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  1. gregbalden


    Now now, my right honourable friend....its the only way I can justify the craft beers! Sarah agrees...
  2. gregbalden


    It makes sense, as they claim they aren't a profitable company. I'm sure we would all easily spend £4 on your vice of choice...a beer...easily...chocolate bar ...easily...strava?... I think the sore point some good bits now cost some money. I went premium shortly after lockdown.
  3. Thanks Karen, very helpful.
  4. Eventually, I am on Zwift. However, I'm as technically minded as a shoelace. I completed the FTP shorter test, however managed to put out 400W for close to a minute. I'm no expert, but I'm fairly sure I've not got enough resistance on. Does anyone else ride a mag turbo and how have you set your resistance on the turbo? Or, does anyone have any recommendations where I should set my resistance to?
  5. Also walked it, however I believe in what would be considered reverse, Inv - FW. Good tracks all the way, probably could cycle the majority, however one or two walk only very steep bits.
  6. Evening all. Any interest for a cycle? I unfortunately cannot attend due to work. The calender suggests Aberfoyle, looking at the weather something closer to home looks more appropriate. Any takers?
  7. Planning, again, to be out. Don Smith our coast route. Easy either way. Greg.
  8. Expected eta for Soup? If still required and for how many?
  9. Yeah Alan sounds good. I'm tight for time Sun. I can Fit this in.
  10. Cant ride this week, but I will provide and heat Soup....if there's riders out. Greg.
  11. Not for me sadly. Busy this weekend. Greg.
  12. Top marks couttie, even after going swimming, carrying on, then breaking a chain. Chapeau!!
  13. Folks cancellation may occur for this ride based on poor weather. Ill still head down to clubrooms for 9 and see what's happening. However, rule 5 does apply. Regards!!