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  1. Not used it but heard good things about the decathlon grip one.
  2. Iain managed to join us for a bit after getting the later ferry - up to the top of one of the highest and hardest climbs in the west of Scotland then straight back down again!
  3. Great day out. Found anti clockwise harder than clockwise. Probably says more about my weight and lack of fitness though. Going up the Ross afterwards was supremely tough. Blew up at the bottom and started cramping half way up - it took me over 30 minutes for the climb at an average cadence of 38 rpm
  4. Already have plans for monday...if they change may join you
  5. Last time i rode this route it was under £10 in total for the 3 ferries as a passenger with bike. Single to rothesay was under 5, single to colintraive about 1.20 then if you go into the newsagent just before you take the left hand turn to go past the holy loch you can get a cheap western ticket there - a return there it is cheaper than a single when buying on the ferry. They will let you split the ticket too so only 1 needed.
  6. We were fortunate to witness one of the great comebacks in sporting history tonight......with Charlie getting some points in the sprint after a week in Augusta giving Tiger Woods some golfing tips. Decent return from Ross too. KOM Sam- 5 Galeb - 4 Me - 3 Alan Mcl - 2 Colin - 1 (may be Paul im just going off strava flyby) Finish Me - 6 Paul Mcd- 4 Alan H - 3 Andy - 2 Charlie - 1 I dont have decent internet at the moment so will post full results when BT get round to sorting my broadband.
  7. Usual place. Hopefully as smooth and as #pro as last week Who is in?
  8. Great turn out with 14 riders on a pleasant spring evening - although one that wouldnt have been so pleasant with the tough headwind on the return leg! Joseph M - 18.58 James Ross - 21.13 (couple of mechanicals) Jamie Thomson - 18.40 Alan Hendry - 18.53 (first TT) Dave Watson - 20.32 Alan T - 18.45 Greg Balden - 19.15 Colin Sales - 19.09 Sam McGrath - 18.21 Stuart Tennant - 17.42 Jesse - 18.48 Ian A - 16.15 Marc - 17.19 Guest: Julie Fitzpatrick - 20.22
  9. sounds good....perhaps something that @iain67 (and others) might want to do? Means you can get the later ferry over then join after we've done a lap.
  10. hope to make it Anyone up for a ride over to the velo cafe afterwards?
  11. I’ll try and make it along and help timekeep.
  12. legs are fried so not going to make this, will do something shorter instead. Have a good one!
  13. I'll have a look at race calendar later - in previous years May has had crits on a Thursday night so early June might be best