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  1. Spotted this deal online 15 function multi tool, most appealing bit for me is the chain tool £5.50 currently, hard to beat! https://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-multi-tool-r-mt/
  2. gregbalden

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    I have milk which was meant for last week, I shall bring along.
  3. gregbalden

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    I'm in, 0930's for me. Greg.
  4. gregbalden

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    I'm in. I can provide the morning opening and Sarah ( the Mrs) can open up and heat up some soup. I can also commission a pot of Nana's magic soup, with a little chili, if this suits most? Votes on a post card, please. Finally, what sort of time does said soup be required to be hot?
  5. gregbalden

    Turbo 5 Feb

    Unfortunately not that technologically advanced. Just a turbo session, shouted out and some music. Simple.
  6. gregbalden

    Turbo 5 Feb

    Myself and Stuart are running a turbo tomorrow. 1830 for an 1845 start. All welcome.
  7. gregbalden

    Sunday 27th January

    What a day.... Indeed a cracker, but that wind and my LACK of fitness made for a torrid time. Thanks to all the chaps for the pacing up the Brisbane Glen, and ultimately waiting at the summits!! Can't believe Kinky boots Donnelly missed the roll out to his own ride! 3 week ban on posting rides! ...have I mentioned I hate hills and Ayrshire roads? Busy few weekends ahead for me unfortunately.... transmitter hill next week anyone?
  8. gregbalden

    Sunday 27th January

    I'll be there. Greg.
  9. gregbalden

    Sunday 20th January

    I second all of the above. Cracking run today. What were George's Kinky boots all about? They'll never catch on.
  10. gregbalden

    Sunday 20th January

    John/ iain I'll join you down Bishy Way at half 9 Greg
  11. gregbalden

    Sunday 20th January

    Weather looks reasonable, planning to be out.
  12. I'm in...however if the weather is rubbish, I'll probably stay in. Greg.
  13. gregbalden

    Turbo 7 Jan

    Alan T drop me a message and I can collect the keys. Thanks
  14. gregbalden

    Turbo 7 Jan

    Assuming this is a no go. Any key holders available for tomorrow evening? Or can I collect some keys from one? Greg.
  15. gregbalden

    Turbo 7 Jan

    Is this running? I'm available, and planning Tuesday 8 also.