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  1. I friend of mine was the consultant who looked over this chap I think as he told me about it, I have mentioned to the bunch every time When crossing the bridge. The majority of these are patched up with visible small squares of tarmac however there are a few still there which may be new ones....please be aware are this look like small tarmac mushroom tops about 15cm in diameter and about 3inches high. Very dangerous!!
  2. They are about 3years old and well used I also did i a good job of delaminating the in the first year with poor, maintenance...thank god it didn’t happen 30sec earlier on the decent! any recommendations on wheels?? Advice needed?
  3. My mate is up from Leeds, (Raymond) will be joining us he has been out with us before hope that’s ok..cheers
  4. Heading out at for a couple of hours at 12 if anyone wants to tag along
  5. Hockey duty back next week for another doing, enjoy!
  6. Great run although the wind was brutal, agree Colin we were like spelling through exceptionally well, and one the sweep, mon the quickstep
  7. Great run for my first chaingang this year, legs felt a bit spent after Flanders on Saturday but lasted till before houston hanging off the back before Georgetown, the Belgium beer effect. I’m sending my new JWCC back as it didn’t make me faster good to see some faces I’ve not seen over the winter!!
  8. Epic day in the sunshine, thanks to all for the run? What an amazing country we live in when it’s weather like that