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  1. Defo new cafe stop required, although the young lad who works there is entertaining, also the classic line from one of the locals to Eric, “so where are the Johnstone wheelers from?” .....mmmm
  2. Jaki also at club rooms 9:30
  3. Defo out see u at clubroom
  4. Hockey duty tomorrow although the last one for a while, see ya next week
  5. GlenIrving

    Anyone for Flanders?

  6. GlenIrving

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Entry done for the full 229km of madness, need to start getting fit now and drinking more beer
  7. GlenIrving

    Anyone for Flanders?

    So myself, George, Iain C, driving down, awaiting confirmation from leavy! Also Iain c’s brother in law going direct but will need a bed for the 2 nights so andy can you book 4 beds for defo and a possible for Paul leavy. also doing the full route so will get the shuttle to Antwerp cheers
  8. GlenIrving

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Room in the car Paul ???? You up for it
  9. GlenIrving

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Martin said there is room with the 16 of in there bunk house
  10. GlenIrving

    Anyone for Flanders?

    So ferry for a car for 4 adults with cabin - £524 = 131 per head digs 90 entry 50 eiro fuel 200 = 50 per head so roughly 321 excluding food and beer money fairly accurate but not exact..... for 4 traveling just need to check the height of car isn’t over 2.4meter with bikes on
  11. GlenIrving

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Looks about 350 a head if there are 4 adults including as ferry price is up: entry, ferry crossing, digs and fuel. Then some beer money so probs another 500 for beer?
  12. GlenIrving

    Anyone for Flanders?

    Anyone fancy doing Flanders let me know, all cars are currently full. If I can get 3 more I will drive? If costing are ok? Martin any ideas on costs etc??
  13. GlenIrving

    Sunday 25 th November

    Jackie will be coming along, she has just rejoined
  14. GlenIrving

    Sunday 25 th November

    In, as manflu beginning to subside, will see how I go