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  1. I'll be at the Moss Road around 1805 and catch the bunch.
  2. Thanks to the helpers this evening. Tough night indeed.
  3. AG2R Quality idea chung!!!
  4. Will be out for this. Greg.
  5. I'll be out, 830 bridge sounds Good. I'll be peeling off at the ferry, wouldn't manage the Largs loop. Greg.
  6. Sounds good Glen. Disregard my post. I'll be out. Maybe not the full route but I'll make an effort for some miles.
  7. With the weather looking horrendous...do we have a back up? Maybe just a coastal run?
  8. I plan to be out. However, I'll also keep Alan and Chung Company. If I make 100 that'll be magic!! Greg.
  9. I'll be riding down darryl, but won't be ar clubhouse till 815-820
  10. I'll be out, long distance for me hopefully, however depending on progress I may need to leave via the haylie. Scope it on the day.
  11. Cracking day indeed. Well drilled bunch, thanks chaps. Thats how the main bunch should be. Gutted I missed that soup, waited all week for it. Cakes? Missed those home-made bad boys also. Cheers folks.
  12. Spotted this deal online 15 function multi tool, most appealing bit for me is the chain tool £5.50 currently, hard to beat! https://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-multi-tool-r-mt/