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  1. JaneF

    Hoody Order

    I think it might be Fiona from 30 milers?
  2. Please accept Graham and my apologies for this meeting. Hope you get a good turnout. Jane
  3. Great seats on finish line! Just watched gb catch Belgium in women's team pursuit
  4. Hi Alan our two tickets received this am also. . Looking forward to Friday morning. J&G
  5. I am going to apply direct for 2 tickets. Jane
  6. Hi Alan, Graham is heading out with Gerard and co from Paisley at 9.30 High Street St Mirren St junction to Auchengree. 40 to 50 miles. He will be delighted for you to join in.
  7. Hi Glen, no club rides til after Sam Dooley this weekend. Sure Gerard could use another marshal.
  8. Donations of home baking still hoped for.... please let me know what you plan to bring. I don't want to duplicate .... Thanks Jane
  9. NEXT WEEK!! Volunteered to help with the food, any more marshals?? Donations of home baking will be very welcome, please let me know if you plan to bring any. Jane
  10. Karen, probably worth a pm to Carol M, Linda C, Carol C, Kay T , Jaki R, Mia, Morna, Mitch, Kaz, and then there is always me if you really need the numbers! Probably have enough for an a and a b team. Can jets compete?
  11. Hi Jane, the following route has been posted by Dave, Carol's husband. Going to Dunlop Dairy via following route: Leaving Clubrooms Miller St at 9.30am Beith Road to Auchenlodment Road to Lapwing Lodge. Sargentlaw Road to Uplawmoor to Fulwood to Stewarton to Dairy for coffee. Options for return route....approx 35-40miles+ depending on return. Please post up if coming oot. Dave Carol usually goes, if you follow the thread you may see who else is going. Have fun Jane F
  12. Sounds like there was some good competition, I hope your sideboard won't mind losing the trophy Alan. J