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  1. Good ride this morning with strong headwinds in to Largs. Fast and smooth pace while sharing the workload (Arran style ). After Largs solo back for me. Thanks Paul for waiting a few mins this morning for me to sort slow puncture and then rear mech cable which I realised was frayed!...Almost did a Charlie this morning with bike maintenance
  2. Non-stop 45 miles around the coast. Departing 9.00am from BoW lights (the ones closer to Kilmacolm). Post if you would like to join.
  3. Unlucky puncture just before we got to the roundabout or could be one of those Ian tactics...I didnt check the road 😜 Based on our time last year of 16.06 it would have been close! You managed to get away with it this time using aero helmet, aero socks, aero shoe covers and skin suit! Look forward to the 2up Largs challenge 😀
  4. Me and Marc will be riding. Iain and Ian you should consider road bikes for a proper challenge
  5. Yep good ride with pleasant weather!
  6. No worries. I will still be going out. See in a bit Paul.
  7. Non-stop 45 miles around the coast. Departing 9.00am from BoW lights (the ones closer to Kilmacolm). Post if you would like to join
  8. Keep saying it...bunch is too big. A few weeks ago I joined the north bunch chaingang and they split into 3 groups with no problems.
  9. Unfortunately can't make this now. Good memories created in Arran, hopefully inspiring a few to give it a go . Enjoy Spain.
  10. Back to the usual... If you would like something punchier and shorter than the fast/long bunch ride then this is it . Non-stop 45 miles or so. Route around the coast, depending on who turns up maybe via old largs road. Departing 9.00am from BoW lights (the ones closer to Kilmacolm). Post if you would like to join.
  11. Yes Erskine was fine. Just watch the round abouts a few more up that way. Don't think I will be out tonight - family commitments.
  12. Solo double attempt 2...missed her again. With north westerly winds, went for the anti-clockwise again (not my favourite). First lap went well...second lap after Lochranza lost the pace...I dont know why just couldn't get going again after the downhill section. A gel and a snack 15-20mins later I was back on again. But by that time lost probably 3mins or so on top of the usual 3mins at the start. Finished second lap around 8 mins down. Ah well...may be one day. Probably need another month of the volume and intensity that I have been doing for the last 4 weeks. But play time is over now. Next week back to the usual
  13. Solo Double Arran attempt today - defeated. - Again 3mins down to start with...cant seem to be able to get out of ferry earlier than 8.07/06 these days (then plus 1min or so to put the bag of food on its spot). Its a bit of a damper to start like that... - Weather cold in the morning then it would be short sleeve second lap. Decided to go for long sleeve underlayer and keep it on...bought extra water to drink at pit stop as knew I will be sweating more second lap. - Anti-clockwise today with mainly northerly winds. First time doing it this way...on first lap went up the string road by mistake so lost another 3-4mins! - Bad start...nevertheless marched on thinking I should give it a go anyway. First lap done, I go to find that my food bag has disappeared! I look down the road and its on the side of the pavement 100m away. Turned out a hungry thief has been through it!! Took my bananas, jelly babies, flapjacks, energy bar, some nuts and most importantly my spare store bought bottle of water and gels! Only left me with my bike rack water bottles and pork pies! Thought at least I have my two bottles of water, took them and the pies and just marched on again. Buy now I was 9-10mins down. - 30 miles before finish I knew I wasn't going to make it - was feeling dehydrated, half a bottle left, but thought I might as well finish what I came here to do (and decided not to take the Ross road shortcut). Finished around 12mins down...missed it this time!...Still not sure though if all the mishaps didn't happen, would have I been able to make it...? By the way 56+50 strava link here: https://www.strava.com/activities/2505466988