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  1. Going by the size chart I think they'd fit me. Happy to collect if you PM me your address, I'm actually off work tomorrow for Glasgow fair so could pop over in the morning. Thanks, Colin
  2. Codg1e


    See you there G!
  3. Sunday: 0930 meet at ClubRooms, we head to the lanes of deepest North Ayrshire, up the Bowfield and turning right at the curling rink, down to Gateside where we take a left heading towards Highfield, then left again towards Auchentiber, Torranyard, Cunninghamhead, cafe in Stewarton (suggest Mill House), and we return via Townend of Fulwood (towards Neilston Pad), Neilston, finishing with the Shilford climb, with a final descent down Auchenlodment into (hopefully) sunny Johnstone. Route: https://www.strava.com/routes/2960281318784878192. Hope to see you there! Colin.
  4. It’s my speed I’m more worried about 😂 you coming along too?
  5. Hi, I am considering doing some off road gravel riding on Sunday around the wind farm. Will probably drive there as my gravel bikes tyres are so thick it’ll take me forever to get there otherwise 😂 suggest meet at car park outside visitor centre at 10am and then stop there for a coffee in the cafe there on return. Not been off road there yet so would be good to have someone else there who knows where they’re going so I don’t get lost lol 😂 Let me know if you’re in! Be prepared for me to stop for photos lol
  6. Codg1e

    Off-bike kit

    Sounds good! Not sure what the appetite is but you can put me down for one if it goes ahead. Trackys too
  7. I really like the idea of this. What would the 100 mile circuit be? If ferry involved it might go over the 6hrs, so hope the ferry time doesnt count lol. This is the type of thing that would motivate me to train hard to try and get Gold award, so my vote if for this (and a Single and Double Arran )
  8. Codg1e

    Off-bike kit

    Hi, I seem to remember a while back there was some off-bike kit like hoodies etc getting made. Anyone know if there's any left or any plans to bring this back at all?
  9. Would prefer Largs. May I suggest return from Largs via Fairlie Moor?
  10. Hi folks, proposing Dunoon via RABT this Sunday, roughly 100 miles. Meet at Clubrooms 0900 and south side of Erskine Bridge at 0940. Likely a quick toilet stop at Helensburgh where there is a bailout point if you're time barred or not up for the ton. Head up to Arrochar via Faslane over the rest, quick coffee at the top and then descent the main road (avoiding Hells Glen unless you really want to do that lol) and through Strachur to Dunoon. Return either via West Ferry / Bishopton (which is not a bad shout) or if you want more hills then up the Clune or the Whin, can decide on ferry. Bring some food too it can be long miles without a cafe but I’m sure we’ll stop at Sheilas Let's keep a nice tight bunch, regular spells, if you're at the front check no one is dropping back behind you and reduce your pace to keep everyone together. Equally if you're off the back - shout so we can pass the message on to ease up. A decent sized well-organised and disciplined bunch will help get us all round hopefully in good time. Expected return to Gourock 3pm so back in Johnstone at the back of 4. Route: https://www.strava.com/routes/2856498711421507998 See you there! Colin.
  11. Nice one George, I’m in. Get you at clubrooms
  12. Hi Dan, can you PM me your full name and number and I’ll get you added shortly. Cheers, Colin.