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  1. Did a solo sunny ride which ended the same as the main bunch route. I didnt expect to meet bunch at the start of Fairlie Moor as they started ride earlier then mine, but it seems they had a few punctures on the way. Said hello and just worked my way up the rather large stringed bunch until I passed them. Havent seen the crashes but hope all is okay. With wind in the right direction thought I would give the Brisbane Glen segment a go. Went up the hilly bit nice and steady and was planning to put the hammer down halfway through the segment. Just as I did that round a corner and a big pot hole across the whole road! With limited time I just chose a path and went for it but back wheel hit a steep bit of the hole and got a pinch puncture (second one this week!). Chucked it after that and continued with a steady pace to home. Before puncture was just under 2 mins down on KoM so could have squeaked in the top ten.
  2. Unfortunately I cant make the Arran adventure this weekend. So if you would like something a bit punchier and shorter than the fast/long bunch ride then this is it Non-stop 45 miles around the coast. Departing 9.00am from BoW lights (the ones closer to Kilmacolm). Post if you would like to join. PS does anyone know if coast roadworks are still ongoing?
  3. Was a good run tonight. Bit messy on Georgetown road to the finish. Who's idea was to go through the inside rather than outside . Made sense with the wind direction but it seems bunch didnt get it. Managed to run over big hole on way home with bunch and got a puncture. Got new tube in and it seems it had a hole in it before hand. Good thing I had a patch kit that sorted it out. Last thing you want when your sweaty and its starting to get cold.
  4. Was tight on time today so did my own 2 hr ride. Bumped into main bunch on my way back just before old Largs road. Looked like a good size group with a nice mix of riders!
  5. Ah was that you. It seemed like you where going well. Should join us next time.
  6. Good ride with Paul And Marc. Marc basically towed us round with Paul trying to find his summer legs and with me having what seems to be a start of man flu. Nice work Marc With roads closed we decided to stay local and do some hills. Thanks guys...on to next week!
  7. Paul can make 9.00, so this is still on for 9.00.
  8. Non-stop 45 miles round the coast. Leaving BoW lights at 9.00am Post if you would like to join.
  9. Good shout. Alternative have two groups to suit different abilities and set it off from the start.
  10. Snappy speedy ride with Marc around some local hills. At some points was barely hanging on...someone seems to be on form We rode a similar route to the one I did solo last week but with an increase in average speed of 2mph and a bit. Some difference when riding with someone else and in this case someone who loves a bit of healthy competition . On to next week and will be good to see a few more (I know Charlie cant wait).
  11. Haha don't worry there is always next week. See you tomorrow Marc.
  12. Leaving BoW lights at 8.30am for a couple of hrs. Either round the coast or something local. Post if you would like to join.
  13. Since no takers did a solo local ride. Glad I did...always better something then nothing. Paul you missed a fine Scottish day with horizontal rain and typhoon winds.