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  1. Perfect. Will post by 8am if forecast is too iffy for me, but looks like a go-er at the moment
  2. Nothing posted up. How about Club rooms, Georgetown Rd, Bishopton, West Ferry and round coast to Largs with option to climb Brisbane Glen via Greenock Cut at Inverkip. Cafe stop BB. Home via Fairlie Moor... but perhaps try and avoid cycle path where possible as it's really slippy with leaves at the mo. Could just do main road back to Lochwinnoch and back road to Howwood and Johnstone for a change. Unless roads are mobbed then just do cycle path. Clubrooms 9am. Who's in? Heads up though if it's raining I'll be giving it a miss.
  3. Unfortunately if the forecast stays the same I'll be staying in. Hoping for an improvement 👍
  4. My first time entering this event, marking my one year anniversary of joining the club. Thought the finish line was further up the hill so saved some in the tank for that. Well, that's my excuse anyway Thanks to all organisers and helpers. Great wee morning!!
  5. See how the legs are. What about up the bowfield to Lugton, Torranyard, then cafe stop Stewarton (Mill House?) then if anyone wants more miles can do wind farm or just back to base after cafe...?
  6. Great results guys... well done!
  7. Did it last year, good climb! Can't make it this year, maybe next year for me.
  8. Glad I made it out in the end... tough going at times but felt quite strong despite a slight knee issue. Good company, lovely cake, and it stayed dry. That'll do!
  9. Not sure I'm going to make it in the morning. If I'm not at the clubhouse don't wait.
  10. Running late will try and catch yous at bridge
  11. Bonus there's a Krispy Kreme there too 😂