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  1. JaneF


    Hi just to let you know there are plans to upgrade C11 being discussed. https://www.transport.gov.scot/publication/project-corridor-options-access-to-argyll-and-bute-a83/
  2. Is this game finished or do we need clues??
  3. Yes, well done Gérard, looking forward to the next challenge
  4. Not my can!! Couldn't have been nearer to me. Cycle track kilmacolm to port glasgow cycle track
  5. Hi Alan, please can you clarify if we can cycle in club kit now?? ie as long as social distancing appropriately. Cyclists not wearing kit definately helping with social distancing!! Not looking for a bunch ride, just running out of usable kit and to give my washing machine a break. Thanks Jane
  6. JaneF

    Hoody Order

    I think it might be Fiona from 30 milers?
  7. Please accept Graham and my apologies for this meeting. Hope you get a good turnout. Jane
  8. Great seats on finish line! Just watched gb catch Belgium in women's team pursuit
  9. Hi Alan our two tickets received this am also. . Looking forward to Friday morning. J&G
  10. I am going to apply direct for 2 tickets. Jane
  11. Hi Alan, Graham is heading out with Gerard and co from Paisley at 9.30 High Street St Mirren St junction to Auchengree. 40 to 50 miles. He will be delighted for you to join in.