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  1. There is a discord chat you could join. I'm sure someone could livestream the ride too - i think @Colin McPhee has mentioned in the past that he knows how to do that.
  2. I have the 830 which is basically the 530 with a touch screen. Went for the touch screen as it makes scrolling about a map for off road riding a bit easier, but for road riding would have gone 530. Battery life is excellent, about 20+ hours.
  3. Could do 68+56+50 (Figure 8 going over the String, a normal lap then a lap taking the Ross shortcut)
  4. Thanks for posting Davie, so sorry to hear. You were ahead of the game when it came to cx/gravel and 'adventure road' riding (or whatever the marketing term is these days)....over the last year or two i've really got into it and now see all the wee lanes covered in shite as containing most of the best of the local riding rather than to be avoided. When covid restrictions ease and if you are interested then im sure a few of us would be up for a mini adventure off road on some forest trails - whether it be over in cowal, aberfoyle, ayrshire or wherever. Of course if you don't want to then thats perfectly fine too. Hope you enjoy the new bike and all the best for the battle ahead.
  5. BC Link doesn't seem to be working - says club currently unavailable?
  6. Well done! Great to see so many Scots starting to make the break through onto the world stage now - perhaps the most impressive thing is it is across various cycling disciplines - track sprinting, track endurance, road racing, TTing, cyclocross, cross country mtb and downhill mtb.
  7. Just an update Bunch racing for adults is probably not going to happen this winter now. As it stands just now Glasgow would need to be in tier zero for that which is very unlikely in the months ahead.
  8. There used to be a leaflet about it - it was a pilot project and IIRC Kilallan, Corsliehill, Warlock and Chapel Road were the ones on it. There were plans for a lot more but that was over 10 years ago and i've not heard anything since.
  9. Weather forecast for Saturday doesnt look good so a Zwift ride up Ventoux. It's a long climb, aiming for 3 w/kg all the way up. If this is too hard, or too easy then you can adjust your weight Then the fun bit. After a regroup at the top (if you want to smash it up the final part of climb and then have a break feel free to do that) it then becomes a race to the bottom. Descent will take about 15 minutes.... DQd however if you start ahead of the beacon. Remember to follow Johnstone Wheelers on the companion app if you want an invite Before the event is due to start make sure you have opened up the game and can see your avatar and bike - you can ride about on any course or just sit waiting. When it is 5 minutes to the start of the meetup a dialogue box will appear on the bottom left of the screen - select that and it will take you to the start of the group ride.
  10. Due to changes in their privacy policy strava have changed the their flyby feature, so if you like to use it you now need to authorise in the privacy settings. Was a useful feature for post race analysis seeing where attacks went, where riders were dropped and so on (and to sort out the KOM placings on the Clune )
  11. An early start to the 2021 reliability season 😁
  12. Hope to be out...with the fence are we meeting cycletrack side of the clubrooms?
  13. Good route and turnout today, thanks for leading the way!