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  1. Will probably miss the first couple but looking forward to getting back to it! Also front lights are needed too.
  2. Should give them a go Billy - they are usually pretty steady rides rather than easy recovery pace and while a bit shorter it's not by much. Also when things get a bit hotter then the longer Sunday rides will likely return. I agree though that everything being on whatsapp or a facebook group is a bit of a problem - particularly for new members (and potential new members) who aren't a member of the group yet. Before i joined the club i was able to read all the threads on the forum and see things were pretty active and it was one of the reasons i joined over other local clubs.
  3. A good ride, thanks for organising. Shame about the potholes as the circuit is otherwise ideal in terms of mix of hills and flat.
  4. Had hoped to but need to be back before 2 so probably give it a miss. Gravel rides always end up longer than im expecting
  5. The ride there isn't too bad with chunky tyres - can avoid the road for a chunk of it going via darnley to dams country park.
  6. First of the year, meeting at the bus stop on the Georgetown. Usual caveats apply - its a training ride rather than a social ride so be self sufficient and if you are dropped you are dropped. However don't let that put you off it's good fun and should be a bit steadier than the Renfrew bunch - particularly the first 20 minutes or so through to Bishopton where we will aim to keep the bunch together. Regroup at top of Clune with a short cut up Heggies if needed. Lights may be needed for the ride home afterwards
  7. My first time back racing since early December. Started with a scratch and i was awful, off the back and chasing for 10 of the 15 laps. Second was another scratch could at least hold on this time but didnt do anything. Third was a points - usual tactic of not contesting the first few sprints and waiting to do something in the latter part of the race. Someone attacked and had a decent gap and eventually 2 others tried to get across then another chased them and i managed to get across to them. We never caught the rider out front and for the final sprint i didnt have much left so only got a point. Last was a devil, rode it on the front but eliminated with 6 to go so no points but a good effort at least. Things got a bit better as the night went on but ive gone backwards in the last couple of months and some work to do...only 4 weeks of racing left though! Well done to Sam taking the step up to the A group and in the mix there. Scoring some points in the tempo and points race i think.
  8. If half a dozen were riding the 25s there wouldn't be any need to change things and they would still be going ahead as normal but unfortunately its been years since there has been that sort of interest. Whether a gravel event will be more popular remains to be seen but it's worth a try
  9. The idea is having it as an off road sort of TT (what format this takes i'm sure Gerard is open to ideas) in the hope that it will encourage more members to take part in club confined events (would replace the 25s on the Barrhead road which often get cancelled because of lack of interest). Also as a recognition that off road riding is a popular part of the club at the moment.
  10. I'd be interested - Although the Venn Diagram of people in the club that like TTing and also like gravel riding and who would like the two to be combined might just be a circle with me in it https://www.strava.com/routes/2926218731512168650 Thats the Corlic hill loop i mentioned last night - it's pretty short but a loop so could do laps to make up a longer distance. Although i wouldnt fancy doing the steep bit too many times! One benefit it it's all off road and closed to cars and wide. IMO about as fast on a mountain bike as it would be on a gravel bike. https://www.strava.com/routes/2926220499691371722 This is Devol past Port Glasgow Golf Course and up to the substation. It's a loop again, some of it on road (all left turns) and has a gate. Would be slightly faster on a gravel bike but mtb would be faster on the descent part. https://www.strava.com/routes/2926222368858057332 For a traditional TT distance then here is 10 mile around Loch Thom. Gravel bike would be faster than a mtb due to more road That's just 3 options that are all fairly local. There are lots of other local options (like to the mine at Muirshiel and back down again) but a lot of them would be out and back rather than loops and some (like around the Neilston pad or up to Loch Humphrey) can be busy with walkers and we might be a bit of a nuisance! Alternatively could go a bit further afield - Whitelee, Dunoon, or Aberfoyle etc and then do something that is longer. Not sure what the appetite would be for that but i'd be up for that too.
  11. The success of the reliability rides always boils down to the weather - unfortunately we've been pretty unlucky in recent years even before Covid! But the weather can also IMO have an impact on the merits of 2 or 3 groups. For example: weather good Saturday and Sunday - 2 groups can work. Gives those that want a hard/fast ride the opportunity to do so on with the Renfrew bunch on the Saturday and then they can also do steadier endurance miles on the Sunday at the reliability ride. Weather bad Saturday (and no Renfrew bunch) but good on Sunday - best to have 3 groups. Gives those that would normally do the Renfrew bunch a chance at a hit out. However it also depends on the nature of what the second group is - does it become the scratch? It's not everyone's cup of tea but usually the scratch group comes with an understanding that it isn't a social ride and while it's good to keep the group together the pace will pick up towards the end of the ride and the likelihood is that riders will be dropped so be self sufficient and know the route and way back to the clubrooms. The earlier groups are (and should be) more civilised and social than that during the ride and more akin to a club run. So if there are 2 groups does the second group then become the scratch with all that entails? It's been long time since i've been the hammer rather than the nail so know all about getting dropped and the misery of having to chase solo but i wouldn't want to give up on that competitive side of things. Mark - i still remember the time on the Sinclair St reliability a few years ago where you put in an attack with Alan McBride coming out of Langbank making everyone else suffer before getting a mechanical which allowed some to catch up....it certainly didn't feel like a social club run at the time
  12. Enjoyable ride today good to see such a big turnout!
  13. There was a thread with condolences after he died (although i cant find it just now to link to) plus another one with some photos and stories after his diagnosis. Some good photos and memories @ https://www.johnstone-wheelers.co.uk/thebunch/index.php?/topic/11776-farewell/
  14. Glengarnock circuit was in a terrible state for ages but part of it resurfaced last year so might be suitable again. Would be good to have even a club training APR up and running again...my first year in the club it was on the Peesweep circuit and it was good fun, but gradually the numbers reduced so it was no longer viable.
  15. It's a tough situation and I think other clubs are experiencing similar issues with participation in confined events. I can't speak for any one else but the reason I don't do many confined events is that in the summer i'll usually do the Georgetown league on a Wednesday night rather than the club event on a Tuesday. Partly this is so i can do the Renfrew Bunch on the Tuesday but also with the success of the Georgetown League it now has a big draw as the local event to compete at. And unfortunately i don't like TTing that much to do it twice a week! So that is a bit of a negative comment...for more productive then Kenny's idea about a club BAR sounds an interesting idea - potentially would keep interest going across the whole season and in different disciplines. Although not sure about using standard times for it - for a Jet to win they would need to be going sub 10 minutes on the Georgetown to beat Ian A! Also to encourage whole club participation in TTing then perhaps a one day special event instead of a club run in the summer? Sort of like a mountain bike enduro event but on the road. 3 x TTs in a row - a 10 on the hilly course, a Georgetown TT and one lap (5 miles) on the restricted gear circuit. Starting and finishing at club rooms and all the riding (including the TTs) is about 60miles. Race all events or just do one if you like. And if you dont want to race could help timekeep or even just have a cafe stop while others are doing racing. Finish at the club rooms for a bbq. More of a social sort of race event rather than any trophies at stake. I realise this suggestion sounds like a lot of extra work But i'd be happy to help organise.