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  1. I have one needs a clean up 11-28 Shimano welcome to it if you still need it, might be an 11spd in fact will need to check again
  2. Great day! Weather was kind to us apart from the wind....cheers all!
  3. I will go to clubrooms to see if anyone appears for 9am
  4. Sorted, are we just meeting at bridge or is anyone going from clubrooms bike sorted
  5. Not looking like I’ll be there unless I can sort this bike
  6. Was just leaving house and my gear cable just snapped, raging
  7. Sounds good do you have a route Colin? If so can you post?
  8. Enjoy chaps, well jell!, 4weeks on Saturday for me, stay safe on the roads
  9. Enjoyed the run, at one point I have both eyes closed, great fun busting yourself on a Sunday morning, cheers for that galeb
  10. Yeh Alan did the crow etc fortnight ago, not sure if too soon to do again is it possible to chance the title?? could do kilcgreggan again