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  1. It was on their website, I just didnt check 😑
  2. Being the only one of my friends off on Glasgow fair, and with some family going to Islay for the week, I decided to cycle over Arran on Sunday and stay a night, then ferry hop home today via Dunoon. A glorious cycle over yeaterday, sun splitting the sky. Today I went to the Port Ellen ferry terminal at 12.15 for the 12.45 boat. At 12.35 with no boat arriving and a very quiet port, something wasn’t right, in to the ferry office and the 12.45 is cancelled. Panic on. No option but to ride 20 miles to Port Askaig for the 3.30 ferry, giving no chance of making the other ferries to get home and then having to cycle the long way round from Kennacraig until i could get mum to drive and meet me somwhere. The upside is that in the panic of trying to get to the other ferry, I got a few top 10s🏆 Luckily ive found someone from Balloch who can take me part of the way. Check the Calmac site folks! Arse.
  3. Hi tommy, sorry , ive had a change of plan and need to be home much earlier, not sure ill be out now
  4. I’m planning a run to largs, up brisbane glen, clune and home tomorrow if anyone wants to join. Easyish pace leaving Kilbarchan at 9, need to be back by 1. coffee stop in kilmacolm time allowing.
  5. Thank for timekeeping Ian, im burst. well done everyone
  6. Ill be a bit late home from work so will get you up there
  7. Hi All, I anybody interested in a Fantasy Tour de France league? Its through the official TDF website, If there is interest I will set up a league tomorrow. Cheers
  8. Hope to be there depending on work