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  1. Yeah cracking day...would thoroughly recommend the off road route for anyone with a cx/gravel or mountain bike. Scotland at its very best in terms of scenery
  2. Not found my racing mojo yet so going to wait until November
  3. Anyone want to go? John A and The Huub guys will hopefully be racing Friday (assuming they make the finals) so would be good to see them
  4. Halloween Cyclocross on 2nd November http://www.albannach.cc/hallox/ Time to dig out your T-Rex outfit Paul
  5. Dont know how the APR races ended but here are some photos. At half way point Charlie was making a right go of it in a 2 man break off the front with about 3 mins back to group 2 including Paul and Colin (and Garry and John) then Richie (and Scott) another couple of minutes back in group 3 with the scratch just about to make the catch by the looks of things
  6. Wide open this year Cedric in Portugal, Sam in Mallorca, Robbie in hibernation, Stuart unable to make it, Marc and Galeb possibly boycotting, Ian doing the Lyle hill climb. So that leaves the big question....Is there anyone left who can beat the new slimmed down Charlie?
  7. They are on the ctt website https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-results/18488
  8. i might be able to make that...however if not there dont wait
  9. Usual place It might be worthwhile doing a shorter route - heading out via Houston so we can finish before it gets too dark
  10. I'd keep the hill climb champs on the Elliston as the closure makes all the difference - the narrow road and blind bend are only issues during the confined events because of the potential for traffic. Maybe use some other hills for the Tuesday nights but i suspect at this time of year the turnout is going to be less anyway due to the weather and reduced daylight hours.
  11. Same result as last year but over 2 minutes faster this year so well done everyone. Seems like the eligibility rules have changed so next year looks like you could race Richard