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  1. Weather not looking promising so back to zwift Jungle circuit, starts at 6pm sticky draft is on
  2. Not quite. It's complicated a bit as the JWCC course is slightly different to the one used for the CTT and Georgetown cup
  3. Well done on the PB! It might be to do with garmin autostart (if the TT is a new ride with the start of the ride the start of the TT) - when you start rolling it takes a second or two to register so can miss the start of the segment. I just leave my garmin on for the warm up and rolling about and then hit the lap button at the start. (then have a screen on the garmin to show lap power and lap time) Found it quite a tough night, wind made for a slow first leg. The new surface up the hill to the roundabout is an improvement though!
  4. The useless and incomprehensible data is my favourite bit of a TT - it's the fat mans consolation - seeing if i did more watts than anyone that beat me 😄
  5. well done for stepping up to organise 👍 I think i'd prefer all day rather than between 6 and 9...gives a bigger window of opportunity to ride plus it will make it easier to see the results - you'll be able to look at the 'today' tab on the strava segment - this doesn't show what time people rode the segment at just that they did so that day.
  6. Decent turn out tonight including Brian Smith. Karen with the win in the mini race back to the top of the climb. Richie went for the early attack and blew up whereas i tried to limit my losses...meanwhile Karen counters Richie and drops us both with 1.4km to. Takes the KOM jersey in the process!
  7. Innsbruck down and up the mountain Not sure if the Ivy APR is running this week, usually that is 7pm so can use this as a warm up if you want to do both
  8. Sticky draft feature has been fixed so back to everyone able to ride together again. Just remember to download the latest update
  9. Yeah that was me. Sorry if i blanked you 😄
  10. thought it might be Auchans road but was along there today and couldnt see that spot anywhere. Is it the correct river at least?
  11. Yeah it was hard to keep together. My idea for the sprints was so everyone was getting something out of the ride but that probably just exacerbated the problem as it was creating a gap each lap. The good news is there is a message on the support forum saying the bug has been found and the update will come in the next few days.
  12. Still not working properly so sticky draft is off Aim is to keep the group together. It's about 8 minutes a lap so will have time for 5 or 6 sprints. There will be a 'winner' of the sprint each lap (first over the line regardless of time) and then an overall winner at the end of the ride and this will be whoever holds the fastest time on the leaderboard. If you are finding the ride too easy then you can lead out the sprint for everyone the next time round!
  13. Since the last update there has been an issue with the sticky draft. It's working for some in the group but not working for everyone, and for those that it isn't working for they are not getting the draft from the group no matter what watts they are doing. If this is fixed before Wednesday then sticky draft is on, if not i'll turn it off and the ride will be ridden at a 'steady' pace with a sprint every lap followed by a regroup. Course is Richmond fan flats
  14. As a clue...I think it may be the closest of the mystery locations to you so far!