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  1. Revised time of 1815 start For one night only.
  2. Cheers Stuart Medium. Payment in person or otherwise and when? Greg
  3. Evening all, Myself and Stuart T are once again going to TURBO through winter on a Tuesday. More bodies would be good. It's open to any club members. Can I ask the committee to confirm if and how many spare turbos we have for any members without one? The set up. Starting around 1845, for 45-60 mins of hard graft. Great tunes too. If any others have some training plans to share we are happy to take them on. So... Who's in?! ( can I please ask a moderator to leave this in General, to allow more exposure)
  4. Magic. Ill drop by Tuesday
  5. Only just seeing this, yes. Any other takers?
  6. Plan to make this What time does this commence?
  7. Yeah I'm in, Sinclair St sounds good. Greg.
  8. Puncture for Alan. Tyre gunned. Quick detour via Houston for a new wheel. Likely half 10 ferry.
  9. I have a spare cup,kettle and burner. I'll pack coffee, sugar and whitener for around 8 people. I also have a 2L of water. Greg.
  10. I've had far too long away from the bike...0845 clubroom for me. Ill pack my mess tin and gas burner Greg.
  11. Is this " punch " substaniated? If so the expulsion was justified...I suppose.. Otherwise I thought the expulsion was harsh.
  12. I plan to be out Chung however have to be back sharp. So I'll probably do a dead turn at the far side of the pipetrack...One of my favourite decents!! Greg.