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  1. Brilliant, cheers all!
  2. Thanks Richard, Yeah, this is a bit embarrassing now. Photos attached and, safe to say, I haven't looked at these for some time! There is still plenty of edge on the front but not much at the back. I'm ordering some new cleats just now and I'm going to revert to the grey that I started off with to reduce the float. The bike is needing a clean anyway so will pay attention to the pedals and lube while I am there. Cheers, Dave
  3. Wow, only two posts and there's already plenty for me to try there. Thanks both (and pardon my ignorance)!
  4. Hi Folks, I'm after a bit of advice about pedals and cleats. I know that I'm unlikely to get one clear answer, but that's fine! When I bought my first road bike, I was convinced to buy Look Keo 2 Max which worked fine and I never had any bother with them. I was then told, by someone who knows better than me but who is also a salesman, that my cleats and pedals were badly worn. An Exustar version of the Keo 2 was duly fitted. These cleats now seem really badly worn and, while I don't have any bother clipping in and out, there does seem quite a lot of play in them and they don't feel overly secure when riding. The really annoying problem I now have though is that there is a lot of squeaking coming from the pedals which I can stop, but only if I move my foot around (heel and knee slightly out, from memory). At one point, I had thought this could be the shoe rubbing on the crank, but I don't think it is. This isn't constant: it develops over the course of a ride and becomes worst when I am already tired and very irritated with poor road surfaces, headwind, bugs and aggressive drivers. It definitely is not my ankle. The bike is quite old but has covered less than 2,500 miles. My questions: Is it normal to be replacing pedals and cleats this often? Is an Exustar version of a 'main' brand much less durable, or am I imagining it? Will I notice much difference if I opt to try Shimano (I'll get used to any difference in feel, thinking more about durability)? Any and all advice gratefully received! Cheers, Dave
  5. Will see you at the club. I'm nursing a bit of a niggle so might peel off at some point but will definitely be out.
  6. Sounds good to me. Will see you there.
  7. I made it home in the dry, thankfully. Cheers all for a good run out and great to meet a couple more of the Wheelers.
  8. Sorry not to make it out today but I just couldn't drag myself away from the excitement of painting the kitchen ... again. Hope to be out next Sunday.
  9. Hi Dave, Yup, see you at Miller Street. Will probably peel off around Newton Mearns or Barrhead and head home from there. Cheers, Dave
  10. Yup, a great run out: thanks all and hope to see you again soon. Glad to see the choice of coffee and cake stop given its due importance as well!
  11. Hi Dave, Looks now as though it's to be a bit drizzly but warm enough and just a gentle breeze. If it's no worse than that, I'll head for the clubrooms for 9:15 and take it from there. Cheers, Dave
  12. Morning All, I've been wanting to get out on my first club run for a while but, with holiday period and weather, there doesn't seem to have been much happening. At the moment it looks like this Sunday might be decent. Anyone planning to be out? Cheers, Dave