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  1. I am going to apply direct for 2 tickets. Jane
  2. Hi Alan, Graham is heading out with Gerard and co from Paisley at 9.30 High Street St Mirren St junction to Auchengree. 40 to 50 miles. He will be delighted for you to join in.
  3. This recipe made 24 pieces. ENJOY
  4. Hi Glen, no club rides til after Sam Dooley this weekend. Sure Gerard could use another marshal.
  5. Donations of home baking still hoped for.... please let me know what you plan to bring. I don't want to duplicate .... Thanks Jane
  6. NEXT WEEK!! Volunteered to help with the food, any more marshals?? Donations of home baking will be very welcome, please let me know if you plan to bring any. Jane
  7. Karen, probably worth a pm to Carol M, Linda C, Carol C, Kay T , Jaki R, Mia, Morna, Mitch, Kaz, and then there is always me if you really need the numbers! Probably have enough for an a and a b team. Can jets compete?
  8. Hi Jane, the following route has been posted by Dave, Carol's husband. Going to Dunlop Dairy via following route: Leaving Clubrooms Miller St at 9.30am Beith Road to Auchenlodment Road to Lapwing Lodge. Sargentlaw Road to Uplawmoor to Fulwood to Stewarton to Dairy for coffee. Options for return route....approx 35-40miles+ depending on return. Please post up if coming oot. Dave Carol usually goes, if you follow the thread you may see who else is going. Have fun Jane F
  9. Sounds like there was some good competition, I hope your sideboard won't mind losing the trophy Alan. J
  10. Hi, not sure if the windows were all supposed to be open tonight?? We closed them and secured the clubrooms after our run and demo this evening. Jane
  11. Weather fine and dry, which was a surprise after all the rain in Kilmacolm this afternoon. We had a good run with calves, lambs, deer and a squirrel along the route and some clear views to see after the wee rises. A group of 9 tonight. Chung kindly came along for our return, and talked about the basic maintenance we should be doing to our bikes and the simple checks before we ride that will make cycling more fun. It was much appreciated. There were an number of questions from his enthusiastic audience and we all left enlightened about cleaning and relubricating . Thank you to Graham too for ensuring that Chung could get in and for the hot kettles.
  12. Hi, in view of good forecast was going to offer Chung the night off but then saw this mornings Jwcc Facebook post! Current plan is to go for ride and Chung has kindly agreed to come down at 8 to help with some maintenence advice. J
  13. If it looks as though another soaking is likely, Chung has kindly agreed to come to the clubrooms and provide some guidance on simple bike maintenance. This follows on from the tyre and inner tube changing of last week, we can also provide another opportunity for those who missed it to practise. The usual hot drinks and biscuits will be available! See you soon. Jane
  14. Enjoyed tonight in spite of the soaking. Thanks to Jann for leading us out and to Charlie and Ramsey for the practical advice and hands on puncture repair lessons. Hope everyone warm again now.
  15. Planning to be there, watching the forecast. J
  16. Thanks Elaine for taking the challenge on! Good to see it so well supported. Other wheelers ladies, Linda C and Carol C also present! J
  17. I have offered to ride more slowly and for a shorter distance ( ) and am happy to lead anyone else who wishes to join in but is concerned about keeping up the pace at this stage. No one will be left behind and if we are back at the clubrooms first we can put the kettles on! See you all soon, the more the merrier. Jane
  18. Creaks and squeak fixing Bottom bracket (again!) Great idea!
  19. Thanks Chung but thought you had your name on it! She is having one delivered on Sunday afternoon.
  20. Thanks to anyone who looked at the post, but think we will have a replacement by Sunday
  21. Daughters bike has been stolen in Manchester. Anyone got an ' undesirable ' bike that might get her to and from uni? Reluctant to replace with a shiny new one as she may have no use for it in 6 weeks time! Sit up and beg style not racing! She is about 5ft 5. Even better if the bike is near Manchester....
  22. Watch out for this! https://singletrackworld.com/2019/04/gps-scrambler-devices-cause-strava-tracking-chaos/