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  1. Hi Wheelers, Paisley Velo are going on a cycling weekend to Kinlochleven during the weekend 28th,29th and 30th September. The intinerary is the same as the Wheelers' one last year. If any of you would like to go, please get in touch with me as soon as possible through PM. It will be low-cost, hostel accommodation the same as before, but I don't have prices yet. Alternatively, if one of you guys wants to organise a Wheelers' group, we can synchronise watches! Willie.
  2. Dear Members, Thanks for removing the previous offensive contribution to this topic, especially as the initial post was so kind and thoughtful. As always, the true class and pedigree of the Johnstone Wheelers shines through! All the best for next year, from your friends at Paisley Velo. Willie.
  3. Hi Frank, I'm definitely interested in the Zipp disc (item 2). Willie
  4. If anyone has a small/medium track frame that is surplus, I might be interested in buying it. Please get in touch. W
  5. Hi Alan, You will definitely need a van (Transit type). Please call on 07772226530 and I'll arrange things with you. W
  6. I have six heavy duty, steel shelving units up for grabs. They would be ideal for a garage or hut. Free to good home, you uplift. Contact me on here. First come, first served. Willie.
  7. Ben, Don't feel too bad about it except that Iain MacAuley is raging that YOU are now the front runner for the Hammock! Iain went through a lot of pain for that Hammock, you know! You could also shave the beard off and go incognito for a while (it may also help your TT times). The timekeeping is tricky at the best of times and impossible on your own, when riders are finishing and setting off simultaneously. W
  8. Well done to you too Ramsay! Two Johnstone men on the 'podium' - brilliant! Also, congrats to Vicky and the Jets (that sounds like a band!) W
  9. Ian, I've got a couple you can have. See you Sunday! W
  10. williecosh

    Jim Daly

    Johnny and I will always remember a brilliant day with Jim in Edinburgh, only a year ago. He was in great cycling form and at the pinnacle of his eccentricity! We will really miss you Jim. W