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  1. stuart10ant

    Turbo Tuesday 19 March

    Myself and Greg going to the clubrooms for some punishment tomorrow night if anyone wants to join, 6.45pm Cheers
  2. stuart10ant

    Lazy run Sunday 17th March

    Not feeling too great, will have to give it a miss
  3. stuart10ant

    Lazy run Sunday 17th March

    should be there, depending how the rugby watching goes on Saturday
  4. stuart10ant

    Lazy run Sunday 17th March

    How far are we talking?
  5. stuart10ant

    Langbank Hilly TT #1, Saturday 16th March

    Cant do this week but hope to do next
  6. I will have to bail, going out for dinner at 5
  7. stuart10ant

    Wanted: crampons and ice axe

    I have some you can borrow, the crampons have vertical front points for climbing and 'C2' heel clip. also got a pair of climbing axes or a longer walking axe, let me know if you would like them
  8. stuart10ant

    Chatelherault 24th Feb

    First go at the CX today, dug out my 10 year old kit, last worn about 2 stone ago and decided my tactic would be start at the back and try my hardest to stay there. A bit apprehensive I stayed near the rear of the race to begin with, and soon found myself pegging back some places. Just as i thought it was all going well, the race got fairly strung out, with the fast group miles ahead, there were no more targets. Around the 40 min mark Cedric came flying past to lap me with apparently no effort. The dismount needs a bit of work, coming to a stop to get back on, apparently isnt the mist time efficient. Got to the finish with no crashes and not in last place, a resounding success! Well done to Cedric who i believe won by a country mile on a warm sunny day.
  9. stuart10ant

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Im racing the CX next week
  10. I have a whisky tasting thing on the Saturday, looking doubtful.....
  11. stuart10ant

    Turbo Tuesday 12th Feb

    Myself and Greg will be at the club rooms for turbo tonight, 6.45 for 7pm if anyone wants to join us
  12. stuart10ant

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    Cant do this one
  13. Would anybody be interested in a tour somewhere in Scotland over glasgow fare weekend? either 12-15th or 13th-16th July happy to haul a tent or do hostel/b&b