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  1. Not gonna make it that day unfortunately.
  2. Sounds like a Largs run is in order... coastal route?
  3. Thanks Alan for hoddin' up & timing. Good times today!! Well done Stu!
  4. Great event! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to partner Stu - some sterling efforts!! And to John and the holders. Great photos from Gary too!! Same time same place next year then
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Haven't felt stronger on the bike this year than tonight. Unfortunately it wasn't to be for Cedric... hope you and bike are ok!!!
  6. I should be good to help with hodding up this week
  7. Going to miss tomorrow as I have some messages to do up the city centre in the morning. Will be on the bike though so will still get some miles in. Weather looks ok! Enjoy
  8. Seeing this article and wondering what local area's is... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-49080945 Thinking the hill up to Paisley Golf Club and the Elliston climb must be up there... where else would you say is steep?
  9. Second best time. Need to find another 31secs from my PB to get under 23mins. Not impossible. Perhaps I should lay off the doughnuts lol. Thanks Alan for haudin' up & timing