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  1. Can someone clarify do we go past the Erskine bridge or through bishy for Dan??
  2. Myself, Darryl, Tommy, Iain McT, Paul McD and Ian Archibald has an invigorating spin in storm Dennis, (clubrooms/ Bishopton/ Langbank/ Clune/ the wall and back to Kilmacolm for coffee! Tough winds but Good to get outside and stayed dry!!
  3. I could message when we are up Sinclair st ?
  4. Ok to pop over for hoody Stuart in 15 mins?? moneys paid 👍
  5. Will be at clubrooms 9:30 and head to Pullman to pick up the rest and can take it from there 👍
  6. Will be 9:05 Tommy, Alan 9:05 as running 5 late