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  1. Good run today. Wind was very strong but things felt pretty safe with the alternative route being a bit more sheltered
  2. With a south westerly at 25mph and gusting to over 40 this route manages to maximise the potential for getting most of that as headwinds and side headwinds. Practically the only bits with a tail will be the Georgetown and Sinclair Street. Can we not just get the train down the coast and then a tailwind all the way home?
  3. Only seven weeks to go until the chainy starts up! 6pm at the bus stop for the first few weeks then back to 6.30 as light allows... who is in? Still time for the crash diets and panic training to have an impact
  4. Sometimes happens due to salt build up on the strap - even if you rinse under the tap after each use. If you put it in the washing machine every so often (removing the sensor beforehand) then it should last a bit longer.
  5. that would be great i'll try to make it along!
  6. Wont be able to pick up tonight unfortunately - will you be doing the turbo / circuits in the clubrooms tomorrow night? if so could you bring mine then?
  7. 30th August i think. Might be wrong though
  8. Could this be some video evidence of Ian being dropped into the headwind.... https://www.instagram.com/p/B7WpXR8Fn6U/ Anyway an enjoyable ride and the wind always makes things feel a bit more epic. May not make next Wednesday as will likely be back at the track league
  9. paid, thanks for sorting this out!
  10. Yeah an enjoyable afternoon of racing!
  11. I remember the look of despair you had when your garmin battery ran out near the end and there was a possibility that you had lost the ride!
  12. The Loch Katrine road has been closed after some landslides a few months ago, and apparently there is some doubt as to whether it will reopen
  13. It has been a few years ago since we last did it as a club run but down to Mennock Pass and up to the radar station is one of the most memorable rides ive had. There was 7 of us out that day and i think everyone either blew up or was close to it at some point in the ride! Needs decent weather and a long summer day - big miles (130+), rolling grippy roads and pretty committing as there isn't much in the way of bail out options. From last year this was a cracker - could be done from the clubrooms https://www.strava.com/routes/21264510