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  1. Graham and I are heading for Balmaha on Loch Lomond. Meet at Pullman Tavern, Kilmalcolm 9:15. About 60 - 65 miles. Post if coming
  2. Hi, Gerard, Regrettably now time constrained and have to be back by 2ish so will have to withdraw from this run.
  3. I am not available this Sunday so someone else will need to post a run.
  4. Finally figured out how to get the gpx file out of Strava. See attachment Sorn.gpx
  5. Graham and I are heading for the Riverbank Cafe in Sorn (see photo and route attached). If anybody else interested we are meeting on the blue track bridge at Kilbarchan 9:00. Milage as indicated on the map. Post if coming.
  6. A nice run in gorgeous weather (again) to Killearn. Found another cafe to add to the list - Town and Country. 75 miles for me which is longest this year!
  7. Remember your sunscreen and bring plenty of liquid!! Don't want anybody passing out with heat exhaustion!!
  8. Graham, I have checked the route we took in September last year and I know the route over the bridge. After that we pass through Gartness, cross over the A81 and come into Killearn from the north. On the map it actually looks a little shorter than taking the main road South and then turning left.
  9. Paul C

    Cafe re-opened

    Cycled through Stewarton today. As you are aware Jack's Cafe in Stewarton closed a few months ago. For those of you had been there (mainly the 30 Milers) it has now re-opened as the "The Cup and Saucer"
  10. Miller street 9.00. Route same as we did to Drymen. Graham knows a short cut over a wee bridge. Choice of two cafes in Killearn Return via Strathblane. About 55 miles ( Yes Carol, you can do it!) Post if participating.
  11. I'll be there. Hope weather is better than last year!
  12. Dave, we don't have many takers for intermediate run so suggest we combine with you and then I (and Anthony) can add on some extra miles at the end.
  13. To Killearn via Bonhill, route 7. Cafe in Killearn and return via Strathblane. About 60 miles? 9 am Miller street. Post if coming.
  14. Graham, Boyd, Dave C and me (The Golden Boys!) had a brisk run to Eglinton Park. Graham, fresh from his Tour of Britain, set a relentless pace! We were passed on the Irvine Road by a racing bunch that included Paul McD and Ian.