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  1. Thanks for all your kind words ...... mostly Billy i think your jersey would make a marquee so more of the members could fit inside Charlie at the moment Elaine is currently in training to complete the Glasgow half marathon before she gets her op whenever that may be after that i dont know what her plans will be Greig
  2. Hi Folks I have now come to the decision to leave the club this is due to me having other hobbies and i plan to do long distance trucking in the very near future . I want to thank the club and all the members ( not just the 30 milers ) for all the encouragement over the past few years I will still be out on my bike from time to time and hope to see some of the friends i've made at the club from time to time and of course i wish the club all the best for the future . Greig
  3. GreigS

    a little note

    Good luck Greg be careful in those shower blocks i hear they like em fresh up there Greig & Elaine
  4. Congratulations to all the podium finishers and their coaches for all the hard work Greig & Elaine
  5. All i now have your T - Shirts and they look very smart please pm me your address and i will get them to you this weekend Once again Alan has very kindly given us these for free due to the small delay so i will give you all your money back when i hand them over For anyone else that wants one all you have to do is pop into club sponsors Thomson Cycles in Paisley and speak to Alan or Martin and im sure they will be able to sort you out at a very good price Thanks again for your patience on this matter Greig
  6. Kenny I phoned Thomsons on Friday morning and as yet they haven't had a chance to make them up sorry for the long wait Greig
  7. For those that ordered t shirts for jets I now have them along with good news , Alan at Thomson Cycles has very kindly given the shirts for free due to the delay unfortunately there are no initials but this can be added at any time should you still wish them I will post here when I get the wheelers t shirts and arrange collection with you hopefully this will be next week Greig
  8. Could the Jwcc elite race team not help out on this matter ?
  9. John the order was placed almost 2 months ago I'm not taking any more orders but you can pop into thompson s and ask them to print you one if you wish Greig
  10. Just to let you all know I'm still waiting on the t shirts I will be in touch as soon as I have them Greig
  11. GreigS

    behaviour on forums

    Name and shame them I haven't read anything un - toward on here for a long time and I include the recent comments about the logos on skinsuits Greig
  12. All i have just spoken to Martin at Thompsons and he has told me that the t shirts should be ready by the week end sorry for the delay Greig
  13. GreigS


    Clearly a mistake has been made somewhere along the lines but i dont think anyone is pointing the finger at Mark either . it surely has to be rectified before any more is ordered not a good image for the sponsor or the club in my opinion and to dismiss it would be unfair to the members paying good money Greig
  14. Karen I'm thinking about it althought I don't know if I can cycle that far just now lol what time are you passing through Paisley ? Tom I'm trying to chew up all that nice new tar in my truck no one wants a smooth surface but this is hard work pmsl
  15. The Georgetown rd is fully open I've been driving up and down it all day