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  1. From the first groups perspective i think that worked out all right tonight. Bunch was the smoothest it has been all summer and it felt safe too.
  2. Thanks to John for timekeeping and the holders for pushing off. Tough night for me, went off way too hard and blew up going up to the roundabout getting dropped in the process. Recovered a bit but having to wait would have cost Ian a sub 16 Shame about Marcs puncture, will need to have a rematch next year!
  3. I know this won't be a universally popular decision but after what happened last week (and reading the messages on here and talking to a few of you) then for the next couple of weeks we are going to experiment with splitting the chaingang into smaller groups. The reason for this is to try and improve rider safety and make things calmer, manageable and more controlled. Groups of about 8-10 should maximise safety, are most efficient for a chaingang while also giving a decent work out. If the numbers don't allow for three groups then will try two. It is important to remember however it is still a chaingang and training ride, it is not a social ride. The pace in the earlier groups will be a little slower but the idea stays the same - if you get dropped you still get dropped so know the route and be self sufficient. You can choose what group you are in however i'll give some guidelines for this. First group. If you take the short cut regularly then this is the one for you. If you get dropped on the west ferry or Bishy Hill then take this one. If you are a strong rider but feel relatively inexperiened and want practice riding in a chaingang then take this one. If you tried the chainy earlier in the season and were put off due to not feeling quite fit enough, then now is the time to give it another go. I will be leading this group. Second group. If you are capable of hanging on in the chaingang but find yourself regularly missing turns or find it difficult to move up without stalling in the line then you may have more benefit going in the second group and working rather than just sitting on in the third. Are there any volunteers to lead this group? Third group. Are you strong enough to spell through for all of chaingang and do you find parts of it relatively easy? Are you able to bridge gaps if the bunch splits and do you usually find yourself on the right side of these splits when they happen? Then third group for you. Paul will be leading. Be honest and realistic with yourself and (more importantly) to the other riders when choosing a group. It isn't a sign of weakness joining a slower group and nothing is set in stone, if you find one group too easy then you can move up the next week. Group 1 will leave at 6.25 and will take Heggies. Group 2 leaves at 6.30 and group 3 at 6.35 and both take the Clune. If Group 1 is caught by the top of Clune then they wait and restart behind the next group. Paul is going to post a few guidelines on good practice.
  4. Im probably going to drive up so maybe see you up there. Apparently there is a fairly big group meeting at strathblane to ride if you are interested? I think its joining up with the Lake run which leaves at 10 outside the Kirkhouse inn.
  5. Remember when we all agreed about taking care at roundabouts? Tonight at Houston was far too close a call for comfort. Take it easy it is not a race, and even if it is a race dont do that! Also a car had to stop at Newark Castle and from what i hear there was something at Langbank too? (I didnt see that one) It wasn't just that though it was guys surging through for their turn rather than through and off. This is the basics. My moaning might just sound like sour grapes because i was left behind after the restart at Knapps but fair enough i should have been paying more attention. Afterwards though Gregg was saying it was one the worst bunches he'd been a part of....if someone with his experience is saying that then time to listen.
  6. I've added it as an event with a request for help to the strava group that will hopefully get some attention from those that dont use the forum
  7. usual time and place with the road being closed through Kilmacolm then detour needed - i think either Cloak road or Knockbuckle would work?
  8. Its a CTT event https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/18491 need to register on their website to enter the race but ctt membership is free for members of affiliated clubs
  9. Only the finest Campag tractors for Chung
  10. Wont be able to make it for 8am unfortunately
  11. Yeah...the women's category is based on the times of 3 or 4 riders rather than 8.
  12. should be there. I don't know if the Scottish medal rules are still in place? If so then i think a couple of our rival clubs may have some of their faster riders ineligible for counting due to team pursuit medals last year.
  13. Some tropical rainstorm tonight going onto the west ferry and then again from Kilmacolm to Bridge of Weir. Fun in retrospect although not so much at the time Scores Kom 1. Cedric joint 2. Sam and Ian 3. Me 4. Colin Finish 1. Cedric 2. Sam 3. Me 4. Ian 5. Charlie
  14. Hottest night of the year so far and a big bunch. KOM (going off strava times) Sam Cedric Ian Marc James ---- Finish Cedric Marc Sam Me Ian