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  1. stuart10ant

    Chatelherault 24th Feb

    Is anyone planning on riding this? first go at cx for me
  2. stuart10ant

    Saturday 12th jan

    Anyone up for 40-50 miles leaving 10/11am? not got a route in mind yet but a cafe will be involved
  3. stuart10ant

    Sunday 13th Jan - Rowerdennan

    Im a bit time constrained this week, hopefully out next
  4. stuart10ant

    Turbo 7 Jan

    Cant do monday, will be there Tuesday
  5. stuart10ant

    Sunday 6th Jan

    Think ill be watching the CX in Broxburn
  6. stuart10ant

    Sunday 30th Dec - Glen fruin

    Cheers guys, hurting big time by the end of the georgetown road. the pints i didnt go for are still playing on my mind
  7. stuart10ant


    Planning a hangover, wont make this one
  8. stuart10ant

    Festive Cycling

    Planning to be out with a friend on Xmas Eve, ill see if he fancies joining
  9. stuart10ant

    Boxing Day club run

    Im in provided i can control the christmas flow of beer
  10. stuart10ant

    Sat 15th later run

    Yup, looks reekin
  11. stuart10ant

    Sat 15th later run

    Looking at the forecast, turbo might be the plan, will keep an eye on it
  12. stuart10ant

    2019 cycling goals

    1. Get on the mountain bike more 2. More touring 3. Sub 17 on georgetown 4. Look good in a skinsuit
  13. stuart10ant

    Sat 15th later run

    Works night out this friday so thinking of an easy 30 miles at 12 or 1 oclock if anyone is interested
  14. stuart10ant

    Monday 10th

    I cant make tomorrow, sorry