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  1. Revolution Bikes. If you are still there tell Dominic and Mandy that ian manson says hello and will see you in September. Cheers, bit hot there just now?
  2. Does anyone have one or spare. Mine has broken. too rough. thanks
  3. Can I ask if the club have written to the west of Scotland time trial league in support of their affiliation to ctt? Many members have ridden these events this year. If not, why not? Thanks ian
  4. There is a meeting planned for this coming Saturday to discuss options for the continuation / development of the tt league which has run (very successfully). Would be good if the club were represented at this open forum. Details are as noted below https://m.facebook.com/westttleague/posts/963649993657943
  5. Was that a jwcc jersey i spotted in teguise, lanzarote bout midday 18th? Sure looked like one.
  6. Hi greig, 1 adult medium with IM please. Ian
  7. Hi Alan, I will come in on sat to pick them up. Thanks
  8. A pal has a 54cm variant of this bike for sale. He got it about 10 months ago from halfords, it has had light use... a full spec can be found on the halfords site. He is looking around £325. If interested let me know and i will forward contact details. Thanks
  9. Lol Thanks for the feedback guys. These articles are good Richard,
  10. I have booked a few accredited training sessions next week Advice please. Is it totally diy or is there generally a structure to it? Thanks
  11. man5e

    Club kit is here :-)

    Jann, Can I pick up the Endura and Maxgear stuff at Westferry on Tues night lpease? Thx
  12. man5e

    Training / season 2014

    Hi Billy, If you could post up nearer the time what the particular form of torture is like I would be interested. Hoping to free up some more time in 2014
  13. Hi All, Whats the reccomended means of biking around a 12-18 month old? Attachment to seat postor tag-a-long or something else. And any availability.
  14. Just to confirm for the Endurance and Sprint sessions on a Wed do you need L4 accreditation but for the other DST slots a L3 is sufficient?