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  1. Decent night! Ended up my third fastest time on the course. Still 30secs to beat my PB tho lol. Cheers to the officiators and will get the $$ to you next week
  2. Hi, I'm thinking as it's the longest day this week, we'd be better taking advantage of the long days and go for a long ride! So I propose heading across the bridge, Helensburgh, Garelochhead, Arrochar & The Rest, Strachur, and choice of two options: home via Loch Eck with cafe at Sheila's Diner, ferry to Gourock and back via West Ferry or Clune, or keep going south from Strachur to Otter Ferry, (cafe at the wee hotel there) then home via C11, Loch Tarsan, Dunoon, and then ferry to Gourock and home via West Ferry/Clune. Going via Otter Ferry adds on extra miles, elevation and time (circa 100 miles via Loch Eck and 120 miles via Otter Ferry). Happy to go with the majority... As it's a long run, are we good for wheels rolling from clubrooms at 8am?
  3. I can only manage the morning on Wednesday so I'll ride with you as far as Gourock then I'll head down to Largs
  4. Yip, it's all about communication on the ride. I think its up to each rider to make sure the riders in front & behind them are aware of any changes and pass it on. I missed one of the changes a couple of weeks ago in Kilmacolm when the chain started going clockwise rather than anti clockwise until Iain A. told me.
  5. Absent... will be in Arran (sadly not doing the Single or Double... bike not with me!). Back on it next week. Would love a big long ride next weekend since it's so close to the longest day (such as The Rest, Otter Ferry, Dunoon) but yous can talk about that tomorrow
  6. Absent, got stuff on tonight. Back on it next week
  7. Enjoyed that today! Good to see quite a few folk out to join us - thanks for coming along guys! Charlie, Marc, Robbie, Al, Iain, and myself headed to Barrhead, up the dams, up Bonnyton Moor & the wind farm (great views from up there!!) and enjoyed a tailwind all the way to Fenwick. Along the Kilmaurs Rd before heading to Stewarton for a nice cafe stop. Then we headed to Beith via Lugton and back to base via cycle path from Lochwinnoch. Not huge mileage but a bit hilly and enjoyable day. Weather dry and also a wee bit sunny for some of the route.
  8. I'd say 1pm ish... depends how long we are at cafe. If you're pushed for time you could skip cafe and head straight back via Lugton/Howwood...
  9. Alan, I'll hold up and help you with the times
  10. Meeting 9am at Clubrooms, Charlie & I are going on a wee trip up to the Wind Farm & Stewarton, then Beith. Going via Barrhead Dams, Newton Means, Bonnyton Moor, Wind Farm, Fenwick, Stewarton (cafe here), then Lugton, Beith, Lochwinnoch, cycle path home. Approximate route here: https://www.strava.com/routes/19490527 Anyone else fancy joining us? All welcome.
  11. The intermediates group are doing Milngavie / Crow Rd / Killearn... given that there's only 4 of us, I'm quite happy to join them (there's also a really really nice cafe in Killearn!) - there is the option of heading to Aberfoyle and back via pipe track after the Crow, but I'm quite happy with Killearn tbh, and if you want more miles could add some on at the end eg Langbank, Netherton, West Glen, Kilmacolm. We cool with that?