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  1. No joy. I’ve put it into Ricky’s shop should be sorted for next week. Chillout day for me tomorrow instead. Have a good one!
  2. Not done Cowal with you yet... what’s standard route... C11 included? Is there a cafe stop too? Hoping to fix front tyre tomorrow so I’m provisional for this
  3. Currently pished... never going to manage it. Probably do 30 milers if I can get out of bed. Luv ye’s x
  4. I now have a night out on Saturday so I'm only provisional for this. But deffo up for Callander if I can drag my hungover arse out of bed in time
  5. Cracking day in the saddle with a big bunch of 10 on the Galston Leg Bender route. Forgot how tough some of those hills were! Great to be back out in a bunch again!! Hopefully be out again next week. I'll email details of who was there to Eric
  6. I'll take phone no's if you're not there Geo. Not too familiar with route once we get to Galston think I've only done it once (the Moscow Revolution ride?).
  7. Not going to make it this morning. Apologies. Hopefully back out next week
  8. Yes from me. Also don’t know the full route 🙄 lol
  9. Codg1e


    Thanks, I had no transport to travel to Ardrossan for the 7am ferry and didn't have a booking for the next ferry, so wouldn't be guaranteed a place on that. So planned to leave the house at 5am at a nice gentle pace to get there for about 6.30 and get on ferry. Trouble was, I woke at 4am to get ready and get a massive bowl of porridge down me, heard the rain outside so took one look at the rain radar and realised it was waaay to hazardous to get to Ardrossan in the torrential rain (attached screenshot - the yellow and red stuff was heading straight across my route), so it never happened. Rain wouldn't have gone off til about 8am and that appears to have been what happened so glad I put it off. Arran will always be there, I'll hopefully get this done by the time the timetables change in the autumn lol.
  10. Codg1e


    Yeah, will need to save energy for southern part of the island. Might stick on the aero bars on for use on the flats and see if that'll help lol. I don't have a power meter so tend to go by HR to see how hard I'm working and nae idea how to use virtual partner, but have a rough idea of where I should be at certain landmarks. Also one stone heavier than when I last did it so need to make up time I might lose on hills 😇
  11. Codg1e


    Will prob get train back from Ardrossan unless legs still feel good.
  12. Codg1e

    Performance Athletes

    Is it downloadable?