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  1. Friends has asked if i want to go a slower trundle a bit earlier so might tag along with him. Cheers for the offer Paul
  2. How far is that and what time do u plan to be back? Im on an adventure gravelly type bike so ill try hold on as much as i can
  3. Anybody up for 50 miles on Saturday morning? leaving about 09:00. Open to route suggestions but need to be home for 2. I'll be on the winter steed
  4. if you log on to the eticketing site you can choose from the available seats, hopefully get 2 together for league games. I have an account if you need help
  5. Who is entering and what are we dressing up as
  6. It was very wet and slippy but good fun, Sam beat me by a couple of places.
  7. Anyone else entered this? Aiming for not last again!!
  8. Hi all, I have been in contact with PSL in Hillington about supplying new hoodies. I have arranged to get a small, medium and large sample for sizing and will arrange to have a sizing night at the clubhouse once i know when they will be available. The hoody design will be the first image below (yellow inside the hood) with embroidered club logo and print on the back as shown on the second mock up. We will also do embroidered initials. Prices are still to be finalised but looking at around £25. Cheers
  9. Yassssss, cross at garscube on the sunday too, double header
  10. I got put off by the distance, good luck
  11. Is anybody interested in Tuesday night turbo at the clubhouse this year?
  12. Gutted I cant make this, good luck to everyone racing