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  1. My Garmin registered 1c between BoW & Kilmacolm. No wonder we couldn't feel our hands and arms Then, it registered 29c at Gourock as we got off the ferry, though this is probably because it was sheltered on the ferry with the sun shining directly on it. It soon changed down to 25/24c but it was pleasant enough. Shame about the wind it was horrible on the way back. All in all a great day out. I couldn't muster an extra 6/7 miles to make up the century - Stuart did tho! Kudos!
  2. Planned route: https://www.strava.com/routes/18307906
  3. Pushed for time so not going to make it. Prob do my own thing for a wee hour or so (flat since I've planned a ton for Monday lol)
  4. Loved it! Wee bit harder than expected, thanks for letting me get back on at Whiting Bay and the words of encouragement. Great team effort by all!!
  5. I dropped off the bunch a couple of times last night but I was doing constant spells and not sitting in (well, that's my excuse ), so I'm going to give tomorrow a go but head home on the ferry after rather than going back to Lagg. What's the bottle strategy for you fast boys... one bottle or two? Was thinking two (one water & one energy)...?
  6. Perfect. See you there. Will DM you my number.
  7. Cheers! Fancy coming along with us?
  8. Yeah. Think it's £15/16 for a hopscotch ticket, plus a fiver for the western ferries at Dunoon. Cafe at Dunoon if waiting for ferry or bluebird cafe Gourock if desired.
  9. Cool! Depends what ferry you want to catch. We should leave Johnstone 2hrs before. What about the 9am ferry? We'd likely be back in Johnstone 3-4pm
  10. Weather looking OK for Monday. Anyone else up for this or want to suggest another route?
  11. I'm in as long as my pace is OK on the chainy tomorrow night as its been a long time since I've done a full chainy. If I struggle then I'll prob leave it on Saturday but will do a social run round the island instead. Will make a decision later tomorrow night
  12. About an hour later I felt better so went out and headed for Largs in the hope of meeting the bunch at the TOP of the Haylie but of course it had to be the bottom when we met lol Thought the spelling through into the wind on the way back was some of the best disciplined riding I've ever witnessed. Also Cheers for the pint in Amaretto Alan, that's one I owe you
  13. Not feeling too good so going to give it miss. See you next week.
  14. I'm up for this, as long as the weather is decent. If it's a REALLY nice day, I'd like to suggest Three Ferries. Cycle to Rothesay for 8am ferry, go round Bute, over to Colintraive, then Loch Tarsan to Dunoon. Ferry back to Gourock and home via West Ferry or the Clune... circa 100 miles.