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  1. Codg1e

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    Event now on FB page: https://www.facebook.com/events/307675816601464/ Those of you on Facebook, it would be great if you could join the event and invite all yer pals. Share on your own timeline to help spread the word
  2. Codg1e

    Winter segment challenge

    Eight days left... one competitor on the last segment... lets see a few more by the time the weekend's out...?
  3. Codg1e

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    I don't jinx the weather. The weather jinx's me
  4. Codg1e

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Weekend forecast looks awesome! Might even get the bib shorts oot. See you there for the fast group (09:30 or 45 if there is any).
  5. Codg1e

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    Not going to make it... only going to manage out for about an hour today. See yous next week.
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed that today. Looking forward to next week already
  7. not good! hope you and bike are OK Ian!
  8. I'm in, preferably fastest bunch.
  9. Cracking route, that will be a tough but rewarding day. Too long for 10th March for me, but can do week after
  10. Met office yellow warning literally just issued for snow & ice 7 - 11am. Turbo for me. See yous next week
  11. Sounds like a plan. Although forecast is totally putting me off at the moment. Will make a decision in the morn
  12. Codg1e

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    I'll crack the jokes!
  13. Codg1e

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    3rd March is my wife's birthday so I'm not going to make it out that day unfortunately. Unless I buy her an amazing birthday present (which ain't going to happen)
  14. Codg1e

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    Sorting out my access hopefully within the next week or so. Not sure who is responsible for them in the meantime but noticed the Strava club post earlier today so at least that's there