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  1. thejanullrichdietplan

    2019 cycling goals

    I thought there was a thread on 2018 goals and was wanting to look at it and see how everyone got on - however couldn't find it. So time to make one for 2019....what are your goals for next season? Doesn't need to be race goals just general cycling goals. Here is the topic from 2016. Some not achieved yet but quite a few ticked off. Its good to see some of you managed to achieve the Bealach na Ba and NC500 goals with Alex. https://www.johnstone-wheelers.co.uk/thebunch/index.php?/topic/8848-new-season-goals/
  2. thejanullrichdietplan

    Winter segment challenge

    The track is 400 metres, so 10 times....i'd do 11 though just to be sure incase it doesnt pick up the first lap.
  3. thejanullrichdietplan

    Renfra bunch sat 8/12

    If its any consolation for not contesting the largs sprint i did witness you pushing Ian up the drag at the shops in port glasgow when he was struggling to come through.... I think he was hoping that noone noticed this but i certainly did!
  4. thejanullrichdietplan

    Track league 5th December

    Not racing this week, hopefully do the derny double next
  5. thejanullrichdietplan

    Anyone for Flanders?

    unless anyone objects im going to pinch some of these photos for the club instagram
  6. thejanullrichdietplan

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Great photos!
  7. thejanullrichdietplan

    Winter segment challenge

    I think both kom and qom get points
  8. thejanullrichdietplan

    Track 29th coach led.

    i cant make next wednesday unfortunately then its pies and pursuits so going to be the new year - i think there is a super saturday on the 12th so aiming for that.
  9. thejanullrichdietplan

    Track 29th coach led.

    dont think i can make it tomorrow
  10. thejanullrichdietplan

    cheap vittoria pista tub

    less than £30 for a £90 tyre Looks like a miss price as its much cheaper than anywhere else but my order went through ok https://www.halfords.com/cycling/bike-parts/bike-tyres/vittoria-pista-g--isotech-tubular-tyre
  11. thejanullrichdietplan

    Track Derny Accreditation

    a fun but tough night - hopefully the same again in a couple of weeks.
  12. thejanullrichdietplan

    Turbo workouts

    GCN have a few videos on youtube to follow
  13. thejanullrichdietplan

    Track Derny Accreditation

    should be good with a few of us there think i'll stick to my normal gearing so i have an excuse when i get pumped
  14. thejanullrichdietplan

    Track Derny Accreditation

    Will see you there, cant make this Thursday. Just a shame this is on a Tuesday, if it was any other night than a Tuesday (or Wednesday) i'd be there every week
  15. thejanullrichdietplan

    Track 21st

    Well done