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  1. Cracking night indeed. Well disciplined bunch resulting in a cracking training ride without surges. My legs were dying approachint bridge of weir, so after the turn at bulls garage I had not much more to give to hang on.
  2. Any appetite for a ride Tues evening? Local hills or similar 1830 kickoff. If not, I'll try the bogs!
  3. I'll be out from clubrooms, however will be dropping off somewhere near the golf course since I'm working at 1400. Greg.
  4. Cracking run indeed. Good choice to ditch the loch katrine loop. Cheers all! Greg
  5. Had planned an Aberfoyle or Kilcreggan... So this fits the bill. I'll be there. Greg.
  6. Home for around 1400 on this run Stuart. I'll be out too, my least favourite run. Greg.
  7. Half a good night for me. Punctured just outside Kilmacolm, with a 2 inch ( exaggerated) thorn. Pinched the first tube in changing... Snapped the second ones valve. No tubes left. Fortunately called in air support ( the old man) for a lift....still got caught in the rain. See ya next week folks!!!
  8. Plan to be out unless it's proper minging Greg