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  1. coby

    Jim Daly

    Very sad news. I met Jim through bike racing and always had time for him and his tales, on many an occasion he would be riding well out of his depth but he put on a brave face and gave it his all, even if he was dropped he would still complete the race, no such thing as a DNF for Jim. I read that Jim retained his 10TT Championship recently, it will be a fitting send off to his racing career and a very sad time for all when he is not there to accept this trophy at the end of season prize giving. Glasgow Nightingale know how Johnstone Wheelers will be feeling right now having lost one of our own, John Yates, earlier this year. Deepest sympathies to each and every one of you. RIP Jim Graeme Cockburn
  2. Great work by all the guys and gals. Thanks. Its also nice to see a set of Westferry results posted on the internet.
  3. 20.34 for Iain. Storming ride. One day I'll work out how to find those 13 seconds you keep beating me by.
  4. coby

    Spied a Wheeler

    Hi George, There are that many Companies in here I don't know who is who, but I'll take a guess at Star being one of them, if so does that mean the Ironman is back in town? Is this permanent or short term. If this is the case that means there are two Crombies as Emma has just started in Babcocks. By the way, congratulations to you and Kat on the new arrival. Graeme
  5. coby

    Spied a Wheeler

    I spied a Johnstone Wheeler in Westway Business Park (Babcocks), Porterfield Road this morning about 7.35 trundling up the main drag. Who was it?
  6. A big thanks to Ian and his many helpers, maybe could have done with a few more marshals on the course for those that hadn't ridden it before e.g. one of my Gales team mates Really professional with the results sheet which let everyone know their times without you having to read them out at the end. Thanks Graeme
  7. One of my club mates had a ring side seat for the duel between Kerry and Claire, he said it was amazing watching the two of them do battle time and time again on the last lap. Well done Kerry, especially after hitting the deck.
  8. Aye, well done Jim, us novices certainly stood out from the rest, I can't believe those that I comfortably beat in road TT were giving me a doing round the boards. Still dizzy from going round in circles but I enjoyed it. How is your sun burn? Couldn't believe it when I got home, legs and head burned to a frazzle, so much for the rain everyone was worried about.
  9. Look KG386i Black 05 model Full carbon Seat post and head set supplied 53cm Immaculate Only used for two seasons worth of TT, no crashes, dents or scratches £450 ovno Contact Matt Cutler (GOE/Alpine Bikes Manager) 07981 380214
  10. Might have been, one run just seems like another, they are all just a blurr once the head is down and the eyes are bulging.
  11. I was out that day but never saw you Allan, I did see the lean and mean Stevie at the regroup stop and as I went by him on the 2nd sister, not often I claim that so its in my diary.
  12. coby

    Crazy Commuter

    You would know about it if that light failed, it lit up the sky the last time I saw you. Did you have to go home in the pitch black or do you have a back up? I have two front lights and two back lights just for that situation. Start work in Renfrew at 7.30am so normally coming through Inchinnan about 7.15am, finish at 4.00pm and coming back home at about 4.15pm, probably doesn't suit you. It may be a long way to Bearsden but it's an even longer way to Milngavie, 25 miles round trip. It keeps the weight down.
  13. coby

    Crazy Commuter

    Got it in one Alan. I am that man and it was also me that was clipped onto the back of the bus. However, I wouldn't say it was all the way to Renfrew, more like the end of the runway.
  14. coby

    Crazy Commuter

    Don't take the can for it Alan.
  15. coby

    Crazy Commuter

    Don't take the can for it Alan.