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  1. Getting vaccine later today so couldn't commit to Wanlockhead ride, would be up for it another time though.
  2. Tonights times Scott - 18.02 Alan - 18.35 Gerard - 17.33 James - 17.10
  3. I’ll try and make it along to timekeep
  4. I’ll try and make it along - will meet at bridge though
  5. How dare they crop me out the photo 😅
  6. Good turnout today for the mural unveiling - after that a ride over the Crow and then a loop through Killearn and Strathblane and back to the start. I’d like the record to state i was joint first to the top of the Crow - beating everyone else including the former Tour de France polka dot jersey winner in the process. A show of strength from Scotlands premier cycling club to the watching media.....I may have started 5 minutes before everyone else but it still counts 🤣
  7. Cheers Kenny With that line up i'll be needing to bring my 5 spoke and disc
  8. Thats a cracking result in a great field! 21mm tubs on that gravel. Chapeau! I wouldn't even like riding 21 on normal roads these days
  9. Were you on 23c tyres for it? Couple of years since i was down that way but i remember there being a couple of bits that were a bit sketchy with 40c on!
  10. Just watching yesterdays stage in the Giro with the gravel roads got me thinking - did any of you race the Davie Bell RR back in the day? Seems to have been years ahead of time (while simultaneously also being a throwback to an earlier era!) with the section along Carrick Forrest Drive and was a long standing and prestigious race in the Scottish calendar - however doesn't seem to have run for now for years.