tuesday If you stick your previous SA on your garmin then the virtual partner will help a lot with pacing. Don't race it though - it's best to use it to avoid going too hard early on when feeling fresh.
  10. Will give it a go - looks to be near the Ardocrig side of the windfarm so quite handy for a gravel ride
  11. That's disappointing - made a lot of purchases there over the years that i otherwise wouldn't have without the price match!